• Sun. Jun 20th, 2021

what scares you that's this week on think tank Tuesday hi I'm Paul potratz and welcome to this week's think tank Tuesday this topic is all about what scares you but what really brought this topic to mine about what scares you is I talked to a couple of our clients this morning and I said hey how's the month going and right guys it's going great great month great month and then I talked to a couple of other people on Facebook that are not clients yet and they said it's not so great it's not so good and it's because it's raining outside it's too hot it's too dusty we don't have enough rain the traffic's bad it's just so that's what scares them in other words what scares them is failure they're afraid they're not going to have a great month so what do we do when we feel like we're not going to have a good month we start making excuses if you're a sales manager in fact we've got one client and he's a good guy don't get me wrong he's a good guy I love the guy great guy but sometimes I just like want to punch him right in the forehead and go what in the world are you thinking dude because he makes excuses for his sales people in his sales managers and he starts saying oh this month you know normally this month is slow we're not gonna have a good month and he's telling his staff that so what did he do he created an excuse for failure and it's because he's scared of failing if we make excuses of why we're going to fail and then if we fail we made the excuse when we feel better about it that's a mistake in itself do not accept failure tell everybody it's going to be a great month hold them to a higher level hold yourself to a higher level and quit being scared to fail just tell everybody again tell everybody how it's going to be a fantastic month wow the sun's out it's sunshine it's going to be a great month because people want to get out they've got pent-up demand or hey it's raining oh man it's raining it's coming down cats and dogs people have got pent-up demand they want to get out they want to see stuff well think about it have some fun with it go buy 200 umbrellas with your logo on it and tell your salespeople it's going to be a great month we've got umbrellas get on facebook get on youtube and start talking about it's going to be a great month come on out to our dealership and we're going to walk you around to see the vehicles with an umbrella I mean whatever the weather is it's going to be a great month so quit being scared to fail quit making excuses quit putting these these BS excuses and your managers and your sales people's minds so they can sit back and be lazy and fail that's this week's topic but I got a couple other little points so we're going to break right here and then we're going to come back because I'm going to give you some practical advice are your ads lacking creativity do you or your agency not know digital are you not hitting your goals sounds like it's time for a new agency let's talk today call 866 5 4 3 four 4 85 or email yes at PP ADV com alright guys we're back I told you is going to give you some practical advice but what I really wanted to do was tell you hey it's going to be a great month it's going to be a great month next month and you watch the commercial so if you're struggling with your numbers or if you know you've got more opportunity pick up the phone and call us the phone number is going to be at the end and let's talk about your marketing strategy so now go talk to your managers go talk to your sales people and tell them why it's going to be a great month regardless what's going on whether it's a hailstorm rainstorm or sun and drought or whatever have an awesome month and i'll see you next week you

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