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This, is the way Hi everybody and welcome Today we’re looking at my 5 best tips on how you can grow your brand as a content creator and artist in 2020 My name is Mattias Let’s take the tour Chill music Morningdew media presents Mattias Holmgren, Ok, first out 1 Define your brand. You brand is the way your identified and perceived by your target audience. I suggest that you take some steps back and really define and pin down your business branding Or your branding as an artist When you, are defining your brand Think about who you are what you do what, you offer And what your process looks like When you are. Creating the brand, you first want to think about the brand name of your artist, or maybe your band or your company. It may be a product, Then you create a logo and with the logo you create the graphics and color scheme And also the imagery and photos. You take that graphical profile and create your website and your social accounts. So one of my best tips here today, Don’t be afraid to show your face as part of your branding, Because your face can be a very strong connection to your brand Today, when social media marketing is the way THIS IS THE WAY And if you Would like to learn more about growing your brand. You can check out my website morningdewmedia com Here I have a bunch of articles on production techniques and also these brand articles, which will help you to improve your branding across the web. If you sign up to the Morningdew Media weekly newsletter, you also get this Creative Booster Guide, which will give you tons of tips and tricks and production techniques. Ok, so for todays tip, nr 2 Portfolio, Look over your portfolio and make sure that it’s very strong, bold and only includes your absolute best work. Your clients will probably prefer 30 sec to 1 minute demo compared to a 45 min album on Spotify or something So dissect your work and only take the best pieces and include them in your demo portfolio. You should also take advantage of social media platforms And yeah. You have Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, TikTok, Instagram and some other platforms, But here you want to look for the platform which gives you the best organic reach And with organic reach we mean The amount of people that see your content without any paid distribution. So you can look at organic reach like the opposite to paid marketing or paid promotion. At the moment you can have very good organic reach at both TikTok and LinkedIn if you know how to mold and shape your content to fit each platform. But here you can just observe what other artists and people are doing In the past. We had some great organic reach in both Twitter and Soundcloud, But not so much anymore because they changed the algorithms so many times and these platforms are very saturated. So look for the platforms which are up and coming and at an early stage They can give you some great organic reach And on these social platforms, you also want to make sure that you use the correct hashtags for your content. So look at current trends and see what kind of hashtags you can include in your posts. Ok, so for tip. Nr 3 Networking Build relations with your target audience and your market Early in my career. I used to go to trade shows and conventions all over Europe and in the US, So I went to GamesCom in Germany, GDC E3 shows, etc. It’s a great place to meet up with potential clients and interesting people, And you can go to these talks and learn more about your craft. It’s a GREAT place to check out the latest buzz and latest trends, And they have superb parties with free drinks. Ok, so for tip nr 4 Social Media Presence Be consistent and share your work process Too. Many companies are afraid of sharing their little company secrets. Read new game ideas. It’s like everything, is under these very strict NDAs NDA means Non Disclosure Agreement And they basically don’t want anything to leak, But hey it’s all PROMOTION Yeah. While we live in an age of content consumption, your audience is very eager to see what you do, What you are up to and what you are doing So yeah and just because you are making a song and showing how you are creating this song or creating These sounds Or creating this game or art piece or whatever It doesn’t mean that everyone can do it. It still requires tons of practise and yeah. Every result will be different, So make sure to have a consistent social media presence to grow your brand. Ok, final tip, Tip nr 5 Don’t be afraid to fail. There’s, this very famous quote from Batman. I think it’s said by Alfred. Why do we fall, sir, So that we can learn to pick ourselves up And I think that it’s very true to the creative space too. So I mean I fail all the time in my work In the posts and music that I make Some things work and some things doesn,’t And in the process you learn what works and what doesn’t work. So this is very true to social media postings too, So don’t be afraid to try different approaches and see what works best for your specific audience. Ok, so that’s all tips for today. I hope you like these little tips on how to grow. Your brand in 2020, If you have any questions on any of these topics, please write them in the comments section below. If you want to see more videos like this, you can subscribe to my channel. You can also hit the like ring that bell, so that you get a notice. When I release new videos Now you can continue and watch my next episode. Ok, I hope you had a nice time watching this video and that your brand will EXPLODE in 2020 Thanks. My name is Mattias and see you in the next video Bye, End credits, music, bleeps and bloops. This is how you juggle a stormtrooper

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