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Jan 28, 2021

camila is an experienced digital marketing coordinator for a major player in the traditional and electronic commerce she is responsible for the sac 2.0 area of the company managing the services that happen through the social networks of complaints platforms such as the and the online procon and also the chat of the company walks and its team of attendants were trained to respond promptly to various types of questions and inquiries from customers despite the preparation of the team that knows the rules of the company's processes well company it lacks autonomy and needs authorization to proceed with all procedures carried out even in routine cases the authorization of superiors should be required the company deals frequently with problems involving the exchange and return of products purchased at the store virtual network in case of return the company has as policy to offer a voucher for the value of the returned product this practice does not always please the consumer because it is known that the refund the amount paid for the merchandise can be requested and recently received a problem generated by the evolution of a product has damaged the reputation company on a Monday camila when giving beginning of his work noted through online monitoring and a complaint on the complain platform here was creating a big negative buzz for the company brand image after conducting a price survey regiane a customer from the store decided to buy a television on and start the resource used for the purchase was his notebook upon receiving the product he realized that it did not fit in the space he had reserved in her living room the same day she contacted the store through the chat available on the website and asked to return the product without pay attention to the attendant's explanation of the purchase voucher regiane returned the product and waited for the refund the value occurs that the product portions will continue to be avoided in your credit card generating leaves the comfort and feeling of mistrust an consumer after debiting the third installment regiane decided to make new contact with the company this time as he was feeling injured he chose to communicate through his profile on facebook once again camilo's team answered the customer with promptness and attention, answering their questions about the returning a product and explaining the purchase voucher the consumer stated that she was not aware of the issue of the voucher and also reported that interest in him the attendant continued with the service and open a protocol that would need authorization to process and result from the reimbursement of amounts already debited from the regiane card as was customary, reimbursement was authorized but not in time to prevent a new installment was charged to the customer's card the episode left the region indignant making his feelings known in the complain here and share the post on your social networks what differentiates it from other cases is the fact that regiane is considered a influence the pain was on the internet she has a blog with many hits diaries that have hundreds of followers on their social networks moved by regiane's report and sympathetic to her several followers and readers replicated their account on social networks contributing to the expansion of the negative image of the brand

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