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Hey, what's up guys Jason Wardrop here And if you're looking to start a digital marketing agency or let's say you've already started marking agency But you're kind of looking for how to scale and take things to the next level I want to share three quick tips with you guys today That allow me to grow to over two million dollars in less than twelve months when I first got started Okay so these are kind of some really important things that you need to have in place so that you can actually Have that growth and scalability. Now the truth is when I first started my marketing agency it wasn't just all sunshine and rainbows right like it took several years before I actually Found out like okay how to make money and how to scale things But once I did once I got those three things right, which I'm gonna share with you guys today You're able to scale Extremely quick so I'm just gonna jump over here. I've got several white boards. I got some right here. We've got some over here but I'm just gonna jump over here on the white board and kind of map this out of these three key things that If you're looking to start this marketing agency or you're looking to scale things that you need to have in place To take things to the next level.

All right. So here we are on the white board Let me just kind of like write these out here for you So if you're taking notes, if you got a pad of paper out you can kind of like list these down so the first one is you need to pick a Niche or a specific? Industry that you are gonna become the expert. So for years before I actually started making money before I saw success I was just thinking I could be all things to all people I'm like, oh my markets anyone I can go generate leads and help anyone and Because I was speaking to everyone I was speaking to no one All right It wasn't until I got very clear and very focused in on a specific Market, which for those of you guys who have followed me, you know, I'm in the real estate space I have a real estate marketing agency We've actually gone through and built out a full of software to kind of assist with that marketing agency But it wasn't until I got very specific and nailed down with the residential real estate Agent market and even at that because like real estate is pretty broad So you have investors you've got commercial residential you got real estate teams brokerages, but we work with the individual residential real estate agent before that I was working with Chiropractors I was working with network marketer just Dennis real estate like pretty much anyone who said like hey I have money and I can give you money It was like just anyone and everyone but the thing that's like not very effective with that is because every single time you bring out A new client.

It's almost like you're reinventing the wheel So you have to figure out the new ads they're gonna work the new landing pages the new follow up Then also on top of that if you got let's say like a chiropractic client and he's gonna be your first chiropractic client. Well, Before they sign up they'd also like to hear Testimonials from previous clients that you've had and if you don't have clients in the same space in the market that you pick Then it's very hard to go through and actually close that person.

Whereas once I said, I'm gonna be in the residential real estate market And I'm just gonna totally dominate that you get one Testimonial and that one testimonial helps leverage through the next client and then you get another testimony you just keep doing testimonials to the point where you have so many testimonials that really like your Testimonials do all the selling for you All right So that's why it's so important to nail down on a specific niche a specific market and not being all things to all people Because you're never really gonna see any Scalability with that you might hit like the eight to ten thousand dollars per month You might do that for a couple of months But it's gonna be zero consistency and it's gonna be very hard to scale up and beyond that right? So the second thing right here We're just gonna go and we'll use a little bit of russell. Brunson terminology here your one funnel Away right So let me actually explain this what I mean by this and I know there's a lot of people to give Russell crap on this if like, you know, Just one funnel way and then you're just like a millionaire, but it's actually true So the thing with this is you need a consistent lead acquisition a consistent client acquisition funnel and if you don't have a way to Consistently generate leads every single day make sales every single day or every single week Then you're gonna be dead in the water You're gonna have like the zu0 business you might scale up to five 10 grand a month at one time But if you don't have that consistent lead flow because there's always gonna be clients that maybe like they run out money Or they churn or something like that And so if you don't always have new leads and new clients coming in and you're always doing new sales call always booking new appointments then you're just really there's no way you can actually go through and scale and you'll hit like this peak and then you'll dip and then you go through and you like bring out some newer clients and then you'll dip and so this is the Thing you got to have one funnel.

You have to have one client acquisition method you don't need ten different funnels you need an ad or Multiple ads of different testing and stuff like that going to the one funnel. There's going to be your client acquisition source Okay, and consistently doing that every single day and honestly guys, it doesn't matter if you're in a marking agency business Whatever business you're in if you're a real estate agent. I know a lot of real estate agents watch this channel You need one consistent lead generation client Acquisition method to continually bring on new clients and that's true for any business that is out there All right, so just a quick recap here We need to pick one niche become the expert at it become the go-to person to go to source for it Then number two we need to have one fun We have one client acquisition one lead Acquisition source that we're generating leads bringing on new clients every single day every single week that we can have that Scalability there and then number three.

This is kind of a different one guys And this is if you really want to go through and scale your business the right way you need to have the operations nailed down so when I first started scale it was myself and I had one other person and we started really scaling and Then the business completely broke because we had these two things right here but we didn't have the operations in place and since then I've been able to hire someone to basically handle all the operations on our team be able to handle all of like, you know the client fulfillment or like the people they count reps that are gonna go through and do the fulfillment because honestly, I am good at sales. I'm good at marketing and that's why I enjoy doing I absolutely Not good at the operations side of things. I don't like doing it, but You need the operations in place if like once you actually bring a client on board, how are you actually? fulfilling that client How are you making sure that that client scenes success? that they're gonna actually want to stick on with you and then on top of that this Operations when you start the hire people you're dealing with people, right? So you've got to make sure that they are doing the things that they're saying They're gonna do they're gonna be like happy getting paid what they're getting paid I mean There's just so many things that go into the operations Making sure that everyone stays in their lane and be doing the exact things that they are the best at All right It's like most people don't like doing sales and marketing and that's why I stick to that and I do that a hundred percent I'm not really good at support support emails support chat anything like that? So we have members on our team that are amazing at that They're way better than I could ever think or even dream of being on a support team And also we have our fulfillment team.

We have our developers and then we've got our Operations lady who is in charge of all that she makes things her everything Stays in line and really is able to go through and work together seamlessly All right, so as far as going through and really scaling your marketing agency And I know this is kind of just like a high level of choosing your niche making sure you have a client acquisition method and then nailing down the operations if you guys want me to dive deeper into actually going through and Acquiring your first clients how to fulfill for those clients and how to scale things to $10,000 a month or even beyond that I'll add a link down in the description as well as in the top comment to a trainee where I braked out like literally my whole method because I if you watch my channel You'll see I literally exposed my whole business on this channel You guys see everything I'm doing day in and day out because honestly like the market especially the real estate market It's plenty big enough for all of us to go through and have a very successful business in there So I have no like reason to hold anything back for you guys So if you guys want to attend that training go ahead click the link in the top comment or in the description.

I Break down Everything in that Rhaenys so go over see you there and if you guys found this video helpful, go ahead Give it a thumbs up I'd greatly appreciate that that allow more people to be able to see this that are looking to start their own Marketing agency whether it's in the real estate space or another space because it's like guys there's so many There's so much potential so many local businesses that need help with their marketing need help with their lead generation So really it's a huge opportunity But as you're going through it looking to start your own marking agency or you're looking to scale things up Make sure you nail down choose a niche that you can become the expert the master the go-to person Make sure you nail down one funnel one client acquisition one lead acquisition mechanism that you can have those new leads coming in every single day and then make sure as these new sales are coming in you get the fulfillment in place and you have the Operations in place to make sure that everything is just a well-oiled machine Working together seamlessly.

So with that said guys, thanks so much for watching If you found this video helpful, give it a thumbs up Also if you're brand new here Make sure you subscribe and hit that notification bell because I launched new videos Every single week on how to generate more leads make more money and grow your business So with that said guys, thanks so much for watching and I will see you in the next video.

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