• Thu. Apr 15th, 2021

[Music] hi guys welcome to net Hunt neuron serum has a very powerful tool to send out personalized email campaigns to your clients partners or even friends the benefits of the tool are that you simply use the serum and not a third party software all your emails staling to the contact profiles and you see the valuable statistics let's see how you can create a campaign there are a few places to start your campaign from the workspace dashboard where you get to choose the folder with the contact and a relevant view or right from the folder itself I will choose the contacts folder as an example as I can see the whole list I want to send out a campaign to all my contacts that hold the position as CEO I want to notify them about my new project in two weeks and see who can make it to the meeting I go to the filters and choose the field title is CEO I hit apply and get people to message now I select them all and click on create campaign button give my campaign a name and proceed the system will check the recipients for the errors like those who are subscribed previously so you can exclude them from the campaign also I will check the duplicates if they exist like this when everything is correct you go on now is the time to create the email template given this subject and go into the body of the email you can personalize it by adding mattresses dude from your records fields I will say hi and add a mattress that is first name then we'll proceed with let's get out for a meeting next week to discuss pending project we can book a meeting with me by this link so I insert the link to track if you no longer want to hear from me you can click here and I insert the unsubscribe button you can also attach some files and insert the embedded pictures to preview this email I click here and see how it was personalized the names are correct nantan also allows you to insert the HTML templates to send out beautiful newsletters you can copy the code from any HTML builders and insert it into the net hunt campaign okay now we are ready to start sending next you can choose if you want to schedule the campaign I'm not doing it as I want it to be instant then net hunt offers you to send out your emails using three ways Gmail since we are integrated with it we use Google servers to send out campaigns however we are bound to their limitations depending on your g-suit plan you have certain daily quota to comply with the second option is to send out by net hunt SMTP as you can see the third one is a custom SMTP that you can purchase and connect to net hunt like Amazon for example the custom one will have its ending limitations but talking about net an smtp will let you send out unlimited emails to your recipients this feature is only available in the paint plans not during your trial period it will require an additional fee that you can check on our pricing page so I will send out this campaign using Gmail as I do not have many emails to send the estimated delivery time is done specified in this case but the emails are being sent with a little interval to keep Google ecosystem healthy having sent the campaign you get to see its statistics open click reply bounce and unsubscribe rates along with the links that the recipients clicked on furthermore you can filter your recipients by the stats for example I want to see all the people that opened an email and clicked on the link again the least and now I can send them a follow-up email by clicking on this button and following the same steps as we previously did this way you send out a follow-up email based on the recipients behavior you also can most update the recipients records let's say I want to see all the bounced emails a filtered them here and see the list I select them all and click on the maths Update button here I can choose a checkbox filled invalid email that I pre setup in advance and replace the value with a tick click an update and it is done I can check the record by clicking here scrolling down to see a checkbox this way I ensure the future email campaigns to be sent to the valid addresses also I could then see a list of the recipients his emails are not working and maybe call them in the future for a verification that's it for now and stay tuned for more tips [Music]

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