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What's up brand builders Stephen Houraghan
here at BrandMasterAcademy.com and in this video you're going to learn
six digital marketing principles that you need to grow your brand
so you can stop being pulled in every direction by
marketing trends and start focusing on systems that will help
to grow your business now if you're new to the channel and you
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when I was a freelance designer i knew that i needed to learn more about
marketing i was kind of clueless about how to market myself so i went
back to school and i studied digital marketing and that was quite a
few years ago now at this stage and most of what I learned within that
education has kind of become redundant now because everything
moves so quickly within marketing specifically within
digital marketing and what I want to do for you is to give you
some guiding principles that you can use today within
your business that will still be relevant in 10 years time
and if you take these into your business you can use these fundamental print
principles to write any marketing train and trend that comes in
the future principle number one be where your audience
is engaged now the last part of that principle is very very
important be where they are engaged now there was a time when
businesses used to ask do i need a website and then they used to ask
do i need social media today your audience is online it's that's
a fair assumption they are online somewhere now that
doesn't mean that they are everywhere and there's this
old saying that you need to be everywhere and that is
a false misconception do not be everywhere because you
will dilute your efforts zone in on where your audience is
and where they're most engaged and then go in there commit to
whatever platforms they are and show up consistently principle
number two speak to emotions not logic now we've learned a lot
from neuroscience over the past 10 to 15 years about how
the brain works how humans work how we behave and what we've
learned is that we make a lot of our decisions in our subconscious
and we make a lot of our decisions through emotions
as well so the key to this is to understand
what emotions your audience has what challenges
they have in and around what you do what problem you
help them solve you will be guaranteed that they will have some
emotions around that challenge and they will be directly linked to their
fears and to their desires what is it that they desire what is
it that they want to achieve what is their goal and what are their fears
what is stopping them from getting to their goals and what are
the consequences of not getting there when you understand their
fears and you understand their desires and you understand the emotions
attached to those fears and desires you can shape your messaging to appeal
to those emotions principle number three don't be that guy now what do
I mean by don't be that guy well have you ever met somebody and they
were all about themselves all they did was talk about themselves all they did
was make sure that they were taken care of that, they were looked after and
you know all they did was ask for things they never gave
back they never took the time to understand who you
were or to ask you questions about yourself well that is that guy and
most businesses go out there as that guy they spend all their
time in the market advertising and that is asking asking for
something from their audience you cannot spend your time
asking you cannot be that guy you need to take most of the
time that you engage with your audience in giving them value
giving them help telling them what they can do giving them
some kind of technique or system or some kind of
solution to smaller problems that they have in the way that you
engage with them if all you do is advertise if all you do is
put budget behind ads that ask them to do something
then you're going to push those people away you need to look at your marketing
efforts and make sure that you have a balance that is far outweighed
in the value that you give than what you're asking so make sure you
have that balance right principle number four get follow-up ability so follow-up ability that's just a word
that I've made up but it's really important you need to make
sure that you have the ability to follow up with who your
audience is before you might have been able to influence
somebody with one to two touch points today it takes at least
seven to eight touch points on average to have
any kind of influence so you need to have the ability to follow
up with those people now one of the hardest tasks within
branding and marketing is getting attention if they
come to your website if they come to your social page
then you have been successful in getting their attention somehow
you have gotten over the hardest part of marketing and
branding and once you've done that you want to make sure that you don't just
let them walk off into the sunset you need to get that follow-up ability
and that can come in the form of a pixel so if they visit your website your
website is pixels so you can follow up with them through Google
or through Facebook but the best way to follow up is through
email so having some kind of value there that you can exchange for their
email address and then having that follow-up ability so you
can follow up with them because you just you don't want to let
that hard work go to waste you've taken the time and you've put
all that effort into getting their attention and
getting them into your world make sure you get that follow-up
ability principle number five give them a small win so your audience
has come to you through your content or possibly through an advertisement
and you have the ability now to show them that you know what they're
going through to show them that you understand their challenge
now the big challenge that you want to help them with
is possibly three four five ten touch points away but in the meantime
you can be helping them with the millions of other micro
problems and micro challenges that they have and if you're able to do
that if you're able to give them a small win if you're able to help
them to overcome one of those small challenges
and you do that successfully then they will be much more open to
you helping them out with their much bigger challenges and
principle number six funnel their journey now your audience is on a
journey they're on their own journey and hopefully they will
eventually come across your brand and your brand will
be a possibility for their road to success now you need to first map
out the journey that they're on map out each and every step that
they need to take to become a customer
once you have mapped out your customer journey you need to
make it easy for them to progress from one step to the next by guiding
them through one step to the next it's not enough anymore to
just have a website and expect them to do what you want them
to do you need to guide them through that one step at a time so
make sure you funnel your customer journey
you make sure that you make it as easy as
possible for them to step through your journey one step
to the next from becoming a cold audience to becoming a
happy customer and hopefully brand advocates now you'll notice
within this video I didn't talk about platforms or channels
because those things change the facebooks of today
the youtubes of today they could possibly be gone tomorrow or
not gone they might just change how they do things you don't have that ability
to be able to do what you're doing today tomorrow but if you take
these fundamental principles into your business then you
can look at whatever the platform is tomorrow whatever
the channel is tomorrow and ride that train ride that wave to
marketing success so you need to take these fundamental principles
into your own marketing efforts make sure you understand them make sure that
each and every time you put out some kind of marketing that you
have these principles in place if you understand them if you
keep them close if you live by them and build systems around them
then you can build a system to bring customers through from a cold audience
to a warm audience to a happy customer and hopefully a brand advocate but i'd
love to hand it back over to you i'd love to hear your experiences
around your digital marketing efforts to your challenges
as well do you have principles in place that you live and die by that you'll be
able to use in 10 years time regardless of the channels and the
marketing conditions out there or are you struggling to get systems in
place are you struggling to get your principles right and are you
being pulled in every direction by different marketing trends i'd love
to hear from you in the comments below i'll do my best to answer all all of
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to answer all of those until next time brian like a master and
I will see you in the next video you

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