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Yoast SEO Social settings | Twitter tab | Yoast SEO for WordPress


Jan 27, 2021

We’re on the Twitter tab of the social settings of Yoast SEO. Here you can decide whether you want to output specific metadata for Twitter or you want it to rely on just the Facebook data that you already gave it. We would suggest leaving this’Enabled’at all times. You can also choose which card type you want to use and to know which card type you want to use. You’d probably want to see what a card looks like. Well, it’s very simple. If you look at this tweet that I sent and I linked to a specific post – and this is using the standard card type with a small image, This is what a summary with a large image looks like, which is a lot cooler, I think So. For most people, I would suggest using the’Summary with large image 39, But you can also just use’Summary 39, which uses that small image, Because we always want to stand out. If you don’t want to stand out. Why use an SEO plugin? So I would suggest using’Summary, with large image.’

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