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UX a SEO cz. 2 | UX bez żargonu #18


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I have spoken more than once in my episodes about the fact that people don’t read all the texts on the site. They just scan them and look for keywords for them. When there is a lot of text on the page, the harder it is to scan it Not to mention reading Today, I will tell you how to make the text and even large portions of text introduce users in this way that they still provide good experiences. Thirteen years ago, eyetracking research was conducted at the Nielsen Norman Group aimed at discovering reading patterns. It was then that the F model was discovered. People read from left to right only the first paragraph on the page. Then they go less and less to the right, And thus the reader’s. Attention is focused only on the first paragraph and on the first words of the following paragraphs. If this is where you do not include the most important information for your user, it will come from you And, as we know, Google doesn’t like short visits. It is worth sticking to two rules. The first is the inverted pyramid. This is the way of writing in which the most important information you convey at the very beginning in the first sentences, And only later do you get into the details, such as quotes or statistics. The second rule is keyword matching at the beginning of headings and paragraphs. Then users will quickly find what they are. Looking for, Plus remember for SEO. Keywords at the beginning of the headlines are also of great importance, So we have a win win here. In 2017, the research was repeated and several other patterns were discovered, Layered cake, focusing only on the headlines and avoiding the rest of the content Spots. I e completely avoiding the content and giving the impression, as if you were looking for a specific word or shape, for example, an address Marking or keeping your eyesight on the same level while scrolling the page. This behavior is more common on cell phones. When you scroll the page with your finger, Avoiding the first words in sentences if several lines of text below each other start with the same word Sacrifice If people are properly motivated, they will read the entire text carefully, But don’t be deceived. It almost never happens. Where is all this leading us to? You can have a lot of valuable content on your website even long, But you have to make an impression on the user that there is much less of this content than he thinks The bumps help catch. The user’s eye and, at the same time tell the search engine. This word is important: Internal linking increases, the user’s, trust in the site and, at the same time, help to correctly index all subpages Numbered and bulleted lists make it easier for users to wade through the text less painfully And don’t worry about them. Taking up more vertical space As long as the content is interesting users don’t, mind scrolling Include keywords in your links. This will facilitate the correct positioning and website viewing by individuals with disabilities that such sites they browse with special text. Readers Avoid the words more or read full in links. There is one more area that will help you properly present your texts to your users, Design, Remember about a sufficiently large font, large line spacing and small text width on the page that should be placed in the center of the screen. In my opinion, Medium com is the perfect example. Even though the lyrics are very very, very long there, it’s still very comfortable to read. An additional advantage is the lack of a sidebar. Nothing distracts me from the text. Summarizing Large amounts of text on the page are OK, but you must provide them properly to your users. A few tricks are enough to get through the text quickly and comfortably and extract the most important information from it. Of course, don’t forget to include keywords that will help your users find you in the search engine. If you want to know more about user experience, then subscribe to this channel and see you in the next video

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