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Hello, everyone Derek Johnson, with tatango com. This is a special week in review where we’re.

Looking at the top 5 Black Friday 2020 messages with emojis, I love emojis, so this is gon na be a good one.

For me, Where am I getting all these text messages? Smsarchives com, smsarchives com, Thousands of text, messages, archived from some of the best brands.

Hundreds of brands are featured there Great resource for any text.

Message marketer Check it out, smsarchives com, All right without further ado.

Let’s jump right into it, Noli Yoga.

So this is a crazy message.

We got a lot of stuff going on here, but we’re focused on the emojis.

The emojis are cool and you got the you know the fire and you got the exclamation point.

You know, I think, if you’re gon na use emojis, I love using them really like really using emojis. I think they could have done a little more with emojis here, but overall, I think it’s good, especially since they’re using paragraph breaks.

It breaks up the message which I always recommend.

I love the GIF at the top here.

This looks awesome.

One kind of word of note here is number one is on a vertical image: it always cuts off more on the left hand side, which is why the B is cut off a little bit.

I’m gon na link to below a PDF where we show you exactly what the size needs to be of the image and where it cuts it off.

So you know so your designer can design around that And then always watch out for things like Shop.

Now, If it looks like a button in MMS messages or GIFs images, whatever it is in a text message or an MMS, you cannot click the image.

It won.’t go anywhere, It will just expand the image and then people get lost So make sure you’re aware of that, And then at the bottom, if you’re using a MMS message that has an image GIF video make sure it’s.

Just a blue link, Don’t have the phone render or preview the link, because then it looks like that And actually this message gets, I think, ruined because of the link preview. It just distracts from all the great stuff at the top the emojis the GIFs Like this would have been an awesome message if it weren’t for the link preview, All right, let’s jump to the next one: Okay, whoa, Okay! This is a this.

Is the kind of crazy stuff, Like I’m, not even gon na read this message because your customers, the consumers, are not even gon na read this message.

You know I did notice quickly.

You know the emoji, which was cool If you’re gon na use emojis, I like using a little more emojis.

So people are like, Oh that’s cool.

They used a lot of emojis, but this message is crazy.

Long Now I’m okay with crazy long message.

We have some customers that are sending like 1 000, 2, 000 character messages and they’re performing.

But the one thing you have to realize is: you have to use paragraph breaks in the message because people don’t read like this.

They don’t read like full. Like big, you know, hunks of text.

You know unless you’re in school or something, But you know when it’s a consumer and you’re trying to market to them.

You’ve got to break things up and put some white space in You know again.

I’m, not even gon na, read this because your customers – aren’t gon na read this.

So it just shows You know I love the emoji use.

I’d do more emojis.

You know, because why not? But in a large MMS message you’ve got to break it up so that consumers, I would say they -‘re, not even reading SMS anymore.

They’re more skimming SMS, and you cannot skim this message.

This is way too much.

So hopefully the next message I love that they’re using a long message. I love when brands use long messages, Then they’ll go really short, like maybe like 40 characters, then maybe they’ll just send some like that’d be really cool.

If you just sent them, you know a string of emojis and then like a Shop Now or something Like mix it up.

Long messages short messages, MMS SMS emojis, whatever Like continually mix it up, especially if you’re sending a lot of messages.

You know per month to your customers, All right, let’s go to the next one, Ulta Beauty.

I love how they’re, starting off with the alarm clock here That kind of draws my attention.

One thing you can do with emojis in you know messaging is multiple emojis.

So I do alarm, clock alarm, clock, alarm, clock it’s on.

You know it.

Just takes up more space, It’s more kind of visually appealing The link preview here sucks.

You know you got like the so what’s happening is the iPhone and Android would be rendering they’re, essentially going out to the website going Hey. What is this website and pulling back information? The website? Doesn’t have, you know a optimized image for them to pull back, So they’re not pulling any image and it doesn’t even look like it has a favicon, which is that little tiny thing up in your browser.

So it almost looks like spam because it’s like this – is not how Ulta Beauty looks.

You know so again, optimize optimize optimize.

I’m not a big fan of the link previews, but if you’re gon na use them make sure you’re optimizing.

The only thing good about this link preview is the title Ulta, you know Black Friday 2020.

So that makes sense, And that’s a good title, but it needs an awesome image.

I love the heart here.

I love I’m guessing that’s like heart, Ulta Beauty, Paragraph breaks.

That would make a lot of sense if it was like at the bottom.

There’s like heart, Ulta Beauty because like when I sign letters I always put like a paragraph break and then I put like Sincerely Derek. You know use common sense when you’re creating these text messages All right.

Next one is Cariuma Man.

I’m, guessing If you know how to pronounce that drop.

A comment below I like how they’re breaking up things and I love how they’re using the tree because it you know it draws my attention I’m like Oh, why do they have the tree there? Then I read that little section We’re turning Cyber Monday Green and planting 10 trees in the Brazilian rainforest with every purchase Plant with us.

This one is kind of in the middle on the link preview, A lot of brands, they’ll.

Just you know the thing that is when the phone goes and gets the image they’re going and getting the image, or maybe they’re guessing what image it is and they’re pulling.

Sometimes the logo – I’m – not sure the logo really draws that much of like interest from the consumer.

For me, this should have been Brazilian rainforest, maybe half deforest and then them planting trees.

That would have got me to click.

This is not getting me to click Like I. You know it really is not that you know appealing to me personally, so All right, Bloomscape, Okay, so we’re seeing a couple of these alarm clocks Bloomscape It’s, the final countdown and then the alarm clock Pick up a free plant before this offer Ends tonight This one at least the image: the image preview is optimized.

You know it’s, a nice looking image of two people and I see some plants so that’s what they’re selling, So it makes total sense.

I think that’s a good link preview and then the title looks good too, And their message is short.

Now, if every message was short like this, I’d be like Hey mix it up, but I think this is a good message and I love the little emoji there All right that’s, all That is the top five Black Friday messages with emojis in The message So in the message like we saw here with alarm clocks, the trees – you know kind of cool Again, if you’re gon na use, emojis my you know, kinda take is really use.

Emoji Make it fun One emoji.

I think it makes it more fun, but it’s not like it’s, not that cool.

So you know trying to mix in emojis if you’re going to use them mix them in.

You know in different places, put three emojis together kind of make it fun.

So again, my name is Derek Johnson, with tatango com Find all of these text messages and many more thousands of text messages at smsarchives com, smsarchives com, Thanks, everyone .

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