• Thu. Apr 15th, 2021

I guess Gina here and welcome back to my channel I am going to be showing you some of my favorite target deals of the week I don't have as many as I usually do but I just picked out the ones that really shout out to me as being really great deals so I'm going to link the printable coupons um associated with the deals and let's get shopping for still is that you spin the beyond mots applesauce and I'm coupons com there is a dollar off anyone lots juice or apple sauce product so they are priced at three four five or 166 each and then you're going to use the dollar off coupon and you're gonna get a six-pack of applesauce for sixty-six cents now you can also use this in baking as well if you don't have oil so that's actually what I'm picking this up for so it's a good deal on applesauce aisle like the coupon below this is a good deal on the twizzlers and the Jolly Rancher bites they are on sale to for four dollars and there was an insert coupon for a dollar if I need to so you're going to get two bags for three dollars so a dollar fifty each on their own their first judge 270 this is a good price for the twizzlers bites you can take these into the movie theaters with you so you don't have to pay extra so you don't have to pay extra for the movie theater snacks or take it to baseball games football games wherever you're going to have on candy snacks adds this is a pretty good deal on the Annie's macaroni and cheese cups they are on sale and 245 to 250 each and the regular price of knees are 329 so I don't have a coupon for this but it's a pretty good sale price on its own so 250 for Annie's white cheddar macaroni and cheese and they also have cheddar flavor as well also a good deal this week are on this special k protein snack bars they're priced at and two dollars be cents and on the target website there is a two dollar off I need to coupon to print out so you're going to be getting two boxes for four dollars which is going to be two dollars a box and the regular price on these are seventy-nine cents for one box so when you factor in the sale price you'll get to 44 which is a really great deal and these are actually really good and if they have on dark chocolate they have peanut butter and this is just a really good snack to have on the go fruit loops of blue burs are on sale for three dollars and on the target website there's a 50 cent off any1 fruit loop cereal box 8 point and 7 ounce are larger so this box is going to come out to 250 so that's a pretty good deal for cereal in my opinion so if SME newspaper then you would have got the 75 cents off any1 newman's own salad dressing coupon so that is going to drop the price down to two dollars 34 cents which is a really great price or salad dressing so I started pretty shy in so silk almond milk is on sale 24 598 so they're 299 each and in the newspaper there was a dollar off coupon so this half gallon of alta milk is going to be a dollar ninety-nine which is a really great price for almond milk so this is definitely my favorite deal of the week it's on the Reynolds oven bags the turkey size there is a fifty percent off the car wheel which is going to drop the price down to a dollar oh nine and there is an insert coupon for 55 cents off anyone so that's going to drop the home stone to 54 cents so that's a really really great deal and I love these up max steel was on the Windex touch-up and they're priced got em 350 each and I have to two dollar off any Windex products coupons plus a dollar fifty off any two Windex touch-up cleaner so two of these are going to come out to a dollar fifty so 75 cents each so this is a really really great deal and I will link the coupons down for you below okay so this next deal is on the glade spring candles they are buy 3 get 1 free and i have three two dollar off one coupons plus i have a dollar fifty off they need to glade spring seasonal items so i'm gonna get four of them for a dollar 47 now i have tons of candles myself so i'm actually going to pick them out and give one to you so just comment below on what your favorite thing about spring is and i will keep this open for about two weeks and i will put more details in the description box so if you want to when the candles just subscribe to my channel and comment what you like about spring i hope you all enjoyed this video and i also wanted to ask to be giving away all three of the late spring collection Campbell so all you need to do is make sure you're subscribed to my channel like this video and comment something that you love about spring and I will keep this giveaway open for two weeks and then I will randomly pick a winner and then I'll message you for your address on through YouTube so good luck everyone and don't forget to subscribe and I will talk to you later bye

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