• Thu. Feb 25th, 2021

if you're ready put up your hand nice and high say I'm ready good so now there's a new movie coming up in October call Steve Jobs Steve Jobs now for those of you who know me I'm a huge fan of Steve Jobs I've read his you know the book like Pauly five six times so that's a new movie coming up called the man in the machine cause Steve Jobs now apparently there was another Steve Jobs movie a couple years ago yes how many you've seen that before yeah so but parently it's this movie they said that from the people working in airports at this it's a more accurate representation of Steve actually say that when they watch the movie they think it's Steve the thing is it's not actually acting I think that's Steve so that's pretty incredible so I thought it would be interesting to do maybe a short keynote on Steve Jobs and on marketing and what uh what mix apples so successful and what makes them different from any other companies and more importantly how does that apply to you with that I've interest yeah and again this is just from my own perspective my what perspective so just about respect what my observation is and I will do in a way that because you would you might think well I'm not a computer business I'm not a software business you see as I share with you these things can can be applicable to you doesn't matter what business you're in sound good okay so hit here we go so Steve Jobs the secret to apples a marketing genius now when I say Apple what kind of company if I ask you the question what kind of company is Apple what would you say yeah the answer what business are they in tech okay what else lifestyle okay culture okay information innovation yes cool product yes design okay good good all challenging status quo very nice yes style okay very cool user interaction how many of you I are PC users okay how many of your Apple well interesting interesting how many use both how do you do both like how do you do both so I'm going to share with you limited statistics about Apple so in case of course you know it's Apple very profitable every say hell yeah yeah but you might not know actually exactly how profit put it unless you're in stocks now we know that there are nowadays are there a lot of retailers that struggling in the states they're thousands and thousands of retailers going out of business yes or no now their retailers going out of business in Canada name some of them see yours Future Shop Target tell us max McDonald the closer some of their shops yes stores yes hmm okay yeah okay Circuit City Zoli yes now let me ask you a question are these small companies or big companies so even big companies are having a tough time with this economy what is going on now in spite of all that and you look at you know people say the retail apocalypse all these major chains not just a certain sector across different people companies been around a long time you see them for five 10 20 years and damn overnight not one store how many stores hundreds and thousands long period of time short period of time closing down very short period of time very short-term now how does that apply for small business still if big companies they're having a tough time kind of big elephant but with small companies what do we have to do what do we have to be aware of looking at this as a small business what do we have to be aware of your the answer change yes innovation yes emerging technology yes customer needs beaming we're being able to yes relationship management very good very good so with Apple in just some statistics i poll fueled by the popularity of the new iphone 6 gave apple and even bigger lead over other retailers how many be to an Apple store okay over other retailers in productivity with its towards generating a staggering four thousand seven hundred ninety dollars and 82 cents in sales per square foot on an annualized basis at the end of 2014 now if how many of you understand a little bit about retail that's how they measure yes earning per square foot is that a low number is that like a high number yeah it is a crazy crazy numbers I was when I was in a few months ago I was in New York and I went to there's an Apple store right on Fifth Avenue which is very well known yeah somebody heard that one yeah they're well-known and I'd have to check it out in with winter and I checked it out when in at the store and it was it was winter and was snowing freezing cold packed the place was packed and then later on I went online just I'm just out of curiosity how much that's that particular store mix so when actually check check I don't know how much it's doing now but they did kind of report approximately that Fifth Avenue store do about three hundred and fifty million dollars in sales a year one store 350 million dollars in sales amazing Apple announced financial results for its fiscal 2015 third quarter and at June to 27 2015 the company posted quarterly revenue of forty nine point six billion dollars in quality net profit of nine point seven billion dollars they're getting by they're getting by they're doing okay so is there something to be aware from Apple yes or no yes or no but the problem is okay yeah you know ten billion dollars forty nine billion dollars in revenue well how does that apply to my business I'll share with you my observation is they are basically and by the way apple also has over two hundred billion dollars in cash reserve not two hundred million two hundred billion in cash that they don't know what to do with yet that's a lot of cash yes that's a lot of cash because apples model is a little bit different Google they do acquisitions Facebook acquisitions but effort doesn't do a whole lot of that so pretty incredible so they're basically five powerful ways how many ways viably five powerful ways Apple has cultivated loyal raving fans law-breaking fans so ready to take notes hello okay here we go how many you've seen people you know the first day of opening a new iPhone Anil iPad or whatever I'm a new product coming coming out and people lined up in front of Apple Store for day sometimes to get the product yes okay so what it tells you they've got a very big loyal following yes almost fanatic following yes the question is why doesn't people line up to buy Sony products why doesn't people on to buying Microsoft products hmm so number one I believe because Apple give people products that are exceptionally good and putting down lakhs term aka they make cool they make cool not just good products exceptionally good products if you think about it how many of you use an iPhone curious okay now if you think about it with an iPhone it is actually and people might argue about this but it's actually an unnecessary expenditure two years ago nobody needs an iPhone we don't need an iPhone we need food we need water we need shelter but nobody need an iPhone but nowadays you ask people okay your TV or your iPhone pick one which one you can say what about your your iPhone versus your computer which one computer iPhone iPhone so you think about it from so what they do they selling stuff that people actually don't really need but now it's to a point where we cannot live without like wow my god how many of you lose your phone you'll go crazy you'll be like my god right if I look I'll go I'll go nuts all my contacts everything I run a lot my business from here so you think about it keep people to exceptionally good but how do you make products that are good a better question would be how good is your product how good is your service it's upon on that how good is your product how good is a service and it's a great quote by Steve Jobs it's really hard to design products by focus groups a lot of times people don't know what they want until you show it to them part of what makes Apple is so successful is they can predict what's the word predict the needs of the marketplace what do people want maybe they don't even know they want it yet but how can we create something that's so exceptional that's so extraordinary that when people see it they would be like wow I didn't expect that you could I thought just the phone but phone music Internet it's not just a phone who Steve Jobs number two their products are fun and easy to use aka in my term they sell cool the only they make cool they sell cool here's a little article that the iPad really is child's play more than half of these babies use Apple tablets when they're just one one so they make it very very easy to use very intuitive one time I was going to friends house having dinner and his son was six years old I think six or seven years old back then and then my friend dad was telling him all go back to your room don't leave candy and which is kind of talking to the kids okay and the key was like listening listening and finally the kid was like so he thinks like that is an iPad right sex move on right good one here from like that so now that that was pretty funny but how did the kids learn how to do that hello that's it swipe I'm down pat the kid it goes here the kids been using the iPad for two years since for teens for amazing amazing so the question is how can you you make your product and services more simple to understand it's what you're doing to complex is your offer to complex because complexity is the enemy of execution complexity is the enemy of what of what execution so I always say this genius here's what genius in simplicity so how can you make what you do simple just two weeks ago I was in a business meeting and there was another entrepreneur talking about one of his venture and talked about basically pitching me on a deal and he was explaining to me and he said you know it gave me a bigger like a five minute elevator pitch and I said I don't quite get it and he's I need more time like I need an hour to explain this to you I say if you dare out explain this to me we've got a problem help me follow what I'm saying if you can't explain what the heck you do forget five minutes in one minute we've got a problem because most people don't even have one minute the attention span is so short one minute forget about it so it takes and I always say it is saying if you cannot put your business model on a piece of napkin you don't have a business you should be able to simplify a tickly what you do very very simple in the premise that most people understand and he's what Steve Shaw has to say simple can be harder than complex you have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple but it's worth it in the end because once you get there you can move mountains so whatever you're offering how can you make it simple your marketing message Carl can you simplify whatever your offering how can you simplify it make it make it very simple now maybe whatever you're offering your products and services could there be incidents where it is a complex kind of offer yes or no so if it is a complex offer what you want to do is you want to show them everything that you do and everything that your products are is capable of right up front yes or no so you can take up bits and pieces of it that you know that you know what this is the most compelling piece let me simplify it let me make it compelling and just make that your front end offer so they get a little bit a taste of what you do and they show them a little bit more you show them a little bit more you show them a little bit more verses here's what all these things you could do for you it's what all my company can do for you when I used to do copywriting one of the rule that I've learned is when I'm writing my copy when I'm writing an heir what I'm crafting my landing page my marketing message I picture my prospect as this it's my message simple enough they're homeless Simpson would get it is my's message compelling enough if Homer Simpson is sitting on the couch drinking beer watching TV that would compel him to take an action and buy so I always have that picture in my mind when I'm crafting my message with Homer understand this if I know Homer seems to understand this I've got something does that make sense okay so take two minutes how long two minutes discuss among the table just the first couple ideas I've shared with you two minutes go awesome so how does this apply to you just y'all the answer how does it apply to you how does it apply to your business yes yes what I do a couple of things of course now keep in mind what Steve is saying is he's such an innovator he's predicting in two three years what people want for as far as I'm concerned for most entrepreneurs you go where the money is meaning you look at what people are already buying and then you sell them more of that versus oh he's about entrepreneurs approach me all the times I've got this idea I've got this product nobody has it it's it is revolutionary when it's a revolutionary I stopped listening nobody's done this before shared that good like it's not a plus because most of the deals that I was involved with their last money it's because of those ideas because nobody's ever done this before nobody ever seen this before this is going to change in history oh it would because it means that it's going to take off a lot of money to educate the marketplace to buy this and I don't want to play that game as a business it doesn't matter six figure seven figure eight figures do a small business as I'm concerned so I don't want to play that game I want to go with ok people spending money on this well maybe I can sell something I'll leave it similar can I sell it cheaper can I'm can I sell kind of make it faster can I make it bigger can I make it put a new shrink-wrap to it so it looks different but it's not actually different I don't want to challenge in business are used to one challenge nobody's ever done this before let me do it cost me kind of money it's my ego talking nowadays I'm like okay I don't want to challenge I don't like the analogy I use all the time when I share that with Benson if I'm going to fight a boxing match I don't want to fight Mike Tyson I'm not interested in that I want to fight a ten year old kid I want to go into the rain I've got my glove and I push and he sits and he cries I win yeah now I'm not saying I don't beat up kids I thought what I'm saying you follow what I'm saying right it's not what I'm say but that's the analogy I don't want to challenge I want to know if I'm going into this business I'm going to this industry that even though I could be wrong 50% 60% and I could have a lot of failures that can make a lot of mistakes this thing would still work I have enough margin that this thing would work so that's why I hate low margin business because there's no not enough margin for errors if your business only org I've got ten percent margins we've got a problem so I don't even touch those businesses I want high margin one existing demand I want lousy competitors I want I want what I love to see competitors their marketing sucks the customer service sucks the product is average making a shitload of money I want to get you that because I know I can create something better I know I can provide better service I can provide a better experience I can do better marketing and beat them I don't want strong competitors I'm not interested in that does that make sense now just my perspective nothing you cannot do something totally revolutionary I mean I support you for that I'm just saying from my business point of view I prefer to go with more a proven path because when you go to the bank and when you deposit a big check the teller is not going to answer the question did you think this you make this money was it was it your original idea or do you know I can't sir I can't accept this deposit because it's kind of like it's not innovative enough they're not gonna ask that yes the only one no how much okay great right so nobody's gonna answer that question number three Apple strives to deliver unique and outstanding experience from the moment of contact aka the deliverer holy moment they deliver holy moment is an experience when you go to an Apple store it's an experience or you when you buy an iPhone are you actually just buying a phone what are you buying that experience but what are you buying what are the feature does he have what can you do an iPhone when an old lady like you can use your not there no Monica no but what are you buying yeah Apple Eagle is just very good yes you buy access to Internet yes you'll buy access to music you buy access to music you buy access to what everything and so it's not just the phone is access now to a whole much bigger Apple ecosystem so think of what you are doing as a small business you want to deliver value and experience more than just your core product and service this is key whatever you're selling that thing that you're selling that's good but you better be able to add value out of then beyond and just the thing that you sell because whatever you sell is so limited if you're a financial planner you're a real estate agent you're a tech person you're a person you whatever it might be here's what we do but what you do is only a out of the thousands and thousands of people that you meet only a small percentage one knee or you sell at any given time is that make sense so if this is all you do is so limited versus hey you know what this is what I do but what you do is not who you are write down what you do is not who you are a lot of people are I'm a financial planner no you have a financial planning business it's not who you are you are who you are what you do is not who you are it's like a name you give example I people see me and they would think all Danny is a speaker yes I don't think of myself as speaker first of all I think of myself maybe maybe more like a teacher I speak at conferences but I'm not a speaker okay attention it is I can do marketing but I'm not a marketer I can write but in a number of books but I'm not a writer I do internet marketing but I'm not an internet marketer this point on there for a second now what I mean by that what I mean by that what I mean by that that's it nothing more than the skillsets I've developed over the years tools on my tool belt but versus you look talk to people oh I'm a blogger only do blogging or I'm a Facebook guy only the Facebook advertising or social media no I do social media I do blog I do podcasts I'm all these things and I'm none of these things because they're gives you flexibility it's only what I do Who I am who I am I think mainly it's just an entrepreneur and I use all these tools versus just so limited okay this is what I do I want to do that does that make sense so think it so what you do is are who you are when you buy a mac you join a community and you don't just only computer you become part of the entire Apple ecosystem the entire Apple ecosystem when you own an Apple product people have this pride hey you know what I'm cool Apple is cool use pcs yet right Apple I'm cool right think of this make an example an X experience so when keep giving entrepreneurs group we host our meetings at here Vancouver Club why do I do it then kluever Club how does that tie in with the experience theory about the environment yes hmm ambience yes it's interesting because if we're talking about success we're talking about entrepreneur we want to impact the world we want to create wealth you want to provide for family we want to increase our income what's a better place than a building that had there's over 100 years old 100 years of history where you have some of the most powerful wealthiest influential entrepreneurs business people as members there's no place like this is it it's an experience yes I could have done in a McDonald I could do the same speech but doing it here whatever different impact is that make sense so with what you do think of how can you create and craft and experience an environment that before they even talk to you even they get in touch with you now they have a it's a different experience for them it's a different experience for them people are willing to pay more for the connection with a person of elevated status and preceive celebrity write this down people willing to pay more for the connection with a person of elevated status and perceive celebrity going back to you if they do business with you and you have your competitor provide kind of the similar service similar to what you do same price same everything but if they perceive you as more influential they preceive you it's more well connected they would prefer to do business with you does that make sense okay and notice I said perceived celebrity perception is reality repeat after me perception is reality so Steve Jobs has been positioned as the iconic celebrity in the Apple world in the computer world in the tech world not just steve job he's the CEO he Steve Jobs not think of Bill Gates it's Bill Gates wealthy he's probably wealthier than Steve Jobs but look look at what they've done Apple has created precision I think Steve's just way better in the Apple world and Bill Gates versus Microsoft I would follow what I'm saying you see the difference okay so Apple is a creation experience through their retail outlets interesting story Apple actually got the idea at first model they store after get the gap the gap the CEO of the gap the I told you they did the Fifth Avenue's story in New York how much they're doing so they actually the gap the see of the gap was involved with the whole process and creating store creating the Apple store and you want to make it simple make it clean make it kind of high-tech and you think about it and funny because Apple people actually used to call themselves ghetto because the store looks like the gap Kapil but they model what works and the CEO of The Gambia where he was phenomenal and they were involved in the early process so that's an experience as well they do things omit so number four Apple has very wisely taking on an overall look at what the computer market is figure out what they really want to do with their computers and build their platform around that this is create critical so talking about creating predicting the needs right where the money is where the cash is flowing you want to position yourself in front of that I have a quote coming up so Steve Jobs said you can't just ask customers what they want and then try to give that to them by the time you get it built they'll want something new now of course Steve is referring to the tech world because things change how fast in tech world hello very fast right very very fast but it's anticipating the needs you think of I Apple when you buy again which I think one of the most brilliant thing they've done its iTunes because they sell you the phone they make money on the front end how many of you buy apps by the way a peepees how many of you buy songs shows all on iTunes interesting so you don't just spend the money on the iPhone but you spend a whole lot more money yes it's funny I was playing this a game I don't play a lot of games but somehow download the stupid game anyway it's called The Walking Dead Walking Dead yeah you play a man yes awesome okay so I told I told my wife Jenny hey you know it's a free game right free game yeah free game it's a free game I said I'm not going to spend money don't worry I teach marketing I get all the tricks know exactly what they're trying to do get you to buy these coins and upgrade on it I got see some on this yeah I'm not gonna spend a dime right I have to play the game I don't know a couple of days I just spent like I don't it's a day on it something like that well in the bathroom doesn't kiss me however you take your iPad to the bathroom be honest I do I do anyways I'm playing a game and and I hit a certain plateau so I was getting killed by these other you know the enemies there they're walking dead the zombies I'm like damn I need to buy some weapons and the ship right now do something about this thing and of course I talked to Jenny no no he's promised you're not gonna buy you're not gonna pop no I mean I just need some gold coins a little bit upgrade you know I can opener promise 10 bucks like 10 whatever lay a little 10 15 bucks that's it that's it promise from it's get Jenny smart because my iPhone I tuned account is hooked up with her account because if I buy something she'll know like you get an email all you just made this purchase right not a smart idea so I've spent a 15 bucks and I was yeah good and you're killing the zombies and upgrading yeah like you know this is awesome right after a few more days couldn't get through the mix you know the Linux level I'm like hey you know oh and then Jenny was like no you're getting sucked into it you said you need you teach marketing you're not going to fall for these things you know these they want to keep spending money it's a free game they hook you in you buy all of this and this promise promise last upgrade I get this that's it it's a stupid game anyway I'm not gonna play that long this and that right long me whole back and forth this and that I've spent about a hundred fifty bucks on a stupid game three three right now but I'm smart I'm smart so the first time it's like 15 bucks 15 bucks I'm like it it's been big bucks one time right it's a 56 and I did all in like one day so I know my wife is gonna yell at me she's going to get me at once because if I do sweet transaction in like three separate weeks that's three times right if you're gonna kill me just kill me once three transactions one day solve the problem but seriously the more the story is is this type of thing it's maybe what you do what is the front end are for how can you make it enticing and how can you build a back end and then you already sell additional product and services to your customers make it easy for them to buy so I – is absolutely brilliant so what can you do as a question to directly leverage your customer base to increase your back end what can you do to directly leverage your customer base to increase the back end and it may not be your core products and services I said again it may not be your core products and services it may be somebody else Cole products and services it's called a joint venture it's called what you can promote other people's products and services and get a cut because your most valuable asset is not your customer it's it's not your service it's not your product it's your customer base the people the loyal following let me ask you a question the new iPhone 6s is coming up right how many having a good eye phone right now like perfectly good iPhone how am I going to get the iPhone success be honest a couple people one person two people thinking about it okay there you go so even predicting myself I'm like I just got this phone a couple months ago iPhone 6s don't really need it don't really need it but it's a little bit faster the camera is a little bit higher resolution should I get it should I not get it and then the new Apple TV is coming out damn should I get that and the iPad pro is coming up should I get that too hmm so that's f we just sell you one thing no not at all so locker is up go where the money is flowing and then just stand in front of it simple statement go where the money is flowing and then just stand in front of it not where you think it's going not what you perceive and expect it's going what it is going is flowing right now and you can see people spending money and then just stand in front of it our people are spending money on Amazon yes or no are people buying more digital products yes or no yeah are people buying online courses yes or no so go where the money is number 5 Apple is absolutely an absolutely shameless and relentless about self-promotion aka they promote a out of it so they make they make cool they sell cool they deliver holy experience moment and they promote the out of it a lot of what we do is think about it you are a personal brand you know what you are a personal brand regardless if you think you won or not regardless let me give you a quote you repeat after me attention is the new currency again attention is the new currency once more choices now attention is new currency attentions new currency most companies fail because they're not getting enough attention because of obscurity people don't not that their products are not good not get the service and not good nobody knows who the they are they don't leave the market plate is so much noise they don't even know they exist they don't even know this is a lot of noise on internet how many how many Twitter's out there every day think about how in a Facebook post because attention is a new currency you can grow your company if you're not getting attention period if you're struggling to get customers I can almost guarantee you're not getting enough attention in marketplace you're not cutting through the clutter you are not breaking you're not standing out in this noise so how do you stand out in Japan now they actually have this new form of bending machine now what is a vending machine if you want to go buy a bottle of coke you go there and you put in what put it on some coins right couple bucks cool oh I phone yes Japan they should have this new form letting vending machine you go there you press a button they play you stand there and you play a commercial for 61 60 seconds 2 minutes and then out pops a ball of coke they don't want your money they want your attention your attention is even more valuable than money now that says something that's pretty profound if you think about it not so good if you love coke you need to sit there and all day and it's not so good but you get the idea yes so they promote it so shameless we let in itself promotion Donald Trump is a good example how many follow what don't chumps have you know the presidential yes love the guy hate the guy doesn't matter it does not matter there's something to be learned for him now is Donald Trump famous yes or no is he well-known he sees the promoting himself more than ever what does that say people are always to talk but when is the best time to do marketing when you don't eat clients not when you're desperate and you need clients oh my god I need them to make that sell know when you'd only clients when you're busier than ever you do more marketing not when you're when you're desperate that's not the time to do marketing that's also you don't have enough capital you don't have enough marketing capital to do so so steve job you look at me he is again we letlet promoter the speech every time the announcement new product millions of people tuning to that not just a great speaker so most companies go out of business because of obscurity so this ability what's the word is more important in ability visibility is more important ability now that a my saying that you can sell crappy stuff no I'm saying so good stuff if you look for exceptional service and stand in front of the money where the money is flowing but I'm saying is visibility's more important ability I would consider that in local Vancouver even on the internet I'm relatively well known do I stop promoting my brain just this year I've done over now I think twelve book eleven books something like that just this year in the last twelve months I've done two more books in the next twelve six months I'm going to publish two more books in August while was on vacation I launched my podcast shoulder of Titans in the next twelve months you see that on my YouTube channel are probably just going out there uploading producing three to five hundred videos in the next twelve months and that's what I am doing non-stop domination promotion personal branding because when you have that good things come to you you don't have to chase deals it's easier when deals come to you then you chase deals yes so my question to you is then what should you be doing to promote your brand your Facebook I'm talking your social media I'm talking about your blog I'm talking about all these things and that's not even my main business this is on top of running all the companies being a partner of the 20 plus companies this is the size thing and I do more than probably a lot of the entrepreneurs because I know by pushing that by you got to cut through the clutter you got to stand out by standing out there are bigger opportunities they're more lucrative opportunities and you can impact a lot more people does that make sense so here's what you need you need what I call a PMP personal media platform write this down personal media platform so what is a personal media platform I'm talking about your blog how many have a blog right now yes how often update your blog once what once what once a day good counsel do you blog how many of you have not updated blocking in a month okay so personal so your blog your your Facebook your Twitter a YouTube iTunes podcast where is your platform now what is a platform a platform is nothing more than a thing a community a something that you do that serves the greater good of others write this down a platform it's not something for yourself because if it's all about yourself it doesn't work you only go so far so you think of Theresa social light conference is that a platform yes or no yeah through that platform she's able to meet also other other successful entrepreneurs like Richard Branson yes Bob Proctor it's a platform if today it just Teresa alone and she goes knocked on doors on these big names is she going to get the same attention no because she has this massive platform so she created the platform first then she exposed to more opportunities being to meet more info and show people so how many platforms do you have if you're not getting enough business is your business not growing as fast as you want pretty much I can almost guarantee again you're missing this either is not big enough it's not why enough is not impacting impacting enough people just like you today your Facebook instead of having 1,000 likes fans and you have 100,000 likes and fans would that make a difference in your business it's very simple but you can get attention without this and this thing the problem is it's slow it is slow it gets you're building a personal media platform it is slow block do you just make one blog pose and then your fate your phone rings off the hook do you just make a tan pose and your phone rings off the hook no you got to keep doing and it takes time sometimes it takes six months sometimes it takes one year but when is the best time to start you got to manage you got to keep growing it and that's why I said I promise you right now I'm making this promise right now my YouTube channel has I don't know 1000 1200 no 1,200 subscribers it's pathetic quite frankly 1000 on me on camera 1,200 subscribers let's have this conversation again a year later let's see how many subscribers I have I might just do what I say yeah I'd say I'm gonna do like I don't know one video every two months and six videos maybe 10 videos I don't know a year did I say that I said 3 to 500 videos in the next 12 months that's the attitude that's what it takes not supposed to know that's what it takes because your competitor is doing 10 he's doing 20 I don't want to win my competitor by a little bit I want you do 20 I do 200 you do 100 I do 1,000 because as I build more and more the bigger my personal media platform easy it is to make money does that make sense so take a moment take two minutes yes yes what if your smaller business tell me yes which you've done to degree write notes and stuff but what if your small business tell me look bigger okay partnership what do you mean by that yes yes good good so if you don't have a platform is it a good idea to get on other people's platform hello yeah to pull people so what I'm doing now I'm on just this week I've been on two other podcasts being interview because I launched my podcast so if I want to grow my podcast what's the best way I go on other people who has a podcast who has a following and then I talk about my podcast I talk about vision and talk about what well my podcast is about and I go there and I people a percentage of all I like dense message I will go subscribe to his podcast you so I'm leveraging other people's platform does that make sense so that's perfectly fine how often you do that as as much as possible how when do you stop promoting your personal brand I just always look at trauma that's actually a trauma a book about trunk a lot of people have read the art of the deal there's actually another book that I like a lot not very popular call no such thing as overexposure not a book written by him but it's by a reporter follow him for a couple years and he was just talking about the whole primary of the book is basically Trump it's a relentless shameless non-stop self-promotion machine that's praised basically what the book is about that's what the book is about so personal media platform so for small business I believe there are five keys how many keys that's right three keys how many keys three keys three keys okay first you want to be somebody you want to be what these are money and then you want to do something and then you want to be somewhere be somebody do something be somewhere how do you be somebody if you have this example you have a blog your PC is an expert if you have a book if you're providing educational videos there's somebody if a podcast your platform you are somebody if your speaker you're somebody do something means taking them yes awesome question what are the two businesses life coaching so life coaching and website design okay so in this case you think are they but you're doing both are so so your life coach as well you're a web designer okay which bus visit that's better I'm curious which that yeah brings in more hmm what design okay think of what I just said you are not yet you're not what you do you're not your business so look if you think me as an example it's my brand but all the companies under the umbrella of the personal brand so I do e-commerce I do digital marketing I have a financial planning business in New Zealand I do events I do publishing I do our membership site got niche membership site we have ebooks we have so on all these things all these different businesses but with might but might because my personal brand is strong enough that I could use that to promote all these companies yes no no this is this is the action steps so you after this talk of well now what how do I apply this what I say is you want to be somebody you by being somebody the easiest way to add value to the marketplace by giving this a yearly in case notes right by giving by educating the marketplace before I sell anything else that positions are somebody and then do something is about taking action every day every day if you should ten minutes a day promoting your business moving a business forward reaching now tweeting Facebook something every day every damn single day that's doing something to keep polluting and then be somewhere I'm talking about this don't stay at home go meet somebody go to these things said you don't know who you're going to meet you just don't know who you're gonna meet just like crack example met Jeffery who would have known they're doing this massive project together and making this but if Jeffery or correct that day was like you know what don't feel like it want to stay home you have miss the opportunity so I never honest I never turned on any places that could be a speaker I could I could give back I could be on podcast most of time unless it's so small but most of mine said yeah I'll do it because I want to always do something to be somewhere because I don't know where that it's going to lead you I cannot predict where that's going to lead to I call the unpredictable miracle you don't know but I know by putting myself out there just keep promoting myself branding do something be somewhere something will show up does that make sense and in this case in my case the pong is too many things show up so I have to be selective of what I pursue but it's the same idea make sense two minutes discuss among a table what you just learned today 10 times your finances 10 times your business 10 times your marketing 10 times your life hit the subscribe button now

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