• Sun. Feb 28th, 2021

How, does the startup market itself let’s talk about some simple basic ground rules firstly don’t. Try.

To be everything for everybody it sounds very attractive but in in reality it becomes extremely difficult.

It would be rather that you focus yourself don’t even try to be something for everybody.

Most importantly, try to be everything for somebody.

Rome was not built in a day as long as you get customer delight by that solution.

You always have chance to grow and and further enhance your offerings.

The second thing: is it’s good to be better, but better is not the best, so focus on your differentiator build your business around the differentiator.

Lots of other possibilities will emerge over a period of time.

A network basically helps you in terms of creating business.

So in brief, if you focus on these segments home, you can delight try to ensure that you’re offering is comprehensive. Try to ensure that you’re offering is extremely differentiated.

It might be differentiated on one factor compared to the other, but ensure differentiation and lastly, the best solutions are simple and elegant, so go for simplicity.

Go for elegance.

It has the best power of appeal.


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