• Thu. Feb 25th, 2021

Welcome to social media's finest! I am Carolin Hasenpusch. Nice that you're here! Facebook is dead? Facebook is worth it Not? None of that does any good, the numbers are going down. Hear that we over and over again. And today I just have a few Brought numbers, data and facts that prove that it is not so, but that that on the contrary it is quite different. Namely, Facebook did a few months ago announced that they have passed the 2 billion mark, the means: over 2 billion people worldwide use Facebook. From that over 31 million come from Germany. And now watch out, watch out it will be interesting for the entrepreneurs. Of the 31 million people in Germany, 77 percent are with small and medium-sized businesses networked. That means they have a Facebook page of little ones and medium-sized companies liked. That doesn't mean these big ones Corporations like adidas, Puma or McDonald's and Co meant, but really partly the little craftsmen next door.

By the way: daily are over 23 Millions of people online on Facebook. Crazy, right? There are 21 million with your mobile phone on Facebook. Therefore a little tip on the side – think mobile first! Produce content that you can also do wonderfully with your mobile phone can consume. It doesn't help if you have a picture that looks good on the big monitor like mine here.

It must be on the Cell phone look good. You need to be able to see the videos on the phone. But You can find everything else in our other videos or at www.socialmediasfinest.de I now wish you a wonderful day. Love your Caro..

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