• Mon. Mar 1st, 2021

We start a business because we want to sell a particular product here. We have two options to maximise our google ranking. One way is Seo and another one is PPC ads. If we search a particular keyword on goggle, we see some ads on the topmost layer and the results we see below the ads are a part of seo or organic search. So what should we do seo or ppc in ppc? We need to pay per click on a particular ad means. We need to invest some money while, on the other hand, seo is free in ppc. Results are instant. If you tell me tonight, you need to sell your products from tomorrow. I need to rank my product or website on rank 1. You can do that eaasily using ppc, but if you are telling me to do seo tonight and expecting immediate convertion from tomorrrow seo cannot do such immediate miracles in seo. You need to do hardwork based on some particular keywords it might. Be possible. That it took even an year to rank high using seo SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE VIDEOS. So i told you the pros and cons of both. Of them now, which is better for our business, we need to understand this thing first now here we will open the goggle tool of keyword, planner and lets check the kind of product i am trying to sell. How much do i need to pay for that particular keyword so lets consider for an instance. I am selling a mic whose cost is 1000 bucks and i am selling it at the price of 1500 bucks and i earned a profit of 500 bucks and when i opened the keyword planner, i can get a top class ad at the rate of 2 rs. So should i go for seo or not yes or nO? If i go for seo, it might be possible that he takes 10 000 for that from me, and it might take 6 months 8 months for a sucessful seo means i invested 1 lakh, 70. 000 bucks. Just for maximising my rank on goggle, but if i go for ppc 2 rs click people who are interested in our product, they will take thr product else. The person wont click on the ad. Now, if your campaign is very well organised and effective, lets consider you get a 4 convertion. If you spent 200 bucks on it, that means you sold around 8 products 8 products. That means you were saving 500 bucks from your product and you sold 8 products. In this case, ppc is quite helpful. I will run ADS and will get the instant results, but there are many keywords. Lets say i am selling a product where i earn a profit of 200 rupees now when i check its ad and for that i need to pay 100 click for that specific keyword. And here, if i want to sell one product, i need to invest 5000 6000 to sell and my profit is of 200 bucks, so this wasnt profitable here i can go seo. I can grow my website through organic searches and also one thing: if i run an ad goggle gets to know that with this keyword, traffic quantity is quite high. You ran a good quality optimised ad, so whenever a person search for a particular keyword and cliks on that particular ad, it leads to your website. We talked about rank so goggle thinks that this link is quite attractive, so they put that in the topmost position. So if you run a PPC campaign strategically, This will increase your seo score too, And your organic ranking too. So it’s possible. You spent money on ppc that increased your ranking too. Now you don’t need to spend on ppc. Some people use a hybrid version of both that they will work on both seo and ppc. I’ll post blogs as well as content marketing and we’ll, add links to many place All the existing seo techniques side by side. They run ads too. This was the main motive behind making this video That you can do work on seo in every cases. You cannot work on ppc either in every case. In some cases you can use both, But in some cases you can’t, okay, friends with this video ends. I I hope you like it. If any doubts do ask me in the comment section below Like share comment: Bye, goodnight, goodafternoon goodmorning, whenever you are watching this video and this background is not green screen. This is grass. This is a room of my institute LAPAAS Gradually, i’ll make some changes.

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