• Sat. Feb 27th, 2021

One of the internet personalities that I follow
is Pat Flyn of Smart Passive Income. Now he has an email list of over a hundred
thousand people and he makes approximately $200,000 per month from his blog. So how does he do that? How does he even make money from his email
list? Everything will be discussed in today’s
video, so let’s start. Hey guys, welcome to the digital marketing
mastery course and today’s topic is really special for me. Its email marketing, it’s one of my favorite
topics. And the reason is very simple because I make
significant amount of income from email marketing and especially in 2019 and coming years, I’ll
be doubling down on email marketing. And I’ll try to make my revenue 70% – 80%
coming from email marketing itself.

And today I’ll be sharing all the tactics,
all the case studies of people who are making millions of dollars just through email marketing,
and how you can incorporate email marketing in your digital marketing effort and even
make money in your email marketing, so make sure you watch this video until the end. Because I’ll be sharing some really good
insights with you. So the most of you probably- I’ve mentioned
this is earlier videos as well, I think that is in content marketing, when I told that
in India specifically email marketing is not given a lot of positive vibe. Not many people enjoy email marketing, majority
of the income only talk about Adsense, SEO or niche blogging, etc. but email marketing
is often neglected. But honestly, if you know about the potential
of email marketing, how much money you can make, how many customers you can drive, you’ll
really start to love email marketing.

In an essence, email marketing is the use
of email to develop relationships with potential customers and/or clients. In essence, email marketing is the use of
email to develop relationship with prospective customers and clients. You must already be using emails for so many
things. So if you’re a college student you must
be waiting for some updates, or your delivery instructions is you’re buying something
from Amazon. Email is the one you would be looking at for
all the email instructions, for all the bills that you have to pay, the first notification
comes from the email. And even if you are subscribed to a newsletter,
if you’re into food or if you are into travel, then you might be subscribed to any of the
website… so these websites are also sending you valuable content through email.

As I mentioned that in the content marketing
strategy as well that email can also be a very good channel to leverage your content
marketing efforts by showing your latest article or showing your latest promotion to the audience
that are already given you the permission to send them emails. Or if you’re a working professional, then
email becomes more vital for you. For all the emails from the clients or from
your boss, majority of the communication takes place through email.

But when we talk about- so email is vital
in 2019. Many of the people think that email is dying. Even in the marketing world, there’s a trend
going that people are starting to think that email is dying. That email marketing is actually- because
of the lower open rate, which we will be discussing later in the video, in also all a lot of factors,
people are starting to think that email is dead. But honestly they cannot be more wrong. You just have to know how to use email marketing
in the right way. And you’ll be making much, much more money
compared to the traditional marketing channels. You must have seen this trend that the social
media apps keep changing. First it was Facebook, but now people are
moving away and moving towards Instagram.

There’s TickTock, there’s Snapchat, there’s
so many different apps coming year by year. Some are dying some are growing like crazy,
some are fad apps which just come and go. But see, email has been something that always
constant. So email is not dying, at least for the coming
years. And now I’m going to show you examples and
case studies of people who are really making good money from email and various industries. Be individual entrepreneurs, be it company,
everyone- for every company or even individual influencer, email is an extremely important
channel to communicate more audience or even to generate more sales.

Before taking the example of any company,
I’ll just give the example of myself. So this is the sales of my website. It is another affiliate website, but I also
use email to send products to them. So I’ll sell the products on that website
through GrumRoad.com. I’ve already mentioned this GumRoad.com
in my various income reports that I’ve published in my website. That GumRoad forms a big chunk of my revenue,
each month. So the majority of the income that comes from
GumRoad comes from email itself, as you can see here, email is considered- AP sales is
coming from email alone which accounted for $1200.

Similarly this is another affiliate product
that I was selling. You can see here that on November 2018, I
made 17 sales and I made around 1.1 lakh of earning. In December, 1.13 lakh of earning. So these products I’m selling them through
email itself. So email is a vital channel for me, for my
earning. Apart- as you guys already know that affiliate
marketing is the important part of my overall earning, but a good significant chunk is also
coming from email. Now I’ll take examples of companies and
various individual influencers who are making a killing through email. Now here is an example of Backlinko.com. This is the most, and the biggest authority
when it comes to SEO news, SEO tactics and strategies. Here you can see that Backlinko is driving
1.2 million visitors per month, and in an extremely competitive niche like SEO. This is the owner of the website, Brian Dean,
he is rather one of the biggest authority in the SEO space. And see the homepage of this website. What is he doing? He’s asking for the email address of the
people visiting the blog. See, “free exclusive traffic tips… enter
your email below to get access to my proven SEO and traffic tips”.

So even for this guy whose making millions
of dollars, even for him, email address is the most important asset for him. So there must be definitely revenue opportunity
for email, right? So I’ll give you stats for this guy. He has recently launched his course, “SEO
that Works 2.0”. And he made 1.6 million dollars. And every bit of that sale came from email
itself. So all throughout his blog, he’s trying
to get the email address of his audience. If I click here, I am again driven to this
email optive form. Even if I click here on the newsletter, then
again also I’ll be given the option to sign up for his email list. So if I can just enter my email, sign-up,
then I’ll be receiving regular email from this guy. And somewhere after some time, after a few
emails, by giving me free value, by showing me that he’s an authority in the SEO space,
he’ll try to sell me his SEO course.

Which I think costs around $2,000 or $3,000
I’m not sure about it. So just through email alone, this guy was
able to generate 1.6 million dollars by selling his course. So that is the power of email. So just like him, there are so many people
that are making a killing through email itself. In various different genres. He is in online marketing- people are selling
courses, so many people selling physical product, so any kind of product you have. You must have seen that Amazon is recommending
products. They are sending you emails, not just about
the delivery dates and all, but also recommending you different products according to your purchase
history. So email is also an extremely important channel
for all the ecommerce website as well. In their overall revenue strategy. So email is definitely not dying, email is
here to stay and if you are not using email marketing in your overall strategy, then you
are missing out on a huge chunk of revenue. Before I start giving all the knowledge, all
the tips and the tactics and the strategies that work on email marketing.

Let me first tell you what email marketing
is NOT. See the first point is to get subscribers,
and people think that they’ll just go and buy an email database of 10,000 or 20,000
or 100,000 people and they just start sending the emails. It doesn’t work like that. You’ll just get banned, or you’ll IP will
get banned or all your emails will just go to the spam folder.

You don’t want that. You would want your prospective customers
to open your email. So first and the most important thing that
you have to look at is the open rate. Let’s say if you’re sending 100 emails,
out of those 100, how many are landing on the primary tab of the inbox of the people,
and out of those emails, how many of the people are actually opening the email? So before making a sale, you also have to
keep your email open. So instead of spamming, you must focus on
high-quality- you must have seen a trend in this overall video course and I’m always
focusing on the quality. Be it the backlinks for SEO, be it the creations
from Facebook Ads, be it the content for your content marketing strategy, I’m always stressing
on quality. So whenever a beginner, starts to learn digital
marketing also these thoughts just come into their minds, “I can just buy the backlinks
to save time” or “I can just buy the email links to save time”.

It doesn’t work like that. It’s a slow process but then again you will
see positive results. You have to be at it for some time, and then
you have to understand that quality will give you much more positive results compared to
saving time by doing these idiotic strategies like buying backlinks or buying email databases. Also opening a Gmail account and sending 200
– 500 people a day, all these emails that you want, this is also not email marketing. There’s a process, there’s a structure
to email marketing that I will be showing you throughout this video. So firs of all you have to understand about
the permission based marketing. Whenever you are buying an email list database
and sending these spamming emails, then you’re not asking people for their permission. Like I gave you the example of Backlinko here. He’s first asking for your permission. That please enter your email address, and
then I will start sending you the emails. Similarly you’ll see my free digital course
landing page, you’re seeing all these videos because you entered your email here. I’m asking you for your permission.

“Can I have your email address? In return of that we’ll give you free digital
marketing knowledge”. So if you’ve seen my Facebook Ads or coming
to this landing page from any other source, so this is the landing page, and this is where
I’m asking you, which is your email ID and your name. So I could have bought your email ID from
various other databases, but then again you don’t know me. I’m not asking you for your permission “can
I send you emails?” Because if I’m sending you emails and you
don’t even know me, then you might even report me or Google will just band my IP. And then all my emails will just start going
to the spam folder, and I don’t want that. I want to create a connection with you guys.

I want to build trust with you. So this is what permission based marketing
is. First asking for permission from you guys
that “can I send you the email?” “For this, you first have to enter your
email” then you’ll get a confirmation link on your email and if you confirm that
email- and if you click that confirmation link, then you are giving me the permission,
okay so from now onwards, I’ll be able to send you the emails. And majority of my emails will land on your
primary inbox. Now a very unique data to share with you,
you might not believe in this, but according to steward’s study, every $1 that’s spent
invested in email marketing gives $40 or revenue in return. Let’s put it in a very simple form. Let’s say you invested hundred rupees in
email marketing.

Then you’ll be making rupees 4,000 back. Sounds very shady, right? But it is not. So let me give you the whole process. Let’s take the example of Backlilnko here
again. Let’s say you enter your email address here,
let’s say 1,000 people enter their email address here. Okay, let’s say Backlinko spends $1,000
on Facebook Ads to drive people to this landing page so that they can enter their, email address. And let’s assume that it’s $2 per email
ID, he’s able to get 500 email addresses. Okay, generally what we have seen in email
marketing that if you’re a good digital marketer with sufficient knowledge and experience,
you are able to get a conversion rate of 1% – 2% from the email addresses. So out of those 500 people, around 1% – 2%,
which is around 5 to 10 people, will be buying his “SEO that Works” course. And if he’s selling that course at $2,000
so even at minimum, if those 5 people buy that $2,000 course, he’ll be making $10,000. So a $1,000 investment is giving him a $10,000
revenue. So that is $9,000 of profit and that is the
minimum of one person conversion. And we are taking only 500 email addresses.

And let’s say he’s able to add 50,000
email addresses, he’s revenue will be much, much higher. Let’s talk about why email marketing is
even important, right? So there are a couple of reasons why you should
invest your time into email marketing. First of all you will be able to stay in contact
with your audience. I mentioned this multiple times that staying
consistent, getting the attention of your prospective customers is extremely important.

If you won’t be relevant, if you won’t
be consistent then your competitor will get your market share and he’ll take up your
prospective customers. So in order to be relevant in 2019 or in coming
years, you’ll have to be consistent. You have to provide valuable quality information
, while selling multiple times between the funnel in order to stay positive and keep
on connecting with your audience in order to grab their attention.

And also unlike SEO it gives you a long-term
result after 6 or 7 months or even multiple years in some cases. In email marketing you can just- let’s say
you have an email list of a hundred thousand people. You can just shoot a broadcast to all those
hundred thousand people. And even if you’re getting 20% or 30%, around
30,000 people will be opening your email and maybe let’s say around 10,000 people will
be clicking the link inside the email. So instantly you’ll be able to reach all
the people who are on your email newsletter. And also people have this tendency of engaging
with emails, because it’s a human habit. Email is considered to be a more important
area compared to a more social media apps. So people have this habit of engaging with
the email. So this is why it becomes a very important
channel. And the best part about email marketing like
any other digital marketing medium is that you are able to track the results.

You can see how many people open the email,
you can see how many people engage with the email, how many people click the link in the
email. You can even track off all the people who
actually click the link and actually converted into a customer by purchasing whatever you’re
selling. So everything can be measured. This is why email becomes and extremely important
channel because you can easily track how well it is performing. And also it is very affordable. I already gave you the stats earlier that
$1 for email marketing is giving $40 of revenue on an average as an industry scale. So yes, it’s pretty affordable because the
conversation rates are higher, so you’re making much more revenue on the backend even
after the cost of managing all those emails is not that expensive. Email can be used for multiple things. Not just for selling the people, but also
providing value for branding you can share your testimonials, user reviews, you can-
just like Amazon. You must have seen my emails, sometimes I
am giving you value, even my video lessons are coming to you through email. I’m also sharing the links of the articles
that I’m writing, my income reports was going on my live.

So all that majority of the communication
was coming from email. Yes, I am also active on my social media channels. But I try to write 1 or 2 emails every other
day to my audience, to be in constant contact with them. Now let’s talk about email measurement. The end-goal is definitely to get the conversions
and then later on investments. You don’t use any digital marketing channel
to just- also the second point is extremely important, the lifetime value of your customer.

People think that whenever a new person is
joining their email list they think that they’ll be buying their products or services instantaneously. It does not work like that. It depends on the product or the service you
are selling. If you’re product is a little expensive,
then you need to nurture the leads. Look at the graph off at the right. New leads are equal to new email addresses
that are entering into your list. So there are multiple steps of reaching your
final goal of conversion of selling your product to the service. So let’s say a new lead enters your funnel,
first thing you have to do is to segment the email. You can do segmentation on multiple channels,
like you can segment according to the source of the email, you can segment people coming
from Facebook, you can segment people coming from your blog. All of this can be done in the email management
software that I will be sharing with you very soon. Then you can send automated replies. People tend to think that email is a time-consuming
task, that you have to write all these emails and send them on a daily basis.

It’s more like a workload on a daily basis. But no- email… everything can be automated. What you can do is write the email beforehand. Structure them accordingly, how you want them
to be sent and they’ll be sent automatically by the email software, you don’t have to
do anything. And then all you have to do is track the email-opens. How many people are opening their emails,
how many people are actually clicking on the links on the email… because you don’t
want the people to just open the email, you also have an end objective. You want people to come from the email to
a particular website. Be it a particular product, it could be an
article, it could be a YouTube video if you’re doing it for branding.

If you want to sell something you might be
driving them to a sales page. Your end goal is for them to buy your product
or your service. So this whole funnel, from getting the email
address to getting them to pay for your service or product- this whole process is called a
funnel, from getting their email address, nurturing them, providing them value, helping
them, showing them your product, showing them the advantages of your product or services.

Solving their doubts and then helping them
buy the product. This whole process is called a funnel. Let me show you through an example. So there are various tools that you can use
for email management. You can go to “ankuraggarwal.in/blogging-tools/”
or you can click here on “My Tools” so the two software that I use for my email management
is AWeber and Drip. AWeber is more beginner-friendly. If you’re just a beginner and you just want
to try what email marketing is you can go for AWeber. Click here, you’ll get a 14 day free trial. And if you want a more advanced software with
advanced feature like workflow automation, then you can go for Drip. I’ll be showing you both this software today,
in this video. So let’s start with AWeber first, so this
is what the interface of AWeber looks like.

You can see the account overview here that
I have around 11,000 subscribers. That is 11,000 people have provided their
email address to my list. This is the overview of one of my affiliate
websites. As you can see yesterday over 104 people entered
their email addresses and today 34 people and 4 people unsubscribed. So once people unsubscribed from my email
list, they won’t be sent any more emails. So I can also see all the subscribers, I can
click here “Manage Subscribers” and here you can see all the subscribers I have. The best part about these email software is
that they give you a lot of segmentation. I can sort the people by last opened, the
date they added, if any particular link they clicked, if any particular email they opened
or not. So this way I can create segmentations. So if I like, sent an email to 10,000 people,
I can make a segmentation of people who actually opened the email. This way in the future, I can really make
a targeted list of people who are actually involved. This way I can create a segmented list of
people who are actually- maybe interested in one particular kind of product or service.

So all these ways- you can even find one particular
email, the email is xyz@gmail.com… you can find the email. You can even see the activity of the email. You can click here and see how many- see the
time they subscribed to your email list. How many they have opened, which emails they
have clicked, which emails have they not opened. You can also delete and add subscribers from
here. So there are a lot of segmentations here,
on AWeber. And now on my report section, I can see how
many emails are sent on a daily basis. As you can see- the blue bars are the follow-up. The automated email that are sent automatically. And the green bars are the broadcast, these
are the emails that are written by me. So these are the emails that are sent by me…
so green bars are the follow up emails or the automated emails.

These are the emails that are sent automatically,
once someone subscribed to my email list. And let’s say I want to- I have a new article
written and I want to send an update about this new article to all the people who are
in my email list. So what I’ll do is I’ll just create a
new broadcast, I’ll create a new message here, broadcast, and I’ll write the email
and add the link to the article, and I’ll just choose the people I want to send this
broadcast to and I can send the email blast to all those people. As you can see in January 14, there was a
huge big green bar. This is because I sent a broadcast on that
particular day, because I had come up with a new book for this affiliate website and
I wanted to promote it.

As you can see on the date of the broadcast,
there was a huge spike of open rate. Then the next day there was again a huge spike. But slowly, it died out. Because this is a broadcast. But on the follow-up email, because every
day around 200 or 100 are adding to my email list, so the blue bar remains constant. You can also see clicks overtime, revenue
overtime… I can click here on clicks overtime. How many people are clicking date-wise, how
many people are actually clicking. I can see the daily subscriber growth and
all. I’ll be going through how to write the email
a little later in the video but now I’ll be taking you through Drip. This is a more advanced email marketing software,
this is a more advanced email marketing tool. And honestly I love Drip. You won’t see any subscribers any moment-
you won’t see any subscribers in this account, because this is a brand new account I created. But on other Drip account, I think we have
around 20 – 30,000 subscribers there.

So to show you the difference between Drip
and AWeber, majority of the features are same, like broadcast is when you want to send a
new email to your email IDs. “People” on AWeber it’s the subscribers,
the same subscribers are people here. People are just the number of email IDs you
have. “Campaigns” is when… it’s more of
the automated thing. Where you write multiple emails in a sequence. Let’s say- let’s take my own example here
of my free digital marketing course. So I have multiple video channels, like video
1, video 2, video 3… and you are getting this video on a daily basis, like on Monday
you’re getting video 1, Tuesday you’re getting video 2, and then Wednesday video
3. So here you can create campaigns. So you can schedule all the messages, and
schedule them in a way that after Monday, the next day, you have to send video 2, and
then the next day video 3. This is where you can create the automated
campaign. But instead of using campaigns, Drip gives
this amazing functionality called Work Flows.

Let me show you the difference between a work
flow and a campaign. So I’ve created this work flow here, FDMC
Funnel, FDMC is free digital marketing course. So whenever a new person enters their email
address here, their name and the email address. This work flow will start. So they’ll be applied this tag called “applied
FDMC”. And they’ll be sent this email. So if I click on that particular thing, this
email will be sent to them. “Boom… hello, you’re a member of a free
digital marketing course…” and this and this. So you can click back to work flow. Similarly, all these emails will be sent on
the same go. Like, they’ll be sent these emails, once
they send their email address. And after 3 minutes of wait them, they will
send this. Lesson 2 of modules of digital marketing. Then after 1 day, then resumes at 9:00AM,
that after one day, lesson 3 will be sent. So after 12 hours I am checking whether the
person has opened the email or not. If he has opened the email do this, if he
has not opened the email, send this message.

So this kind of functionality is not available
on campaigns. So in campaigns, I cannot add rules. I cannot add these rules of yes or no. if
video 3 is sent on a particular day, next day video 4 will be sent, you cannot add any
rule like, if previous email was opened or not. Or if a particular link was clicked or not. But with work flow, this advanced functionality
is given. I can add as many rules as possible. I can add a rule here as well. Like a decision, or a goal is, or if I can
add a delay. So all these functionality- I can add a decision
here, like define your decision. Choose a filter, I can add a filter here like,
email activity. Has not opened or licked any of their last
1 email. Update action. If the person has not opened this email, then
what to do? If they have opened the email, then what to
do? You can add the decision here.

I don’t want it here so I’ll delete it. So this kind of advanced functionality is
offered by work flow, and this is what I wanted. And this is the reason why I moved away from
AWeber and came to Drip. Because AWeber does not provide this kind
of functionality, they only have simple campaigns. So these are the different work flows I have
created, “1 Year Anniversary”, so if someone has entered their email address and they have
already been with us for 1 year, then I’ll be sending some kind of message to them. Similarly if someone has bought consulting,
what kind of messages to send to them. So I’ve created various workflows. All of these are automated, once I’ve created
this, all I have to do is drive leads to my landing page.

All I have to do is drive traffic to this
landing page, the more people who sign up to my free digital marketing course, the more
people will be entering mg FDMC funnel, and hence, automatically email will be sent to
them. Now the next challenge people face is, how
to find these email IDs. I’m talking all about finding these email
IDs, creating this landing page, creating this source funnel of sending automatic emails. But if you’ve seen my Facebook Ads course,
then you’ve already seen that I have various campaigns running, targeting people of various
categories of various interests and driving them to my landing page. Earlier in this video I mentioned that never
to buy these email databases.

Because email marketing is a permission based
channel, you have to first ask for the permission of the person. So when they are entering their email ID on
my landing page, they are giving me this permission, “Yes Ankur, you can send me these emails”. So there are multiple ways you can find these
email IDs. So if you’re running a blog, you can create
multiple leads. If you have a landing page like me, you can
drive traffic to it, using Facebook Ads, Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Quora Ads… there are
so many different channels of media buying. You can use them to drive traffic. You can also use native ads. Other thing you can also do is, if you already
have a blog running and you are getting a lot of traffic on your blogs, then you can
create pop-ups unto your website.

So to create these pop-ups, I use ThriveLeads. If you have seen my blogging tools page, you
can see that the one amazing, amazing membership tool that I promote is ThriveThemes Membership. So the theme of my website is Thrive Rise
theme. So the theme of the website that you see here
is thrive rise theme. To create this landing page as well, there
are multiple tools out there to create these beautiful landing pages. But they also charge a monthly membership
fees. I don’t pay that. I just create all these landing pages for

Because I bought this membership of thrive,
with this membership comes a lot of benefits. Because thrive is extremely popular and their
plugins are amazing. I bought their annual membership- I pay for
their annual membership. So I have this plan on an annual basis. So it only costs $19 per month. But it provides so many benefits like I created
this landing page using thrive architect plugin. I’m using a thrive theme called Rise, it
is again free with the membership, and also the popups that I was mentioning- I’m using
all these plugins just because I have the membership. So even for popups I use thrive leads.

You can create as many popups as possible
and… I won’t be showing you how to create a popup
because then this video will go for 2 to 3 hours. You can easily learn that, it’s very simple
to use. And this plugin is very intuitive, and they
have so many beautiful designs. I use the same plugins for all my affiliate
websites as well. So if you are interested in- so if you want
to go- you also want to start blogging… so if you are even thinking about blogging
or starting email marketing, the first thing I recommend is thrive themes membership. They provide so many missing plugins and it
will save you so much money because their membership is amazing. It’s very cheap, it’s very effective. And the second thing I’ll recommend are
any of the email marketing tools. I prefer Drip, it’s a more advanced software. But if you’re just starting and you just
want to see the basics, then you can go for AWeber.

I’ll just create one of the popups here,
let’s say- I’ll create a lightbox… let’s say I’ll create a screen filler type of
format. Screen fill lightbox, click on add here. Create a form, name it test. So first what you have to do is, select the
trigger. Do you want it to display on page load, or
after a certain period of time. So let’s say I want it to display around
30 seconds.

So let’s say your visitor starts taking
his mouse to this particular close icon, then it will automatically show this popup before
he clicks the close button. So I’ll keep it on, and I’ll click save. Let’s click on edit design. Here I can choose any of the designs here. There are so many different and beautiful
designs. Let’s take this one, let’s see. Now I can change everything. I can change the image here, replace image,
let’s take this one. Decrease the size. Center line it…okay, I can change the text
here. I’m writing anything right now, I’m not
thinking much. And let’s say, change it to “learn digital
marketing for free”. “Get 20 free lessons, to go on this course…”
so if someone clicks on “show me the tips” you can click here on state one. This particular thing will open up, so you
can make the changes here. Whatever you want to write, make the changes

And they can then, enter their email ID. So you also have to connect this particular
email bar with your email service provider. So you can click here, I already have Drip
installed. So I can integrate it AWeber or Drip. I use Drip so I’ll just click here, integrate… I’ll just add all the details here. Create a new tag like FDMC start. And this way I can integrate it. So if someone enters their email address here,
they will be directly going to my email database. And the automated email will start sending
to them. So you can click save work, just go to thrive
leads, click here, and make it active. Like switch it on, and it will start showing
on your website.

There are two options, either to show it on
desktop or mobile, switch it on whichever you like. So it’s very simple, and by clicking here
you can select on which pages it should show, which categories it should show. Trust me guys, it’s an amazing plugin. I have been using it for multiple years now
on all my multiple websites. And this plugin alone has made me so much
more money. Because email marketing is something that
makes a big chunk of my revenue. Either you are on ecommerce, you are a blogger,
you are selling a service, anything. Email is extremely important for you, so this
plugin will give you 4% – 5% of email capture. So let’s say a hundred people are coming
unto your website, if you have configured this plugin right, you can easily convert
4% – 5%. Like out of a hundred person you’ll easily
get 4 – 5 email IDs. And that is higher than industry standard. Industry standard is around 2% – 3% or 2%
– 4%. But if you use this plugin correctly, you’ll
easily get 4% – 5% conversion rate.

So I’ll just delete it because I don’t
need it. So you can run ads, you can use pop-ups, etc.
you can host contents… there’s so many different ways to capture emails. Trust me guys the more research you’ll do
and be active on the Facebook group, I’ll keep on sharing more tips and more tricks
on how to capture email IDs. Autoresponders, I’ve already shown you. You can create a campaign where emails are
sent on a daily basis or after a few days, whichever you choose. Autoresponders are the best thing in the world. You just have to write the email once, and
all you have to do is drive emails to the landing pages and the same emails will be
sent to all the people. You don’t have to worry about sending the
same emails again and again. And autoresponders play a vital role in selling
your service or product or whatever you’re doing.

Because they’re helping in nurturing the
leads. Like you are in my free digital marketing
course. I’m giving you free value, I’m giving
you free courses. So in a way you have some kind of respect
for me, because I’m providing all these value all these information for free. So in a way, I’m nurturing my leads, I’m
nurturing my email IDs. So if the future I come up with the course,
and I spent months in making this course, high-quality course, good videos.

These comprehensive videos and if I sell it
at even 1,000 rupees, I think majority of you will be happy to purchase it because you
already know, that this person already provides so many free knowledge, so many free videos,
it’s worth it to purchase the product. So this is where nurturing the leads come
into place. You have to earn the respect, you have to
earn the trust from your prospective customers and also it saves a lot of your time, because
autoresponders arethe best thing in the world. So there are various different kinds of emails
that you can send. You can send welcome email, offer email, newsletter,
announcement email, drip marketing and many more. Honestly there are so many types of email
that I cannot cover everything in this video, but the basics are in the video- welcome emai.

So whenever someone is entering their email
address to your landing page, or to your popup, make sure you send them a nice welcome email. It’s an extremely important email because
this is the first email that you’ll be sending to them. So make sure it’s a happy email, bringing
our a positive vibe. Thanking them for signing up for their email
address, show some genuine love to your customer. I have an example from Litmus. Welcome email should usually be sent the moment
they have entered their email address, if you’re a service, if you’re a company
selling a service then make sure that the welcome email has something that can help
them in their next step.

Like if you’re selling a software, you can
direct them to a “how to-“ guide or “how to-“ video like their next step, what should
it be? Like in my case, when you entered your email
address on my landing page, my welcome email is all about telling you, what you’ll be
getting in this course, what you can expect and my next few emails is about who am I,
who am I to even teach you digital marketing… telling you more about my life, my struggles,
and then giving you the value in return. And then start giving you the value, in forms
of various videos. Now offer email is another extremely important
email for your business, because this is what will drive the revenue for your business. So let’s state the values- so majority of
the companies are coming up with various offers like 20% off or 30% off and Indian consumers
especially, is a price sensitive market. So offer emails, tend to get the maximum engagement. So you’ll have to draft a very nice offer
email, the offer should be coherent, should be relevant to your customer and should be
enticing enough for them to see the value in it, to be able to complete the purchase.

You can even segment the emails, let’s say
for few of the people who are highly engaged with your email ID. Then you can make a calculated guess- so these
people might be interested or might be on the stage of making the purchase decision,
then you can send them an offer email maybe 10% or 20% off your product and then you can
generate more sales from the people who are highly engaged. Newsletter is something that is general in
nature. They’re telling the customer about what’s
going on in your life, what’s going on in the business.

Or any news or any article on your website
that can be covered in a newsletter. Similarly there are announcement emails and
many other different kinds of email. I won’t be going through all of them one
by one because it will take a lot of time. You can search it you can check, and one thing
I can tell you is- subscribe to many other emails as well. The more emails you subscribe to, the more
emails you’ll receive. So make sure you subscribe to many various
kinds of services, various different kinds of courses , so that you can see the different
styles of writing the different style of email marketing, people are using. Since email marketing is an important channel
in any company in any brand, in terms of their sales revenue, so companies take special interest
in optimizing their email campaigns in such a way so that the revenue numbers increase
on a monthly basis. So how will email marketing improve your business,
right? First of all sales, definitely sales is an
important part of email marketing.

I can’t stress this enough. You’ll only see this yourself once you start
doing it, email marketing alone will shoot up your sales, if you do it right. And not just first time customers, it will
also bring repeat customers Amazon does this really nicely, whenever your purchase it…let’s
say Amazon have this amazing tendency- Let’s say if you’re buying a printer ink,
now Amazon knows that printer ink is something that people have to buy again. So they make a calculated guess, on an average
repeat customer basis, usually people take like 2 months or 3 months, to buy the printer
ink again. So they have this email marketing campaign
in such a way that usually when someone buys the printer ink, after a couple of months
or 3 months, they’ll send you an email asking you, “do you want to repeat the purchase?” This is the kind of strategy behind email
marketing that can really increase your revenue.

So segmenting your customer list, segmenting
people who are highly-engaging your emails. All these can be done- this is more of an
advanced email marketing. I’ll be coming up with a free advance email
marketing course so very soon. So make sure to keep checking our Facebook
group and YouTube videos and be active on our email list as well. Because on 2019 I know I’ll be giving you
so many free courses, I really want each and every one of you to become a pro-digital marketer. So apart from this email marketing can be
used for building the brand, also gaining the trust from your website users, and establishing
the authority.

Especially in this 2019 and 2020, authority
is coming out to be a very important factor in- For customers to make their purchase decision,
because there is too much competition, and the only way to stand out is to coming out
as a brand, coming out as an authority. And to build the trust with the audience,
in order to build revenue or to generate sales. And also email marketing is a great channel
to show social proof. You can show testimonials, user reviews and
so many different things to solidify that purchasing decision. To help your customer make a purchasing decision
that “yes, this company or this product is what I want to go for”. I already showed you that for email marketing
tools I use Drip and AWeber. These are the ones I recommend, there are
many other software out there in the market like Getresponse, Mailchipm, InfusionSoft
and so many other ones… honestly I have used most of them , but I found Drip to be
the best and AWeber more for the beginner ones, and as always, I always recommend that
you practice everything, practice everything… and not just to go for the theories but to
practice everything in order to become a good digital marketer.

And if you really want to enhance your skill
sin email marketing, then make sure you join AWeber and Drip, both of them. By clicking here you’ll get a free trial. Click here and sign up, you’ll get 14 days
free trial. Sign up, create a campaign, create an automation
campaign. Also invest some money in this thrive membership,
trust me guys this is the best thing you can buy. Just buy it, create a popup for your website
and see how that works. Integrate the popup with your email marketing
tool, see how that works. Write few emails, practice, practice and practice. The more you practice, the better your digital
marketing skill will be.

Now this is another important slide, the email
marketing tips that I wish I knew earlier. So when I started email marketing I had no
knowledge on how to write the email, what are the different tools, how to use them-
I did not even know how the campaign works. And I even thought that sending automated
email was something that you can’t do. So when I started using these email marketing
tools, I watched so many different courses, I watched so many different YouTube videos. I got to know the potential of email marketing. That’s when I started really focusing on
email marketing and learning this art. Learning this particular tool, and today I
can say I know a lot about email marketing and how to daily generate a good amount of
revenue, from a very limited budget.

So the most important thing in email marketing
is writing click-worthy subject lines. Just like for content marketing you need a
strong headline. You really need to hook the people, you really
need to give a reason to click on your subjective line. If you ‘ll write a very generic subject
line no one will click on it because as always, as I mentioned multiple times, the attention
span is reducing year by year. You really need to grab the retention of people
and to grab their retention you really need to be unique. Learning the art of subject line is like learning
the art of headline writing. It takes practice, the more your right the
more easier it will be for you. Also you need to refrain from the word “free”. Also you need to learn the basics of writing
email, the words that you cannot use, the things that you cannot use. Like you cannot use the word “free”, that
one in capital multiple times (FREE).

Otherwise your email will go to spam. Your emails should be well-formatted. The rules are somewhat similar to on page
SEO, like you have to keep proper formatting. The rules are somewhat similar to content
marketing, you have to have a very catchy headline like the subject line, similarly
your email must be well-formatted. It should be following a flow, it should be
following a rhythm. It should look nicer. And also you cannot really include a lot of
images or GIFs to your email because that also has the tendency of putting your email
on the promotion tab or the social tab. I’ve seen in my experience that text email
gets the maximum engagement.

So try to stick to the text, but make few
of the lines bold, italics… use proper formatting so it looks nice. You can also have multiple call to actions. Here in my email of- for FDMC Lesson 1 Introduction
to Digital Marketing, you can see I have a lot of wide space. I don’t have a lot of paragraphs so 3 to
4 lines. I rather have single lines, because it’s
much more easier to read. And also I have bullet points to make it look
nicer, and also give- because- because people don’t have enough time, they just want to
skim through the email.

So just give them the gist of the email, what
the email is all about. And also keep your email conversational. Like, see how I use “don’t worry! We are here to help you”. It’s like I’m talking to the person. The more conversational your emails are, the
higher engagement it will have. I have a link here “introduction to digital
marketing”, then we have the image here, we’ll be adding the image here, it’s just
not complete right now. Then we have a call-to-action here, another-
again the same link, and again the same link. So I have 3 call-to-action, so this also increases
the click-through rate. The second point, use marketing automation,
here I am talking about workflow as well as the campaigns where automatic emails are sent. So earlier I thought that email marketing
is all about broadcasting that you have to write each and every email then send to all
your email members, but once I got to know about the campaigns and the workflows, my
life has changed. Everything was automated, I don’t have to
do anything.

I just have to drive people to my landing
page, get the email IDs and all the emails will be sent automatically, how cool is that? So use double option to improve your email
deliverability. If you want to prevent your email from going
to spam, make sure first learn all about the email ethics. So don’t promote anything illegal, don’t
use the word “free” a lot, keep the links 2 to 3 max.

And secondly, make sure you use double option
so whenever someone will enter their email ID, they also have to confirm, so make sure
you use double option. Just like any other channel, I’ve always
told you in this entire video course that you have to be consistent, be it YouTube video,
be it content marketing, be it Facebook Ads, anything else. Just like everything else, even with email
you have to be consistent. So make sure you email your audience at least
3x a week, I do it almost 5 to 6 times a week. But you can do it at least 6x a week. Regular engagement is extremely important
and provide, provide as much value as possible. In this 2019, the competition is as vicious,
and the only way to stand out is coming out as a brand, providing a lot of value and gaining
the trust of your prospective customer. Give them exclusive content just so that they
feel the value of being on your list. See you have to understand, they can unsubscribe
from your list any time they want. So you’ll have to keep delivering high quality
content, high-quality value only then will they stick to your email list.

And in the end you have to monetize your email
list, and running an email list also has a cost so if you’re not making money from
your email list, all your hard work all your effort will go into vain. So make sure you monetize your email list,
either you’re selling a product or a service or any other affiliate product, whatever you’re
doing, make sure you monetize and monetize it nicely. Monetize it in a way that you don’t look
“spammy” or shady. In the end, in every channel that we use the
ultimate goal is to get that purchase or a sale or to audit monetization so integrate
it in your email marketing funnel in such a way that your customer is always happy and
you are also happy.

So this was it about email marketing and I’ll
be sharing many more tips in our Facebook group and on our YouTube channel so make sure
you’re active on that and as always if you have any question ask it on the Facebook group
and I’ll be happy to help. I’ll see you in the next video. So guys this was it on email marketing, and
the next lesson will be about landing pages, so landing pages is a core component for any
online business, so I’ll see you in the next video.

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