• Sun. Feb 28th, 2021

hello fabrique philippe your marketing professor at digi school today we will see the second part of the matrices which are useful for a marketing diagnosis we saw different matrices in the first one video like mckinsey matrix forces to wear so there we go see different matrices that can also be used and that will allow suddenly working on the product portfolio for example like the bcg matrix so the bcg matrix which means boston consulting group is used to determine the strategic areas of activity that also calls the dacians at a specific time in the life of the company So in fact for that we will cross the growth of the activity sector and the share of the company in relation to the main competitor so in fact we will be able to determine what we call healthy products from dead weight products products milk cow products dilemma here it is where products that are also mature and that will allow us then to position us more of this matrix it allows to see if all our products are in a wallet and could therefore avoid that at some point if we have all our products that are in decline well suddenly we have a problem of profitability in the company we are going also have da doolittle matrix so there actually this matrix more is that it is a little bit identical to that of the mckinsey matrix but it is more efficient it goes into more detail it allows analyze a particular activity portfolio so here we will use two criteria the maturity of the sector and the competitive position of the company therefore the maturity of the sector we will see when we have sectors that are promising sectors where there is a penetration rate that is very important that is to say that the market is saturated and suddenly this matrix allows to analyze it then we will see the cycle matrix life of the product so the objective is to achieve identify in which cycle the product will be found we will see what is called a launch phase also the maturity phase the decline phase and a phase also called where we arrive on the market so here the objective will be to identify where is our product for example if we are on a product that has just arrived on the market we will not have the same profitability as a product that is in phase of maturity or lower neck in the mature phase we will have benefits then that we make to arrive on the market that we call in the growth phase also we are going to have a hard time making profits because we have a big communication we also have a lot of publicity and for example, we have products that we offer to promote the product I hope this video has been useful to you do not hesitate to see them others on our website is to download the lesson sheets correspondent see you soon at digi school

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