• Wed. Feb 24th, 2021

how did you manage the transition from business consulting to internet product marketing i think that when i started in consulting first of all I thought it was something a little bit different than what it turned out to be and maybe many of us felt that way but you know I thought management consulting was was businesses asking young whippersnappers out of college had a better run their business and I think we all found out pretty quickly that we were there to be programmers and systems and in graders and a lot of us didn't have the first clue of how to use a computer how to do systems integration we ended up there we we got into the technical world we had very good training and then I think once we had the wits about us to start looking around and figure out you know how can we actually use this on Silicon Valley and just what was going on there seemed like a giant magnet we had the skills we understand understanding of how the technology fit in and it was clear to a lot of us that you know you could either spend 10 or 12 years maybe going down a partner track and a consulting firm or you could go today you know to California and carve out a path to yourself and that's what brought me out there and what was so exciting for me I thought about my career options that I could either go down in a very slow road in a very established track or I could go and sort of like the the gold rush you know I could I could either hit or miss but you know what was guaranteed is I had a chance to be part of something that was very fast paced very exciting you know and you didn't have to be 20 years into a company to make a difference you could get responsibility off the bat and if it worked and it worked big you

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