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Hey all its column with 50 days calm, and I am backstage to talk about target shopping. As you may know, there are so so many ways to say that target and it can get kind of confusing because there’s just so many different ways that you can save money.

So today I’m going to go over each way so that you can go to Target and really maximize your savings. So first to feel confident when you shop at Target, you need to get to know the target coupon policy and the target price matching policy.

Iphone and Kindle

If you have, they have to say that which is available for iPhone Android and Kindle devices you can just pull it up on your phone. It’s super easy. So the first thing you want to be aware of is that you can stack a Target store. Coupon and a manufacturer’s coupon on the same item, which is great because if you pair that, with a price cut, you can really save a substantial amount of money.

So to get your target coupons, the first thing is: you can either print them from the target site. You can also find Target store, coupons in inserts in the Sunday newspaper.

These tend to be regional, so they’re, definitely not always available in all areas. Target insert coupons are usually limited to four coupons, so you can use for like coupons in the same transaction if you’re buying, of course, for items with the printable coupons, you are limited to one per transaction for each coupon.

Another thing to make note of is: when you are printing Target store, coupons online. What can get confusing? Is there are actually manufacturer’s coupons mixed in with the Target store coupons, so sometimes you’ll get excited thinking.

Printing Store Coupons

You’re printing a store coupon when it’s, actually a manufacturer’s coupon, which means it can’t be stacked to figure out whether one’s the Target, store coupon or one’s. Actually, a manufacturer’s coupon and want to look for the wording on the coupon Target, store, coupons will say with that purchased us.

So if you see the wording that says with the purchase of that’s, a Target store coupon. If you see the wording of when you buy that’s, the manufacturer,’s, coupon and another way to get Target store, coupons is actually by using your phone and sending a text message.

So you can get mobile coupons, which is so great because if you don’t want to waste your printer ink, this is the way to go, and all you do is you’re gonna scan it at checkout? They scan the barcode and it deducts for any of the mobile coupons that are on that text offers.

Text Coupons

All you have to do. Is text coupons to eight to seven four, three eight, and then you’ll just follow the instructions to get your mobile coupons? So a few more ways to find Target stores, coupons are by checking out magazines.

Sometimes in like parenting and family magazines, there’s Target, store, coupons and then also you might get mailers from Target in the mail with Target store coupons.


Target Store Coupons

So, as you can see, there’s a ton of ways to get start Target store coupons to stack with those manufacturer’s coupons.


In addition to manufacturer’s, coupons and Target store, coupons there’s also another stackable saving offer at Target and it’s called their new cartwheel stay because offers which are so awesome. Basically, the cartwheel is an app and you can either sign up via email or via Facebook, and you can search for a ton of items.


There are so many ways to save and it’s not just on groceries and personal care products, but also household products, just like everything to think of and you can go on.


You can type in hell up and see if there’s, miquel, offs or lil offers lots of times they’re between, like maybe at five to twenty percent savings.


Sometimes they’re even 50 off.


Also, you can either print your barcode for the cart.


We’ll say these offers that you add, if you don’t, have a mobile phone or else what’s even easier is that you can use your mobile phone download the app and then you’ll have the barcode right on your phone and Whatever you add, whatever cartwheel deals will go on this barcode, so you literally just give it to that cashier and she scams it and it deducts all the items that work for the cartwheels. You have so it’s so easy just so easy to save money.


Love it now another note in the Target: coupon policy is you want to keep in mind? They do not accept free product, printable, coupons and finally, keep in mind that if it coupon exceeds the value of the item, it’s going to be reduced down to the value of the item.


So you get it free, but you don’t get that overage.


So, in addition to the coupon policy, you definitely also want to get familiar with the price matching policy, which is pretty awesome at Target so target.


Not only will price match prior to your purchase, but they’ll price maps seven days after so, if you find a better price seven days after in the target weekly out or on target calm, you can go back in and get the difference so which is Really cool on top of that they also price nuts online prices, so not only for Target calm, but also for amazon com for Walmart, calm for Best Buy calm Toys, R, Us calm and Babies, R Us calm, which is so crazy, because Amazon obviously is some amazing Prices, so you can go in there, show them the Amazon price at guest services and get the difference on top of that.


They allow you to use the manufacturer’s coupon.


So, for example, let’s say you find this great movie deal at Target Cloudy with a chef’s meatballs, who doesn’t want to watch that, so you go in you realize it’s, ten dollars less! On Amazon, you go to guest services.


You get that difference on top of it.


With 2 00 manufacturer’s coupons, you can use that as well, so you can get the movie for eight bucks with price matching and using a coupon okay.


If you want to use a Target coupon with a price match, it gets a little bit confusing. If the target coupon makes this less than the price match price, then you cannot use it.




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