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Hello dear viewers, "How do you optimally adapt your offers to the search intention Your customers and the search algorithm of eBay? "This is an important question that we will address in this one Video one. The form of the optimization of offers presented at the same time is also referred to as eBay Seo. The abbreviation stands for Search Engine Optimization. So in this case the Means optimization for the product search engine on the eBay marketplace. Stick to everyone Fall in to the end of the video so you don't miss out on any revenue-increasing knowledge. On-line- Traders use Afterbuy – the number one software for successful online trading for 14 days free of charge test it on Afterbuy.de. The old hands among you will surely remember the early days from ebay. Back then there were resourceful buyers who systematically searched eBay for typing errors because Offers with misspelled article names were often cheaper at auctions. This could happen because search engines weren't as reliable as they are today.

EBay did not recognize incorrect spellings back then. For you as an eBay seller it has More than 20 years ago, their offers paid off sensibly to the needs of the eBay search engine vote. real professionals with correct typography and typing errors found good in addition, there was a lot of repetition, it worked well for years relevant search words as often as possible in article names and descriptions and bring them to that not the case today, at least since ebay introduced their own cassini search engine the challenge for you as a marketplace retailer more complex today is the desire The customer is the focus of attention and thus the article listings are there for it two reasons, firstly, ebay wants to generate a maximum of sales and secondly, the To satisfy ebay customers as much as possible in terms of content and service, therefore, play the rating of your customers plays a role in the rankings notes satisfied customers are good For your positions in the ebay search this means that overriding criteria also play a role in your search Listings play an important role in this include your delivery speed or shipping costs Your customer communication through this general to ebay seo became a cross-sectional task for the entire company, all of your employees with interface functions to the customer are thus demanded the afterbuy team has put together tips for you to help you improve ebay seo To make it easier there are at least four areas which you should consider before posting one online listings can do their homework in order to achieve an optimal ranking the following tutorial first keyword research presets the article second optimized and click friendly title, thirdly, observe features and fourthly, meet ebay requirements Let us now look in detail at these four for a reasonable visual representation of your products Incoming points point one the keyword research at the beginning is the keyword research here eBay is different to you and not from other search engine optimization no matter if you are for google optimize youtube or amazon when doing your keyword research, use these four as a guide key questions consider the article brought by the customer how would the customer bring it to the article search what search queries are there already enter possible search terms in the search ebay google or amazon and check which keyword combinations are additional suggestion function appear validate your keyword ideas with the google keyword tool which keywords or synonyms have that larger search volume which keywords use yours competitor we come now to the optimal title the focus keyword for example the official one article name of the manufacturer always belongs at the beginning of the title the maximum length of a title are 80 characters less is also possible but as long as it remains very relevant you should try this 80 characters to use because with all the keys in the title they can be found technically but if relevance comes first, article name features or characteristics are more relevant and the usb of the product singular or plural is never enough for passwords great or because nobody really looks for correct spelling for these words Of course, you should avoid the only capital letters is perceived by some algorithms as a band and it worsens its rankings use beneficial benefits in the article name under, for example, that your goods are handmade or it consists of a particularly high quality, which in turn leads to better click through rates has a very positive effect on your ratings afterbuy offers helpful tools for optimization your article ranking if you sell a large number of products, it makes sense that when optimizing the title, for example, use the ebay seo tool box from afterbuy fall back so you can quickly optimize all your products and save valuable time you can invest in your business the link to the free tool box can be found under this video you can also optimize your article characteristics ebay sees the article system defined Features must be specified before mandatory attributes, there is also the option additional features to be added customers who have no desire to read through the complete description often just skim through the features then it is advantageous to use a suitable and to match the article Having described the complete bundle of characteristics also ensure that the existing notes all ensure that your articles are shown in the appropriate filters if the mail does not know if the t shirt is red, it does not appear in this filter during the optimization process catalog data you should definitely use the support of the ebay seo tool box you will certainly have fun with it, you should also always pay attention to an appealing visual Presenting your listings that appealing looking templates should be part of your use Professional honor as an online retailer help here, for example, the professional and free template templates from afterbuy good visual presentation also includes product images of yours inspire customers the cut-out articles in the main picture are advantageous, it is ideal if They also show pictures from games which are conversion optimization when using the product the conviction that pictures help people buy better people in photos, among other things To enable a better size presentation of the article, the article has a visual appearance attractive packaging then show it on a photo, remember that the main article is the picture is like an optical business card for your product listings because of their image Relevant search queries are clicked more frequently than your competitor's article images then is This is a ranking advantage for your list, it is worth your own high-quality image material invest if you get your images mainly from wholesalers and suppliers because you sell thousands of articles think about at least the best sellers with your own pictures to provide homework for the article listing has been done what else can you do when The buyer you like and you have a good seller development will put you in the search above indicated that is not a self-fulfilling prophecy but an official statement the keyword casini was mentioned by ebay at the beginning of the cassini algorithm the rankings the following four points popularity relevance trust and the format mix what mean these four points in detail firstly the popularity it is an advantage if your listings are often clicked on in the results lists and or are bought or even if your auction is offered these popularity values ​​are set in relation to the displays of the article when calling up ebay search pages the fewer page views are necessary to interact with to produce your articles the better your ranking is so that the buyers have to come to you so understand your customers' wishes as perfectly as possible because they don't just have to click on their ebay pages but also interact in the form of bids and purchases Incidentally, not the cheapest offers but the offers that can be clicked on the price It has to be a trigger but not variants of the article can help your interaction to increase the number of visitors with your articles a good example are the t shirts offer this in several colors sizes for women and men with short and long sleeves then address several people in relation to the overlay with a listing as if They would create a single thing for each individual t shirt, secondly, the relevance The popularity of your listings is weighted with the impressions, so ebay forces you to do so in everyone In order to make relevant offers make sure your item name is possible consist of words that are searched avoid too general vocabulary when buying a pool Doesn't want to look for garden make sure your items are only listed in relevant categories and filters will be shown otherwise you will reap the displays without clicks that is negative for ranking they always have the formula popularity divided by impressions male head that mathematically speaking, the ratio must be maximized, thirdly, trust ebay seeks after that, buyers have a positive experience with every single purchase if the customer reviews and their reputation are relevant in the ranking factor we summarize in a nutshell you always do a good job, ebay will also reward you ranking technically For too many bad reviews they are literally downgraded for this too afterbuy an option which you can automatically rate your customers and at the same time Your customers can ask for shop reviews so you can increase your seller rating as well your product ranking fourth is the format mix on ebay there are known to be two sales formats Auctions and fixed price offers are able to drive up the interaction especially shortly before the end of an auction this is, as mentioned, a positive signal as ebay For the format mix, dealers should orientate themselves on whether their customers are auctioning would expect in the respective product segment, keep them here as well the customer behavior over time in view because it can vary that was really a whole amount of know-how as a conclusion we can draw that all activities that increase the probability of purchase Increasing a ranking advantage today can mean that you should keep this in mind in everything you do if your customers expect high product quality then increase this as much as possible There are small prices then you really go to your pain threshold will be fast delivery expected choose really the best parcel service and last Always keep an eye on the competition, study the offers from the retailers above So everything is what make them better or why customers prefer these articles to ebay seo like an eternal rule cycle and therefore a constant challenge for e-commerce professionals If you have any questions, we look forward to your comments if you like the video please leave a like so as not to miss any more videos subscribe to the channel and activate the bell afterbuy offers different tariffs for everyone online Retailers, regardless of whether they are a beginner or a professional, support you with our all in one solution

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