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nay on Papa na naman kayo mag start me to sell your business club there are actually two ways for you to join number one you have to fill out the sub distribute or form for only 300 pesos and in exchange member Hawaiian producto and it will entitle you now to a ten percent discount selahattin producto number yen now number two of course you want a bigger income so you guys have to go for a wholesale program but as a wholesale program you have to be an independent distributor now free to become an independent distributor you have to accumulate 150 points guess I'm business nap in its point system so bad product on a billable in yours or office nakaka run que una mano points until such time you finished 150 points now there is what we call an instant hundred fifty para McGinn distributor carrier right away and that is what we call the promotional product package now there are five sets of combination packages to choose from many times at a b c d and e by the game familia con a package on gusto niyo and right away Maggie distributor cannon and Royale now once you become an independent distributor good news your discount will now increase up to thirty percent selahattin producto the company will also give you an independent distributor clacking center nuh macaca bug fence a cricket an elephant transactions new from all over the world one set of materials will also be inclusive in the package Narian now this is a good news maganda naman been packaged natur this package actually costs about 16,000 100 pesos supposedly but ladies a gentleman him be mu toba by other than 16,000 100 since you fill out the sub distributor form and you were entitled to a ten percent discount the package will only cost for only fourteen thousand four hundred ninety pesos and that's really good news because the products were about fifteen to sixteen thousand pesos once you lose it out and sell it acha bacha semana go show now as we move on like in distributor kana there are five ways to earn parody Joe Sena Goshen at all okay what's number one number one as I've mentioned earlier the retaining program or the direct selling program since you get an outright discount of thirty percent if you guys are into selling my n join you an outright profit no sepa be bent up a long and productive but again kongu soon autonomous Malik ankita then you have to concentrate on the wholesale program that is through sponsoring people the number two para homita beetle is the product package rebate because every person and a sponsor and in yo aetna papa ki tonight in uganda nana go show and who wants to be a distributor like you boo million a package are you accumulate 150 points they will get about 1600 10 pesos as a package rebate so some point our own a boom it in a package or neg accumulate 150 points you get about 16,000 100 pesos and this is unlimited you can invite as many people as you want now number three we have what we call the sales match bonus for the leveraging program actually for the sales match bonus it's very easy you just have to develop two sales organization which is one on the Left sales organization and the other one is the right sales organization now for every person and a sponsor any know who wants to do the business just like you and be a distributor and this person gets the hundred fifty points this person will be placed on your left sales organization and the other person will be placed on the right sales organization once then add machen we call this a sales match bonus of two thousand one hundred pesos so every time there's hundred fifty points on the left and 150 points on the right you will get a matching bonus of two thousand one hundred pesos up to infinity so guys this is what's goodness about the business our business is just based plainly on recruitment or sponsoring because what happens if there's so many packages sold on the left just organization on the right Olynyk distributor who gets the package but continuously use and sell the products like a cumulative mana points nabilla bill in a on now once the neg accumulate aetna upon it was in 275 points haha upon system not cut aparts alexius organization we began comparing a matching bonus non-company than one thousand fifty pesos so which means our income is really based on product movement you can make a much bonus on package to package package the products and that's two products as well now there's a maximum sales match bonus every day and thats ten matches per day 10 matches per day is about twenty one thousand pesos per day and in seven days in a week that's about one hundred forty-seven thousand pesos per week in a month that's about more than six hundred thousand pesos maximum income potential in a month isn't it great Penelope lumion may pan up at but iono income which is the Uni level program you see the Union level program predict alien camita through personally purchasing the products alone because all the products that you personally purchase you will now enjoy eight percent personal rebate which you get every tenth of the following month so let's say for instance every products that you buy from July 12 July 31 you now get to eight percent rebate on Augustin solahart and product on Vinny Vinny no coji clothes on deodorant or any products of real macaca kahan on eight percent now what if all your members are also using and selling the products that would be great why because you will now enjoy an overriding commission from all of them which means you will get from 5.1 percent to five percent up to the tenth level for your first level noble Medina producto you now get five percent overriding Commission and four percent on the second level third percent on the third level and so on and so forth up to the tenth level Lily lelani on but then up in exam adamo me on if you have thousands of distributors under your sales organization malaki na agad yin and the fifth way to earn the Tessera yell is the multi-level program as you can see now on your screen that you have the chance to earn up to thirty-five percent rebate now guys 18 business mega stone amex being say no te cuento say noon and this business has been proven and tested for the past eight years my pocket Katmandu de accompany Papa's new company kangan a patent on a Navajo me yo mama na ba dito cuando salga cosas de agua lapa Cebu Columbus akali y como una muy bien comodo Dhaka her monkey began more than eight years and I goshen Tove bergamot pot Opie knocking Jane Merriman a new man in fact in more than eight years do you know that this company produced more than 800 million years already in eight years time we just could recall when I started the business about seven and a half years ago mirapakai buen trabajo non-commitment a trabajar en dito him people had Lanyon para McGee successful case a business Nepal you know it's just a matter of time management I remember at that time year 2006 I was connected to some real estate company and was an executive property consultant a gondola behind a new position called my editing lon pair over the past how many years of being employed well upon a Piniella piranhaconda you know just realized I was so busy working for other people and I was so busy making other people rich acoustically you mama and gusto economy my bag was a talk with my co I want to be in complete control of my life to be in complete control of my income you know actin and royal that I did not just enjoy financial freedom but I also enjoyed time freedom and for me you know ebix a be hidden complete non success success means complete freedom saladna Valentin poor neguinho vago Tony goes on toe wallack open ex-ac han da hell you Nerys Athenian cusamano pamilya ho chi tapa Nagini pindi kohala in ammonia rito now guys tenaris a mean pocket am an independent money re saiyan indeed a soma galena home am a gallon for incest eminen royale napa tender bajamos in the Rio so muggy no 10 miles impossibly money are sa inyo you nanny iris are men so book nato the company's been proven we have the best company in the world wide which is now expanding that just locally but internationally and products not in world-class the business plan has been proven you have a very strong group dream team to back you up I can't allow cool on do your part government party moon I assure you Conan and Yara Simon preliminary say no of course I cannot guarantee success here cuz I'm success not a new p.m.

but I was what I can promise this opportunity who knows it when Apple a mat again you needn't I I amrik alice paul dawn founder of dream team we are taking the lead and we are expanding globally.

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