• Sun. Feb 28th, 2021

Advantages of email, marketing, Let’s start with the. Why? What’s in it? For you as a marketer? What do you get out of email marketing Here are some of the advantages of one of the oldest digital marketing channels. First of all, it’s cost efficient, Think about the price of a stamp to do direct mail and now compare that to 0 01 cents That it costs you to reach one contact with email, marketing, Compare it to other digital advertising channels such as google, adwords Or social media and it’s still cheaper. Another advantage is that this is a channel with a massive reach. There are currently 3 9 billion users of email worldwide That’s nearly 50 of the world’s population that has an email account. What’s more? There are 281 billion emails sent a day, so you need to get in on this game. It’s not going away Return on investment. This is the number to take to your boss to take to any skeptics For every dollar pound euro. That you spend on email marketing, you’re, going to get 40 of those back if you are using it to sell your products and your services – And this has been documented in studies – and the number varies – sometimes it’s – 40 to 1 times it’S 44 to 1, but it’s always around this range, and this is on average, what you can get if you’re selling products and services with email, marketing, email marketing is super quick to set up, and you can send things really quickly. You’ll reach your contacts in seconds now. This is something that’s really changed since the early days of email marketing. Now there’s personalization and segmentation options, which means for every contact you send an email to it will feel very personalized. It will feel like you,’re writing just to them. Even if you’ve got a campaign of hundreds of thousands of contacts that’s because of personalization tools and segmentation tools and we’ll go over that email. Marketing has amazing reporting. You can watch your email, go out, be opened, be clicked. You can really understand how it performs, which is something that you cannot do with direct mail. There are also awesome testing options for email optimization, so you can a b test. Subject: lines to better understand what makes your audience open, something you can a b test content to see how they click and how they convert. So you can really be a data driven marketer with email marketing these days. Finally, and i think this is perhaps the most important reason to not give up email marketing – and that is ownership – you could take all your contacts from mailchimp export them out of mailchimp and upload them to Sendinblue right now. You own those contacts, their data and you own that reach and for any other online marketing channel. This is not the case, so if you’re doing social media marketing, if you’re doing google sea, you are relying on third parties. You are relying on algorithms and they own the contacts data. Not you. I hope we’ve, convinced you that email marketing is absolutely worth your time.

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