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The 1- Page Marketing Plan by ALLAN DIB (Part 2)


Jan 21, 2021

Step 5 : Nurturing Leads Joe Girard is the Guinness world record holder as the world's greatest salesman. He sold over 13,000 cars in his career. So how did he become the world's greatest salesman? One of the things he did differently was he constantly kept in touch with his customers. He sent a handwritten greeting cards to all his customers. Happy new year cards. Valentine's Day cards, Christmas cards, Thanksgiving cards and so on. He never missed sending a single card to any customer for years and years. How many salespeople do you think would do that? By sending greeting cards all over a year, Joe Gerrard was always on the top of the mind of his customers.

So, when his old customers eventually needed a new car, who do you think they first thought of? Obviously him right? By the time, Joe Girard was decade into his career, almost 2/3 rd of his sales were to repeat customers. Joe Girard knew that when it comes to marketing, the money is in the follow-up. Following up your prospects, nurturing your leads, building and maintaining relationships with existing clients is cheaper than acquiring new customers. Step 6: Sales conversion Imagine you are visiting your doctor, how will you respond if the doctor prescribes you medicine: 1. Without any checkups. 2. Without even knowing your symptoms? Will you trust the doctor? That's exactly what is happening when you try to sell the product or service without even knowing your customers and their problem.

Don't try to be an oily salesperson Instead, try to be your client's trusted advisor. Just like a doctor, ask about the symptoms and problems your client is facing in the business. Listen intently and review all the problems. And finally, prescribe and position your business as the solution to their urgent problem. Sales conversion is all about creating enough trust. Only after you establish your expertise and create trust, the customers will open up their wallet for

Step 7: Delivering a world-class experience. Have you ever come across someone, who has converted into a new faith or a religion and who just cannot stop talking about how you need to listen and even consider converting into the new faith? Perhaps yes! What if you can convert your customers into raving fans of your business? What if you can convert your customers into a frantic promoter of your business? Just like those new
converts of new faith or religion Turning your customers into raving fans and fanatic promoters of your business is possible, when you give them something of value. And you can do this in two ways: 1. By being the thought leader in your industry. 2. By providing valuable ideas. And how can you be recognized as a thought leader of industry? By creating valuable contents.

And what are the ways to give valuable content to your customers? Could you start a blog? Mailing list? Monthly newsletter? A regular YouTube videos? The choice is yours. Step 8: Increasing customer lifetime value. To explain customer lifetime value, the author shares the speech given by Russell Conwell. Russell Conwell's speech of "acres of diamonds" is about a man named Ali Hafed. Ali Hafed wanted to find diamonds so badly he sold his farm, left his family and went off on a search that took him all over the world. His entire search went to a waste as he found nothing. And he died a lonely life. Meanwhile the new owner to whom Ali Hafed sold his farm discovers the biggest diamond mine right there in his backyard that he purchased from Ali
Hafed. The lesson of the story is, "Dig first on your own property when seeking treasure." Allan Dub relates the story of Ali Hafed to marketing.

He says that most businesses have a big diamond mine in the form of existing customers which they ignore after the first few transactions. then they forget and leave their existing customer in pursuit of new customers. just like Ali Hafed did by selling his farm and searching elsewhere. Most business owner fail to realize the real profit is in figuring out how to sell more to existing and past customers and increase their lifetime value. Step 9: Orchestrating and stimulating referrals. I've seen many businesses that have a huge customer base. That's great right? that's what everybody wants A great number of customers at their business's doorsteps. Then I'd asks two questions to the business owner: 1. How long did it take to build such a huge customer base? 2. How did the customer come to know about their business? The answer to the first question would be years or sometimes even decades and the answer to the second question would be through passive word of mouth.

I used to wonder, do every business had to wait for decades to gain a huge customer base? Most businesses with a huge customer base usually acquire the majority of clients through passive word of mouth. But passive word of mouth is extremely slow and unreliable process. and if we were to just rely on passive
word of mouth, then it might take years even decades to build a good customer base. So, if we can't just rely on passive word if mouth, then what are the options? the book talks about different ways to gain customers? Here I just want to share one way which is to actively plan any stimulate referrals for your business.

And the best way to get referrals is by directly asking for it without looking
too desperate. I want to say one sample pitch from the book. We can say like this, "Mr. customer I'm going to do an awesome job for you. but I do need your help too. Most of our new customers come through referrals. This means rather than paying for advertising to get new clients, we can just pass the cost savings directly to you.

We typically get about three referrals from each new customers. When we're finished working together and you're hundred percent satisfied with the work we've done for you. I would really appreciate if you could keep in mind three or more other people we could also help. I knew one car salesman. He used to call his clients who purchased new cars from him exactly one week after the purchase. At first he inquires about how happy the customer is with his new car and after a casual talk, he directly ask for referrals. He used to say something like this, "Can you please help me with one matter? as you might have friends who might be thinking about buying a new car. Would your please give me their contacts and also it would be great if you'd tell your
friends that I'll be calling them.

And every time his clients would be happy to help him with referrals. See the best way to get referrals is not by solely relying on passive word-of-mouth but rather asking directly for the referrals. In this video, I just shared just a few gold mines from the book, one-page marketing plan Obviously, a summary couldn't provide all the information and if you are interested in digging more then you can read the book one-page marketing plan..

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