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Social Media Marketing — Everything You Need To Know (Part 1)

now your host Randy Alvarez you're watching the Wellness our consumer report I'm Randy Alvarez today's topic social media marketing hot topic a lot of questions in this area and with us we have an expert on the topic Kendall Lang kennel welcome to program thanks Randy all right now your company is hot right now yes we are and social media marketing I mean you're doing something that that that I know of and I've done research on this I don't know of anyone else that is doing what you're doing so I thought this is a hot topic let's get them on the show share some information now before we get into this tell us about world class I d better you're the CEO founder I am who's your typical client and exactly what do you do social media marketing basically there's over 350 different social websites out there right now okay like what okay so Facebook Twitter or probably the ones that you're most familiar with and there's basically more than 500 but we're tracking 350 of them and we create accounts for each one of our clients at these different social media websites so we create the accounts and we manage them and we publish content into those social networking sites so someone would be on 350 exactly social media you can take facebook and your account there so you have a profile you have a photograph you have your information your message that you're trying to get out we basically replicate that 350 times at different social networking websites okay and you guys walk the client through the process we do most of it for them would you do all of it for them okay basically they have to it's a very simple process they sign up on our website at world class ID com we basically gather their content from them once so they write content once and we publish it globally and that's basically our paradigm shift is they only have to write once they don't have to know anything about the technical issues of social networking they don't have to know how to set up their profile how to use a WYSIWYG editor they don't need to know how to load an HTML document they don't have to know anything they just give us their press releases their videos their photos their PowerPoint slide shows and we post all of that to all the websites for them we manage it and make it totally simple okay now I know or I did some research and I know the pricing and you know in fact I have a friend that the lost touch wit got in touch with her from facebook as a matter of fact from 25 30 years ago and she's charging about two thousand dollars in about 700 a month to manage just Facebook right okay and you're about four hundred dollars according to your website we are we have a special model price be I'm 350 and I might understand that correctly yes you are any in it and that's kind of the value proposition that we present is there's really one of two ways you can do this you can hire some you can do it yourself of course that would take your time and your money and we assume that our clients time is more valuable doing other things than managing their social networking sites alright so you could hire a social media coordinator an intern a college graduate somebody who knows how to do this stuff and you could hire them and you're going to spend about 1700 to two thousand dollars a month to have somebody come in and manage messy a lot of that going on but there is and that's how most people have perceived how they have to get that done is hire somebody to do it for it okay and they can manage maybe three or four maybe their Twitter their Facebook their myspace account and that's about all they can handle well through our system we gather that content once we set up 350 social networking accounts in our clients name so it's our clients account we take their content and broadcast at 350 times but what is the point I mean what's the big advantage you know help me understand that why you'd want to be on 350 sure the big is that necessary absolutely the biggest impact is that it's going to spike your ranking on Google right the most important search engine out there is Google right they control sixty-five percent of the market share so if you want to show up in a search engine which is where most people today are finding information about websites products and services right Forrester Research does a report that eighty percent of people are finding new products and services through a search engine result first so if you don't show up in Google don't even bother don't even think that you're going to compete in this arena you're not going to drive you so this is part of you know when you hear terms like SEO search engine optimization yes so this is a search engine optimization tool does it fall into that category it is in addition to your base website SEO right so search engine optimization is about your base website this is called social media optimization so it's an adjunct to your base website SEO and it actually improves and enhances your base website ranking so it not only gives you presents out into social sphere but it also impacts your ranking on your base website because it creates backlinks from 350 different social networking sites which all improve the ranking at Google so we actually have a frequently asked questions document on our website ok you want to know more about I mean there's a lot of technical detail associated with this and what we try and do is answer all the questions for our clients on the website ok if you want technical detail you can go there and find that but there's just so much to it that we try and simplify for our clients is they really don't want to know how to do social network so who is the typical clan who are you going after the small business the medium business what is it we have a spectrum we have we have a program for small medium and large sized businesses so for a small business owner like a dentist or a doctor or a lawyer we have certified nutritionist we have restaurant operators the issue is if they want their clients to find them so if a doctor is I do dental implants in encinitas all right who wants to show up number one on google so that the patients contact him first that's the whole objective so our program printer or what a printer or the restaurant printer san diego print Italian food in San Diego so what we do for the medium size operator and these are businesses typically that are fifty to a hundred million dollars who have a sophisticated PR program they're producing a lot of content but they don't have the staff or the time to publish this to 350 different social networks so we impact their rankings we drive business to their website we drive new leads to their website through the social media marketing program that we do for them now there are other large fortune 500 companies who are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars a month on social media optimization as well as search engine optimization so companies that now this is not a client of ours because we don't disclose all of our clients from from a proprietary standpoint but if you look at here in San Diego provide commerce which has the proflowers.com website they spend almost 5 million dollars a month on search engine optimization really yes so it's a very competitive and it's highly lucrative it actually works it actually produces results so the things that we're doing with our clients are dramatically increasing their results and that's really what we're after all right now from people just tuning in this is wellness our consumer report we're talking social media marketing with us we have an expert on the topic and okay so you put people on three hundred and 50 different social media wet words I mean are there that many I mean legs actually more than that okay yeah there's there's if you look at the categories there's social bookmarking sites there's social networking sites there's social photo sharing sites there's social video sharing sites there's professional web sites like LinkedIn or names or ones that are career sites or job sites I mean there are just if you pick the top 10 of those top 10 categories that's over a hundred social networking sites just in those this in the US this is worldwide there knowing you're putting people on out of the country internationally yep the Internet has no boundaries so the the blessing of this is that you can do this everywhere but why would the local printer the local dentist the carrot whatever why would they want to be in South America or wherever it's not necessarily they want to be in South America they want that South American website to impact their search engine ranking for their local presence in San Diego so a printer in San Diego or a dentist in San Diego if he has 350 different sites from around the world linking to his website he's going to get a better ranking in Google and that's really what we're after so you may never see a patient in Brazil right or you may never contact somebody who's interested in your services in Japan but those websites affect your ranking so these countries have like the equivalent of Facebook every company every country does absolutely so Spain Japan China Indonesia all of them have their you know country oriented websites that are geared towards their particular community because this is all about community right social networking is about building community like minded people doing similar things finding the

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