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How To Start A 6-Figure Digital Marketing Agency In 2020 – SMMA 2020


Jan 21, 2021

Alright guys, so I have an awesome one for you today This is how to build a six-figure social media marketing agency in 2020 now I get it There's a lot of videos probably Popping up here in the next couple of weeks on this exact topic Of all these people trying to sell you their course and all these different things. I'm not trying to sell you anything I'm just trying to provide massive value right here of how I would go through and think about my business if I was starting over completely from scratch Let's say in the next couple upcoming weeks. I lost everything January 2020 this is exactly how I would structure my business this how I would look at it and how I would build a six-figure Business in 2020 and then even on to a seven-figure business within the next 18 to 24 months right now I'm not gonna talk about getting clients or these in basic little concepts a little kind of like front-end business models I'm gonna talk about the core business Plus some back end products and back in the ways and we can go through and make money for you in your business because at the end of day There are so many videos on YouTube even on my channel alone of how to get clients for your social media marketing agency So we're not gonna cover that but some of these topics might sound a little bit cliche or anything like that But I'm gonna graze over the cliche topics and then dive into the core topics.

They're gonna help you make more money So the first one this one's gonna sound a little shade, but it's absolutely critical that you do this and that is first focusing on a niche or specialize Okay, so I'm just gonna write up there So you're not gonna really make any money with your marketing agency If you don't specialize if you don't get a specific niche nailed down Because I remember about four or five years ago when I was not successful. I wasn't making any money I had chiropractic clients dental clients Network marketers insurance agents real estate Every one and so every single brand new person I brought on I felt like it was reinventing the wheel Right and not only reinventing the wheel but then I bring on like a chiropractic client, maybe like, okay what are some other do you have any other clients that you've act hadn't good results for and I was like yeah this real station over here and they don't want to hear about a real estate agent or like this dentists is like Do you have any other dentists you work with? Yeah this insurance agent they don't want to hear they want to hear about someone just like them and So I know this is like really cliche and everyone says it but it's a hundred percent the truth Then after this, I would not only focus on a specific niche But I would specialize and focus on One core offer right here.

Okay, and this is going to be will put a client Work where I am charging one to two thousand dollars per month and this could be a wide variety of services, right? This could be running Facebook Ads doing email marketing SEO building a websites This could be a lot of different things of going through and focusing on this client work right here Now the key thing here, obviously that's kind of the core of a social media marketing agency and that there's nothing new This is nothing that probably isn't new But if you're not doing this if you're not having success if you're not making money right now you're not doing this and this is as you're going through and Prospecting doing all the things that all the different videos on YouTube talk about on getting clients.

We are building an Email list Okay, no matter what Anyone says the money is still in the list. And if anyone says email marketing is dead. There are a hundred percent wrong They're not doing it and they're not making money from it because they're not doing it, right So an email list is absolutely crucial now I was talking with a friend of mine who is probably watching this video And if you don't know who you are if you're watching us, you do know who you are But I've been working with him and talking with him last year So now asome just recently was like hey You know how BIG's your email list is like I don't have an email list guys If you don't have an email list, there's no way to go through and nurture and values and a blog post videos Let them know about new products or offers you have anything like that? And then also when it comes to marketing You have no data to create custom audiences and have the retargeting ads for your own business You might be doing it for your clients businesses But if you're not doing if your own business, it's not going to benefit you whatsoever So even at the beginning you're not spending any money on paid ads you want to be building an email list Even if it's just a hundred percent organic right out of the gate, okay? Now, this is our core now there's gonna be three key things that we want to do on the back end of this to help you build your business and make More money.

Okay, number one And you've probably heard me talk about all these things But I want to dive into a little bit deeper on all of these things. Okay. So one is a youtube channel Okay, and we can make some money right here on ad revenue But let me dive even deeper in on a YouTube channel Now some of you guys watching this will probably be like well Jason You have to have a thousand subscribers four thousand watch hours actually make money on ad revenue well Guess what at the other day like the ad revenue is chump change like if you're if you only got a thousand subscribers four thousand Watch hours, you're making like a hundred bucks a month. So You're not making any money. Anyway, right like I'm making some decent money, but like it's been growing over the last couple of years But here's the power of your YouTube channel First of all, there is someone that I was this probably watching this video as well I was talking to and guess what he's got a YouTube channel did exactly what I told him to do He started a YouTube channel.

I don't even think he has a hundred subscribers yet But from those hundred less than hundred subscribers He is now making $10,000 per month now you might be thinking well, how is he doing that? Well, he is in the orthodontic space Okay, and it's not like oh now you need to jump to the orthodontic space. It's pick a niche specialized right pick one He figured out okay, I'm gonna go work with orthodontists maybe he had some low-hanging fruit client that he started working with and then started just rolling off of that and Then he started a YouTube channel Basically showing what he does to mark it and do lead generation run ads for those orthodontist. Well, guess what? Orthodontists the last thing they want to do is run their own Marketing their own lead generation and most business owners are gonna be exactly like that so they might type into YouTube how to generate leads for my Orthodontic practice or how to run ads or whatever it is Then his video pops up and his videos only have like a hundred views max Okay, but they watch them he becomes an expert in their eyes and then he's got a little link where they can go through schedule A call with him.

Boom He brings him on as a client And this is coming back to this core client work where he's charging 1 to 2 grand per month. That's how he's making $10,000 per month Okay Then obviously as he continues to grow this he's going to be able to double dip and get some ad revenue right there and then an addition He's able to build his email list. Like we've been talking about right here with all organic traffic guys I've been building my email list slowly Through YouTube and I'm now generating 60 to 70 organic leads every single day and then another type type of thing off of YouTube that we can do is Now you have these people who've already watched our videos Well, we can run retarding as all those people who have already watched our videos bring them back in to our email list and come And invite them to go through and work with us on our core offer Like I could literally talk about YouTube for hours guys how important it is I don't care if you like to be in front of a camera I don't care if you're like not gonna net don't know how to do it figure it out I like I was terrible in front of a camera I thought I sounded weird But I just did it and it's been a complete game-changer for me and my business and if you do it correctly And just follow my videos exactly what I do.

It's gonna be a complete game-changer for your business Now number two right here guys. This is through courses and this is gonna be low Ticket courses. Okay. Now this could be in courses that are low ticket that are your own courses. Okay. It doesn't matter if it's like Your course or it could be someone else's course like right now I have all my courses in the real estate space. I pay out forty percent Commission's on all of my courses So if you're like, I don't want to spend the time to go create the courses I don't want to create the sales pages the checkout that's just like sounds too daunting We'll just leverage someone else that already has courses and these are going to be lower ticket guys We're I'm talking about not the thousand-dollar courses. I'm talking about 50 to 100 dollars because Ultimately, we want then we want to make some money off of the email lists or building right here And if people are like I don't have the one to two thousand dollars to work with you directly right now Well, we have this down sell of hey, well, here's a course you can go through learn how to do it on your own right So these courses right here, especially when we start running paid traffic for to get clients on right here This is really nice to help recuperate any ad spend plus at a certain point It's all gonna be a hundred percent profit.

Okay? now the third thing that I would do that you should be doing a hundred percent is software Not billing it, but as an affiliate So, what do I mean by this whatever software's you are using right here You are going to have your clients sign up for those software's become an affiliate for those software's So that you can be making money right here the down cells right here on YouTube you have all these different passive income or these ways of making money that are coming into your social media marketing agency k So you're not just a hundred percent? Reliant on client work because the client drops you you're screwed, right? Or a clients like I'm just gonna do it by myself Well, you can still if you've referred them to a software that you use Then you can still be making money off that person without even having to do anything same thing with the courses right here game.

So arsenal were releasing an affiliate program early 2020 so if you guys were looking for that we're gonna be paying out 30 percent recurring commissions on that which will be super helpful for anyone in the real estate marketing space, but then there's so many other software's like if you look at click funnels they payout Leadpages convertkit all these different software's they payout and most likely This is not software's just like to find a random software These are software's they're you are using for your core business model right here Okay. So these are this is exactly how I would structure my business right here if I was starting over completely from scratch if I Wanted to go through and build a six-figure business Like don't have the 60 to 90 mindset.

Can you go build a $10,000 per month business in 30 is 60 days Yes, you can I went from zero to 25000 in 90 days. Okay? 25,000 per month But you want to have this long-term Mindset in strategy in place so that you're not having to work harder than you need to write these things right here This took me a while to figure out I was so focused right up here for so long Where you don't get any leverage? you don't really get any free time because you're going through and building this and all these little so-called gurus courses out there on YouTube They all talk just about this because what happens is one little guru went and watched somebody else's course like Tai Lopez's course They went they built their business right here to ten thousand dollars per month They're like, oh man, I can make a lot more money selling courses on how to go through and do this And so they stopped this core business They're selling courses and they never actually learned to do any of these things because I never had to because they never actually did it Right.

So this is exactly how it would structure it but the key thing is and I can't stress this any more than just like keep saying it beating into your head is Building an email list, right? I have a decent-size email list. I have a decent-sized facebook messenger list I have tons and tons of phone numbers My email list outperforms all of those when it comes to actual sales and money in the bank Okay, as far as engagement open rates all that stuff Yes messenger performs a lot better texting performs a lot better when it comes to like a New promo new offer and I won't actually make money.

I blast an email. Okay, and it's a lot less invasive It's a lot less annoying to people to suppose I hit them with a Facebook message or even a text So anyway guys, I hope this was valuable Like literally this is like this this concept right here If you really understand it is literally worth millions of dollars. Okay? I'm not just saying that it's not just like the flow this this whole like famous like build up this whole video right here But it is literally worth so much and once you get these core parts down in the backend You'll end up getting to a point where this is All making you way more money than your core client work where you're still doing your client work because this is the core That built this so you don't want to forget what got you there But this is going to Jupp to it and that you're just having basically doubling and tripling your money Through these little things right here on the backend. So anyway guys, I hope this was helpful if it was Give it a thumbs up.

Share it with a friend that you might think Might find this valuable if they're looking to start a social media marketing agency or if they've already started one But they're struggling whatever it is And also if you're brand new here Make sure you subscribe hit that notification bell because I launch new videos every single week on how to generate more leads Make more money and grow your business just like this So with that said guys and thanks so much for watching and I'll catch you in the next video.

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