• Tue. Mar 9th, 2021

now here's where things get interesting custom audience okay you can upload a list not not really the most efficient way to do it anymore because you know Facebook the list has to match the email on file or the phone number on file on their profile and people are so bad when updating their profiles that it's not super accurate yet it can be used if you want to let's just say you've got you want to promote a new builder or something like that and the Builder gives you a particular list of people that have been through their house so you're kind of like remarketing to a group of people that have already been in the in that built home builders subdivision of register it's your upload this list you can specifically market to them that those kind of things are possible to do okay another thing you can do with custom audiences you can save an audience so once you build an audience you can save it then you use click down here and you can pull up whatever audience you want this is a great shortcut so I would save audiences you

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