• Thu. Aug 5th, 2021

Shopify is a rocket ship with almost 20 e commerce market share. Second, only to wordpress and woocommerce and an estimated 1 million shopify sites out there in the world.

You cannot deny shopify’s popularity.

In fact, if we compare worldwide search volume for shopify versus wordpress, we see actually the shopify is catching up and in fact, in some territories like the us shopify search volume has actually increased ahead of wordpress.

In this video we’re going to examine three shopify success stories and examine exactly what it’s taken for them to enjoy such incredible growth before we do that, though, why do businesses choose shopify shopify is really easy to use, because it only does e Commerce and it’s been designed to be very easy to use.

So whilst a platform like wordpress with woocommerce might allow you to do a whole bunch of different non ecommerce stuff and something like a magento might offer you loads more integration opportunities, the limitations that shopify has actually are one of its greatest strengths, because the trade off With limitations is that you can make something very, very simple, and that’s why a lot of people choose it? Okay, so on to the success stories, shopify success story number one fashion nova do you know i think they might have a sale on now.

Considering that fashion nova was actually the us’s, number one most searched fashion brand.

In 2018, A significant portion of the viewers of this video are probably going to be wondering how come i haven’t heard of this massive ecommerce success story well fashion.

Nova is a brand that’s been built almost entirely on instagram and in fact, instagram is so native to fashion over shoppers that actually a lot of the images that fashionova uses on the site.

Now, of course, there are model shots on the site, but there’s also these kind of lifestyle, more real type shots as well now, founded in 2006 fashion nova, was actually started as physical stores.

Remember those and the e commerce side of things, wasn’t started until 2013. Now the founder of the business said they started the e commerce site because they noticed that people were selling a lot of products at higher prices and they were able to shift much larger volumes through e commerce than they were through the physical stores.

Now he also set up an instagram page, as he noticed that visitors to their physical stores were taking photos of their clothing, and the instagram page has 60 000 followers before they even set up the e commerce store to sell products to these people.

Well, today, there are 19 million followers now fashion nova’s approach on instagram is extreme.

They can post up to 30 times a day.

One of the reasons that they can do.

This is because they have such a large instagram fan base and so many ambassadors on instagram, creating fashion nova content using hashtags like novababes and hashtag nova family.

This means they have a huge amount of content to draw from and add into their feed.

You can see that not all of their posts are like highly curated professional photos.

They much prefer this type of shot, which is someone from their community who’s used the hashtag fashionnova, and then they feature them on their instagram page.

So it’s a great way of kind of crowdsourcing, your instagram content, and it means that you can post so much stuff. Obviously, once you get to this level of traction now, of course, what does this do? Well, this incentivizes people to use the fashion over hashtags, even if they’re, not sponsor brand ambassadors because they want to be featured on the page, because that is going to give them loads of reach and that’s going to make them look famous.

And look like they are ambassadors influences.

So if you check out the hashtags using things like nova, family and fashion over babes, you’ll find that actually there’s a mixture of what looks to be like paid type influencers and actually just regular people who want to appear to be like paid Type influencers in order to get that extra credibility, it’s fantastic for fashion over because they get the massive traction of all of these people posting using their hashtags without ever having to pay most of them.

Now, if we have a look at what they’ve done to promote the website on places like google, they’ve got a pretty good approach going with seo.

Now, of course, having four million branded searches per month, it doesn’t hurt at all, but they’re ranking pretty well for some fairly decent phrases here for things like biker, shorts, um, lingerie, thigh, high boots.

These are all non branded terms and a great way of getting people into the fashion over world, even if they’ve never heard of fashion over before, actually a lot of other stuff that they’re doing.

Isn’t particularly great they’ve got some really poorly targeted google ads stuff that they’ve run advertising for terms like fashion, which is really too broad to be of any use to anyone.

They don’t seem to do any paid, facebook or instagram advertising at all and never have, and even their trust pilot reviews are pretty, oh, my god, so how has fashion over become such a massive success? Well, it really is all down to this influencer strategy.

They’ve had relationships with massive influences like cardi, b and kylie jenner since 2016, and this article in vox explains how cardi b’s collection for fashion over sold out in just minutes now, if they’re, paying cardi b up to 20k a month, They’ve been paying kylie jenner since 2016.

They are clearly spending a lot of money on influencer marketing and have done for many many years even before it was such a mainstream route to market. So who knows how much they’re spending on that? They keep their cards pretty close to their chest being privately owned, but it’s not going to be cheap.

Clearly working though they know they mark it.

They know what message resonates and they know how to reach them, and that’s, all you can ask for shopify success story.

Number two is best self co.

Now best self co sell journals and productivity tools to help people be their best and most productive.

Now the co founders originally launched best self co on kickstarter when it was a side project for them and they initially had a target of 20k while they blew through that and managed to raise 327k in just 28 hours, giving them a massive proof of concept and Showing them that there was a very clear market for these types of personal development style journals.

Now the founder cat says the business is now an eight figure business.

So let’s see exactly how they’ve generated that growth.

Firstly, can we take a moment to appreciate the design of this website? This is a beautiful website very well organized great product imagery, and it feels very calm which really it kind of needs to do.

If you’re selling productivity and personal development, it can’t be a mess. I’m a massive fan of best self co:’s user generated content, particularly how they use reviews on their product pages.

So here we are on one of the product pages for the self journal, which is their top product, and you can see that not only do they have this massive review, widget, which shows a huge volume of user generator reviews, but they also have images and videos That these users have submitted along with their reviews now.

Obviously, this adds massive credibility and huge social proof, because it’s one thing to see a whole bunch of reviews on someone’s own website.

You feel like that could be faked, whereas this, when they’ve, got the images and they’ve got the videos embedded as well.

It adds so much credibility, so i’m a big fan of this, and it also massively increases the amount of indexable content that you can have on these pages, which of course, helps with ranking.

Another thing i love love, love about this business is the fact that they put the subscription offer front and center.

You can see on their product pages.

If you’re buying a journal, it’s going to last you a quarter, so you’re going to need four of them a year, so they try to sell you.

The subscription with a price incentive, just like amazon, does right on these product pages.

It’s brilliant and really important, because the key for this business has been building up a really engaged customer base which repeat purchases and upsells and cross sells into their other products, and on that note, they’ve then built out these supplementary products, which they Can also sell to that same audience, maximizing the customer lifetime value. Now this is a really important point because, as we’ll see in just a second actually their digital marketing, isn’t really all that they’ve got a great looking website, but they certainly could be pushing harder with both paid and organic approaches.

But clearly, in order to get to eight figures, they’ve learned how to monetize their existing customer base very effectively and no doubt having a wide product range of related stuff.

That people want to buy is an important component of that.

Now, aside from the kickstarter campaign, which is, of course very successful, one of best self co -‘s breakout success stories was winning a shopify contest in 2016, which gave them access to people like tony robbins and damon john, and it’s interesting to see that They’re still using that relationship with damon john, who is essentially a business influencer throughout their website.

This is really key, because this is essentially influencer marketing to the target audience for best self co.

Damon john, who is a shark on the us version of shark tank, is going to be a really strong influence, the same with people like tony robbins, who is a bit of an icon for people that are interested in productivity, so they’re essentially using influencer Marketing, even though it’s not the kind of fashion nova, gymshark type, consumer influencer marketing that we might be used to so the instagram page has 132 000 followers and social blade tells us that they’re adding around about a thousand new followers a month.

Now, on average, they’re posting every other day.

No engagement is reasonably strong, mostly it’s, value, adding kind of performance and productivity type content.

It’s not overtly pitchy at all.

In fact, they don’t really talk about the products. Much at all, now, mostly it’s, helping the audience to be more productive and giving them the sort of things that they’re buying the product for in the first place, ie improve your productivity and how to be more effective.

With the time that you have available on facebook, they actually have a larger audience of 200 000, but their organic engagement is very low, join the club, which is pretty typical on facebook.

They do have a highly engaged group on facebook, though, where they put their community and they’ve got around 40 000 people in that, but elsewhere there’s not really a huge amount going on.

It looks like they tried to run some facebook ads at some point in 2018, but it got shut down and they didn’t kind of return to it.

They get a fairly modest amount of organic search traffic, primarily for their own brand name and searches for their own products, and they do run some google search ads, although again these are primarily for their own brand name and for their own products.

So for me this actually looks like a business that’s ready to take their digital marketing to the next step.

It’s a great product, i’ve used it and i’ve bought them for other people.

They’ve got a great website which is ready for more traffic.

So what else could they be doing to grow this even more? Well, i think there’s a huge opportunity with organic search traffic, particularly writing content and producing stuff around productivity and time saving organizational type topics that people might be searching for by having a knowledge base, all about productivity and, being your best and being your best At work, you can start to bring in organic traffic that’s looking for those sorts of topics, and then you can convert them into some kind of newsletter or facebook engagement group in order to be able to sell them in later.

On i’d also like to see them being a bit more aggressive targeting some of their competitor terms. Now i noticed in some of the organic research that a lot of people are comparing their best self journal versus alternatives like the full focus journal.

So one of the things that you can do if your business is targeting competitor terms is, you can actually write blog posts or knowledge based content where you actually compare yourself against your competitor.

So in this example, best self might write a detailed analysis of why some people choose best self journal and why some people choose full focus journal and the best thing about this is you can put that content on your site? Get it ranked on google when people are searching for those topics and also potentially run ads to people looking for those things as well, because that is a really qualified potential customer and as long as you,’re, very good at monetizing, your audience, which best self Definitely seem to be, then the customer lifetime value should mean that that is well worth the time it takes.

So i’d like to see them being a bit more aggressive about their digital marketing growth, because i think that this business is definitely ready for it.

They have the product and the website to justify pushing a little bit harder.

Shopify success story.

Number three is gymshark.

Now i’ve made a full one hour: deconstruction of gymshark’s, digital marketing in another video gymshark gymshark yeah.

So i’m not going to go into loads and loads of detail here, but if you don’t have time for that – and you just want the tldr here – it is gymshark – is a sportswear brand started in the uk by a guy called ben francis And it’s a ridiculous success story.

They’ve grown from zero to 150 million plus valuation of over one billion pounds in about seven years. Mental and all done without any funding until very recently as well.

The site is also on shopify.

They’ve tried various different platforms before coming back to shopify.

Now, a few key things to note about jim shark’s website.

It is very, very extremely mobile first now that means that the design of this site has been prioritized for mobile devices, because that’s, where their audience is to the extent where, if you view it on a larger high resolution screen, it actually feels a little Bit weird, so this is definitely a mobile first sight.

A bit like fashion nova gymshark has built its visibility on the back of influencers.

Their breakthrough came from an expo that they did where they invited a whole bunch of fitness influencers to come onto their stand.

Wearing gymshark products now these fitness influencers have been talking about gymshark and the fact that they were going to be at this expo for long before the expo happened and then, of course, the doors open.

It turns out that there’s loads and loads of people flooding to the gym shark stand because of all the hype created by these influencers.

They sell out all the products and jim shark is off to the races they’ve kind of been rinsing and repeating that formula ever since signing up prominent fitness influencers predominantly on instagram and youtube and making them long term brand ambassadors. So this isn’t necessarily the sort of thing a bit like fashion over where you have a very informal relationship with the influencers and there’s, maybe one off post every so often gymshark ambassadors tend to be predominantly seen wearing gym shark clothing and it Tends to be a longer term relationship, but gymshark is not just a social media driven business ben francis, the founder, is very digital.

Marketing savvy and seo from the beginning of gymshark has been a strong priority for the business and we can see the results of that with some of their rankings.

Non branded highly relevant terms like workout clothes for women, workout crop top workout clothes enjoy good visibility, not because jim shark has engaged in any kind of savvy link building, but really because the visibility and the growth story of jim shark has meant it.’s picked up a lot of coverage and has a lot of different sites talking about it and that’s, really one of the things that you’ll see about these kind of viral success stories is that they tend to self perpetuate.

So you get some great growth which brings a lot of attention which brings more growth, which brings attention, and you get this kind of positive snowball thing.

It’s what i like to call the feedback loop of awesomeness, but not content to just restrict to organic traffic.

Jim shark also invest quite heavily in google ads, both text ads and also these google shopping ads, which is great to see so there you have it three shopify success stories.

So here’s, what i’d be asking great three shopify success stories: what about mine? What can i learn? What lessons are there from these success stories that i can apply to my ecommerce store? Well, there are some very clear commonalities between these three and, in fact, all successful e commerce growth stories.

Firstly, great product.

If you’re drop shipping crap it ain’t happening if your product is weak and unappealing driving more traffic to it.

Won’t help. All of these three have relied heavily on repeat purchases to get the growth that they’ve enjoyed, because the reality is that, if you’re relying on customers making a one off purchase, particularly if you’re selling something lower value, it can be very Difficult to generate significant growth, the cost that you can incur to get that customer in the first place and to get someone to make their first order can be a really significant portion of that first order value.

What you don’t want to do is spend all of the profit from the first order on getting the customer only for there to be no more orders.

So you need to be confident that you’re good at monetizing that customer over a lifetime rather than just for a single purchase, and in order to do that, of course, you need a great product that people love, so they actually want to come back.

The second commonality between any successful fast growing e commerce store is a sick website great website for those that don’t talk tim now.

All of these three are on shopify, but really your ecommerce platform, doesn’t matter at all.

People who think that one particular e commerce platform is gon na get them the success that they want are really looking at the wrong thing.

These businesses would have succeeded on any platform.

They would have succeeded on wordpress woocommerce.

They would have succeeded on magento.

They would have succeeded on bigcommerce. They would have succeeded on some kind of custom thing as well.

The thing that has generated the success is not the fact that they’re on shopify.

It’s the design and functionality of the website, not the platform, despite what shopify might tell you and success factor at number three is that all of these sites are high traffic for their target audience.

Of course, a pretty website that has great functionality and is easy to purchase from on any device is nothing if you don’t have a steady stream of people going to that site, ready to make a purchase, and all three of these websites have a way Of getting their target audience to the site, whether it’s, influencer marketing, social media, organic search, paid search, facebook groups, email marketing, direct mail, tv ads, whatever it is knowing where your audience is hanging out.

What sort of message is most going to resonate with them and how to get in front of them with that message? To make them come to your site and purchase is really what digital marketing is about.

These three have nailed it and i hope that you nail it as well and that’s really the secret to digital marketing, simple now, of course, at exposure ninja, we help brands to scale.

This is exactly what we do.

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