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Choosing the right PowerPoint template will save you a ton of time when generating your latest marketing presentations. We’ve selected our favorite templates for showcasing social media campaigns, product demos trends and more Here’s.

The 10 Best Marketing PowerPoint Templates for 2020.

All items featured are available with a subscription to Envato Elements: Number 10 Digital Marketing Advertisement, Presentation by afahmy A clean and modern template that is relevant for online advertising, SEO social media Strategy and many more digital presentations.

This PowerPoint template comes with 8 different color schemes and over 800 slides Number 9 Marketing Plan 2 0 by Site2max.

This professional template is everything you wished for your project, presentations and demos, Packed with data charts, infographics price tables and mock ups.

This theme, with 30 unique slides, will certainly grab your client’s.

Attention Number 8 Impressivv by naulicrea Impressivv is a clean, minimal template that uses a 3 color scheme to highlight the most important elements of your presentation.

Rectangles and diagonal lines make the slides feel fresh and different, while maintaining a professional look for your company services and portfolio Number 7, The Digital Agency by Slidehack.

This is a powerful marketing.

Powerpoint template with plenty of the professional features you d expect in a premium design, Make quick use of the social media elements, digital marketing, infographics and a multitude of marketing forward slide designs. Number 6 Social Media PRO by Slidehack Social Media Pro is packed with slide designs.

That’ll help.

You make your marketing presentation just right.

It’s got multiple color schemes over 35 unique marketing, PowerPoint slide designs, plenty of colorful, infographics and stylish social media illustrations.

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Number 5 Connect by Slidehack.

If you want your message to connect with your audience, the Connect marketing PowerPoint template is designed to do just that.

It comes with over 700 total professional slides with compelling designs that will help you persuade the most demanding audience Number 4 Content Marketing Presentation by afahmy.

This is a template aimed at Digital agencies, SEO companies and digital marketing Strategists Packed with 120 unique, slides and 10 color schemes.

This presentation includes slides, ranging from service pages and case studies to strategy spreads Number 3 Digital Marketing Strategy by Slidehack. This item will help you turn ideas into persuasive presentations, to communicate your messages clearly and meet your goals, Packed with more than 80 slides in light and dark themes.

This template is perfect for social media SEO and both inbound and outbound digital marketing, presentations, Number 2 Social Media Trends by Sludehack.

This template features digital research from trending social media marketing topics like influencers.

Snapchat data live video and more It’s got a well designed framework of over 100 unique slide designs with easily customisable objects.

This template set will help.

You turn your data into a beautiful marketing presentation fast, Number 1 Marketing Plan by StockShape.

If you need a great template for your marketing plan, presentation, look no further, because this is all you.’ve been seeking Showcase your projects, objectives and marketing strategy with fully editable compelling infographics With 108 slides in total that include vector infographics maps and mockups.

This template will have them eating out of the palm of your hand, And there you have it our picks for the 10 Best Marketing PowerPoint Templates for 2020, Which one did you like the most Join the conversation and leave us your answer in the comments below.

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