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In order to find the right keywords for your SEO text, the very first thing you should do is ask the question: how and what are your potential users looking for? If we now assume that you have an online shop and sell chests of drawers, among other things, The first thing I do is google the supposed main keyword Now you actually see so called Google Suggest here. In other words, What else does Google suggest to me? If I type in the dresser here and not open Hit enter, That is the important thing Then I can already see the dresser hallway, bedroom, wood, white, high gloss, narrow, vintage and so on.

This can actually be relevant to your current SEO text Or you can derive possible categories for other pages from this Now we press Enter once What we can still look at now is, if we scroll all the way down, we see similar searches for the dresser.


These are often relatively similar to what Google Suggests tells us.

Ideally, you can see it in the top right corner.

You are not logged into Google Simply because you will then get personalized search results and that is Result already slightly falsified.

Now I’m going to introduce you to a few tools that can actually be quite helpful for keyword research, for example the so called Ubersuggest.

I enter my dresser again And now I can scroll down here and get more keyword, ideas too equal with a search volume And what Ubersuggest is doing now.

Is it just looks What we had before, as Google Suggest also What could be before and what could be after my keyword, We already know the keyword ideas.

They are our old favorites, But what is still very interesting If you click here on the right on similar, then we see here that there are still a few search terms or synonyms there, that we can test to use as keywords too Hypersuggest does the exact same Thing Here you could type in the W questions, so to speak, to get certain questions or just again, quite normally, on Google. We do both.

Once Now, we see again, Ikea somehow seems to be very strongly associated with dressers to stand Vintage, narrow, wood, bedroom white high gloss.

Well, our well known from Google Suggest again.

I can also recommend you vocabulary, Uni Leipzig, that’s also there to help you to find synonyms again, And now we see again In which subject area is the whole thing.

It’s a piece of furniture.

It is also described to me, And now I see synonyms shrine, ark and chest here.

Of course, you always have to pay attention to what is really now.

What also really suits me, Because now, in parlance, a chest is perhaps something different from a chest of drawers.

Semager is also a very nice tool to easily research keywords again, Also here a chest of drawers – And now I see here.

Ah, there are still some related words that maybe could actually fit in something like a sideboard Answer. The public is another really fun tool.

We can now simply narrow down the search intention, a bit just to find out again which questions are being asked on the internet around around that dresser.

And what might I have to deal with in my SEO text or what could I deal with And now I can already see What is a chest of drawers.

What is the name of a dresser in English That may not be as relevant for my online shop, but maybe which one Wood for dresser? What I would actually recommend is take a look at the competition.

What do their search results? Look like, As you can see, M bel de has already combined chests of drawers and sideboards.

For example, we had already considered before Ikea here.

We see the bedroom chest of drawers Up here.

Also at Pocco, chests of drawers and sideboards Home24 has also turned to living room dressers.

Obviously, here now with this category specialized And XXL, Lutz also says Chests of drawers and sideboards can definitely be packed together.

Let’s just take a look at how the competitors’texts are structured or how their pages are basically structured. Let’s take M bel de as an example.

Here we see that the products are teased above Which makes perfect sense for an online shop and for a category We have other users and like to filter by quite a nice story, actually that you can say.

Ah ok.

These are obviously important categories too.

If we remember somehow, white and gloss actually came up quite often in front Over here, I could filter again and if I scroll down now, I am I’m relatively sure.

Aha, this is where I find my text about it, which is obviously on search engines.

Is aligned Accordingly a so called SEO text is already, And now I just look at What is the competition doing here? What kind of questions are dealt with here that can help the user Combining dressers correctly seems to be an issue somehow Chests of drawers and sideboards Chest of drawers and innovative sideboards.

Here I see, Ah, the keywords are kind of coming up now.

Also in the headings, You can then use this as inspiration to use the keywords for your text.

Ok, now we’ve researched. All of the keywords You have set your main keyword and your secondary keyword So that we now know what to do.


Just have a look at the next tutorial To do this subscribe to our channel.

Then it’s about the snippet.

I’m glad Ciao .

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