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– Hey there, this is
Andrea with the ADS agency here to bring you the
very best in marketing and branding tips as well as business tips for those of you who are entrepreneurs, solo preneurs, personal
branders and all of that. Welcome and thank you
so much for being here. Totally appreciate you. And right now we're on a little series. So, last week was our
first video of the series and we were talking about
getting ready for 2019 with regards to your
marketing and branding plans. Right, so, last time it was
all about business goals. What are your goals for your business? A surprising amount of businesses don't have their business
goals written down. It's so true, it's so sad and
that does not have to be you. So, write down your business goals first, you can see our first video all about that it's a reminder about smart longterm goals and those kinds of things
and thinking about your own vision and your own
goals for your business. So, aside from business
goals now this week, here something to remember and revisit.

I mean you can do this one day. You want to revisit your
mission, in your marketing plan. So in your mission, and this is all about remembering who you are. It's a recheck on who you are, your mission, which is what you do, your vision, which is
who you aspire to be, your values, all the things you hold dear, that make you, as an organization, and then, also what differentiates you. So that's, you probably heard
of these terms USP and UVP that's your unique selling proposition and your unique value proposition. All of that ultimately speaks to what differentiates you and what value do you bring to your customers. So, that's number one,
remember who you are in all those regards mission, vision, values and what differentiates
you with regards to what we're about to talk next,
which is your competition. So number two is your competition. You want to revisit your SWOT analysis. So a lot of people will do this when they're first starting a business, and then they kind of forget about it in the subsequent years.

Dust that off, that's something we should be revisiting every year. And if you don't know SWOT, S,
W, O, T stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities
and threats, SWOT analysis. So you want to check your competition, and this is part of just
getting a lay of the land, you know, just a feel
for where are we now, you know, because of the
competition changes every year, and their offerings
change and they're growing and evolving just like you. So it's important to if you
don't do it at any other time. Do a check right now for your competition, and that SWOT analysis is very important. Alright, and then number
three for this week is consider who you seek to serve. So in light of your competition, consider your target audience. And we talked about this before, so I'll do a link to this video about buyer personas,
your target audience, how do you even find
them in the first place, how do you find your target audience. One thing I want to make
sure you're considering in your marketing plans for this year, we're going to get to all of this leads up to your marketing
strategy and your budget and the tactics for
executing that strategy.

What I want you to really think about right now is how well do you really actually know your target audience? If you're struggling with messaging, it doesn't seem to be resonating. You're wondering why people aren't buying like you hope they would. You need to be considering
your target audience and what they're really looking for. Often, what we think they're looking for and what they're actually looking for are not quite the same thing. So go back and think about
your target audience. And this year if you've not
done some fresh research or if you've never done research, you know, you're kind of
relying on some market data that you found and all of that, you too can do your own focus groups and market research and all that.

So I want you to consider
that for next year. It does not have to be extensive. It can be sweat equity, and elbow grease. And we can talk through
what that involves, but put aside some time and some money if you can, for doing some focus groups and your surveys of your target audience. Now this is about really connecting with that target audience
and learning them as well as you can because
the better you can know them the better you can serve them. And that's because you
know how they think, you know what they're thinking about, you know what keeps them up at night, you know what their problems are, and you know how your offering
can uniquely fill that space.

Can take away that pain, can solve that problem that they have. That's really what
differentiation is all about. Is really getting back to, what do you do that is uniquely different
from your competition? How do you serve your target audience and speak to them in a way
that's in their language, and they get it and they're
like, they know me so well, and that's what endears
people to your brand. That's what makes them feel
like these are my people. This is who I need to be around, you know, for this
particular area of my life. So, consider who you seek to serve. So that's three things this week, last time, we talked about business goals, this time, go back and
remember who you are, again, mission, vision values, your unique selling
and value propositions. Check your competition, so
we visit your SWOT analysis and then three, consider
your target audience. Again, I will link to that video if you've not seen that one yet. And then that leads us
up to until next time, we're getting towards
that marketing strategy, creating that budget and the tactics for executing that strategy.

Which will be getting closer to next time. All right, but this is what I want you to focus on this week. Alright, awesome. Cheers. And if you've not subscribed, please do consider subscribing. I love when people subscribe. It makes me so happy. I really I love when people subscribe. So thank you. Thank you for everyone who's here. If you've not subscribed,
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steps along with us, you're in such a good shape. I promise you're in such a good shape.

You're doing great. Alright, awesome. See you next time and cheers. (soft playful music).

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