• Thu. Mar 4th, 2021

MATT: Hi everyone. (laughter) MATT: Welcome everyone to this episode of Critical Role tonight. This is a group of queer voice actors Sit around and play the first game of our new story series, "Dragon and the Underground City" (D&D). (Cheers) MATT: Super excited to be here. I miss it very much. Missing…oh, you guys are fine. and so correct. I'm glad you joined us, and it's a crazy number. So welcome new audiences. hope You enjoy your time here. Without further ado, we started to announce our announcement. Because this is our first episode of this year and this story series, I want to make sure We can complete all announcements.

We have some cool things to tell everyone. Primary Yes, we have two sponsors tonight. Our first sponsor, and we will follow us for a while The partners of DnD Beyond have a cool partnership. They have always been great and we also have By the way, if anyone hasn’t seen it before, this is an online electronic tool for creating Your own D&D character, they have the option to buy any existing D&D books in the market, and Import any character options and race options, so you can basically use it It is a tool to use. We will use it to assist us during the game, because it actually has some Cool stuff. We are very excited about this. By the way, if you haven’t seen it, it’s DND Beyond, it’s not The and symbol (&). It's DND. LAURA: It's the one with the N sound. MATT: N sound. By the way, they will be long-term partners of the show and cooperate with us Spent the beginning of this series.

We are excited about the start. Correct. We are very excited. You can Start it now… it should be ready now… some Critical Role content. They should have I provide the Devil Blood Hunter profession that I created a few years ago as a choice, and it's a bit improving. should It has been provided for everyone to choose among DnD Beyond, there is also a one-time Free $10 discount for any book purchase in the dndbeyond.com market, as long as you are now Use the code name "beginnings". Take a good opportunity to check it out. TRAVIS: (vomiting) Would you like to order? MATT: Okay. I am really excited about this, everyone. You get it by using the code number at checkout This discount, in case you don't understand and want to get the discount, then mention it to everyone.

There are many things on the platform worth visiting Explore, there are some cool ways to include the current extensive D&D legends and The options are in it, now you can find our stuff even more, hopefully in the future More Critical Role content, Tal'Dorei content and Exandria content can be provided to everyone on the platform. Very excited about this. I want to thank you guys at DnD Beyond for doing so well. we still have The second sponsor. Sam, please introduce me. SAM: I am our second sponsor. (laughter) LAURA: Thanks, Sam! SAM: No. Welcome, new audience. Every week…or many weeks, I was assigned that week Sponsors write advertisements.

It was still in mid-December when I was writing this, so it might sound a bit off the beaten track. (laughter) SAM: Sorry. I have no time to write a new manuscript. I want to apologize to our sponsorship. But our second sponsor tonight It's Backblaze. They provide unlimited cloud backup for Mac machines and personal computers. You can go online Or hard drive repair. They will even use FedEx to express the hard drive to you late at night because when I wrote It's Christmas time. It was the night before Christmas. I clicked my mouse, but the hard drive would not spin. It said: "Adi-ouse." (Goodbye Adios in Spanish) When such an image appeared on the cloud, I would Knowing my things in an instant will not be a big deal. Just when I spit out that cold chicken Kiev from my chimney Walking down is a strange little fairy named Lev. "Hey, hello, hello, how did you get into my house?" Lev gave me He blinked and punched me in the face. Suddenly he lighted his pipe and started to bring in from him Backup and repair my computer.

My files, such as the corrupt text of My Little Pony. My Photo, For example, a nude picture of me covered with bologna sausage. He murmured that you can back up immediately for only $5 a month. You will also get 15 days of free use if you log in to the website backblaze.com/criticalrole. Just like that, my computer turned on. Lev smeared his whole body with grease, and then he left with a bang. But I still heard him Shouted: "I'm leaving, yo, what's up! Happy Backblaze everyone, don't forget to backup!" (cheer) SAM: I will write another copy for Easter, and I promise. (laughter) MATT: Thank you, Sam. Thank you Backblaze too. Glad to have your sponsor tonight. Another reminder, some of our friends in Wyrmwood have provided great offers for some time Wyrmwood's dice boxes, dice pots and dice towers are given to our community members as gifts. They also A new box is prepared for our players to use in the new series.

Besides, they spent a while preparing this for We started the new series. They made a new table. Please turn to a video camera to see This table they made for the new series. (cheer) MATT: It is made of English brown oak with the inlaid pattern of Critical Role in the middle. The background is made of ash tree nodules. Purple altar wood is used in the outline of this d20, and wenge wood is used as the word Critical Role, There is also a metal silver bar edging. It's all in them The offices and workshops in Massachusetts are hand-made and hand-made. It took me to make this table Over a hundred hours. They are too good to be true, and we are super honored to receive it, So I sincerely thank you for your excellent compliments for what we have done. SAM: It smells good. LAURA: We have a toy room! MARISHA: It smells like wood in a studio, like new wood. SAM: And when our show is cancelled, it will be a very good dining room table.

MATT: Right! Thank you, Wrymwood. If you are not familiar with their products, please browse wrymwoodgaming.com, that is WYRM-wood Gaming dot com. Their products are really amazing. They are Super high quality, great. So thank you. Ok. let me see. We need to announce the update message. Laura, do you have any product updates for the new year? LAURA: (screaming) Okay, of course there is. This is a new series, a new us, a new product. I do not know Which lens am I looking at. SAM: That. LAURA: We posted our preview on various social platforms before, and everyone said, "I want this to be a poster!" So We responded to your request and we made it into a poster! (cheer) SAM: Is that a real poster? LAURA: This is a real poster! SAM: Wow! LAURA: Look at this weird quack you can hang on the wall! Yes, this is already available in the store Found, guys, we have printed a small number of posters, so those can be sent out soon.

They are all reservations, but all of them are marked as reservations. Here is a reminder. SAM: Can you fix my lower span position with PS? LAURA: No. TALIESIN: It will use a lot of retouching processes, man. MATT: None of us have such skills, Sam. LAURA: Let's talk about this Matthew Mercer. MATT: Let's not talk about me… When I put on that suit, I never thought about it How much of it seeps into my life. That's it. LAURA: Then we can always be with you. Matt can stare at you to sleep. LIAM: Actually that is Purvon's way of dressing up. MATT: Damn it. TALIESIN: Hey, the first review! well done. LAURA: Ah, yes. Guys, we have to be very careful because we have a lot of viewers who haven’t I have watched the last series, or have not finished watching the last story series, so there can be no spoilers for the last series. SAM: I don't remember the last series either.

TRAVIS: Uh, we are all dead, so it's okay. MATT: That's too, right. Okay, next announcement: the last series of Critical Role podcasts All updated. All Vox Machina stories, the entire first series are now uploaded as podcasts. you can go We will find our podcasts wherever you download the best podcasts. Do we have any future podcasts Issuance schedule? MARISHA: Yes. They will be released one week after our live broadcast. We will be one week late.

SAM: On Thursday? MARISHA: They will be released on Thursday after a week. LAURA: Oh, that means you can listen to the podcast in the morning and watch our live broadcast at night. If you are very If you have time. Or it may take a long time to drive. SAM: Every Thursday has an extra eight hours. MATT: To be fair, your free time on Thursday is similar to mine. it is good, Stay tuned. Comic book, the fourth issue of "Critical Role: Vox Machina Origins", Liam, When was it released? LIAM: It will be published on the 24th of this month. TRAVIS: Oh, call it earlier! LIAM: I have read it. It's really good, it's very good, it's really beautiful Everyone, the story of Vox Machina It's over on this table, but they will continue to live for a long, long, long time…at least until there are three more comics. MATT: Thank you. TRAVIS: Look everywhere. LIAM: Yes, it can be found in Zune, PalmPilot, Darkhorse app, Comixology, Limewire in the end. MARISHA: Napster. LAURA: I'm going to throw up. MATT: Okay, guys, we still have a few announcements to make.

Thank you for persisting. In terms of appearances at the exhibition, I will actually leave tomorrow for the Paradise City Comic Con in Miami, Florida. I will be there from tomorrow to Sunday. If you are nearby, come to the exhibition and say hi. This will be fun. I will attend the panel, autograph and other activities. Hope to see you there. In addition, I will attend Lexington Comic and Toy Con in Lexington, Kentucky on March 9-11, and Calgary on March 18-20 Otafest and A-Kon in Texas on June 7-10. ASHLEY: Oh my God, Matt.

We will go to Emerald City Comic Con, Travis and I. TRAVIS: The first week of March. MATT: Excellent. Cool. Announcements are getting fewer and fewer, almost complete. Thank you for your patience. As the new series starts, I want to reiterate what we have supported from the beginning A superb charity organization called 826's appreciation heart and sharing this appreciation mood with you. 826LA is our local branch. They have 826 branches throughout the United States, They organize after-school creative writing and many other creative courses for people in poor families or Children who have no chance to attend this kind of class.

Their job It’s very meaningful, and we have supported them from the beginning, and now we want to The new series especially strengthen our support. You as a community have spared no effort to support The charities we have supported all the way. Every year Critmas represents all of this A great example, so I want to continue to promote this message, share this love, and also Sincerely thank you 826 as an awesome source for so many people who didn't have these opportunities before The motivation for children's creativity. So you guys are really great, if you have the ability, Show your appreciation for their work.

(cheer) MATT: Finally, I want to express my compliments. First, thank Ian Philips of Iron Tusk Painting. He is responsible for coloring the reduced models of the new series. (cheer) MATT: He actually colored the top decoration of my wedding cake with Marisha. When you see them during the series, you know that they are from his handwork. I believe there will be a chance to see them soon. ASHLEY: Another interesting story is related to Ian Philips. I grew up with him. When we first moved to Los Angeles, He is a good friend of one of my brothers. So when the name spread in our conversation, I thought, and many more. Then we reconnected on Instagram.

This is really a crazy story. do you know, Critical Role brings back good memories. (laughter) MATT: I like this story. You can follow him on Twitter, @PaintingTusk. LIAM: I have asked him to make 20 to 30 pieces… I am a little addicted… to color the 20 to 30 smaller models. They are all amazing. He is really good at what he does. MATT: Finally, I would like to thank Warner Bros. and Monolith Entertainment for letting us add The "Shadow of War" soundtrack comes into our Critical Role soundtrack, so those music will Appears in the new series.

In addition, I’m super excited that CD Projekt Red kindly let us The soundtrack of the "Witcher" series is added to the new series. to be frank, When we were still playing at home, the "Witcher" soundtrack was most of the music I used. Later After we start the live broadcast, it will not be available, so this is a cool opportunity for us to bring back this beautiful memory.

In addition, it will bring out a unique style that fits the new series' settings. In this way, I believe our announcement is finished. Thank you all for persevering. LAURA: Wait, we have to give…oh, that's… MARISHA: Do it later. SAM: There is another announcement here. MARISHA: Our announcement is our brand new opening title, and I think we are ready. MATT: When we complete the announcement, let us be ready to jump into the new year and The new department is here to start this episode of Critical Role.

(Screaming) [80s music] (laughter) MATT: Welcome back. TRAVIS: That is a whole new level. MATT: We have undoubtedly returned to this game table. Thank you, Sam. Then… MARISHA: Wait, it's super fast. We still have to list the production staff at the end, right? Normally we will not do This, and I did it once when we released another opening film. By the way, in episode 50. and so We will do it again. The following people paid a lot for this, but did not get enough Praise. I will call out their names. Sean Becker, the unsung hero of Geek and Sundry, he is Senior producer. TJ Rotell is the production manager here and he makes sure We have a video camera to shoot. Maxwell James is our producer and ensures that the show is distributed every week. Dani Carr, our production coordinator, is also a very popular producer here.

Steve Sprinkles in charge Directed this great opening film. SAM: That's not your real name, right? MARISHA: I know. I like the way it is written. It says "Sprinkles (color candy)". Jan-Michael Losada is Our director of photography is the same as last time. Tristan Savage-Tate, our first audio coordinator. Sean Delahunt Is our chief field clerk. Tyler Hart, our lighting engineer, lights up everything here, he is great. Jenny Newman is in charge of the costume full of surprises. She assembled all the clothes that day. Wren Witting is one of us Hair stylist and makeup artist. Venessa Marie is our second hair stylist and makeup artist. Jose Sosa is Our production assistant. Selina Ruthe… LAURA: There are a lot of papers there! MARISHA: I knew it. Selina Ruthe is an additional photographer, she has new tricks every day.

LAURA: Why don't you put all their names on the same paper? MARISHA: That's because I never thought I would use so many sheets of paper. Brandon Clark is our venue manager. Pamela Joy took all the photos for those, and Loretta Ritchet. LAURA: By the way, they came to Heirloom Photography and took all our thumbnails. It's them Shoot that poster. ASHLEY: Please check out their Instagram! MARISHA: Jason Charles Miller is responsible for the production of our music. LIAM: Keep the party, Garthok! MARISHA: Sean Hudson is in charge of post-production. Andy Inglat is in charge of editing. It's all fine. I'm sweating now. MATT: No problem. Then… SAM: What a wonderful night. Everyone, then… TALIESIN: This night was really great. LIAM: Oh my god. MATT: Everyone. Everyone. SAM: Can I open this damn book? MARISHA: Not yet. MATT: Welcome to Wildemount. This year is 835 PD, or after the big divergence.

This continent is The rugged terrain and political power are divided. Menagerie Coast, a series of city states Unification under the Clovis Concord, monopolized the southwest coast and port of Wildemount, Enjoy open trade and cultural freedom. Outside the Cyrios Mountains, there is a giant The area is called Wynandir, and the one that divides it in two is Ashkeeper Peaks. There is a piece in the east of Wynandir The vast barren land and turbulent wasteland is called Xhorhas, where various beasts and nightmares are raging, There are also various relics and relics that destroyed the terrain in the final battle of the catastrophe. Going north, you will find Greying Wildlands, a land with no law contains a place that prevents it from being The curse conquered by mankind. However, our story begins in the realm west of Wynandir, It's in the Dwendalian Empire.

Starting 13 generations ago, Dwendalian Empire slowly expanded to erode neighboring communities in the same area and absorb The people of Zemni Fields and Marrow Valley finally succeeded in conquering Julous Dominion, Contain the entire western part of Wynandir within the empire. SAM: There will be no quizzes. MATT: No, that's… let me continue. Under the rule of the current King Bertrand Dwendal, it is now In his 68th year, most people can make their own decisions.

Your life is similar to before. The royal government will only take away A small portion of what you produce and earn. You follow its laws, worship its gods, and set The local leader bowed his head. In exchange, all the citizens of the empire will be protected, no longer threatened by disorder and Infested by evil demons hiding in the shadows of civilization. This agreement allowed the entire empire Enjoyed a rich century, perhaps at least as far as political elites are concerned. Under the strict guard of Crown's Guard A tense atmosphere is brewing. Each temple is owned and operated by the government, if any Unauthorized worship activities will face the fate of jail. There are rumors that the eastern border is near the Xhorhas area The outbreak of armed conflict has made many civilians uneasy. However, our story begins in a more subtle place. This is the southern part of Marrow Valley, just in front of the entrance gate of Wuyun Gorge, there is a The rural town of Trostenwald. Along the blue waters of Ustaloch, this town is close to The excavation only started at the turn of this century, all because of the fertile farmland found nearby.

A unique grain and wheat, allowing the wine industry to develop and grow rapidly. When the oversupply problem Slightly eased, and only three families remain standing still and become the local wine industry representative. Trostenwald is now prospering by exporting fish, grains and ale. at this In the deserted trade stop on Amber Road, several unrelated destinies began to converge. We were in a chaotic room on the second floor of Nestled Nook Inn in a morning in Grissen Start. There is a man with sleepy eyes and obvious bruises on his body. He is wearing a torn coat, He woke up from the long sleep and just caught his little companion who curled up and snores at the end of the bed. Liam, please Describe your role, trouble you. (Nervous laughter) LAURA: Oh my god, no pressure! SAM: Should we prepare this? LIAM: I'm quite dirty. I have messy brown-red hair and wear extremely dirty travel clothes. I also wear a long coat when I sleep.

I slept for nearly 20 hours last night. Oh my god. Not shaved, It's a bit messy. SAM: So far, you are only describing the current Liam. LAURA: What color are your eyes? I want the picture. LIAM: They are blue. That's it. Things really didn't go well yesterday, and…that's it. MATT: What is your name? LIAM: Oh, it's Caleb. Caleb Widogast. MATT: Okay. At the same time your smaller friend wakes up, Sam, can you describe it Is your role? SAM: Okay. Well. I am a little goblin girl. (laughter) SAM: I am a goblin. So, you know, green skin, green hair, yellow eyes, And she wore bad clothes, just like her traveling companion. She hides in the shadows many times, Because she knew that goblins were unpopular in this area, that was all. I want to say she is a bit It's easy to be frightened, and now she is probably starting to wake up too, right? MATT: So what is your name? MATT: Oh. Nott the Brave. MATT: Caleb, then when you start to wake up, you can see the slow snoring and The act of waking up.

Nott's eyes blinked open, and her sighing face turned around. Facing you. SAM: (a high-pitched Cockney accent) Oh! You finally wake up, I understand. Oh, yes, idiot, it's true. It's a long time. Is it not going well? LIAM: (light German accent) Not our best day, definitely not. SAM: No, I mean, you are usually good at everything, but yesterday you were almost… maybe You need to sleep, that is what you need. LIAM: Thank you. SAM: Uh, don't thank me yet. I think I will probably tell you what happened while you were asleep. I mean, you really slept for a long time. Frankly speaking, I am bored too.

I'm checking my backpack And rearrange. LIAM: Did anyone see you… see you like a "see you"? SAM: Well, I think, many people, right? I was so bored. You have never slept that long, so I went out. I walked downstairs, I thought I could go to the shop window, and then you know I do this sometimes Itchy, do you know? LIAM: I know.

How were you when you came back last night? SAM: I'm still here, am I? LIAM: Yes, you are still there. SAM: Yes, I'm fine. But I might have been seen by a few Crown's Guards. LIAM: Did you put on your mask? SAM: Nothing? No, I didn't wear it. But they didn't catch me. Listen, I'm sorry, sometimes I have this urge, I need to get something, you know? I want to try to supplement what you dropped yesterday, and I failed. LIAM: So let's… (sighs) Talk about the situation in a larger town. Here will be It's harder. You can’t go… the suburbs will be easier, the farms will be easier, but we can’t Do the same thing here. SAM: I know, sorry. I know. you are right. Yes, I just wanted to get crooked for a while. That's it. LIAM: Alright. I think you should wear that mask all the time today. SAM: Yeah, great idea, Caleb.

LIAM: Our cooperation will be better. If you want to steal something, call me to help, Okay? SAM: Yes, yes, of course. it is good. LIAM: Change the subject. thank you. I won’t survive if you don’t… You saved my life. So thank you. SAM: Oh, of course there is no problem. LIAM: Yesterday was really bad. SAM: Yes, uh, we will do better today, right? LIAM: Of course. Of course we will. Are you hungry? SAM: Hungry, I'm going to starve to death. MATT: At this time, you noticed bursts of cooked meat and mediocre oatmeal The smell of eggs and eggs has just begun to pass through the thin floor of your room and into your nostrils. LIAM: So, Nott, where are we going today? I can go down and bring up breakfast Eat here. At least…I don't know. I think I still have some concerns about whether I should be direct Go back to town. SAM: Go downstairs and get something to eat. I will go with you, as you said, we are good together.

Then we start from here. Do you need a book or something? LIAM: Need it all the time. SAM: Well, it will be on the to-do list. LIAM: Okay, go get some food. MATT: Alright, are you ready to put on your mask? SAM: Yes, yes, I have a half-length mask that can cover my goblin face, plus pull up my hood, It can be hidden to some extent. Maybe this is not a goblin, maybe just a little halfling or something. MATT: That worked very well. In the southern part of the empire, the more rural areas, especially Felderwin, One of the largest farming and animal husbandry areas in the country, there is a large Halfling population. So although the city is not in the core part, you probably still see 20-25% The population of Trostenwald is halfling. So you can be quite successful Avoid those with good eyesight and focus. You two will pack up temporarily Your outfit, slowly walk down the stairs from the top floor to the bottom of the tavern. here The atmosphere has long been bustling with the crowds of townspeople and tourists who are ready for a day's plan.

Yorda, the female bartender in her 40s with shoulder-length blond hair and faded skin, you were Rented your room from her, she is now hurriedly crossing the left and right behind the bar, At the same time, a red-haired bar waitress shuttled between the tables. It looks like this morning The number is far more than they expected. Yorda shouted to the waiter from behind the bar: "Adelaine, this one needs two more meats and a small amount of oatmeal at the corner table." She looked up and said, "I'm making it!" She ran over and went into the kitchen. There is some light music here because there are two The musician with a sloppy appearance is sitting in the corner, trying to earn some tips, and putting a hat on the ground is for people to tip. But no one put any coins into the hat. Several tables here are very busy, except Two of the tables over there seem to be empty, if you two want to sit down. LIAM: Okay, of course, is it difficult to find a seat? MATT: No, you walk over and sit down.

(laughter) LIAM: How does D&D work? SAM: What dice are we going to roll? (laughter) MATT: After you sit down, because of the chaos around, the red-haired waiter, It took a while for Adelaine to come over. She slipped across another table and said, "I am heartily sorry. What do you want? " SAM: You know, if there is meat, it doesn't matter if there is none. Potatoes, or bacon If it is on the menu, it can actually be anything… MATT: "I can give you all three of the above, no problem. What do you want?" LIAM: Trost per person, please. MATT: "Drink this for breakfast? I like you. Okay, two Trost and a pot of meat. Go and return." She ran away, tying her hair behind her head, and walked into the kitchen, ready to plunge into In chaos. Just as you two are resting at the table over there, you can hear the whispers around you Dialogue, and you two have a moment to be alone to discuss the next step. LIAM: Yes, I need books, that's true, but did you find a drink yesterday? SAM: There is still a little bit in my flat wine bottle.

LIAM: How many are there? SAM: There are only a few mouthfuls left. LIAM: That's also on our to-do list. SAM: I mean, if you don't want me to tremble, yes. LIAM: Okay, then let's do this first. SAM: Good. TRAVIS: I love her. (laughter) MATT: After a while, two plates slid over, creaking Stop at your table. A plate of meat is for you, a small amount of meat is placed next to it Because she thinks you might need it, especially after seeing you… Adelaine looks at you. Say: "Take some into your stomach." Come back and put down two Trosts for you. SAM: I took off my little mask and started (sound of eating) (laughter) LIAM: I picked up the last piece. MATT: When you are halfway through…let me see, it will be Caleb. From the corner of your eye He noticed that a man opened the door and walked in, looking like a very gentle person.

Middle aged, It seems very sophisticated. He has a bushy, rough, and sloppy beard, but his eyes are warm. He held his hat tightly, and he scanned the room with a look of expectation until His face lit up, and he began to squeeze to the other side. From your direction, it looks like he You are slipping towards your table, just when you want to turn your head and see if he is going to… LIAM: My hand is on my wallet. MATT: …He turned to another table next to you. He looked at the three of you. (Screaming) LAURA: We have been sitting here all the time! MATT: Right. You have seen this man the day before. He is the fisherman you helped, Rinaldo.

When he approached, he said, "May I sit down?" LAURA: Of course, please sit down. SAM: What did that come from? MATT: While he is sitting down, I would like to ask each of you to describe yourself, It's up to you, Laura. LAURA: (Slavic accent) Well, well, I am, you know, a little blue demon, just like that, with blue hair. And I am wearing a beautiful and cute dress, that's it. I am enjoying this time, do you know? I am enjoying Time for breakfast here. MATT: Okay. What about you MARISHA: Uh, all right. I am, you know, a simple girl with simple needs. Only wearing a nice wide body Clothes, some traces of monks. They are all bright blue and gray.

You will notice that there is a blue one on my belt sash. The side of the head is shaved, with an undercut hairstyle. It seems I may have put on makeup two days ago, I just thought, okay, the makeup is still there. no problem. I can still accept it. SAM: What is your name? MATT: Let's talk about this later. Thank you. And Travis, can you describe yourself, please? TRAVIS: (Texas stretched accent) Yes, I am here too.

(laughter) TRAVIS: I am a half-orc, wearing worn leather armor. There is a big scar across my face. SAM: (Sing "Bad to the Bone") (laughter) TRAVIS: Green complexion, body armor is made up of bits and pieces. My name is Fjord. LAURA: You are so handsome. I just want to tell you this. TRAVIS: Thank you. Thank you for your appreciation. MATT: When Rinaldo sat down, still holding his hat with both hands, he said, "I thank you for taking the time see me. Fjord. Also, sorry, I forgot your names. " MARISHA: Beauregard. MATT: "Beauregard. How about you?" LAURA: Jester. MATT: "Jester, thank you.

When no one wanted to come yesterday, you showed up to help. All because of you, My daughter was saved. " MARISHA: Ah, yes. By the way, when we first entered the city yesterday, I acted like a pessimistic bastard, so sorry. MATT: "Oh, it's okay." MARISHA: I am not used to things going in a good direction. MATT: "On the side of the empire, you will live well. Anyway, I don't want to disturb you any more, but I… We talked about it yesterday and I have nothing to give you. When sending you away, I have nothing but my gratitude. But during this time I asked other fishermen and lake residents around, we finally raised a small amount of money to go Thank you for your contribution. "Then he reverses his hat and puts it on the table, and this catches your attention, You hear the crackling of coins. Look at you, especially you, Nott, look He put down a pile of mostly copper and silver coins, and a few faintly flickering gold. When I heard the sound of coins hitting the solid wood tabletop in the tavern, The others turned around immediately, focusing on what happened in the tavern.

He picked up his hat and pushed the coin towards you. As you can see, his dirty With dry and cracked skin and calloused fingers pushing the coin over, he took back his hat and Wear it back. LAURA: Great! LIAM: So did the coins fall to the ground? MATT: On the table. "I hope this will be useful. But thank you." MARISHA: Right, right. Uh, wait a minute. TRAVIS: We can't collect this money, can we? I mean, there is too much money here. MARISHA: We should say that at the very least, right? Then still accept it, right? TRAVIS: I think you can do what you say. LAURA: I mean he has raised this money from all around. He has done a lot. I really don’t want him to go back and return the money everyone. TRAVIS: Okay, okay. MARISHA: If he didn't leave a share account, you know. We should not do this. Not acceptable Gifts are very rude, right? It's rude not to accept gifts, is it? MATT: "I also hope that the situation is as you said.

Anyway, thank you very much. I'm sorry, excuse me. "After speaking, he stood up, nodded to you, and hurriedly left the tavern, because It was a bit embarrassing to be noticed by other guests. After he left, Everyone went back to do their own thing, some inquiring eyes began to count the table How many coins are there, and at the same time you transfer the coins to yourself. LAURA: Divide the money. MARISHA: Good, good. MATT: There are four gold coins, 22 silver coins and 48 copper coins in this pile. TRAVIS: Can I look around the room for a week to see who is watching her counting money? MATT: Observation test. 48 copper coins. TRAVIS: Is this the first throw? MATT: The first throw of the new series. TRAVIS: Really 20 points. (Cheers) MATT: That's how you should start. Ok. LAURA: Then I will let you count the money. That is very difficult for me personally, But you should come. MARISHA: How do you divide the four gold coins evenly? We have four gold coins and we only have three people.

LAURA: I don't know. TRAVIS: Actually, I also gained something in that card game, so you can ask for my gold coins. MARISHA: Oh, I will, okay. LAURA: Then we each have two gold coins! Great. MARISHA: Oh, great. One for you, two for mine, two for… Wait a minute, no, wait, that math It's not reasonable. SAM: Is she your treasurer? MATT: That will be fun. LAURA: Not being a treasurer is really difficult. MARISHA: I will give Jester two gold coins, one for yours and one for mine. Then there are 22 silver coins, so… LAURA: Listen to me, plan first. MATT: When you count the money and figure out how to divide your income, Fjord, you go around Looking around, squinting your orc eyes and sweeping the entire room, you can see that there are two tables The man is looking here, when you look at them, they immediately go back Their business and completely retracted. At the table directly next to you there is a man and A man in a hood. This man looks very dirty, his hair is a bit messy, and he is about to finish drinking his Drink.

However, the small stranger who looks like a halfling is staring closely, and slowly Lean in the direction of your table. TRAVIS: That's weird. [ __ ] sick. I want someone to watch us. LAURA: Who is looking at us? TRAVIS: You just have to look over there. SAM: Don't be suspicious, but you can hear so many coins falling on the table, Caleb? LIAM: Yes. But they are all on the table, and I think those coins will stay there. SAM: Yes, but we can follow them out. We can make a "money jar". We can make "rat food". We can Be a "prince and beggar" to defraud them of money.

We can try "Spider Eye". Any of the above tricks are possible… LAURA: Will you stay here? MATT: The blue-skinned demon suddenly leaned over your table. SAM: Don't move. do not move. The demon clan only sees actions. LIAM: I don't think that is true… LAURA: Yes, it's hard for us to see things that don't move. This is very correct. But i I can hear you. You should take a shower. You know, they have a shower room here. You can take a bath here. LIAM: What did you just say? LAURA: You put yourself in the water for a bath. LIAM: That's not the case. I have bathed before, and I know what it means to bathe. LAURA: That's because you are very smelly, and those smells are coming here. I just let you know. I don't want to be so stinky, but no one told me.

LIAM: I just met you. LAURA: Hi! I’m Jester. LIAM: Hi, this is Caleb. LAURA: Meeting for the first time, Caleb. How many silver coins did I just get? MARISHA: Seven! LAURA: Ah! (laughter) MARISHA: There are 16 copper coins. Are you envious? SAM: Good morning. MARISHA: Good morning. MATT: Make an observation check, Beauregard and Jester. LAURA: Wow. LIAM: Are you reviewing your DnD Beyond data? MARISHA: Yes, I am adding… LAURA: 22 o'clock. I haven't opened my character card yet. It's crazy. MARISHA: 19 o'clock. MATT: Good. This kind of gentle female halfling suddenly became very cautious, and she didn’t look like Her human companions are just as dirty. The more you look at her, the more you realize that she doesn't look like a halfling. The ears are folded inwards but they are too long, the skin is a bit green, and Whenever she said a few short words, you also noticed that those teeth look better than yours Expectations of halflings are even more uneven.

MARISHA: I yelled and said good morning in halfling language. SAM: I can speak halflings, right? Yes. I yelled back to say good morning to you too. (laughter) MARISHA: Do you want coffee? I want to buy you a cup of coffee. SAM: We have…free coffee? OK, OK, I want it. Of course good. Thank you. TRAVIS: You are so [ __ ] friendly. They were just staring at our money. MARISHA: Why can't they be looking at me? Maybe they are looking at me. TRAVIS: I never thought it was the reason. MARISHA: Maybe they are looking at you.

Like Jester said, you are handsome. LIAM: It's… LAURA: Really? LIAM: Nott. SAM: He said "Jest." LAURA: I thought you said my name, nothing else. MARISHA: Oh, I said your name. Oh, they might also say your name. LIAM: Don't disturb, don't disturb. Can I have an extra Trost here? SAM: Two glasses, trouble you, hurry up. MATT: Adelaine finally passed by and brought two Trosts, and saw that there was a kind Especially nervous, he said, "What do you want?" LAURA: Okay. I want a lot of baked goods, if you have any, please trouble you.

TRAVIS: Pork belly, if you have one. MARISHA: I believe I have never seen you eat anything other than pastries. LAURA: I like pastries very much. MARISHA: I am a little worried about your health. Forget it, I am not so worried. Eat what you like. I want some bacon and ham, anything. " MATT: "Well, it's pork. I'll go and return." She hurried into the kitchen. You guys continue Staring at each other uneasily. LIAM: I will half-cover my face with my hands and quietly tell Nott that the "money jar" is not for them. That is not for them, it is only useful for farmers. do you know? SAM: Okay, you are right, you are right. MARISHA: Did we notice that they were whispering? MATT: Have the observation dice you just had? can. LIAM: But I said it in a low voice. (laughter) MATT: She rolled 22 points. LIAM: But she can hear me whispering? MATT: No, you heard you whispering, but you are not sure of the words inside.

You can meet them Is whispering. Very mysterious appearance. LAURA: Good, great. SAM: I use halfling to talk to Beau… MARISHA: It can be called Beau for short. SAM: Are you here to travel on official business? MARISHA: I can use the Check Words, Look, and Look to see if he is hiding something? MATT: Make a Sense of Words, Watch and Color check. MARISHA: Good. What is my observing color value? I can't remember. LAURA: What did he just say? I mean you, you are a girl. What did she just say? dry. This will It's hard to remember. SAM: You are asking what I said. LAURA: Okay, what did you just say? MARISHA: 13 o'clock. MATT: 13 o'clock? I think it looks quite sincere. Because of those bandages, shadows and The hood hides her face, making it difficult for you to understand her thoughts.

LAURA: Did you wear that mask to cover your face? SAM: I think so. MATT: Yes, that is a porcelain mask with painted lips. A little disturbing. LIAM: I want to say, I’m sorry, it’s not too direct, but, you know, obviously no goblins are allowed here. Wandering around. LAURA: She is a goblin? ! SAM: Yes, yes, but you don't have to make a fuss, do you? Someone here is unknown. LIAM: Right. She is my companion, she is my friend. There is nothing to fuss about here. That's why she bandaged it. Please don't ask any more questions. LAURA: I didn't ask why she was bandaged. MARISHA: Exactly, we didn't make a fuss. You are making a fuss. LIAM: Someone just asked why she was bandaged. LAURA: No, no one asked. LIAM: Someone said those words (this is Liam): "Why are you bandaged all over?" MARISHA: Oh, I'm asking if she is cold. (laughter) SAM: That's caring. MATT: When Caleb finished oversharing.

LIAM: Vaxleth is over. That's over. MARISHA: That's the past, old friend. That is a different universe. Different lives. MATT: At this moment, there was a commotion near the entrance of the pub. Two dark shadows Stepped into the door under the sun shining near noon. Two figures, one covering the other, Began to walk in. You noticed that one of them walked from one table to another, Both exude a kind of elegance, and the other stays a few feet away.

Taliesin, Please describe your role. LAURA: I didn't know we would see you so soon! TALIESIN: I don't know. ASHLEY: I don't know. TALIESIN: But here we are. A lavender…damn it, Travis. This is a lavender demon, he has red eyes And the very ostentatious edges and corners, with many holes in the corners, and wearing many small gems and small jewelry. He has a tattoo that runs all the way to his profile, a peacock tattoo Under his ridiculously exaggerated robe. There are two knives hanging around his waist and A small bag. His clothes are bold.

LIAM: So it's a peacock, both in reality and metaphor. TALIESIN: Right. TRAVIS: Is it one of your roles? Isn't it? TALIESIN: I know, it's mine. God knows? MATT: When this demon shuttled between the tables, a few feet later, you saw… ASHLEY: Wait a minute, did you say your name? TALIESIN: I didn't say my name. ASHLEY: Good. There is a woman behind him. A bit taller than usual…girl. (laughter) ASHLEY: Her complexion is very, very, very pale. When her black hair grew longer and longer, she started Turn white. The hair was tousled, all tied into reggae braids. Her clothes are a bit shabby, but a bit…

She looks a little untidy, she also has two different colored eyes. One is light green and blue, And the other is just purple. She looked cold, with her back arched and her arms folded across her chest. MATT: You watched two strangers walk from the table to the table, that demon has nothing to do with him Talk to someone, leave a piece of paper, and go to the next table. Measure the atmosphere, There is no paper left, and quickly go to the next one, until your sight touches it seems to be A variegated team sits at two tables, trying to avoid between them An awkward atmosphere, while looking at your intentions.

TALIESIN: I can see… where did they put the coins? I can see Do they have some money? Did I see what happened just now? MATT: They have distributed the money, so unfortunately you did not see any coins. TALIESIN: Oh. I really don't believe that in my life I will meet a group of people who need a good time more than you. My name is Mollymauk Tealeaf, from Fletching and Moondrop Traveling Carnival of Curiosities. If someone needs to go out and enjoy it, you can laugh and see how you always Things you haven’t seen, so my God, I can guarantee that within a month, people will compete Please drink, just so you can share the big and small stories you saw in Traveling Carnival of Curiosities tonight. LAURA: We see the tents you set up! We watch! MARISHA: We actually planned to check out the flyer before we had it, but now we still have the flyer.

TALIESIN: Those are just five copper coins. Super low price. Five silver coins will not overcharge you. If it is five gold coins? It is also worth the fare. If you have five copper coins to spend, we welcome your visit. LAURA: Will you perform? TALIESIN: Ah. I seldom act as a performer, and mostly act as a middleman in this part. I will occasionally Performance. I can divination… LAURA: (sucking air) I was just about to ask if you can do divination! Can you do it once now? TALIESIN: I just knew you would ask this question.

LAURA: (gasps) Oh, my goodness. Hello God. Look at this guy, he knows everything! TALIESIN: I sit at the same table. MATT: Good. He finished his speech and sat down at this table. One of the barmaid Come over to you and look up. You stand a full seven inches taller than her. MATT: "Miss, what would you like to drink?" ASHLEY: (pretending to be serious) Yes, I want a drink, please. Just ask for some ale. MATT: "Next. Do you have a preference for a family brand? Baumbauch?" LAURA: Don't touch Baumbauch. They are very annoying. MARISHA: That's true. ASHLEY: It's just a big cup. MATT: "Then Husseldorf. Okay. Go and return." Then she walked away. TALIESIN: So who has the money to do divination? LAURA: Do you know my name? TALIESIN: What is your name? LAURA: It's Jester. TALIESIN: I know your name now! LAURA and TALIESIN: (laughs) LAURA: What is your name? TALIESIN: Oh, my friends call me Molly, and we are friends now, right? Nice to meet you.

LAURA: Molly. Come see this guy. TALIESIN: Mollymauk. Shortly, it's called Molly. This is Yasha, she is very charming. ASHLEY: Hello. MARISHA: Yasha. Yasha. TALIESIN: Who is going to do divination now? LAURA: I want to do a divination. TALIESIN: Do you have money? LAURA: Yes. How much do you want? TALIESIN: Two copper coins. LAURA: Two copper coins, well, I just made some copper coins. For you. MATT: Note that you are missing two copper coins. (laughter) TALIESIN: I slowly understand the situation. Ok. (Sighs) I will try this. LAURA: Oh my god, really? MATT: That's it, he took out a small deck of cards and started shuffling the cards, please make a Detective check. ASHLEY: (Pretending to be serious) He is very good. Hello, you should line up to predict your future. (laughter) TALIESIN: It's 16 o'clock.

MATT: Okay, you can get a very clear interpretation from the short conversation just now: easily excited, Enthusiasm and this kind of obvious interest in you… you said Any divination result will be enough to satisfy her. Please do one more skill check. SAM: Look at this [ __ ] game! (laughter) TALIESIN: It's also 16 o'clock. MATT: Okay. You are confident that her eyes lock your eyes all the way And did not see you set the deck of cards for interpretation. The cards are shuffled, set up, put down the deck of cards in front of you, And you are ready to do divination. SAM: I keep my eyes wide open and watch for tricks or tricks. MATT: Do an observation test. SAM: Good. Observed. 14 o'clock. MATT: 14 points. it is good. Everything seems to be upright. TALIESIN: Your first card, Silver Dragon. This is good. You are pure.

Your morals are correct. you are a Worthy of intercourse and excellent human beings, or beings with a good reputation. LAURA: That's what everyone else told me. TALIESIN: That is true. Then there is the anvil. LAURA: What did that come from? TALIESIN: That refers to the destiny after training. ASHLEY: (pretending to be serious) Oh. TALIESIN: Your future will be full of glory and adventure. LAURA: Wow! Did you know that we just defeated a big snake? So there may be some A bigger chance, do you know? TALIESIN: Can I roll one more time? MATT: Of course it can. SAM: Ashley is definitely the worst teaser. (laughter) TALIESIN: 19 o'clock. MATT: Okay, it's easy. Even if there are some good eyes on this table, you are at the peak. TALIESIN: The Viper Card appeared. Of course you will. LAURA: (puffs up) God! Look! How did you do it? TALIESIN: This is all the will of the card.

I just preach for a higher being. LIAM: Can I use scouting magic when everyone is looking at this [ __ ]? MATT: You can. You leaned back and chanted the spell very vaguely, your fingers in the air Finger strokes, once a faint silver shimmer walked across your fingertips. There is nothing near you Magic appeared. LAURA: Could you ask the card if I will find him? TALIESIN: Will you find her? LAURA: It's him. TALIESIN: Talk more and listen. Which "him" are you looking for? LAURA: I am looking for my father. TALIESIN: 14 o'clock. MATT: You made a mess, but the card was still drawn out without any problem.

TALIESIN: Come out, come out. Pull out the eye card. You already found what you were looking for clue. You just don't know it yet. LAURA: Really? TALIESIN: It seems to be. Uh, that's what the card said. It's right under your eyes. LAURA: Wow. Does it say how long ago I found it? Because that's really… TALIESIN: Unfortunately I don't have any details. That will be more expensive. LAURA: That really needs more time to think through. TALIESIN: Then you come to our performance, if you come to my tent, I will be very willing Let me give you a more complicated interpretation. LAURA: I am really looking forward to it! That will be very interesting. TALIESIN: It will be interesting. MATT: Yasha, wait a while, the waitress, Adelaine walked over and handed the ale you ordered. ASHLEY: Thank you, madam. MATT: "The boss treats you." TALIESIN: The boss treats you! ASHLEY: You guys are so nice. MARISHA: Do you also perform in the circus? ASHLEY: No. I do not have. I just…I just set up a tent.

MARISHA: Oh, great. TRAVIS: That tent. LAURA: That is a big tent. A lot of work should be done. ASHLEY: I set up the stage and did a lot of lifting. I am strong. But I will not do any performances. TALIESIN: Some of our performances are a bit complicated, some performers are not Very traditional kind. May make some locals a little uneasy, if you understand what I’m referring to, It is good to have a few people nearby who have the ability to control things. MARISHA: Is that why it says "elders are not allowed to enter"? You don't want to be annoying Old man. Or the sick. But why are they elderly? The sick are reasonable, but are they the elderly? TALIESIN: We can't be responsible for anything that happens to someone who is sick or who is old and needs care. This is indeed a thrilling and shocking performance. ASHLEY: We used to have viewers who died while watching. That's right. This performance is so exciting. Just because Excited to death. TRAVIS: Did they die in the performance, or did they die because of watching the performance? ASHLEY: Yes, it's like a heart attack.

I guess it was just too exciting. MARISHA: We will be drunk. LAURA: When is that? how long? When did it start? MATT: Actually today is Grissen, and the first performance was opened today. TALIESIN: Tonight is the first game. LAURA: Then we have a good place to go tonight. MARISHA: Good! LAURA: Do you two smelly people want to go with us? SAM: I… Caleb, we have no plans tonight. I guess we can go together. I don't mind to check it out. MARISHA: This will be fun! TALIESIN: Or you can stay here, and please have people who have been there to drink, then you can listen to them See and hear there and pay more. LIAM: Okay, we can go. LAURA: It will be fun. SAM: OK, OK, it sounds like it will be a good evening. Great. LAURA: Look at the friends we met here. This is a nice city. SAM: Yes, this is a good place. MARISHA: Yes, yes. TALIESIN: You are the cutest people I have ever met… Right. I finished my beer.

(Sighs) Uh, We better move on to the next place. ASHLEY: Yes, nice to meet you. You guys are, uh, good. TALIESIN: Good meeting. Really lucky to meet. See you tonight! MATT: When they left, Yasha drank her ale, patted the glass on the table, and the two of them were together After leaving, I sent a few flyers to other tables along the way, and walked into the afternoon sun. Out of your sight. MARISHA: She is amazing. TRAVIS: She rarely speaks. MARISHA: That's what I like about her. LAURA: She is really cool. Can't you see that she has something cool under her chin? That's interesting. I hope I can think of something similar. MARISHA: Yeah, I mean, you might be able to do the same in the future. Just wait until… LAURA: So she doesn't know that I copied her. I can't do it tonight. MARISHA: No, no. LAURA: Wow, so cool. What are your plans now? (laughter) TRAVIS: Was he using magic just now? LAURA: I don't know.

MARISHA: Are you…you are superstitious. is it? LAURA: Not really. MARISHA: Okay. LAURA: No, I'm not superstitious. MARISHA: You…Of course. LAURA: Why? MARISHA: I mean, what he did just now was to use… he was doing something… he, he was a very smart guy. He is a very smart guy. LAURA: By the way, have you opened the Christmas present I gave you? TALIESIN: No, not yet, no. LAURA: You should open it! Correct! Go get that bag! TALIESIN: I went there during a short break. During the break, I will take it out.

SAM: Hey, Matt. Host. They are all wearing the clothes they describe. They are not wearing any Cloak or other clothing, right? MATT: They both have a small cloak on their shoulders, and Beau has one… SAM: Do I recognize those cloaks? MATT: No, you don't. LAURA: What? Why would you recognize those cloaks? SAM: Maybe I saw something. I do not know. MATT: No, you don't. SAM: Didn't I meet them last night? MATT: No. SAM: Okay. interesting. MARISHA: A lot of mysteries. LIAM: Also, for the record, it has nothing to do with magic at all. Maybe he is just very good at reading human minds, But that is not magic. SAM: Caleb knows everything about magic. He also taught me some magic. He is really good. You should Look at him… LIAM: Nott… LAURA: Caleb, are you going to the Academy? LIAM: (Reluctant laugh) That's silly. SAM: If he wanted to, he went early. He is really good at magic. He can make cats appear out of thin air and Feel free to let it disappear.

LAURA: Seriously? a cat? LIAM: (flicking) MATT: From under the table you watched, this orange tabby cat jumped onto the table. MARISHA: Oh, [ __ ]. what is his name? LAURA: Or her name! LIAM: Ah, it's him. This is my cat Frumpkin. Frumpkin, yes. LAURA: Ah! Can I call him Lumpy? LIAM: You can call him Frumpkin. LAURA: Look at this Lumpy! Made in the UK. (laughter) LIAM: That was a small gift from Marisha, so this is Frumkin. LAURA: That's too much. SAM: He can do more than that. Caleb, tell them you can do everything. Really breathtaking. LIAM: Did you know that sometimes simplicity is beautiful, less is better. LAURA: I am also a bit tricky. SAM: Use magic? LAURA: Right. SAM: For example? LAURA: For example… SAM: Don't cast spells on me, not on me! LAURA: For example…Oh my god.

Ok. I'm going to use thaumaturgy to make all the windows here quickly Open, like being knocked open. MATT: Good. You watched the four nearby windows being knocked open by a sudden strange wind, and Suddenly all the different torches used for lighting in more interior and shadow corners in the room Dim and flicker. The music stopped suddenly. Everyone is frozen in their place, Look over to your desk. TRAVIS: Jester, do you remember that we said to keep a low profile? LAURA: You said I was right. Sorry. I use thaumaturgy to close all the windows. (laughter) MATT: They all shut up violently a second time. The flame flickered and then returned to its original brightness. LAURA: Look! MARISHA: Good! OK! LAURA: Come to the Carnival tonight and watch my performance! I am great! MATT: One seems to be very irritable, has a back bite, probably lost most of the teeth, A man in his 50s…

(laughter) LIAM: I telepathically told Frumpkin to jump up and sit down on the thigh of the woman in the monk robe that made a fuss. Hope this can keep her busy to see how cute he is. MATT: Good. As soon as you sit down, Frumpkin jumps on your lap, starts whining and Wipe it with your hand. MARISHA: Hey, friend. Look at this kitten! I think he likes me. LIAM: Yeah, he likes you now. MARISHA: Is this a real cat? Or is it a fake cat? LIAM: What do you mean by fake cats? MARISHA: Just like a magic cat.

LIAM: He is also a real cat and a magic cat. MARISHA Is he a magic cat? LIAM: Do you feel him? TRAVIS: Can you put him there? MARISHA: Are you sensitive to Frumpkin? No way! LAURA: But he is a magic cat. How can you be sensitive to magic cats? TRAVIS: I'm pretty sure he is a real [ __ ] cat. MARISHA: He is one of the hypoallergenic magic cats. LIAM: I don’t know the rules of "Fifth Edition" are right… LAURA: …cat dander? MATT: Just what you see now? Yes, he really has an allergic reaction.

A small reaction. MARISHA: I walked away from Fjord a little bit. LIAM: Damn it. (laughter) SAM: So both of you are magic users. What about the bigger guy here? TRAVIS: Actually, I want to say that I can also be a little magical. LAURA: Yes, I mean, he is studying. He is getting better at using magic. TRAVIS: Learning more. LAURA: By the way, you should look at his performance.

When he disguised himself that day, it was like (Tsk tusk) TRAVIS: Thank you, Jester. She is better at this than me. We just want to go up gradually and go into the Academy Complete more learning. LAURA: Ah, he will continue to study. I won’t be admitted to Academy. MARISHA: Ah, you keep mentioning this Academy. TRAVIS: Of course, that is a well-known institution. MARISHA: That's it. SAM: I'm so sorry, which Academy are you talking about? TRAVIS: It's Solstryce Academy. You know. MATT: It's Soltryce. LAURA: Yes, that's it. SAM: It's Soul Train Academy. LIAM: It's a very advanced place. TRAVIS: You know that place too. LIAM: I have heard of it. TRAVIS: And you also have a gift for magic. LIAM: Yes. LAURA: When did you have this ability? LIAM: That question is difficult to answer.

I studied when I was younger, but I gave up for a while. I just continued my studies recently. It's all from reading books. LAURA: Wow, that's cool. MARISHA: This is great as your first spell. LAURA: It's a cat! MARISHA: This has a healing effect. This has improved my overall perception of the world. TRAVIS: (sneezing) MARISHA: Alright. SAM: He reads a lot of books, Caleb will. He is very smart. In fact, are we now Should I find more books? LIAM: Let's stay a little longer. LAURA: Can I read one of your books? LIAM: So… I opened the lapel of my coat. I put the book on what modern people say Something similar to a pistol holster, but with a book hanging in it. SAM: I think the ancients would also call it a leather case. LIAM: Bang Bang Bang. The books are here. I have these, but these are ancestral, yes Family heirlooms, so I don’t share them, but…no, I just love reading. That's it. I'm still on my own Rehabilitation, so I'm looking for…I mean, I wish you good luck to enter the Academy.

I heard that it was hard work. TRAVIS: What else do you know about this? We just climbed up. Beginners are out of luck. LAURA: We know that that is the place where rich people go. We are looking for a way to let you in. LIAM: I just know how difficult it is to get in. SAM: So don't you have much money? LAURA: That. TRAVIS: No. LAURA: We used to have more. MARISHA: But we lost that money, but then we made some. TRAVIS: Someone has a gambling problem. SAM: Oh, who is it? LAURA: What is that called? MATT: That is Crick-Queen's Call. LAURA: Have you ever played? SAM: No, I don't. LAURA: I will teach you another day. This is fun. SAM: Is that a game? LAURA: Yes. SAM: Is it a card game? Ok. I might know how to play. LAURA: I mean, I can teach you if you want to learn.

SAM: Okay, I want to learn to play this game. LAURA: Okay, I deal! SAM: Uh, now? LAURA: Yes, no problem. This will be fun. SAM: Can I play? LIAM: Listen to me, if you weren't there, I wouldn't be sitting here today. So do what you like. LAURA: Good. You draw three cards. Uh, I will give you three cards. You use 3d6. SAM: 3d6. LAURA: Right. SAM: I have one. I'm not you. I only have one dice of each kind. (laughter) LAURA: Good. Then hide the points you roll, because we can't know. Then first you have to place your bet. How much do you want to bet? SAM: I'm not playing anymore. (laughter) LIAM: It doesn't matter. I can give you some money to play for you. LAURA: Oh, great! How much do you want to pay for him? LIAM: I will give you a silver coin.

LAURA: A silver coin. Great. SAM: Thank you, Caleb. Thank you. LIAM: Hope I have more. LAURA: Okay. Am I doing it right? MATT: Right now. LAURA: Now I deal three cards each, so we roll the dice together, but we can't see each other. That's great. MARISHA: Don't say things like "That's great". LAURA: It's a bluff. How do you know that I am not throwing well? SAM: I want to try to change one of my cards. LAURA: No, wait. There are rules. SAM: When you can't see it. MATT: Make a skill check. SAM: 12 plus eight. So it is 20 o'clock. MATT: Do an observation test. LAURA: No, he completely did it. She completely did it. It's really difficult, Sam. LIAM: You just played for an hour and a half. SAM: Everyone, this is my only skill. LAURA: But that is also my skill. SAM: Do it. LAURA: Because that is also my skill, so I try to do the same.

MATT: Then you have to roll first… LAURA: I didn't realize he did. MATT: Okay. Yes, so you can only reroll one of the dice. LAURA: Okay, then I will try to roll one of the dice again. MATT: Throw it. Make a skill check. LAURA: Oh, right. damn it. SAM: Did I realize she had surgery? MATT: Then do an observation check. SAM: No. LAURA: 13? SAM: No. I rolled three points. LAURA: Alright. This means that the best deck you can draw is three. Then came the straight. Big straight. Then there is Xiao Shunzi. Then if you draw a full double, or a full single, it There are two pairs after that, and then they are gone. Only loose cards. Okay, but now we can put in the second time Bet, because you can push up the bet, you draw one more card. SAM: I'm not playing anymore. LAURA: No, wait, wait, wait. You can increase the size, and then I will give you a different card.

You can hand in a card, and then I will give you another card. SAM: Should I do this? Caleb, do you have any money? LIAM: Just because you saved my life yesterday, you can get one more silver coin. LAURA: One more silver coin. it is good. I will keep the bet small because you just added one, so I just put in a silver coin. MATT: That's a bet on four silver coins. LAURA: Yes. Now you hand over one of the dice, any one you don’t want, roll it again. MATT: You can reroll once. SAM: Okay, that's it. MATT: You also roll again. LAURA: I don't want to reroll any dice. Ok. Now you show your cards and we see who wins. SAM: I have one to four. LAURA: I have three fives. SAM: I drew my short sword. (laughter) MARISHA: I grabbed him immediately. MATT: Do an exercise check. You make a stunt check. SAM: Special effects? 24 o'clock.

MARISHA: 14 o'clock. MATT: The female goblin drew this short sword. You reach out and grab her, and then she slips away from your hand. Now she was standing at the table with this dagger. SAM: You are doing surgery. You don't know how to perform surgery. LIAM: Nott, Nott, it's okay. It's ok. She won me two silver coins. Let's leave it there. SAM: I'm sorry. LIAM: Good. She gets nervous sometimes. You have to understand that we live in the forest already It's been a while. Whenever we approach a place like this, we are attacked, raided, or followed. So I'm sorry to replace me… SAM: That's me foolish. Sorry. I should do this. Sorry. LAURA: No, it doesn't matter. Just don't do it again. But I'm sorry I took your friend's money. LIAM: That's just worse. TRAVIS: Maybe you can give some back. LAURA: But why? This is what I won back. SAM: Your Laura has appeared. (laughter) LAURA: How about this. I will give you…nothing, I can't do it! Okay, here is a silver coin…

LIAM: No, I insist on that. LAURA: Okay, but I insist that you get all the money back. Okay, it's mine, thank you. Great. SAM: I need more drinks. LIAM: Two tables here are going to visit Trost, which is troublesome. LAURA: Look? Isn't this the most fun anymore? SAM: It's fun. MATT: Yorda looked over and said, "Which wine do you prefer?" LIAM: Don't Baumbauch. MATT: "Then Von Brandt." MARISHA: I admire you for insisting on taking away other people's money in a training round. LAURA: Right? Oh wait, is that bad? MARISHA: That's right. LAURA: So guys, I only learned it last night.

LIAM: What is a training round? MARISHA: It was when she was teaching. LAURA: People took my money when I was in school. LIAM: It doesn't matter. It is difficult to collect water. It's ok. Ok. MATT: Another wine tour has arrived at your table. You share this moment very serious Drinks after the game. LIAM: If you feel a little worse, this tour drink counts on me. LAURA: Oh my god, now I must give you those two silver coins. Don’t worry. (laughter) SAM: She is just a bunch of wild and crazy guys. (laughter) LAURA: Has the bakery I want arrived yet? MATT: It's all here. Your meals have been in front of you for a while. You have a chance to eat most of it food. SAM: That is true. MATT: It is indeed true. That's the power of imagination, Sam. There was no one second. TALIESIN: Bangarang! (laughter) TALIESIN: Right in front of you. MATT: That's it. After each of your breakfasts, you can decide to continue your conversation or Take care of your affairs. LAURA: I just want to go to the carnival.

LIAM: But that is tonight, right? MATT: If you have no other business, we can wait till dusk. SAM: There is that bulletin board on the wall. Are there any new notices on it? MATT: You walk over and take a look. There is a picture from Hills The notice posted by Ward's people is looking for someone to go to the southern part of Ustaloch for a major cleanup. There seems to be voles infested there. TRAVIS: What is a [ __ ] vole? MATT: It's just a small mouse. LAURA: Should we go? MARISHA: I mean, let's kill mice of abnormal size. SAM: This doesn't sound interesting at all. TRAVIS: Are there any other notices? MATT: At the moment, it seems that there is another notice on the bulletin board, but most of it has been torn off.

Temporarily The rest of the positions are empty. LIAM: Host, did I tear it off? I do not remember. MATT: Yes, it's you. SAM: Isn't that the job of shipping goods? LIAM: That is exactly what you said. MATT: It was going to one of the local wineries to help carry and pack the containers. SAM: [ __ ] him. LAURA: We did it. What a terrible job. SAM: Did you do it? LAURA: Well, I did it by mistake. MARISHA: We are playing D&D, and we moved boxes for eight hours. (laughter) TRAVIS: Yes, we did. MATT: Welcome to the second level. SAM: We didn't ask for that job, thanks. TRAVIS: It's easy to get bored. MARISHA: Yes, but we gambled with other workers, and then Jester…Yes. It's Jester… LAURA: Then I lost control, but he made a lot of money. TRAVIS: Maybe you don't have to say it so loudly. Just an idea. MARISHA: Oh, that's right. We probably shouldn't say that.

We did not make any money. LAURA: Do you want someone to be company? Do you want us to play with you? SAM: I don't know. This sounds very risky, I don't know. LIAM: Do you know anything else? Surprisingly, I don't think it is free. SAM: Want these weirdos to follow us? LAURA: I can hear you. LIAM: Yesterday was a terrible day. SAM: Okay. So I assume if we are all weird, it might be scattered Attention to me. LIAM: That's too. The bottom line is do you accept dealing with goblins? LAURA: The bottom line…then I touched Nott's shoulder and performed blessings with trickery. SAM: God, she is going to kill me now. (laughter) SAM: Any magic will kill the goblins instantly. By the way, immediately. (laughter) LAURA: That would be the worst character setting. (laughter) We will mourn her. (German) Goodbye. MATT: Okay, her hands exuded a slightly warm feeling, for a moment, You look over, instinctively ready to draw your sword again.

But that quickened your reflex response. You have a feeling of adrenaline soaring that will not go away. LAURA: All your stealth checks have advantages. MATT: In the next hour. SAM: Thank you. You are so kind. TRAVIS: I have no problem with goblins, but you are not in any trouble, are you? No one is looking for you, right? LAURA: Because she will bring all the different troubles. SAM: No one is hunting me! TRAVIS: Can I do a Sense of Words, View and Color check? MATT: Yes. (laughter) TRAVIS: 13 o'clock. MATT: 13 points. If you want to try to lie. SAM: It was 14 points, but my performance value was minus three. TALIESIN: I have been waiting for this day for a long time. SAM: So it's 11 o'clock. MATT: So are you lying? SAM: I'm lying. I must be avoiding someone and running away. TRAVIS: I am glad to hear about this. MARISHA: Then that mask. I am extremely interested in that mask. It seems to be very handcrafted.

Did you do it yourself? SAM: That's a [ __ ] good question. Did I make it? (laughter) SAM: I don't know how to make things. MATT: No, I assume…and we talked about this a little bit…we presume that it was made from a porcelain The doll came. SAM: Oh, that's cool. Cool and disgusting, cool and disgusting. LAURA: What is her name? That creepy doll. TRAVIS: Annabelle. (Referring to the horror movie "Annabel") (laughter) LAURA: No, stop talking.

I don't want to see the portrait of you and Annabelle's face together. SAM: It's too late. MATT: The Internet is full of those portraits. SAM: Check your Twitter. TRAVIS: It seems we have a whole day. What was your original plan? LIAM: Nothing special. We are going to try different types of Trost, and then maybe I want to Just flip through the book. There is nothing very important. LAURA: Where did Trost come from? MARISHA: The brewery factory! SAM: Just ale. (The ale produced by Trostenwald is Trost) LAURA: We can't go to Baumbauch ale. SAM: What happened to the Baumbauch family? LIAM: There are two more to choose from here.

MARISHA: They are the factories where we helped move the boxes, and then we can say that we lied to their employees. TRAVIS: We were not too friendly when we parted. LIAM: Host, which one is known to have the blessing of Fryda Langer? MATT: No, it's actually Baumbauch's house. LIAM: Do it. MATT: Yes, Starosta is connected to the Baumbauch family to some extent. TALIESIN: We are now picky about fantasy beer. LAURA: Is that the kind of wine you need? LIAM: No, I just pointed out that the defrauded brewery was blessed by the big guys here.

LAURA: Okay. Why do you need this wine? LIAM: We don't need wine. It’s just that everyone says that drinking Trost is a very pleasant experience. She probably needs a bar. SAM: I just want a little bit. LAURA: Do you need beer? SAM: Actually I prefer stronger wine, but at this moment I am willing to ask for any kind of wine I can get. Yup, I have been using this damn accent for the next two years. (laughter) TRAVIS: There is sore throat every Friday. (laughter) MARISHA: So is the beer tour and then the circus? LAURA: I really want to say, I miss the two people I met at the carnival.

TRAVIS: Actually, I think it’s time to go to the carnival. MARISHA: If we just edited the excerpts of the beer trip, we could get to the circus very quickly. Go to the carnival! MATT: Of course you can do this. LIAM: Can I simplify my book search process into a test to decide if I can find anything useful… MATT: Okay, we can do this. Let’s say that the five of you decided to start together, Wandering around the town all day, you can easily find Husseldorf’s brewery, Meet two very friendly people in charge, Voss and June.

It's Husseldorf's house. You avoided Baumbauch, but of course you can buy Baumbauch ale in other taverns in town. Then there is von Brandt's winery. All of them, every time you say "Trost", they will correct you And say their last names. They insist on getting rid of all Trost-branded wines as a whole The name "Trost" and replace it with his family name. This is an offense, serious enough You want to say, "Oh my God. I really don't know." TALIESIN: Is it the same as Kleenex (American facial tissue brand) and facial tissue? it is good. MATT: But you still drink a lot of alcohol all day long. I didn't try to drink. I drink one more drink in the first half of the day and one more drink in the second half. MATT: Okay. LAURA: I didn't drink too much. MATT: Okay. SAM: I will drink a lot. MARISHA: I also want to drink a lot. MATT: Well, in this case… LIAM: …you are poisoned.

MATT: No, roll the individual soul saving die. It was a crazy day. 12 o'clock. MATT: At 12 o'clock, all right. You feel a little dizzy for a while, when the sun sets Xishan, you still control yourself, not even spit out your breakfast. LAURA: Oh, it's like a Renaissance festival. MATT: Right. Don't remind me. MARISHA: Good times, good times. MATT: So at the end of the day, you were quite drunk, and you were not completely drunk. And your itinerary, you want to go to Hillsbrook Parchment and Binding. LIAM: Was that the last place I went? It's just that I don't go in my capacity. Then I will go as myself. MATT: Okay. Please do an investigation test. LIAM: Okay. Don't screw me up, Vax. That is… LAURA: That is Vax. That is Vax's dice.

LIAM: Yes, even a very light German accent is good, when you say "Vex" and "Vax", The same pronunciation. (laughter) LIAM: It was 12 o'clock. MATT: 12 o'clock. You spent about 30 minutes and found a lot about Books on agricultural techniques. There are many books on how to grow and take care of different Vegetation, plants and different draught animals. You find books about planting in different seasons Which varieties of grains and wheat are the best? You still find a few The discussion about Menagerie Coast talked about something called Clovis Concord. This is biased to talk about how this political structure maintains all city-states. LIAM: The boss who runs this place is already getting older, right? Just sipping tea. MATT: Yes, Sheena, yes. Sorry. You have many good books to choose from here. Do you mind if I ask…I haven't seen it There are other booksellers in the town. I'm not looking for books about farming either. Here Is there any other place I can check? MATT: "If you want to find a library or something, you should go to Zadash in the north." LIAM: Zadash.

MATT: "That's where the Library of the Cobalt Soul is. They have everything you can imagine data. It's a bit expensive to get inside, unless you have already prepared. Unfortunately, If we don't have the books you are looking for, I will not be able to help you. LIAM: No, these are some good books. Sorry. How much is this book on hoes technology worth? MATT: "Oh! "Jamieson's Hoedown", yes, it's like this. That's for two silver coins." LIAM: Oh, I'm really embarrassed. Sorry, I gave away my last two silver coins. LAURA: No, I gave you back, do you remember? LIAM: I gave away my last two silver coins. Maybe I can earn two silver coins later this week and come back. MATT: "Please do this. Do you want me to keep this book for you?" LIAM: Okay. MATT: "What's your name?" LIAM: My name is Caleb Widogast. MATT: "Okay.

I will put it under the bookshelf. Thank you very much." LIAM: Okay, goodbye, thank you. LAURA: Is this a big store? MATT: This is a small shop. It is designed to look like a cross. There are two staggered corridors and The walls are covered with books. There is a window at the end of each corridor and a door behind the shop. LAURA: When he was talking to the store manager, I wanted to bring out the book I could bring out as much as possible, and then Put it on the bookshelf and turn some books upside down, waiting for their spine All to the bookshelf.

MATT: Please do a skill check. LAURA: Really 20 points! MATT: Just when he was looking for books and distracting the man, you were completely The interior of the entire bookstore was rearranged, and even the far corner was not spared, You fold up in the middle of the store like "Devil Buster", a stack of books from floor to ceiling, and he doesn't notice it at all. LIAM: You [ __ ] boisterous. MATT: You feel very confident and happy, and there is a feeling of praise covering your whole body. Ok. LAURA: I walked out in small steps. MATT: Okay. After you finish this conversation, turn your head and find that the inside is with you The last thing you saw was different, and then a trace of nervousness began to grow in your heart.

LIAM: Frumpkin, come on. MATT: (Meow) Frumpkin follows you closely. LIAM: Great! Matt can now make cat sounds! MATT: I never thought about it until now. damn it. All right. You at this moment Has gathered, the evening glow gradually emerged from the clouds, dyeing the sky in different orange and pink colors, The slowly falling night sky and cold wind signaled to Crown's Guard to start lighting Lanterns hanging on Trostenwald street. A new energy on the street When the music of the violin sounded in the night. SAM: Oh my god, Ashley is a master violinist, right? ASHLEY: (playing as a musical instrument) Beedle-deedle. (laughter) TRAVIS: I really like that your violin sound is "Beedle-deedle". ASHLEY: All musical instruments have this sound, right? SAM: Drums.

LIAM: By the way, host, can I ask… at some time of the day, when Nott was drunk, I Can one hour be used for arcane restoration to restore a spell slot that was used this morning? MATT: Of course it can. I will allow you to do this. Ok. People began to stick their heads into the street, I’m very curious about where these unusual noises come from, your eyes are focused on This line of people in colorful costumes is cruising on the road.

A person who looks like a descendant of the elves The thin man led the team, his long gray-brown hair curled slightly at the ends and the middle of his back. He jumped and let the tail of his long coat sway from side to side. Two female halflings dressed in purple Dance with green tights on both sides of the road, send flowers to children, and adults distribute flyers. There is also a bald man wearing a bright red dress coat with a ruffled neck. His face is bright orange. The makeup looks to reflect each other with the setting sun behind him. He played the violin briskly and energeticly, This is the music you just heard. A tall half-orc walked by, with a well-managed face on his face Eight-character Hu, wearing a white silk shirt and black trousers, with a big drum hanging on his shoulders, following behind Beat the beat (drums) to the melody of the violin. The one with lavender skin you saw this morning Majin walked by with a smile on his face. He was juggling with two scimitars while walking, almost I dropped one of them but caught it, and then continued walking.

Many families, young and old, began to come out to see Parade. The two dancers separated, and one with short fiery red hair and dark skin came out in the middle. Woman, hold a small candle in hand, and…wish! One eruption, one flame Emerging from her mouth, illuminating the entire neighborhood, everyone took a breath together. When the parade continued, they began to cheer and applaud. Right at the end of the line, you see that A very burly and pale woman with her arms folded on her chest, purely following the team, paying attention to her surroundings. Just like a security guard, ensuring that no situation will get out of control. Those gasping sounds and cheers gradually followed Wherever the parade went, some families and other civilians began to gather and follow Parade team. When the last setting sun sank into the mountains, the surrounding torches were already lit, The parade went through the center of Loch Ward to the edge of Ustaloch.

Walk through In that fishing village, more people gathered together. Do you follow along? Everyone: Of course. LAURA: I once again cast blessings on you, just in case. SAM: Thank you. MATT: People are parading, you see faces looking forward to this new type of entertainment. The children laughed and chattered excitedly. As for those in the brass and scarlet uniforms you know Crown's Guard, some people are trying to maintain order but they are also curious about themselves. Some people obviously I don't trust this group of hooligans who suddenly appeared to overthrow the original tranquil atmosphere. The cruise continues to East of the southern edge of Loch Ward, just in Ustaloch’s To the south, head straight to the newly erected dark blue big tent.

Long White and silver ribbons fluttered in the cold wind from the top of the tent. You keep going forward, You see the horned demon that you met earlier slowly approaching you, You recognize them as people you spoke to earlier. MARISHA: I said, Molly! Molly, hey! TALIESIN: Oh, my favorite people, hello. LAURA: Here we are! TALIESIN: I am glad you all came to see our performance. Tonight will be great. ASHLEY: (pretending to be serious) This will bring you great surprises. (laughter) SAM: Continue the atmosphere hype. ASHLEY: You will like it very much. TALIESIN: The first performance of each round is often the best, it must be.

MARISHA: Where is the best seat? TALIESIN: Well, I have always preferred the front seat. So if anything goes wrong, it’s right in front of you. Nothing stands in the way between you and that terrible and bloody mess. That is the best experience. MARISHA: What? TALIESIN: Nothing, nothing, it's okay. ASHLEY: It will be great, but before you go in, I will do a body search with each of you because You can't bring any weapons in. MATT: At this moment, there is a sound from behind you, you see Gustav, the head of the carnival, look over.

Said, "You two, go ahead. Hurry up. We need to start getting ready. It seems We are already looking forward to coming in, so go to the door and inside to get ready. Then come to meet us in front. In fact, did you know? You are responsible for the cards. We need to run Make some change. " TALIESIN: I will be in charge of the cards. MATT: "Okay. Folks, I'm so excited to be patronized by you." He turned around, The crowd said, "Enjoy the evening air. Walk slowly. We only need a moment to prepare." Then the half-elf man bowed and took off his big hat…it looked like a drooping one to the front Top hat. He put his hat back, and started a leisurely stroll, continuing to play the music, But obviously speeds up the pace and crosses the crowd, leading all of you to go slowly The tent outside. And right here we go to rest. (Screaming) TRAVIS: My face is hot like a fire.

LAURA: Am I the only one who will… do we really want to hand over our weapons? I am not very satisfied with this arrangement. SAM: Ashley, I will do whatever you want me to do, but if you take my weapon, I might kill you. ASHLEY: I would love to see you try. (Screaming) MATT: Okay. We will be back in a few minutes. Let's take a short break. we Some gifts from friends of Wyrmwood. We have a set of three pieces of white oak The dice tower system. This will be given to one of you in the chat room. The password is, if I remember it, "beginnings". By the way, this is it. If you are in a Twitch chat room, If you want to participate in the lucky draw again, when you receive the prompt, please enter "beginnings" once. If you Enter more than once and you will be disqualified, so be careful. Otherwise, this is just a The chaos of spamming. Then the keyword is "beginnings". When prompted, please enter That word, we will come back to announce the winners after the break. Anyway, guys, welcome to The beginning of a new series.

(Screaming) MATT: See you in a few minutes. LIAM: Magic! LAURA: Magic! [In a short break] MATT: Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen. everyone! Wow! LIAM: The grenade that Foster threw in at the last second. MATT: I know. Welcome back. First and foremost, we have this provided by our friend Wyrmwood The winner of the complete white oak dice tower set. The winner is GTDevoto. Congratulations, Denova Will contact you for contact information. Others, thank you participate. We will have more gifts in each episode of Critical Role in the future, thank you Friends of Wrymwood Gaming.

In addition, a reminder for those of you who are not familiar with our program and those who are already familiar with our program, We have a Tuesday talk show called Talks Machina with our friend Mr. W. Brian Foster… Messed up his name…you all know him, Brian W. Foster, both a friend of this show and The host of that show, he will discuss the content of this episode with some of the casts on Tuesday. Tuesday evening at seven PST. Then… (laughter) MATT: Bring us back to the story. TRAVIS: Take us the [ __ ] back. SAM: Five dragons rushed down and attacked. (laughter) MATT: That's too old-fashioned. You walked closer to the outside of this dark blue big tent, On one side of the door is the neatly dressed half-orc, and on the other is the one you are outside the carnival The pale woman I met for the second time, Yasha, was checking and leading people into the tent. Before people enter the building, the two are also collecting entrance fees.

A few feet away, You see a small group of people around Mollymauk, he is sitting on a small blanket, Some cards were unfolded in front of him. That set of cards is the same as the one you saw Jester playing with earlier. almost. Now there is a farmer sitting across from him, listening attentively to what he said: "Okay, then about this cough, Can you tell me something? " TALIESIN: Have you gotten away with these coughs? MATT: "Oh, it's been about three or four months." (cough) TALIESIN: This seems to be much better.

Oh, yes. Do you feel better? MATT: "Oh, now? Yes." TALIESIN: Yes, look. If I were you, I would take some tinctures and the like. Why… by the way, Maybe you should go find someone to see this cough. MATT: "Who can I see? What should I do when the card tells me?" TALIESIN: Maybe some kind of doctor. MATT: "Right! Of course it is! Oh, thank you very much." Then he put it down… TALIESIN: The Platinum Dragon is with you. Thank you. MATT: He stood up. "My God, doctor!" Then he walked away. (laughter) MARISHA: What happened to the "Sick people are not welcome" rule? TALIESIN: This is outside the tent. MATT: By the way, he didn't go in that tent. He left from the side. MARISHA: No matter. TALIESIN: But I am very happy to see you here. LAURA: The thing is like this. Some of us carry weapons and we don’t want to give it to others, So what chance is there that we can go in without surrendering weapons, you understand? ASHLEY: So if you still have weapons on your body, you can't watch the show.

LAURA: Yes. And we really want to see the show. But, you know, we are very good at security, I mean we are all very strong, if monsters appear we can fight, so maybe you It is best not to put away our weapons, so we can help. MARISHA: Actually, this is a proposal. We will give this good deal. You waive our entrance fee, If anyone is going to be blasted away, or there is any security crisis, we can help. SAM: Like a security guard? MARISHA: Like acting security guard. ASHLEY: Uh, but, you see, the funny thing is, that's my job. LAURA: So do you want to hire us? ASHLEY: No. MARISHA: You will be like our boss. Have you ever thought about being a boss? That is, the person in charge? ASHLEY: I am. LAURA: We can ask you for leave from time to time.

MATT: A gray-green glove is patted on Beau's shoulder, you look over and see That neatly tall orc stood here. "I'm really sorry, but we have taken care of it. If you want to make money internally, you can do so, but the rules are the rules. So sorry. " LIAM: Will they be stored in lockers or the like? ASHLEY: I will hold them. And if you want, I can stand by your side. You can Keep an eye on me throughout the process. TALIESIN: She is very trustworthy. LIAM: That seems fair. MATT: "Yasha, that would be… okay." MARISHA: I looked at him and removed his hand. So what is your name? MATT: "Bo." MARISHA: Good name. MATT: "Thank you." LIAM: That's really interesting, because your name is also Beau.

MATT: "Really?" MARISHA: You don’t need to…maybe let me choose when to tell people… MATT: "No, no, I'm very curious about that. How did you spell your name?" MARISHA: Well, that's short for Beauregard. MATT: "Oh, mine is just BO." (also translated short for stink) MARISHA: That is unfortunate. I mean, that's great. Some kids laughed…it's all right. MATT: "That's not inaccurate." Then he played his mustache. (laughter) LAURA: Is that his moustache especially stinky? What is it? That's disgusting. MATT: Do an observation check. LAURA: Ah. I don't want to notice this. I am glad that I did not roll well points. MARISHA: Can I do a Sense of Words, Look and Feel check? Is he a weirdo or is he just… MATT: Make a Sense of Words, Watch and Color check. Eight o'clock? Fortunately, you are not close enough to smell his Eight-character Hu. MARISHA: Really 20. MATT: Good. The interesting thing is that he looks neat. He just looks Just kidding with you. He is having a good time, and he is joking with you, he is careless, Competent and in fact quite neat.

He doesn't stink. And he enjoys This answer. MARISHA: It's funny, you see, my name is Beau because my parents want a son. MATT: "Then to avoid any other confusion, you can call me the Breaker. Uh, if you finish reading For the rest of the performance, you may see why I got my name. " LAURA: Are you also in this performance? MATT: He made his arms crackle. "Yes, towards the end." TRAVIS: Now I want to watch this show. MATT: "So. Can you?" You can see that a lot of people line up behind you at the beginning.

"In addition, if you want to go in, we have to check this group of people. Want to go in? " LIAM: I took it out… I only have this dagger, but I just handed it to Yasha. LAURA: Just a dagger? ASHLEY: I promise you that I will return it to you. LIAM: Okay, for you. ASHLEY: I promise you that I will return all the weapons.

LAURA: Please agree with me, Yasha. ASHLEY: Uh, I don’t like… LAURA: Right! Now we are good friends. This is my sickle. MARISHA: I have a long stick, but I still use it as a cane, so I want to hold it. TALIESIN: Are you unable to walk without the stick? LAURA: She has a very serious lame. MARISHA: Sometimes I have this kind of severe pain, it's a small intervertebral problem. TALIESIN: Can you give me your stick so I can see it? I want to see you lame. Just purely for my own entertainment. MARISHA: Are you condescending to me, Mollymauk? TALIESIN: No, I hope you are the one who condescends to us. (laughter) MARISHA: Can I hold my long stick? (laughter) ASHLEY: How about this? I will take it, and then I can take you to your seat.

MARISHA: A deal. LAURA: How would you hold all these weapons? ASHLEY: Because I am really [ __ ] strong. (laughter) ASHLEY: You. Can I do a body search with him, because of you… MATT: Of course, you can throw an investigation check. I will give you an advantage because you are good at it. LIAM: I opened my coat and let her see those books. ASHLEY: I don't think I found anything special. 12 o'clock. MATT: You found two books and a small amount of change. There is nothing left on him. He is actually The collections and souvenirs are quite lacking. ASHLEY: I just want your chest to look square, so I want to see what's going on.

LIAM: I am almost concave. Is it concave or convex, I forgot? Everyone: It's concave. MARISHA: If it is convex, it will be funny. (laughter) SAM: I will give her my short sword, but not my small crossbow. MATT: Well, make a skill check and try to put it away. SAM: Four o'clock. Oh, wait a minute. 12 o'clock. MATT: Technically, you have an advantage in this check, right? Agility check? SAM: Uh, did you give me agility or just sneak? How does that work? LAURA: I think that blessing is limited to stealth checks.

MATT: Let me review it soon. Everyone: Go check that book. MATT: Damn it! SAM: We are playing "First Edition", right? MATT: No, this is stealth. you are right. Okay. LAURA: Sorry, I hope I didn’t say it, then you have an advantage on this check. But I am not a cheat. SAM: No, you are not. LIAM: Outside the game. MATT: You see him slowly bag this crossbow. ASHLEY: No, no, no. little girl. SAM: I'm just a little girl. ASHLEY: Give me your other weapon. SAM: That is a toy for children. Okay, here. Sorry. LAURA: Do you remember who everything is? Because there are so many. TALIESIN: She is very good at this. ASHLEY: I am very good at this. LIAM: I drag Nott five feet away.

That is the second time for you. I think we should just Enjoy the performance tonight. SAM: Okay. But what if someone attacks us? LIAM: Uh, I will take care of it for you, okay? SAM: Okay. MARISHA: Besides, most of the little girls don’t tell people that they are little girls. SAM: That was my first time. (laughter) LIAM: When someone is a goblin in the middle of a small town and everyone hates the goblin… LAURA: Stop saying "goblin". Other people will hear you. SAM: I think she seems right. (laughter) LIAM: Technically, I pulled her away, but you know, D&D has a funny definition of what knows and does not know. TALIESIN: I heard you through earrings. Everyone: Ah. LIAM: May his soul rest in peace. ASHLEY: Wait a minute, I haven't got your weapon yet. TRAVIS: Ha. ASHLEY: Do you want to stare at me all night or do you give me your weapon so you can To watch the show? TRAVIS: That is an interesting choice. ASHLEY: That is actually not an option. TRAVIS: Of course. MATT: What did you draw out? TRAVIS: My machete. (Falchion) SAM: What is yours? MATT: Scimitar, a large machete appeared from the scabbard behind him.

SAM: What is that? Everyone: A big machete. (laughter) ASHLEY: I turned the knife. Have fun. This is a good knife. TALIESIN: Very good knife. ASHLEY: I like this knife. SAM: That's a scimitar! LAURA: You will be with us all night? ASHLEY: I will be near you, so you can watch the show. MATT: Do an observation test. TRAVIS: 11 o'clock. MATT: 11 o'clock, that's enough. When she was dancing with the scimitar, you found it on her back, Hanging a leather scabbard that is atypically clean compared to the rest of her clothes A big bladed weapon, bigger than your scimitar.

Just on a good back. MARISHA: I like how everyone says "falchion". LIAM: The pronunciation is "felching". (laughter) TALIESIN: I went to check my cards in a very specific order, and stacked the deck of cards. ASHLEY: Okay. Please come with me, I can take you to your seats, and I will Stand beside you all the way. TRAVIS: Then you [ __ ] lead the way. TALIESIN: Hey, Jester. Before you go. To tell the truth between the devil and the devil, thank you for taking care of this mob. LAURA: Of course no problem, you know, they are really difficult to deal with. TALIESIN: This is me please. Then I draw two cards. LAURA: Really? What are you going to tell me TALIESIN: I smoked the moon and the shadow. Does this make any sense to you? LAURA: Oh, yes.

TALIESIN: So, think about it. I put the card back. ASHLEY: Beau. MATT: She and the orc turned to look at you. ASHLEY: The little one. I walked over and lifted her to my shoulder using the firefighter's transport method. Because you can't go. MARISHA: Oh. (laughter) MATT: Just carry her in. perfect. MARISHA: I turned my head and looked at them. TALIESIN: So elegant! Such a style! So dignified! TRAVIS: The birds are all out. (It means to let her know that she is bad) MATT: At this time, another Bo, Bo the Breaker, when you walk by, to you Each person collects five copper coins, so please make a note of the five copper coins used, except for the two of you, because you two It is a staff member. LAURA: If I jump around, will I become a part of the performance without paying? TALIESIN: Strangely, being part of the show means you have to pay more.

I'm not too sure How does that work. LIAM: Nott, do you have five copper coins? SAM: See you, Caleb, I have. LIAM: No, I am not asking you for money. I'm just trying to pay for you, but if you have it, it will be fine. SAM: No, you have been looking after me all day, I will pay for both of us. ASHLEY: Mollymauk. That Jester is so cute. TALIESIN: I know. Deeply interested. ASHLEY: I like her. TALIESIN: Me too. MATT: Step inside the tent, on the rocky ground by the grass that is common outside Ustaloch And mud land. You see there is a kind of thick and heavy, like Materials like tarpaulin are hung between the heavy dark blue cloth on the sides of the tent edge. You can see those seats are arranged in rows along the tent.

In this already A room full of people, you see dozens of townspeople have begun to gather into a semicircle. There is a tent entrance cover where you walked in. You can walk in soon Seeing that the pillar in the center is a thick wooden pillar, each side of the wooden pillar has been worn and slipped. It supports the roof of the entire tent. Opposite you, you see A large drape now covered is believed to be the entrance of the performer. You also see four hanging lanterns, only a little bit Light, but their form is very consistent, which means that it is probably not a natural flame. Children and adults began to crowd the sides, and the inner edge of the tent It started to become a little cramped.

Yasha, where do you want to take them? ASHLEY: Do you want to sit in the front row? SAM: There is the best seat in the tent that we told the defendant. ASHLEY: Just sit in the front row. MATT: So… you can imagine a semicircular shape. When you come in, you You can go to the front to the right, to the front to the left, to the front to the center, and any position in between. Where do you want to sit down? ASHLEY: Right in the middle of the front row? Or the side? LAURA: Right in the middle of the front row! ASHLEY: I took them to the middle of the front row. MATT: In the middle of the front row, all right.

LIAM: I will put my hand on my thin wallet tonight. MATT: Okay. LAURA: As soon as I sat down, I took out my sketchbook and painted what Molly showed me The moon and the shadow. MARISHA: As we walked over, I said, hey, Yasha, because I’m on your shoulder, so I heard you talking about my friend, Jester. ASHLEY: Oh, do it. MARISHA: Okay. ASHLEY: It doesn't make sense for me to say that. I just… MARISHA: No, man. No, she never mentioned the other half, so I mean… ASHLEY: Oh, I'm not looking for something, I just… MARISHA: Can you hold me during the performance? (laughter) MARISHA: Like, holding me in your arms? ASHLEY: There is an additional charge.

But we can do this. MARISHA: How much is it? ASHLEY: Uh, those are five extra gold coins. MARISHA: Five gold coins? ASHLEY: This is worth a lot of money for the arm. TALIESIN: This is holding you like a baby. An experience you have never tried before. ASHLEY: If you want, that's the best way to watch the show. MARISHA: I'll give you five silver coins so that I can sit on top of your short collar, instead of sitting on the ground with my ass.

ASHLEY: I will not take off my short pullover. MARISHA: Oh, sorry. ASHLEY: Why don't you keep your money, I will put you on the chair, and I will watch Your weapons. MARISHA: Okay. MATT: She put you on the ground because there are no chairs. ASHLEY: I mean, on the ground, because there are no chairs. LAURA: Oh, no chairs? Oh, I think it looks like a long bench. That's fine too. TRAVIS: There are no benches there? dry. MATT: Where can they get the benches from one place to another? ASHLEY: That's a good point. TRAVIS: Carnival? I do not know. (laughter) MATT: Sorry you only have Fletching and Moondrop. TALIESIN: Bring a cushion from home like ordinary people. MATT: When the music stopped, everyone started staring and whispering to each other, Finally it started to quiet down, and everyone found their seats. The familiar violin The music gradually sounded, and everyone began to quiet down until only silence remained. The music sounds inside the tent It's like there is no source.

Everyone started looking around to find out where the music came from. you guys I heard a few good whispers "Look", pointing to different places, on the top of the tent, It seems to stretch and fall, like dripping water slowly, that you have seen the man in red earlier Came down from the top of the tent, but he wore dark blue clothes and With complete makeup, he appeared out of thin air on the top of the tent. He hangs one foot on a rope, It was standing on the edge around his feet.

He descended carefully, While playing his violin slowly. Until he put down the rope at the last moment and landed on both feet, Continue to play music. He spins slowly, and the one you have seen from the parade earlier, and The long-haired goblin leader staring at your two new friends hurriedly outside, Going into the tent from the far distance, the entrance of the performer.

On his head The same top hat as before, with the top hanging down. He stretched out his hands, took off his hat, and then deeply Bowing, the audience began to applaud. (applause) MATT: "Ladies and gentlemen of Trostenwald, I’m Gustav Fletching, the carnival master, please let me Welcome to Fletching and Moondrop's Travelling Carnival of Curiosities! " (applause) MATT: "I invite you, every one of you…" You hear that whenever he makes eye contact with the child, the child will giggle.

"… in just a short time tonight, give us your imagination and allow us to show a full A country of laughter, mystery, danger and beauty. I see you have met Desmond. "He gestured The man who is dressed in blue all over, is playing the violin. "He is part of our story tonight, so Pay attention to the cunning clown walking around. But now I want to tell you a story about the two fairy sisters. "and When Desmond leaves the tent, you see two armored guards coming in at the entrance near him.

Two Crown's Guards stood guard at the entrance where he came in, watching him pass. "In the underground world Lost his form in the maze. In this place that would destroy the body, they found a The mysterious big snake is the teacher, and the gift they get is the same as the maze that captured them The ability to bend also allows them to wind and slide back to the ground, regaining their rightful position in this world. "Let me introduce Mona and Yuli to you, the knot sister flower." He slowly stepped back Entrance to the performers, the two halfling dancers you had earlier, wearing full body tights, from The Master Carnival appeared behind him, and he left cautiously.

They put on a snake-like makeup, There are some scales fixed on their side faces and arms. They approached the central wooden pillar, the pillar that supported the entire tent. One of them immediately jumped onto the other's shoulder, bending her back into an almost impossible angle, It's like turning into a human sculpture. As you see, the audience in the front row all felt that this action would bring ordinary people Retreat in great pain. But these halflings are very dexterous, almost usable Two bodies create a single form. In the eyes of the audience, their sturdy form becomes like liquid, Dance to the music. The sound of the violin once again lost its source, and I couldn’t see where this Desmond was.

But the speed of their movement accelerated along with the melody. LAURA: (speaking quietly) Look, this is like the big snake we defeated! SAM: What I am actually looking forward to is a performance more similar to Lingling Circus. (laughter) MATT: Suddenly, the one riding on top folded down, crossed the center of the stage, and turned over a somersault. She fully demonstrated her excellent control over the body. The two of them became entangled, like two snakes fighting, They look like they have taken off the rigid halfling form you see, and you swear, For a while, they evolved into snakes, entwined together under the wooden pillars. It was a beautiful and violent performance, even disturbing. Watch them curl up At the bottom of the wooden pillars, the light above began to turn into a dull greenish blue, and the gradient became deeper, Darker, showing the mood of the underground world. Each of them quietly told a story of struggle. One person climbs over the other, using them to extend the ladder like a snake, moving one at a time, Alternately layer each other, like snakes, using every muscle of their bodies to hold tight This column and climb up like stairs.

This is a very strange but attractive scene, you can’t help Realizing that you forgot that these are two halfling girls, you realize that you are drawn into this wordless Story about how they crawled back to their place, back to the ground, towards the blue cloth Departure represented by the night sky. When the ornaments placed in the lantern in the tent become Getting brighter, they climbed faster. They hold hands, their feet are tied, Rolling up in a whirlpool, until finally at the apex, they held the wooden pillars and held each other’s arms, Then spin down quickly, back to back, let go of your feet, and take a quick pace, The music reaches its strongest tone. Like a Maypole, they turn and turn, then somersault, He landed in front of the audience exaggeratedly, raised his hands, and the audience burst into thunderous applause.

(applause) MATT: When they retreated, they smiled brightly and turned to each other, Gustav once again Emerged from behind the performer Gebu. The clown again appeared in the entrance behind, this time The violin played an evil melody, and his costume was no longer blue but all black. When Gustav walked to the center of the stage, the chandeliers dimmed again. "A flash of light, beyond the ashes, The gods come and go.

The darkness comes to grasp, retrieve and suffocate the dawn. "suddenly, From the black shadow behind him, a flame erupted and illuminated the surroundings. "But from that night, a hot The light drives away the source of the dark shadow. This light is strong enough to rekindle the dawn. Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce to you, Orna the Fire Fairy. "Gustav left the tent again. You look at a pair of iron fans burning with red fire, surrounding this one of you from the time of parade The short red-haired beauty I have ever seen.

Gustav slipped towards the shadow and disappeared in it, Orna Keep spinning, this spinning is like hypnotizing, her simple golden and red dress is under the firelight, It looks like it will glow, and the flashing flame will make her a goddess of war to fight against the surrounding darkness Phantom. When the violin played by the clown sped up into madness, two fans danced in her hands, At the same time, her face showed neither emotion nor grace. The silent exclamation of the audience filled the air, Watching this excellent warrior violently attack the shadow, every turning and swooping makes the flashing fire light above It will be brighter and drive away the dark shadows in the room further. She matched the rhythm of the music and brought it to the music With the strongest sound, she jumped up and turned somersaults, taking advantage of the flames to burst into the light of victory, She took a strong posture to push to orgasm. Once again, the audience is crazy. (Cheers) LAURA: This carnival is really different from the carnival I have been to.

SAM: This is very artistic. MATT: She bowed and retired, the flame of the fan went out, and Gustav was applauding Orna when she entered the arena. A deep drumbeat It began to sound in the distance, and the violin's music became tense again. "Even if the sun rises again, The low roar will make Xhorhas and other places tremble. These terrifying monsters, now from They were released from the hands of their evil masters and scattered in our world. "(Roaring) A horror from the throat The roar shook the whole place, followed by the sound of iron chains rubbing and dragging. After the cover from the entrance of the performer, The orc you’ve seen earlier, Bo the Breaker, and the clown still playing the violin, But the bow continued to play by himself because he was dragging another chain and pulling the chain Tethered to his forearm.

The two of them are dragging something out of the cover. Cover bulged up, It was revealed that under Geb was a huge monster. It has green scales and looks slimy skin, and its The fat legs supported its chubby torso, and its muscular arms were handcuffed and pulled in. As it was pulled closer and closer to the center of the tent, it continued to struggle and follow this The tight chain wrestled, but it was still tied in place by two men. It roared a second time. (Roar) The audience in the front row immediately backed away and screamed. You heard that a child started to cry. Many townspeople ? stood up, grabbed their children in horror, ready to escape. LAURA: Have we seen anything similar before? MARISHA: By the way, what does it look like? LAURA: Uh, he just described its appearance.

MARISHA: I mean the name. MATT: You have never seen such a monster. Gustav didn't seem to be afraid of its approach, and continued: “This Devil Toad crawled hungry to…'' SAM: But what does it look like? (laughter) MATT: "…come to the free folk, as they say, dominate all nightmares, but What is the truth behind the eyes of those monsters? In the heart of pure guidance That soul full of hatred, and let it know when it first sees beauty? I will introduce you Toya's natural sound. "When Gustav left the field and the Devil Toad was struggling with its chains, A gentle and faint voice began to spread from the air… (A sound appears from the background music) (Exclaim) MATT: The sight of the terrifying monster who was staring at him is now looking for the source of the singing. On the high platform of this tent. There is a small platform at the top of the wooden pillars, one young A dwarf girl, probably around 12 years old, she is braided with blond hair and put her hands on both sides, Wearing a full-length white skirt. She sings with this psychedelic and mature voice, and her singing voice can be inserted directly into your heart, Inject joy without warning and uncontrollably.

Can hear the audience take a breath together, the song of the girl entering Bring everyone into this music. The devil toad stopped pulling on the chain, It seems to be paying attention to her singing. Its face relaxed and turned into a very gentle smile, It walked slowly to the bottom of the wooden pillar and sat down. The orc and the clown put down the chains, Then stepped back, letting the beast indulge in joy. Her voice is like starting from the sky Use magic to summon a harmony, because no one here sings with her. Her smile It's very infectious, and you can't look away from you. You only noticed the tears streaming down your cheeks now, But you still cannot break your gaze. From the left front row of the auditorium, a man stood up, His arms stretched in her direction. His dirty coat fell to the ground, his face and skin had been devastated by time. When you saw him stand up, his legs were trembling, and his cheeks were wet with tears. He yelled (exclamation). His arm Fall down and hold his chest tightly. He let out another cry of pain, and when he started shaking all over, sat The people next to him began to lean away.

When the old man yelled again, look over, the one on his arm The skin suddenly began to tear, the bones burst out of the muscles, twisted in pain, and gradually collapsed. Dust and Blood It drained from his wound, and his body swelled. Screams began to sound from the audience sitting beside him, People stood up and ran to the exit. There is chaos all around you. Toya's songs Suddenly stopped, the little girl looked down, her eyes full of fear, and the devil toad was worried. Looking around, the orcs and the clown rushed to him to look at the mutant man. The orc escorted the audience to the exit while shouting: "Everyone! Get out of the tent now! Kylre…" He pointed to the devil toad. "…Take her to a safe place." The Devil Toad looked up and took advantage of the sudden The explosive force jumped up and grabbed the top of the central wooden pillar, which almost trembled under his weight.

He carefully picked up the little girl until his arms were bent, and then jumped down. What are you all doing? LAURA: I use the summoning prosthesis. MATT: When you saw her form, the news suddenly changed to look like Jester copy. TRAVIS: Yasha? We will return those weapons. MARISHA: I turned my head to Mollymauk and said, "Wow, I just thought this performance was boring, but it was great! " TALIESIN: Everyone runs! MARISHA: Isn't that part of the show? TRAVIS: Not part of the show. SAM: That would be too arty. MATT: The old man's body stopped trembling, his flesh turned gray and twisted like an ancient tree bark. He turned around, his eyes were blood red and swollen, and his lips curled into a scary grimace. Two Crown's Guard tried to squeeze through the panicked crowd, but the crowd, like a chaotic tide, Keep them away. I need everyone to roll first attack points. (Screaming) LIAM: Everyone, the reduced model is out! TRAVIS: The first map! (Screaming) MARISHA: I rolled a true 1 point. SAM: That is a good sign. MATT: Everyone, this guy is actually here. You are all in the front row.

LAURA: By the way, we are all in the [ __ ] front row. Look at us! How cute we are! TALIESIN: Oh my god, this one is so beautiful. SAM: We are all going to die. LIAM: Probably. But the third series began. LAURA: Good. SAM: I like the tents and donkeys outside. very impressive. MARISHA: Look, Taliesin, this is a bard. My goodness! TALIESIN: No, you go. Oh my god. MATT: Okay, so 20 to 15? LAURA: 21 o'clock. MATT: Good. LAURA: Oh, wait a minute, 22 o'clock. MATT: Good job. 15 to ten? TALIESIN: Ten o'clock. SAM: Ten o'clock. TRAVIS: 12 o'clock. ASHLEY: 13 o'clock. LIAM: 11 o'clock. MATT: So after 13 o'clock is ten o'clock and ten o'clock? Sorry, 12 o'clock.

Then Yasha has 13 points, and then we have Fjord. Then it was 11 o'clock. Follow us with Nott at ten. So how many points did you roll? MARISHA: Five o'clock. The throw is poor. MATT: That's it. Okay, at the beginning of this round, the monster turned around and looked around the audience. The bulging shape next to here is the one in the middle of the room just now Everything left by the old man who stood up. Jester, come to you first. LAURA: Okay. Then I attacked directly, okay? I want to cast on the monster that just appeared Light guide arrows. MATT: Okay, just as it turned around to face you. This is a free die, right? LAURA: Let's look for them together. You make a ranged spell attack. MATT: Please roll the attack value. LAURA: Okay, okay. SAM: Magic, you are using magic. LAURA: Uh, this is crooked. It was 20 o'clock, and then it moved.

SAM: You said it was crooked. LIAM: You are a bastard. LAURA: That's 11 plus…what do I want to add to my…light guide arrow, plus five. So it is 16 o'clock. MATT: 16 Clicking. Please roll the damage value. LAURA: Good. 4d6. MATT: Yasha, come to you. LAURA: Ten, 16, 18, and any future attacks…the next attack will have an advantage. MATT: How much damage is that? 2d6, 18 o'clock? SAM: 4d6, you said.

LAURA: Yes, that's 4d6 radiant damage. So yes, it was 18 o'clock. Then I have to run to the opposite Direction, stay away from him, but I will keep my prosthesis in front. MATT: Okay, just your prosthesis, I should get something. TALIESIN: Oh, you have toys. LAURA: That backpack is about the same size as my dice bag. MATT: Almost. I was thinking, yes, you can do this, so I need to take out…

We will do this for this As the occasion, you are…we will let you…this is your prosthesis, how do you want to get from where you are Move her, then she moves here. LAURA: Then she will stay there. I can't go that far, but… Oh, go, I'm sorry. MATT: Just let me know where to go. Here? LAURA: Sorry, I didn't realize that it was… MATT: You can come here. LAURA: Okay, it looks good. MATT: Okay, then finish your round. At the beginning of your turn, the monster’s People were screaming.

The young woman tried to step back. It turned to face her and then Hold her, make two attacks and try to tear her apart. On the first hit, this one will actually be empty. she was Dodge. When it made a second attack, she began to crawl across the ground. That attack, However, it hit, it was 16 o'clock. That's it. Just like that, eight points of bludgeoning damage, It leaned down and patted its chest violently, and when it was photographed, she made a terrible cry. It rips into her body and gnaws at her flesh, tears away a bite, Standing up, its eyes scanned the room for the next victim. It started Go forward and approach the man. Okay, Yasha, it's your turn. ASHLEY: Okay. How close I am to them…I want to give them their weapons.

MATT: You are here. You want…you are close to everyone. You can distribute… I would say that you can use this round of action to throw weapons at everyone. ASHLEY: Okay. I will pass all weapons in this round. MATT: Okay, then you use your actions to throw weapons at everyone. Your dagger And the bow dome clanged on the ground, you quickly rushed to pick them up. Caleb's Dagger Fell to his feet. Your long stick was thrown from behind you. Throw your scimitar into your hand. SAM and MARISHA: Scimitar. MATT: Okay, that ends Yasha's round. Fjord, here comes you. TRAVIS: Can I run up into melee range with a scimitar? MATT: Actually, you go through Jester's prosthesis. After you see that the image disperses when you rush past Get together again. You are now facing this big, twisted and terrifying monster. what are you doing? TRAVIS: With the scimitar drawn, can I swing the sword at this monster? MATT: Yes. LAURA: You still have an advantage. TRAVIS: Do I have one? Thank God, because that's a little bit. 18 o'clock. MATT: 18 points. Please roll the damage value.

TRAVIS: Very good. SAM: This is a real battle! MATT: Right. TRAVIS: 11 o'clock. SAM: We only have about a dozen health points, and we will be fine. MATT: Okay. Does that complete your round? Well, you are done. Then it was Caleb's turn. LIAM: I want to use my mobility to squeeze into the crowd. I can squeeze as far as possible.

MATT: Okay, if you walk into the crowd… LIAM: Is it half the mobility? That's fine, of course, no problem. I just want someone in front of me. MATT: Squeeze here. You ended up pushing a child away. LIAM: Very good. I have no problem with this and I will take out the diamond and drag the colorful balls, I will shoot the frozen ball at the Fee-ord…Fjord…that monster. MATT: Okay, please make a spell attack. LIAM: Okay, here it comes.

SAM: Be careful not to touch Fee-ord. (laughter) LIAM: Thank goodness. It was 17 o'clock. MATT: 17 Clicking. Please roll the damage value. LAURA: Isn't the colorful ball a very powerful spell? LIAM: No. MATT: That is a rainbow jet. Fancai is an original version. LIAM: It was nine o'clock. Everyone: (German) No! (German is not close to English nine tones) MATT: (German accent) Okay, well done, Caleb. LIAM: (stronger German accent) Now is the part where we are going to dance. MATT: When you push the kid away, turn around, take out the diamond you put in your pocket in front of you, You concentrate and see a light blue beam of energy rushing out, just Over several heads.

It slammed into the monster, forming crystals on the impact point and wound. It ruptured at that location and settled in place. Is your round completed? Okay Nott, it's your turn. SAM: Okay. See that beautiful dwarf…girl, right? In the previous performance, after she sang Appease a monster, I will try to sing to appease the monster. So I took a step forward, Open my mouth wide and sing, (sing badly) I will always comfort you! LAURA: Can I shoot an arrow at Nott? LIAM: He is holding the memory of killing Scanlan. MARISHA: I know, you can't let go of that opportunity. MATT: Make a performance check. SAM: Performance check. Oh, that's great. 18 o'clock, minus three, so that is 15 o'clock. MATT: Okay. When you sang this harsh song, people nearby all covered their ears, Look over, I am very surprised to see this strange creature send out this…

SAM: Is it dead? MATT: No. But now, it has withstood a few attacks, its red eyes…or at least one red eye Slide over and look in your direction. It probably has this effect. SAM: Go! (laughter) MATT: Do you want to move, or do you plan to stay here? SAM: Yes, I want to move, I want to run into the crowd, find a look Very weak people, hiding behind him. MATT: Okay, you go behind here. Okay, does that end your round? LIAM: That's our modus operandi, baby! MATT: Beau, here comes you. MARISHA: Damn it, all right. I want to play this [ __ ] first fight, I turned around and looked Everyone, then said, everybody, that's not right, this is part of the performance. Molly said that someone would die.

She just collected the money. Ok. Then I ran forward and knocked down the zombie guy. Can you see if you can capture him? MATT: Of course you can, the first attack. Go. Do a sports check. MARISHA: Just direct movement. day. Can I follow that? That's not great. (laughter) MARISHA: Seven o'clock. MATT: 17 o'clock. You try to make the first blow, and the monster gets rid of your grappling. It's more powerful than From this, you imagine the old torso was originally bigger. MARISHA: I will, oh [ __ ]. I don’t know if it’s true or not. Do two attacks, bang bang. That's an unarmed attack, right? Bang bang. MATT: That is correct. MARISHA: I did two attacks, right? MATT: Yes, if you use your breath, yes. MARISHA: Yes, I am. So for the first time, is it six plus? Ok. The first time was 19 o'clock. No, 20 o'clock. The first time A total of 20 points, and then a total of 15 points for the second attack.

MATT: Hit both times. Please roll the damage value of each attack. MARISHA: Okay. Not so good. SAM: What kind of dice is that? MARISHA: They are d4, they are all beautiful d4. Okay. That's four, eight, and 11 damage points. MATT: Are the two attacks combined? Great. When the capture fails, it pushes you away and you lean forward to move It pulled back, jumped up, kicked it in the chest, and hit its chin with another uppercut. MARISHA: Okay, that's great. MATT: It looks at you. That will put you here face to face with it. Ok. Have you finished your round? Okay, at this moment, the crowd is screaming and Crowded in this direction. These people started to run behind and go around here. This group of people started Push forward, the guards tried to push forward, but they only pushed forward a little bit to Here. Everyone moved in this direction. LAURA: Oh my god, someone has been trampled on.

SAM: This is really a disaster. They should have more exports. LAURA: I want to say that this is totally a fire crisis. MATT: Caleb and Nott, I want you both to roll a quick free die. SAM: 15 o'clock. LIAM: Oh, pretty good. Mine is 17 o'clock. MATT: Okay. You can all intersperse among the crowd to avoid being trampled and Withdraw from the chaos when the crowd continues to squeeze. This entrance must let everyone leave together It’s so small, when people scream and want to go out, There is a large bottleneck here. They are all howling and the chaos is swelling into Completely messy noise. At this moment, the devil toad ordered took the dwarf girl, Go out through the back door and take her to a safe place.

The two began to back away slowly,' Because it seems that someone is dealing with this matter? The guards who are walking see each other They are all scared, because they don't know how the current chaos is made. At this moment, you guys look The woman who was just torn into her chest by the monster suddenly… (Groans) MATT: …slap to a fixed position. LAURA: Damn it. Well, we are going to protect them from death. MATT: The beginning of this round.

Jester, it's your turn. LAURA: Oh my god. MATT: What is your initiative value? TALIESIN: Ten o'clock. MATT: Ten o'clock, do it. By the way, you are the same as Nott, that's how it happened. So Molly, You start your round. Sorry. TALIESIN: I yelled back and opened the tent! Then I have to draw…how far am I? MATT: You are here. You are in the middle of the crowd because of swarming to you and Yasha. TALIESIN: (sighs) I'm going to run over to see if I can walk to the side of the monster and move to Walk to the side of the monster with the other two. MATT: You can't really flanks it, but you can walk to it.

TALIESIN: Okay. Can I get closer and shoot? MATT: You can. TRAVIS: Take a shot? SAM: Do you have a gun? TALIESIN: Uh, old habit. (laughter) TALIESIN: As an additional action, I will take it out and activate the first sword. MATT: Okay, you watch Molly pull out the scimitar, and when the scimitar is out of its sheath, he will The blade ran across the side of his exposed chest, letting a small amount of blood flow out. When the blood comes out, He pulled out the blade, and you saw that ice crystals suddenly began to condense on the blade stand up.

TALIESIN: Then I tried to attack this monster. (Take a shot can be translated to try to attack or fire a shot) SAM: A shot? TALIESIN: Cut off one piece. LAURA: Try to stab it. SAM: But with bullets. TALIESIN: That is a blackjack attack value. MATT: It was a hit. TALIESIN: Not too bad. That is eight points of damage and one point of freeze damage. MATT: Okay, the first hit has nine damage points. TALIESIN: No, that is my additional action. MATT: That is your additional action, that is all you can do.

OK, so one attack, you cut it over. You watch When you cut open this large wound, you exposed the bloody internal organs, but the whole wound was It was frozen, and it persisted. It looks like it started to take a little bit of damage And it's about to fall apart. SAM: Is this the bigger monster? MARISHA: Is that the one that is fighting me? MATT: Yes. Then end your round, Molly? Back to the beginning of a new round. So, Jester, sorry, I'm back to you. LAURA: Oh, now I am worried. I am very worried about these living dead. I do not know. Uh, i don't think I know this, so this is fine. I want to speak to the air: "My old friend, are you there, because this is The coolest thing I have ever seen! Then I cast the death knell to the first zombie guy.

Then a bell rang. MATT: Death knell for the dead. MARISHA: Oh, that's really far north, old friend. LAURA: He must make a Wisdom save, otherwise he will take 1d12 concealed damage. MATT: Really 1 point. Please roll d12. LAURA: Oh, three o'clock. It's dead. MATT: Three points of eclipse damage. When the low temple bell rang in the air, You wailed when you saw this monster, its partner Curled around it, it seemed to recede and cover its ears briefly with the sound of the bell, But soon he continued to attack in a rage. LAURA: I pretend to be my prosthesis, and then my prosthesis runs back A little bit and stand beside the pillar. correct. MATT: Very good. Is this your round? Ok. This monster that is still standing is caught by the three of you After cuts, bludgeoning and damage, I will come forward and make two attacks… Randomly roll the dice to decide whom it will shoot at.

That would be Beauregard. It swings its claws at you twice, twice They all use its giant fists with sharp claws, just like this. The first hit was 17 points? MARISHA: My armor level is 17. MATT: The first punch hits your chest, causing nine points of bludgeoning damage. You have all of a sudden Out of breath. The second blow is coming at you. That is Hit at 20 o'clock. MARISHA: Yes, yes, it was a hit.

TRAVIS: This guy is very ruthless. Really bad. MATT: You have suffered six points of bludgeoning damage. LIAM: How much is your health, beauty? MARISHA: Don't worry about it. I am not so good. MATT: It slams you once with its fist, holding your stomach and abdomen with the other hand Position, its claws dug in, and its jaw dislocated like a snake. MARISHA: I turned my head to look at Fjord, and said, "I didn't collect money for fun. This performance is really nonsense." MATT: The other one will rush towards you, Mollymauk, because you are closest to it, It will also strike you once. TALIESIN: Alright, no. I want to cast a blood curse. MATT: Okay, so do you want to use reaction? You don't need to roll any dice. He directly There is a disadvantage in this attack. TALIESIN: Oh, yes. Because I am not going to double. MATT: That will do.

He rolled 16 o'clock and four o'clock. So when it punches you, you see Suddenly the bright red eyes of the second monster turned black, and the angle of its fist was too wide, Can't hit you at all. You easily avoided the first blow. When it ran by and walked this way in your direction, You get a chance to attack because it is leaving your attack range to attack Molly the second time. Go. TRAVIS: That was 16 o'clock. MATT: Hit at 16! Please roll the damage value. TRAVIS: Very good. That is 12 points of damage. MATT: Just when it ran past Mollymauk, its eyes turned black, you saw it tripped, its vision was destroyed, You notice a short gap. Using this time, you swung your… machete, thank you. Yes, it's a scimitar, yes… he cut a knife on its back. You see it used to be A beautiful young lady, who has become a fat and terrifying undead, hobbles forward, You chop off a large piece of meat from its shoulder.

It goes around and strikes you a second time, Mollymauk. There is no advantage this time. That was a real 19 o'clock. By the way, it is a 24 point hit. Ok. You take eight points of bludgeoning damage. Just the first attack, you can avoid it, When you swing your scimitar, you just saw it punch Hit your jaw. Your vision becomes blurred, and two images appear in one second. Then complete their round. Yasha, it's your turn. SAM: Okay, Yasha! ASHLEY: Can you go to the big monster? Monster One? Okay, this is the first time I do this, So hope I will not do this wrong. I want to go into a violent state. (Cheers) ASHLEY: I will study it again, and I will make a new sentence later.

But for now, this is reserved first. Okay, I want to go into a violent state, and then recklessly attack? MATT: Yes, you can use reckless attacks on any attack. SAM: Is that something you can do in the beginning? That sounds like something later. ASHLEY: Did you do it later? Okay, I have no chance to use this as a practice range. Ok. Then i Roll the dice directly. MATT: You have an advantage when you throw this. ASHLEY: I don't know how to play D&D anymore! I simply forgot how to play. LAURA: Okay, but again, you have an advantage. ASHLEY: Oh, reckless. Okay, 17 o'clock? MATT: Hit.

Please roll the damage value. ASHLEY: I took out my beautiful giant sword. MATT: Newly bought. In fact, this is its first time out. ASHLEY: This is the first time it has played. SAM: Google reported a strange rise in searches for "falchion". (laughter) ASHLEY: 13 o'clock. MATT: To the already injured one? ASHLEY: Yes, the first guy. MATT: Okay. ASHLEY: Get out of my tent! (laughter) MATT: By the way, no, it doesn't reach the deductible value…it throws…yes. You cut it down with your great sword Cut into its torso, you see it shrinking back, trying to reorganize and maintain this form, but your The attack is too strong, its zombie form can no longer maintain a condensed form. You watched it just shatter and collapse to the ground, without moving. (Cheers) SAM: Yasha! ASHLEY: Alright, alright, alright. MATT: Okay, then complete your round. You stand here, roaring like a beast at this monster. ASHLEY: Oh, it feels fun. MATT: If you want to move, you still have five feet of mobility.

ASHLEY: Okay, then I'm going to get closer…wait, how much mobility is there? Only Another monster? By the way, I am ready for another monster. So approach it a little bit. MATT: Okay. Then finish your round, Yasha. Fjord, it's your turn. TRAVIS: Do it. I turned around and walked towards the other tree/zombie freak. I use mine The additional action casts a curse of vulnerability on it. MATT: Okay. You look at Fjord, this tall, armored orc, holding a scimitar, is walking slowly In front of the monster. Stretching out his hand, the black shadows suddenly gathered around the female zombie and swirled And attached to it, just like blocking its position. Then after it is cursed, What do you want to do TRAVIS: I want to cut it open with my scimitar.

MATT: Okay, let's go. TRAVIS: 21 o'clock. MATT: Definitely a hit. Please roll the damage value. TRAVIS: That is 12 points of damage, plus five points of eclipse damage. MATT: 17 points of damage. LIAM: For the second level, that's great. MATT: When you rush forward and wait for the shadows to gather around it, it looks up at you and backs away Ready to attack, and you shook your head, your scimitar passed by, leaving a trail on its chest Long knife marks.

Where the clothes and muscles are cut apart, you see the black internal organs inside, When the muscles try to move, they regroup and tighten like bugs. Okay, then finish your round. It's Caleb's turn. LIAM: Okay, I know this is restricted movement, but I want to squeeze into the crowd here, So that I have a more unobstructed range and the farthest I can go, and then I launch the colorful balls. MATT: You can squeeze here. You can only push ahead of the crowd There is a barrier-free… LAURA: Hi, Caleb. LIAM: Of course I don't want to do that. I want to stay in the crowd, behind the people, and then perform again Colorful balls, but this time I chose to use strong acid to see if I can hit it. Oh, that’s not great, It was 11 o'clock.

MATT 11 is unfortunately not hit. When you take it out for the second time, you push away from the crowd, Pull out your diamond on one side. Just when you were about to launch the spell, the crowd One of them slammed into you on the shoulder, making you trip to the side. That way The strong acid beams of the colorful balls flew out and melted a hole in the tent in the distance. Then disappear into the night sky. LIAM: I hope I didn't hit anyone else. MATT: Okay, just finish your round like this, Caleb. Nott, to you. SAM: Did I see the big guy? Is Fjord next to her? MATT: Fjord and Mollymauk are also by its side, yes. SAM: Okay. I will take a sneak peek from behind any spectator next to me and take out my little Crossbow, and then fire a small crossbow arrow. MATT: Okay, go ahead. TRAVIS: Is it made of piano strings? (laughter) SAM: 16 o'clock. MATT: Hit at 16. LAURA: I like that every time you throw it, it rolls out.

SAM: Yes. This is very elastic. Okay, just 1d6, that’s a four o’clock, plus four is eight o’clock, plus I have Sneak attack damage value, because I am a rogue. Another four o'clock, that is 12 o'clock. That monster is bigger than me Much bigger, right? I will provoke the anger of the little man. (Cheers) SAM: Do two additional points of damage, so that is 14 points of damage.

MATT: Okay. You stick out your head from the corner and shoot a crossbow arrow, which hits The bottom of the jaw, and pierced from one of the eyes. Eyeballs fly far away, and crossbow arrows Stuck out of the eye socket. The monster turned around and looked in your direction. It seems Has been seriously injured, but is still standing. SAM: I can use my remaining movements/movement power/or any additional movements to look at This audience around me. Are there any ornaments or jewelry on them? TRAVIS: At this time? MATT: I would say that you can use your additional actions just to see. You can’t do anything in this round, But next round, you can. Then make an observation test. SAM: Oh, it was nine o'clock. MATT: Nine o'clock? It's hard to find now. You see this lady who seems to be in her 30s, wearing probably Ordinary workers’ clothes and a loose-fitting apron.

She was just rushing to run Exit there. Unfortunately, you did not see any valuable items on her. Sorry. Okay, Nott, then Your turn is complete. Molly, it's you. TALIESIN: I'm still in close combat with it, right? Well, I will swing it twice. MATT: Okay, you turn around. You draw your second scimitar as the part of your attack, one of which Encased in ice crystals. First hit…make sure you write down which knife was which attack. TALIESIN: Purple is ice. That's… Purple is a 12 o'clock hit? MATT: 12 o'clock is just a hit. TALIESIN: Oh. Then they all hit, very good. That would be…or all three, because The other is a blackjack hit. MATT: That was a hit, right. TALIESIN: The first time was four points of damage. MATT: Four points of damage? TALIESIN: Sorry, the magic blow is six o'clock plus three freezing, so it's nine o'clock.

MATT: Nine points of damage, all right. TALIESIN: The other hit is four points of damage. MATT: Okay. In the first hit, when the scimitar slashed, the body snapped open, Then the snap returned to its original position, and the torso locked back to its original position. How much damage does the second hit have? TALIESIN: Four points of damage. MATT: When the second hit hits again, you watch its torso go round. It seems that this monster is still The only thing connected is the spine, but it still maintains its structure and roars. Then complete your round.

TALIESIN: Come here, anyone? it is good. MATT: Well, after completing Mollymauk's round, it's Beau's turn. LAURA: Beau, you did it. MARISHA: In response to his words, I said: "I thought you said you would not let patients in!" TALIESIN: Just kill it! MARISHA: I stepped forward, I wanted to use Superman flying punch (impact). MATT: Boom! Go. MARISHA: First punch. it is good. 16 o'clock? MATT: That is a hit. damage. MARISHA: I have my long stick…oh, I have my long stick, but I said… MATT: You mentioned Superman flying fist. MARISHA: Good, good. Six points of damage. MATT: Six damage points. It's 20 o'clock. You watched you punch it in the face, after the jawbone was broken The snap returned to its original position. After you hit the ground, retract your fist and you can see part of the teeth It was stuck in your fist. It should be that when you closed your fist, they broke and stuck in your fist. MARISHA: I said, "Oh, no." I will use another bit of my breath before making a blast combo.

And I want to hit his nose with his remaining teeth. MATT: Technically speaking, it was her teeth, that was the lady who was killed. MARISHA: Oh, I just said, "You were pretty before." MATT: Go ahead. There are also many attacks. MARISHA: Really 19 o'clock and real 18 o'clock. Then, all right. LAURA: That is really a beautiful dice. MARISHA: Eight, 12, 13 damage. MATT: Really one point, no. Then the second punch, you punch hard, hit the side of the head, the neck The snap broke. Now its head is stuck in this side position. It turns around, its jawbone, it pulls one of its Weirdly swollen clawed hands, ready to attack the wound in your abdomen, at this moment, How do you want to kill it? (Cheers) TRAVIS: The first one! SAM: The first blood. MARISHA: My other punch will make an uppercut, and the fist with the teeth on it, I think Hit straight to the bridge of the nose, let the teeth hit the eyes, and then break the bridge of the nose Go in your head. Do you understand that thing? correct.

MATT: When you did this, you punched it in the face. You see this skull collapses inward, the teeth are all Insert two protruding red eyes. There was a terrible sucking and sigh, it fell backwards On his back, he stopped moving, and the black shadow disappeared. MARISHA: Holding my wound and messed up ribs, I turned around immediately. I can make an observation Do you go to see any boss on a check or a check on words, eyes, and colors? In terms of what is happening now? That one The boss or the clown? MATT: Unfortunately, that is already your round. That is your turn. At this point, the current threat has It was lifted, and the crowd was still screaming for help and running away. Two Crown's Guard rushed to the front row, With their weapons ready, they saw that the two monsters had become bloody and completely destroyed on the ground.

In this chaos, one of them pointed and said, "You, you! Leave me where I am!" You watch the rest of the audience slowly squeeze out, you see Gustav Can finally walk into the tent. "My attack, what happened here?" Looking at Bo the Breaker, The orc is standing with you now. "Sir, I don't know how he got in." Then Everyone is looking at you. Bo looks at you, and Gustav looks at you, Molly. "What happened?" TALIESIN: One of them has changed. I don't know what happened. LAURA: That's a sick guy! Just now there was an old and sick man who turned into a zombie! Then i ran over He also treated Beau for his injuries.

MARISHA: Oh, thank you, old friend. I was really badly injured. LAURA: Are you uncomfortable? Are you injured? Give me two seconds. I treat her well and then To treat you. TRAVIS: Yasha, have you ever seen similar incidents happen? ASHLEY: No. there has never been. LAURA: At seven o'clock, that's all I can do. MARISHA: Great. great. TALIESIN: I put down my knife.

LAURA: Oh, it's better for you. I'll give it to you at ten. MATT: At this moment, the two Crown's Guards desperately try to keep Control. You can see that they are obviously frightened and upset. They meet each other’s eyes and feel deeply about themselves Can't control this scene now. "Stay where you are. Don't go anywhere." TALIESIN: Oh, where can I go.

MATT: He turned to face the guard standing in front and looked at the other who just walked in The guard, then said: "Sivelmen, go find someone. Take the rest of the guards. Please!" "I'll go, sir." He squeezed into the crowd just running out. Most people now Already squeezed out of the tent, only a few are still crowded. The children are crying, When the residents of Trostenwald have left the cover, after the cover is down, you are the only ones standing here, holding Weapons, want to know what to do next. TRAVIS: After they fell, what are the corpses doing now? MATT: None of them moved, they were completely destroyed, and fell apart. LAURA: Can I go and search the lady's body? MATT: You can. When you walk towards it, your two images merge together.

The Crown's Guard said: "Don't move." LAURA: Which one? MATT: "Both? Uh." He looked really confused. LAURA: When I said "Which one?" I let my second form rush forward and start Search the body. MATT: Okay. It mimics a body search. It is actually not you. Start from the pocket Turn out something fictitious. LAURA: Look at all the things found there! (laughter) LAURA: Can I try to search another guy when he can turn around? MATT: Make a deception check and try to trick him into turning around. LAURA: Not bad. 19 o'clock? MATT: (laughs) He said, "What, over there?" When he looked over, you jump over and start Search your body carefully, and you have a clear vision when you watch her do this.

Just as he turned around, He will find that she is rummaging for another corpse. ASHLEY: Is Gustav still here? MATT: Gustav is walking forward, holding his hands up. "I'm really sorry. I… this It never happened. I don't know what happened. What happened? ! " TALIESIN: We have never seen anything like this before. He just… after he grabbed his heart It fell down, and then it became that thing. ASHLEY: That was when Toya started singing. MARISHA: By the way, what about that dwarf girl? Why… TALIESIN: It's never like this. MATT: "She has been singing for us for two years now." MARISHA: How did she join you? She is still a very young girl. MATT: "She has no family, and she sells on the street to earn change.

There is an opportunity there. We seize the opportunity. We gave her a home she didn't have. " TRAVIS: Put your hands down. MATT: The Crown's Guard just (groans): "It's okay, just don't move." LAURA: Did I look for anything? MATT: Do an investigation check. SAM: Does she use different dice for everything, Travis? LAURA: Shut up.

SAM: Is this what I have to deal with now? TRAVIS: You are not ready yet. LAURA: 14 o'clock? MATT: You can turn over the things on the old man, through these rope-like blood stains, and you Find three blood-stained silver coins. After a while. leftover The others are gone, and there is only this awkward silence here. At this time you see Orna, who The Fire Fairy, who had just performed, walked in and said, "Sorry. What happened here?" LAURA: When your little dwarf girl sang, she turned people into zombies. TALIESIN: I think it's just a coincidence. I really don't think both There is a correlation between them. The man himself has a problem. MARISHA: Look, this is very interesting. Because I would say the opposite is true. I guess that's not It's a coincidence, because… LIAM: I agree, this happened in this… TALIESIN: We see her singing hundreds of times. Nothing like this has ever happened. I I have seen hundreds of people sitting in the front row. Nothing like this has ever happened.

LIAM: Have you ever had old people and sick people in a tent? MARISHA: Yes, you accidentally said in the leaflet that patients are not welcome. TALIESIN: Gustav. MATT: Under this motion, Gustav said: "This is usually just because we want to sell a hospitable and Clean place. When we work on the edge of the empire, we don’t want Bring some elements that will remind you of death in the show to neutralize…'' SAM: You hate the elderly. MATT: "Uh, we work in the entertainment industry. We have to be very cautious." This single Crown's Guard guy Sitting here, the weapon is out of its sheath, you see him almost shaking, he has never dealt with it Any situation like this. TALIESIN: Wait a minute. I have never seen that person.

He looks suspicious. MATT: Tell him? TALIESIN: No, the guy behind him. LAURA: (gasp) He looks suspicious. MATT: Make a deception check. TALIESIN: Of course. Eight o'clock. MATT: He said, "Don't play that trick with me. I have been doing this for more than ten years." ASHLEY: Wait, look at him! LAURA: I use thaumaturgy so that it sounds like there is a voice from behind him. MATT: Make a skill check and see if you can cast the spell very unobviously.

SAM: The poor guard. Oh! (Groans) LAURA: Really one point. MATT: When you tried to cast a spell, a bit of foam just got stuck on your trachea, so You start to cough uncontrollably. Yeah, it just disappeared. LAURA: (coughing) That's the popcorn I ate earlier. TRAVIS: You should know that no matter what happened to that first man, when he attacked that woman, she He was infected with the disease. MATT: "And that's extremely worrying. No one can touch that corpse." He saw you when he looked back Coughing next to the corpse, so the man said, "Don’t touch the corpse! Are you sick?" LAURA: (coughing) I have bloody fingers.

MATT: "Find someone to catch her. If she is sick and becomes one of these things, I won't…" ASHLEY: She is fine. calm down. TALIESIN: Actually we have already killed two. SAM: She must be sick. MATT: Make a deception check. LAURA: Unfortunately it is crooked. That's a good point. Oh, forget it. 16 o'clock? MATT: 16 o'clock? His face turned pale, and then said, "Kill this thing!" Then he rushed forward, holding the blade high.

ASHLEY: I took out my great sword. SAM: What, are you going to kill the guard? ASHLEY: Stop, stop. MATT: He stopped. He turned his head and saw that you were four inches taller than him, holding The blade was much larger than his, and he held it with one hand. He said, "Look, if she wants to become one of As for the monster, we will stop her now. " LAURA: Yasha will kill me completely.

Don't worry, you can withdraw. MARISHA: Jester, happiness makes sadness. If you get killed, then the joke is not funny. LAURA: (weak laughter) SAM: Very miserable guard. MATT: He wiped his eyes immediately. Now he is closer to you, you can see He was sweating, his heart trembling, and he was trying his best to use his training To deal with situations that he has not received training to deal with. MARISHA: This is the King's Guard guy? MATT: One of the Crown's Guard.

Crown's Guard as a whole is a team of trained civilian forces employed by Go to different cities across the country to maintain order. MARISHA: My friend, what is your name? TALIESIN: Wow, he was really shocked. SAM: Jamieson. MATT: "Flynn." MARISHA: Flynn. How long have you been in this job? Did you say it has been ten years? MATT: "Ten years and two months." MARISHA: Oh, congratulations on your tenth anniversary. Yes, congratulations. Have you received a good watch or something like Commemorative beer mug or something? TRAVIS: They don't have watches yet. MARISHA: Do it. Have you received a souvenir beer mug? Forget the watch part. MATT: "No. Don't move." MARISHA: I didn't move, old friend. Hey. Hey, Flynn. Hi old friend. Why don't we put the knife down first, Because we helped? Right. SAM: Are any of us highly attractive? Because this situation is not so good. MATT: At this moment, the entrance of the cover in front of the tent is pushed inward, you see One, two, three, four, six, ten Crown's Guard began to file in.

You see One of the men took off his helmet and clamped it under his arm. He may be in his early 40s and has one There are a few gray hairs in short brown hair. The complexion is slightly yellow. Molly, when you entered the city, Met this man once. He now approached Gustav, using a majestic The voice said, "When you entered the town, I had a hunch that you were in trouble." Gustav Turned around and said, "I assure you, my friend, I have no idea…" "What happened?" That The scared Crown's Guard turned around and said, "Your Excellency, Flynn. A monster has appeared here. This carnival It seems that some kind of terrifying creature was used to kill and create a second beast. This is what I witnessed from the back row. "Then the man turned and looked at Gustav and the rest of you. "Who else saw this?" TRAVIS: We see it too.

LAURA: Actually, we saw an old man turned into a zombie. But maybe he died directly because of him He is very old, and he will only change when he has a zombie curse, do you understand? Because it happens very often. TALIESIN: (pretendingly) Gustav, this is useless, we were found out. We use it through our carnival The horrible trick to create a zombie riot has been discovered. Now we use to destroy our circus to make zombies The perfect plan was discovered, what should we do. Oh my God. MATT: Flynn turned to you and said, "Let down your weapons, or we will arrest you immediately!" TALIESIN: I have absolutely nothing in my hand. LIAM: I want to say, I'm sorry, but we are basically a group of strangers. Most of us know each other. We all have the same story. There is a performance here, an old man becomes a monster, and then we help Destroy it.

This one destroyed it. What else do you want from us? TALIESIN: It spoiled our performance. MATT: Flynn turned his head and asked, "Watchmaster, what should we do?" The man holding the helmet Step forward to Gustav and look at him carefully, he is still shorter than him A few inches. His eyes are full of mission Indifferent and rude. "By the way, sir, and your orcs, and the circus are now considered Was arrested.

What else is in your happy team? "He looked at the others, and Gustav said: "That orc." He glanced at both of you and said, "The rest are just performing That's it. He was just joking just now, right? "Make a deception test. SAM: Terrible. TALIESIN: No. MATT: "You were also arrested. What is the name of the rest of you?" LAURA: Shirley. SAM: Temple. (Shirley Temple is a legendary American child star) (Suppressed laughter) LIAM: Caleb Widogast. MARISHA: Beau, just like him. TRAVIS: Bo (laughter) SAM: This is Bo! TRAVIS: You mean me.

MARISHA: I mean that non-player character (NPC) Bo! But that works too! ASHLEY: The point is this. Oh, by the way, this is Mary. But I think I know who might know What happened here. MATT: "Really? Tell me to see." ASHLEY: I will bring her here. MATT: "Who is it?" ADHLEY: She is the singer who made this happen. MATT: "Flynn, escort this woman to bring back the person she mentioned." Flynn nodded. I walked towards you. LAURA: But she is really shy, I heard she only talks to devil, so you should let… MATT: "Stay in place." LAURA: …My brother followed, because he is very good at such things. TALIESIN: Try not to stab anyone on the way, Flynn. You did very well. MATT: "My people told me that the rest of you helped destroy these demons. Right?" Everyone: Yes. MATT: "So on behalf of Starosta, I sincerely thank you for your help. But until this investigation At the end, you are all within the scope of my investigation.

Where are you staying? " TRAVIS: At Nestled Nook Inn. SAM: It's Nested Nook. MATT: It's Nestled. He is right. SAM: Do it. one letter. damn it. TRAVIS: My intelligence has 14 points. I know what I'm doing. MATT: "Unless you are notified otherwise, you are not allowed to leave this city. If you still do this, I have your names. And I will use the entire Cerberus Assembly to track you down. you. Flynn. Let go of this girl. "When you all stand in the tent, Flynn approaches you a little from behind.

Hold a weapon but keep your hand beside you. Will you lead him out of the tent? Ok. You walked Cover of the performer's entrance. After you walk out, you can see several tents set up in the back, There are also several carriages, and other circus members are hiding. Just before you walk out At the time of the cover, they only saw you, and they had not seen the Crown's Guard. They had immediately scattered and disappeared in No trace in the nearby black shadows. You two came to the center of the clearing, there was a fire Burning red by the side. "Well, where is the girl in your mouth?" ASHLEY: She is in the tent behind. MATT: "Lead me the way." ASHLEY: Follow me. MATT: He follows you. Which tent are you going to take him to? Over there? Okay, this is the larger tent, he Walk side by side with you. The cover is slightly opened. SAM: God, you can seduce him. ASHLEY: Go and take her out. She can't talk to me. She was too scared of me. MATT: "Okay." He prepared his weapon and walked into the tent.

ASHLEY: After I covered the tent, I ran away. MATT: Okay. After a while, you heard a voice from a distance saying, "This tent is empty. what are you talking about? Hey? Hey-? " (laughter) MATT: And you didn’t look back, you just ran straight into the night, towards Marrow Fields And disappeared. SAM: But that is too mysterious. LIAM: Just when these things happened, I stood on the edge of the tent, and at a certain moment, I was (flicking) And summoned Frumpkin.

I had a 30-foot radius outside the tent, so Frumkin went out. MATT: Okay. Frumpkin was watching. You heard the man called Watchmaster turn around earlier Look at the rest of you. "Okay. The investigation will start. If you get any new information, When you ask you to get rid of your relationship with this carnival and related charges, you will come to me so that I can know. if you guys There is no suitable reason before our investigation is completed, then I believe that you will all be tried. " LAURA: Let's not help next time. In the final analysis, this is our fault. MARISHA: That's right, the first time we helped and still made money, the second time we were arrested. I really don't know what the moral is here. SAM: Just say yes, let's go together. LIAM: Yes, yes. MATT: So you were escorted out of the tent by the guards.

Molly, you are now stuck between Gustav and Bo the Breaker, Five other Crown's Guards are standing guard to guard you. And the rest of you were sent to the city, Watchmaster turned around again and said to you: "Remember, you run away, and I will find you." And here is where we end this festival tonight. SAM: No way! what? Do not! I still want to play. TALIESIN: I'm really exciting, it's awesome. LIAM: This is a good place. ASHLEY: We did it, we did it. TRAVIS: My God. LAURA: We are going to save Molly out! SAM: (sighs) Everything is much better with Molly. (laughter) TALIESIN: No one has ever said something more truthful. MATT: Uh, everyone, welcome to the new series. I should say it is the second season. LIAM: Oh my goodness. MARISHA: It feels weird.

SAM: Check out our cool Wyrmwood boxes! MATT: [ __ ] Sam. I swear to heaven. MARISHA: I used 100% new dice. There is no duplicate with Keyleth. TRAVIS: Yeah, it's completely new dice. TALIESIN: I kept Gil's dice. LAURA: I used some new dice. TRAVIS: What are you talking about? LAURA: Some new dice. MATT: I used this beautiful little… TALIESIN: [ __ ] you! MATT: The spies are now mine. (Referring to the golden spies in Harry Potter) LIAM: See how many real 20s Taliesin rolls tonight. MATT: Say yes. Oh my God. I'm really excited. SAM: Everyone, such a cool character! MATT: I really look forward to how the story will develop. SAM: I still don't know where half of you are from. What is Travis? MATT: Everyone did something to reveal their identity tonight. SAM: I don't know anything. I don't know how to play D&D.

MARISHA: Should we say that if you are Sam, don't you know? TRAVIS: I am a ballerina. MARISHA: He is the chief dancer. MATT: Alright, everyone. happy New Year. Welcome back and wish you a happy new year. Thanks for following We come to the first episode of this new journey together. Thanks, Backblaze and DnD Beyond, As a great sponsor, continue to photograph with us. Thank you Wyrmwood for this amazing table. Thank you for coming with us tonight to jump into this new adventure for the first time. Hope you like it. We like it very much. MARISHA: Thank you for our amazing crew. SAM: Thank you, Matthew Mercer, for making this awesome new series! Welcome to Wildemount. MATT: I am very excited. SAM: Thank you, Yev. MATT: Everyone, I hope you have a wonderful evening. We will see you next week. Look at this story Where will the next step take us. Ashley, I'm very glad that you can attend the first episode. ASHLEY: Yeah, me too. MATT: Until then, I hope you have a good night, a good night's sleep, and is it Thursday? good night! (Cheers) [music].

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