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So, THAT just happened…Re:Zero Season 2 Episode 15 Review/Analysis


Jan 14, 2021

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Today we were blessed with another Re: Zero masterpiece.

This was one of the best episodes of the entire season and what stood out to me, the most was the incredible voice.

Acting Both Subaru and Emilia s VA s delivered a stunning performance as usual, but I think the highlight was definitely the guy that voices, the bugs from Otto s backstory big light going over there.

Last week s episode was mostly dialogue and set up, but this week we finally got some action and also some action.

We got to see a bit of Otto s past, which basically explained how Otto became such a great character.

He s able to understand Subaru on a level that no other character can, After being isolated and exiled from his home, Otto experienced the exact same loneliness he later recognized in Subaru, Both Otto and Subaru had to suffer because of their powers and that s why Otto Sees a reflection of his past self inside of Subaru, So when Otto is helping Subaru, he also feels like he s helping himself at the same time and that s why they get along so well By the way, if the anime didn t make it clear enough. Young Otto did in fact fall in love with the White Cat.

We saw So yeah.

That was a thing.

The next flashback actually took place in Season 1 and, as you can see, Otto was very grateful to be alive, so it makes sense for him to feel like he s in Subaru s debt.

I was really impressed by how well directed all these flashbacks were, though I couldn t help, but laugh when I saw this one frame.

I enjoyed the fight with Garfiel too.

The animation was actually much better than I expected, but I was disappointed about some of the cut content In the Light Novel Otto actually used the earth magic spell Dona in it s ultimate form In Season 1.

This spell was first used by Betelgeuse, though he did cast a much weaker version with the prefix Ul Otto s, version of the spell with the prefix Al.

Is the Earth Magic spell at it s highest level so to be able to cast it? Otto had to borrow mana from the forest itself, But even that wasn t enough to stop Garfiel, But apparently Ram was To successfully deal any amount of physical damage to Garfiel in his beast form definitely requires a tremendous amount of strength.

So this episode reminded us how powerful Ram truly is The author even called Ram a boss level character similar to the White Whale? Otto was pretty awesome too. If anyone was confused about this part, what he did was distract Garfiel by using his Divine Protection to communicate with the beast language.

We also got to see another powerful magic spell cast by Ram.

Al Fula is the highest level Wind Magic spell.

So it s kind of insane that Ram was still able to use it even without her horn.

For those of you that haven t seen my magic video, each magical element has four levels to every spell.

For example, here s Huma the basic level Water Magic spell.

So yeah, the most important thing you guys need to remember is that any spell with the prefix Al is extremely powerful.

Additionally, at the end of the episode Garfiel was revealed to be alive, which means he was able to withstand two of the most powerful spells in Re Zero once again, reminding us how strong he is Alright.

Moving along.

Let s talk about Emilia s. First kiss My bad guys, I played the wrong clip Here is Emilia s first, kiss Sorry.

Sorry, sorry HERE is Emilia s.

First kiss You see this everyone.

This could be you if you quit League of Legends Subaru once again confesses to Emilia, except this time he tells her how he truly feels, But his true feelings were not entirely positive.

For the first time ever, Subaru reveals the malice and disgust he s harbored towards Emilia.

After watching her fail repeatedly.

My first reaction was that Subaru was being a bit too harsh, but I mean let s be honest here So far.

This season Emilia has been about as useless as Bikini Bottom s.

Fire Department, Emilia this season was less essential than Nezuko s, voice actor, Emilia s.

Confidence was less existent than Donald Trump s. Twitter account And Rem has accomplished more than Emilia this season, just by being asleep, But despite all of that, Subaru still loves her, Regardless of how pathetic Emilia might be.

Subaru will always accept her and he would never hate or abandon her because of her weaknesses.

Since the beginning of Re, Zero Subaru has been obsessively infatuated with Emilia, but hasn t gotten much of anything in return.

When he confessed to her, she wouldn t say anything back and every time he would try to flirt with her.

She would either ignore him or change the subject Based on the evidence I ve collected.

My conclusion is that before this week s episode, Natsuki Subaru was what we call Down Bad.

As you can see, it was a long painful journey for Subaru, But finally, this week s episode confirmed 100.

That Emilia does have feelings for Subaru, and this kiss they shared is the first major development in their relationship.

S progression, There has been some hints dropped in a couple episodes this season, that Emilia might ve had feelings for Subaru, but it was never anything too promising That kiss, though obliterated any doubts we might ve had, And I hate to say it cause.

It was such a good scene, but the Kiss of Death at the end of Season 2 Episode, 11 wasn t significant whatsoever That mind broken version of Emilia. Probably would ve kissed anyone at that point, so it definitely doesn t count.

As far as I m concerned this week, s episode was their first actual kiss.

That being said, I want to applaud Subaru for finally doing it.

It almost feels, like one of my best friends just lost their virginity.

This is what we ve all wanted.

Subaru to do for such a long time, I know I was hoping it would happen at the end of Season.

1 Episode, 25.

But, looking back, I m happy they waited until now, because this was such an amazing moment.

Don t forget, though Subaru can still die And if he does, then the kiss never happened.

Let me know in the comments how pissed you would be if Subaru dies next episode. Another reason Subaru kissing Emilia was so important is because it provided some context about Satella.

A lot of you guys have shared theories in the comment section that Satella is either Emilia from the past the future, another timeline or some variation of that.

Well, if we think back to Subaru s, conversation with Satella, some of that cut content from that episode has been made relevant once again Back when Satella revealed.

Why she s in love with Subaru.

She said it s because he held her hand on lonely nights and kissed her when she was alone Now two episodes ago.

This made absolutely no sense.


Last episode, we saw Subaru holding Emilia s, hand on a lonely night, and then this episode he kissed her and told her.

She wasn t alone That pretty much matches what Satella said word for word and yes, it could just be a coincidence.

But if you ask me it sounds like Satella knew this would happen. We know she, s got the power to control time so was Satella referencing the future when she said that to Subaru.

I don t know what all of this means, but I thought you guys.

Might ve found it interesting And, as always, I d be happy to read your thoughts and theories in the comment section below.

I thought this episode was nothing short of a masterpiece.

Can we just stop to appreciate how lucky we are that Re Zero has literally the perfect cast of voice actors in both the sub and dub.

The same applies to the music as well.

Every time Re Zero plays a new song, it becomes an instant classic and I can t say that same about most other anime Otto s, past was adapted perfectly.

We even got to see Betelgeuse again who s always been one of my favorite characters.

Ricardo showed up again too and at first I was a little bit scared cause.

I felt like I might ve been more excited than some of the furries out there And finally, the kiss of life. As I m gon na call.

It was unbelievably breathtaking and honestly, I can t really complain about anything that happened.

This episode Definitely one of the best episodes of the season.

I really hope they continue adapting Re Zero with the same quality this episode had, But because Kadokawa took down my Greed.

If video and gave my channel a copyright strike, I m giving this episode a ZERO out of 10 On a serious note for anyone that hasn t heard Kadokawa is removing all sorts of Re, Zero videos and delivering copyright strikes to a lot of channels, including mine.

I am essentially risking my channel right now by continuing to talk about Re Zero, so make sure you guys follow me on Twitter in case my channel gets taken down.

I also want to say thank you to everyone who s been showing me support during all of this.

It really does help me more than you might think.

If you enjoyed this video, though don t forget to give it a like and make sure you subscribe to be notified when I or if I upload another Re, Zero video and, most importantly, keep talking about attack on titan.

I guess I m out for now. Peace, .

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