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and Manu I chose you… this beautiful jacket here. What do you think? It's beautiful and I love it. I knew you would like it. Because it's got the birds on it too. Or you can have this one. Which one do you want? I can take both if you want. Yeah! both. Hello friends, My wife is a Haryanvi from India. So there's no way that she can get a visa and travel around here in Pakistan with me. So we're going to go around Pakistan shopping for her. We're gonna to go to boutiques. We're gonna to go to bazaars all across… Pakistan and buy her a bunch of Pakistani desi (traditional) fashion. We'll start here in the fashion capital of Lahore. Then we'll shop for her in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, in Kashmir, and in Sindh. We will try and cover, a bunch of different types of Pakistani fashion. First, we're going to hit up to boutiques in Lahore. Because simply put, Lahore has the best boutiques in Pakistan. and we will hit up some of the bazaars and markets in the other provinces. Lahore is a bit like Delhi.

There's an old side of Lahore and a new side of Lahore. and we are definitely in the new side of Lahore here. I arrived here yesterday and I was wearing this… salwar kameez. like full-on like traditional kind of Pathan clothing. and I walked into a restaurant to realize everybody is in like a suit and western clothes. and everybody's staring at me like, thinking like Is this guy lost or what? So, yeah, this is the fancy side of Pakistani shopping which we're going to start with first. I'm in this shop called Rang Ja. And "Rang" means colours in Urdu and the stuff they have here is… just beautiful. I absolutely love every single thing I'm seeing like, like this dress here.

It's all colorful and inspired by desi or Pakistani fashion. We're going to get some loud stuff here. And just look at these jackets. Pop art jacket. How cool… is that design. How is this? This is called the Aztec dress. I know it's not exactly Pakistani. But, it's just beautiful. And I love this one. This is Mughal pop art. I mean she would love this. It is quirky I know. Now, I can't decide to take the left one or the right one for Manu. Look at these beautiful jackets. Oh my God! How do I choose? Okay, we will take both. I will buy both. and Manu I chose you this beautiful jacket here. What do you think? It's beautiful and I love it. I knew you would like it because it's got the birds on it too. Or! you can have this one. Which one do you want? I can take both if you want. Yeah! Both. Okay, I'll take both.

We'll take both. I'm no fashion expert. But, just look at… these beautiful symbols on there I think you have like a Matka (pot made from soil) maybe. fish beautiful clothes in this place. Like just everything is incredible. Like, look how beautiful this is. If my wife was in the store she would just buy absolutely everything. and yeah, I love this as well. Just check this out.

Beautiful embroidery on this. I guess it's a coat, right? And how much is that Rs. 6500 Rupees. Pakistani rupees. Let me show you one more thing that I absolutely loved for her and she was like buy it. Just look at this beautiful. This is cross-stitch. Cross-stitch on these beautiful flowers. Like, just incredible. The stuff you can get at this store. But, we have like I've got three more states to go to and buy her stuff from. So, we're gonna stick with what we got. I showed her the blouses and she absolutely loved the blouses that I choose for her too. So, yeah! I have done good. Now, how incredible was that store. Oh my God! I'm pretty sure every woman watching this wants to go into that store now and grab something. And we spent 12,000 Pakistani rupees all together. About three 3000 rupees per item. 3000 for what would you call them? I don't know.

The long t-shirt thing. And 3000 each for these cute jackets that we got. Like these ones. It is raining now in Lahore. I'm getting soaked but, we've got to go to Cross Stitch and get Manu one more… Oh! Please silent your horn. We gotta get… one kind of I don't know if it's a sari or a salwar set for Manu.

Or if it's, called something else. I don't know. But, it comes with pants and a top. This store is called Cross Stitch and Manu wanted one of these sets. Like this. So, she can get it stitched back home in India. So they, they give you the fabric for the top and the pants. Sorry, I don't know what it's called. I gonna guess it's called a Salwar Kameez. Like I am wearing. Except these ones are very royal looking like.

The patterns, the embroidery. Wah! Absolutely… beautiful stuff here and about… it ranges in price from 5000 rupees ($34 USD) no from 2000 rupees up to 5000 rupees. They've also got a lot of ready-made suits here for women as well. But, I think it seems to me like people in Pakistan like to buy their own fabrics and get their suits tailored for themselves. Because I've seen so many Tailors or Darzi here in Pakistan.

So, this is what we have for Manisha here. Now, look how beautiful this stitching is. And once she gets it stitched back home in Delhi this is what it's going to come out looking like. So you get all these pieces including… what she's holding in her hand there which I don't know the name of. It all just comes in this package here and this is 6000 rupees or around ₹3000 Indian rupees ($40USD). I would probably buy Manisha like just one of everything on this wall behind me. Just look at the colors and the styles and all and the Guy's so sweet here. It took him a while to find find this he's made me a tea and he's made it really really well. Ah! This is another thing I would take for my wife. More beautiful stitching and embroidery work. That's just so cute. They've got another floor down here with all their stitched clothing and the stuff is just out of this world.

It's just beautiful. and it costs 4000 rupees. We got 25% off because there's a sale at the moment. So, really enjoying myself. Even though, I'm not a fashionista. But, actually I part of the reason for doing all the shopping for my wife is because… she helps me so much in my own life. Makes me emotional. But, she's my guru (teacher) when it comes to all things India and Pakistani she teaches me and explains so much stuff to me about culture in India and in Pakistan. She's my Hindi teacher.

She teaches me Hindi and she helps with subtitles on my videos. So, she does so much for me and there's no way that I do as much for her as what she does to me. So, I'm happy to spend all this time shopping for her and making sure she's happy. After those boutiques, I went exploring and found myself in the walled city of Lahore where there's this massive clothing and bridal market. I wanted to get Manu something there. But, it was all kind of common stuff that you can find at any market in Pakistan. I really wanted to focus my efforts on unique items from each region. I just gotta interrupt for a second to show you where I am. Look at that behind me with the sun setting. Look at Delhi Gate. That way leads home to Delhi. Beautiful Mosque here. and we have I'm not sure what it is behind me.

But, it looks like some kind of well. Such a beautiful little spot here. Now. Let's get out of Lahore and let's go to another region of Pakistan. I am here in the Chitrali Bazaar in Peshawar right now and you can hear and see the craftsman working here on clothes and I found something for my wife. I'm gonna grab her a coat from here. A Chitrali coat and Chitral is a province here in Kyber Pakhtunkhwa. There's not much in the way of ladies' clothes here. But, you will find some coats which look like this one like with the embroidery on it. And then you have these shawls here for ladies as well. It's beautiful embroidery. Okay. and this one is for 3000 ($40 USD). Wow! Beautiful! Really, really beautiful that work in there and Woh! This one's very thin and very warm. This is that Chitrali Patti.

This is Chitrali Patti? This kind of warm wool. It's different from Cashmere. It's not as soft. But, it's far more durable actually. This one's very cute. I really like this one. I just love this detailing they do here. Wah! Very cute. Very cute. Snd this coat made out of Chitrali Patti and it has this embroidery on it. Chitrali Patti, I should say. It's, a very kind of like soft warm and very durable wool that these guys make here. and yeah, Rs. 2500 Pakistani rupees ($16 USD). That is incredibly cheap for a warm winter jacket and one that's handmade literally right here.

The guy sits here and he makes this stuff. Just out of this world man. So, Manu I hope you like this. I think, the cream color will go nicely on you..

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