• Thu. Feb 25th, 2021

ONLINE STUDENTS Part – 2 | Parents during online classes | Types of Mom | Aayu and Pihu Show

Pihu come fast your online classes have started yes mom coming I am typing your name come fast yes Saw that friends? all the people who have bunked their own classes they are now attending the classes the world is round the thing we avoided we are having to do that now come fast, or should I attend your class like yesterday coming Friends today's video is going to be real fun you will definitely see glimpse of your mom in this video If you liked the video, then please like and share and subscribe if you have not already Come let us see, it will be fun Pihu come here Coming Pihu Today is a surprise test surprise test? yes Connect your earphones and get ready so that when I ask you a question you can only hear it Camera should not be off and mic should not be mute Students have gotten very smart they have learned to cheat during online classes OK madame Madame can I take a 2 minute break to revise You are never prepared Sorry madame, it is a surprise test OK you can take 2 minute break mom What happened? My test is going on so? I do not know anything wait Pihu I got this for you we should use this we can apply 2 earphones with this we both can hear the question and I will tell you the answer from behind OK Pihu Where are you? Are your 2 minutes not finished yet yes done OK 1st question Where was napoleon defeated? Where are you looking Madame I am thinking Who thinks while looking up? yes madame Napoleon was defeated in Waterloo OK When was he defeated? Ummm 1815 very good Means you have studied this time yes madame I study a lot now I repeat all my home work 3 times I am thinking there is someone there who is helping you no madame no one is there oh yes madame there is no one here do one thing move your laptop all around show me properly yes madame turn properly see, is there someone? yes I am here again See there is no one here Maybe you have really started studying OK students now this chapter is over but madame Now in the next class I will test you on this chapter but madame so be prepared and give your test nicely bye madame finished the class my doubt is not cleared What happened? Nothing yes now tell me what happened? I had some doubts in maths but I did not get the chance to ask and now next week the test is for this chapter only Oh For all this there is Byju's I am using Byju's but I am talking about Byju's classes now study from India's best teachers and clear your doubts there itself Now there will online tuition they will teach according to your syllabus Great means we won't have to get ready for class no travel and no pack time table for 6 days yes madame If you miss a day you can attend extra classes on Sunday Mom if I have a doubt in class who will solve all the doubts in same class and If I still have a doubt yes Byju's knows that all the students have a treasure of doubts that is why they have personalized extra classes means If you have a doubt in a particular topic you can get a extra class for that then you will have no doubt So madame all your doubts are clear? What mom? No no ask me If you have any trouble in studying yes mom I just remembered some topics get cleared but again I get a doubt after 4-5 days Why is that? Doubt madame For any problem related to your study you will get mentors mentors will be like your friend you can share any problem with them they will give you a proper guidance Mom now stop I don't have anymore doubts so come on then do your work attend your classes Happy learning you and Byju's have the answer to every question do not butter me up study now Complaigning Mummy Very good Pihu You are right on time When will remaining students come ? Thank you madame Madame She is not on time I told her 10 times to go and sit your class is about to start Mom you go now Right on time no that is not right Pihu is the first student who submitted her assignment Than you madame Madame I did most of the assignment you just give the assignment we are the ones who have to do it Mom you go yes I am leaving and your uniform is also very proper everything is neat and clean other students come in their night dress only very nice, you are looking nice yes madame Should I show you? Pihu get up no get up, no Pihu get up, no no, get up Madame look at her proper uniform, get up see this What? See, she is wearing her night dress only mom go please Madame she does not even cuts her nails, see look at her huge nails she has grown them out Everyday new nail art It is not allowed in school I am at home right now this is your class only from home Do you want to tell something else? Do one thing, tell this also Tell her this also that I turn off the camera and play games on the tablet tell her Why should I? She already saw it Look at your nice student madame Pihu, I did not expect this from you here I am praising you and you are doing all this Sorry madame Sorry madame Supportive Mummy Pihu go and get the globe OK madame yes madame I got it very good Do one thing Point me where is Croatia on the globe Madame what country? Croatia Croatia It should be near Asia madame What? that is your answer look properly Madame the writing is very small I can't read it Yes I will get a microscope for you Mom come here Who are you calling? Madame no one Madame I am looking yes Give me a answer in 5 seconds What help do you need? Look for Croatia That is kept in my drawer it is not here Croatia is a country Is Croatia a country too? Even I don't know Look fast How long will you take? Madame just 2 minutes We will reach Croatia in the meantime No madame, just 2 minutes Pihu, here it is yes, yes yes, madame I found it It is in Europe OK, tell me Who discovered Croatia? Mom What? Are you taking help from your mom? No, no So why did you say Mom? That was a slip of tongue I was asking for water Mom get it I thought your mom is sitting near you she is cutting vegetables Health Conscious Mummy Pihu Drink milk My class is going on You attend your class OK Pihu so tell me the answer in the comment What are you doing? I don't want to You don't want to? OK, take your class at least eat almonds you study study Pihu carrots are good for your eyes you look at screens all day long eat carrots your eyes will get better study, see what is madame saying Pihu are you studying or eating carrots ? eat your food only Mom is feeding me Madame kids work so hard all day they study all day we need to feed them some energy giving foods they never take care of themselves We will have to take care of them there classes run for 6 hours What should they do? eat, eat your food Pihu let us have a lunch break You eat your food with mom Alright? Madame that is not correct If the kid is hungry they will obviously eat I am not saying no you feed your kid, lunch and dinner when you get free, let me know I will again take the class Will you? Class over Great Do not stress Eat, you eat I will talk to the principal how can she say no? doesn't even let us eat She is so bad Can't the kid eat What is this? You just sit in front of screen for taking classes You will get dark circles you have to take care of yourself until the second class starts rest for a bit OK I will tell you the time Good that moms are not allowed in school Otherwise our 8 hours classes would become 8 hours lunch break Detective Mummy Pihu help me a little My class is going on Pihu help Aayu in his homework my class is going on Aayu I will help you Pihu is your class still going on? It is still going on It is 2 in the afternoon How much longer? The test is coming up, so …..

Pihu What are you doing? Nothing, class is going on It is 5 in evening, still class yes madame is teaching Hello Madame ??? How are you? Madam you are very busy today your class is still going, from the morning you taught a lot to the students today Mom put down your phone I was listening to music class was finished Do not tell that to madame put down your phone please OK Sonia I will talk to you later Who Sonia? My friend Sonia You fooled me So I fooled you Now give me your phone You have listened to a lot of songs The school you are studying in we have already passed out from there Do you understand? I am your mom But mom really helps me we made this video for fun I am attending my classes I hope you are too and yes, If there is any problem there is Byju's you can attend live classes there and can clear any doubts that you have Bye