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My Bromance 2 5 Years Later EP. 6 PART 1 ENG SUB


Jan 14, 2021

Next day P’Golf I want to apologize to you? About yesterday me and Arm Needless. To say Bank I understand everything P’Golf did he take care of you well.

Bank love him very much right? I know if you don’t choose me.

I would not be angry.

I just want you to be happy and he suits you better than me.

It’s not like I,’ve, been missing for years.

Take care of yourself Bank.

Look at your performance! Really growing very fast, thank you very much.

The facts in terms of sound you can’t beat Argarn, so you have to keep practicing and exploiting your potential.

Surely the judges will notice.

You gives you extra points. Okay, I will work hard.

Do you want to beat Argarn? Of course? In fact, if you want to win the championship with Argarn, not an easy thing, because Argarn is so good, but it’s not impossible how to do it.




As long as you will listen to me and follow me, I will give you a champion.

I am embarrassed when other people see Nobody’s watching.

Ok, no need P.’Dui.

I am embarrassed if others see Nobody’s seen it.

Ok, no one saw no need to Phi. You know that the champion is in front of you.

The important thing is you want the next champion to be you Argarn? Yes, please sign a competition agreement.

Ok, please, this ok! I also want a copy of your ID.

I left my ID in the room.

Can you get it later? No, I want to get it Now.

I want to show the judges.

Okay, I’ll be waiting for you here.

Okay, follow me, I will win you over Argarn.

No one saw hello, everyone, hello, everyone, my day with brother Meka, 95 LoveFamily.

She says she can sing song come in fast, hello, everyone, hello, Anacha, hello, everyone. I’m with brother Meka.

Do you have any events tonight? I’m busy.

I’m going to my friend’s birthday party.

I have something to discuss with you.

I am busy.

I have a date tonight.

Do you come home to sleep or not? I come home if I don’t come home.

Where do I want to sleep? I’ll be waiting for you at home when it’s finished hurry home.

Okay, that’s great, I’ll be waiting for you.

Remember don’t drink alcohol, don’t smoke, ok, Phi .

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