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SUBTITLE: Hessischer Rundfunk SUBTITLE: Hessischer Rundfunk It is one of the most important
Airports in Europe with huge terminals. 1400 take-offs and landings every day. 20,000 suitcases per hour. Luggage from 69 million passengers
yearly. How does this small town work
with 80,000 employees? One of them:
Follow Me driver Mario Hahn. His job: provide security. This can lead to disaster. So it has to be done immediately
be removed. Apron pilots support pilots,
help in emergencies. <font color = # FF00FFFF> The next plane
<font color = # FF00FFFF> probably has a hydraulic problem. Nothing can go wrong.
Otherwise there will be delays and chaos. <font color = # 00FFFFFF> there's a lot going on,
<font color = # 00FFFFFF> in that one lane <font color = # 00FFFFFF> cannot be used. A daily challenge
backstage at Germany's largest airport.

23 square kilometers,
as big as 3200 soccer fields, Frankfurt airport. Right in the middle, between the terminal
and runway, works Mario Hahn. Good Morning!
– And, fit already? Yes, not fit yet
but it's getting better. 5.30 a.m.,
Shift start for Hessen. There is our emergency vehicle,
Viktor seven nine. His job. Yes, the next eight hours. Mario Hahn has been since three o'clock
already on its feet. He drives from Limburg every day
to work, 70 kilometers. We do a quick check
if everything is okay so far whether the tires are still OK
no dents. Then we can
look in the trunk. Here is our gun case
for scaring birds. There's a start pistol
inside, fire extinguisher, broom, shovel. Then we have here
the granulate for smaller oil puddles. First aid kit, barrier material. Mario Hahn is a follow-me driver. He and his 14 colleagues
pilot pilots today. You control taxiways
for airplanes.

They check runways,
provide security. So far everything is fine. Then
we can get in and start. The early shift is coming.
The night shift goes. Gude! Mario's job takes strength. He works seven days straight. Then he has three days off
then seven days of action again and four days off
and start again in shifts:
Early, late, night. "That hoses," he says. Quick coffee,
Then it can go. It's been since five o'clock
Night flight ban past the airport. The first machines land from Johannesburg, Boston,
New York and Shanghai. The first start to Malta,
Greece and Mallorca. From now on it applies. Every five minutes in the morning
an aircraft lands or takes off. Every movement
is thought through to the minute. Nothing is allowed to the plan

The employees too
behind these panes of glass know what's at stake. Start of duty for Thomas Müller.
He is one of 95 apron pilots. In this control tower
he has all the planes in view, that move on the ground. The airport has two such towers.
They stand in the east and in the west. <font color = # FF00FFFF> We are now in the east ramp,
<font color = # FF00FFFF> at our company branch <font color = # FF00FFFF> to the east of the airport,
<font color = # FF00FFFF> so terminal two.

<font color = # FF00FFFF> It opens at 6.10 a.m.
<font color = # FF00FFFF> From then on we take over the east. <font color = # FF00FFFF> At the moment the whole thing is still over there
<font color = # FF00FFFF> Traffic regulated by night duty. <font color = # FF00FFFF> We are now on the morning shift. <font color = # FF00FFFF> We will replace you by phone
<font color = # FF00FFFF> and sign us up. Apron pilots determine runways
and parking position of aircraft. The pilots have to listen to them so that no accidents happen
or pilots get lost. Samuel Ditthardt
also works in the control tower. He is training. <font color = # 00FFFFFF> My job is to get the planes here
<font color = # 00FFFFFF> on the tarmac or apron <font color = # 00FFFFFF> to guide and guide. <font color = # 00FFFFFF> We also have others along the way
<font color = # 00FFFFFF> activities, such as <font color = # 00FFFFFF> the piloting of tugs or
<font color = # 00FFFFFF> also assigning follow mes.

Thomas Müller is Samuel's instructor.
He will support him today. apron controllers
work in three shifts. "Getting used to," says Samuel,
also for family and friends. <font color = # 00FFFFFF> So shift work is not
<font color = # 00FFFFFF> without, just like the early services. <font color = # 00FFFFFF> I mean we have just before six. <font color = # 00FFFFFF> You are
<font color = # 00FFFFFF> awake for an hour and a half. <font color = # 00FFFFFF> You have to be on it
set <font color = # 00FFFFFF>, even straight, <font color = # 00FFFFFF> when you are on night duty
<font color = # 00FFFFFF> and it's here all night. <font color = # 00FFFFFF> Then it falls in the social environment
<font color = # 00FFFFFF> something down there, no question. <font color = # 00FFFFFF> The friends already have to
Set <font color = # 00FFFFFF> to it first.

<font color = # 00FFFFFF> but it was pretty quick,
<font color = # 00FFFFFF> surprisingly. <font color = # 00FFFFFF> The attitude, the change
<font color = # 00FFFFFF> didn't take forever. The crew from Ethiopia
parks next to the colleagues from Tokyo. The plane rolls behind
from Bangkok. Hesse arrives early in the morning
the world together. <font color = # FF00FFFF> We have 200,489 planned for today
<font color = # FF00FFFF> passengers with 1394 flight movements.

<font color = # FF00FFFF> Since we are open, we have
<font color = # FF00FFFF> 42 flight movements handled <font color = # FF00FFFF> with currently 7800 passengers. <font color = # FF00FFFF> So now we have 6:05 in
<font color = # FF00FFFF> the morning and 7800 passengers. More of a normal day, they say. <font color = # FF00FFFF> let's see
<font color = # FF00FFFF> what we all expect today.

Suddenly alarm
for the airport fire brigade. The pilot of a machine
from Namibia with more than 200 people on board
reports problems with the chassis. The pilots in the tower
have informed the colleagues and sent the fire department out. <font color = # FF00FFFF> The next plane
<font color = # FF00FFFF> probably has a hydraulic problem. <font color = # FF00FFFF> He probably can't roll.
<font color = # FF00FFFF> It will land.

<font color = # FF00FFFF> But if we're unlucky, we have to
<font color = # FF00FFFF> drag him off the track. <font color = # FF00FFFF> The fire department is now moving
<font color = # FF00FFFF> to the stand-by position. <font color = # FF00FFFF> We have to take flight operations up to
Let <font color = # FF00FFFF> landing continue as normal. Hold before November.
<font color = # FF00FFFF> – hold before November, please! Airplanes on the runways
still have to wait. Full attention
applies to the machine for the time being from South West Africa.

The fire department drives to the runway,
waits nearby. The rescuers want to be ready in case it's the same here
there is a crash landing. The saviors would be instant
on the bad luck machine. <font color = # 00FFFFFF> Viktor three one zero
<font color = # 00FFFFFF> free to dock. There comes the plane
Course: runway, center zero seven. Less than 300 meters from the control tower
Mario Hahn is away in action. Here's Bravo four five
Bravo four six. Mario Hahn is looking for an accident
the parking position Bravo four six, so B 46. Against this flight of stairs
a truck is said to have driven. But where? Here I can at first glance
see nothing yet. A man waves over there
a truck. Maybe he knows more. Tomorrow! Here is somewhere
an accident happened? Yes, there is a little accident
happens. It was my fault. With personal injury? Nah, just my truck
a little bit of tin.

Otherwise nothing happened.
– So without personal injury. All right. It turns out:
without personal injury. It's a small tin damage.
We are now recording that. Then let's see.
What exactly happened? When reversing it is
bumped against the airplane stairs, the man says. But what does the staircase look like now?
Is the plane also damaged? Hahn must record such accidents
and send it to his boss. The shift manager now needs
all the data what happened where it happened
when it happened who was harmed
and who is the cause of the accident. He went up to the stairs. Now let's see
whether there is any damage. Then we need the number from the
Stairway. Then that is processed. Hopefully the plane has
get nothing. A bump could cost millions.

Passengers would have to go to hotels,
Flights rebooked and a replacement plane
get organized. The man wanted to deliver food
for economy and business class. Since I can see nothing
except normal signs of wear. There is not even one
the reflector off. The stairs were at the collision
not on the plane, Mario learns. There are small scratches here.
They are not the only ones. Then thank you!
– Have a quiet one! All right, you too! Okay, now we're giving it
to the shift supervisor. You have a higher one in no time
Damage done? He was lucky. It's just a little warped his facility in the back
on his car, a trifle. Back to the apron pilots on
Terminal two in the east control tower.

Thomas Müller and Samuel Ditthardt
look west. The pilot with the technical
Defect is approaching. 200 people are on board.
The fire department is also ready. The pilots are having trouble
reported with the landing gear. Now they are landing. <font color = # FF00FFFF> Now he is putting on. Looks normal. <font color = # FF00FFFF> We have to now if the
<font color = # FF00FFFF> safety landing has landed, <font color = # FF00FFFF> integrate it into traffic so
<font color = # FF00FFFF> that he doesn't have to stop, <font color = # FF00FFFF> that it is direct and expeditious
<font color = # FF00FFFF> can roll to the position.

Even if it looks dramatic: "This is a security landing,"
says Thomas Müller. In an emergency landing, people have to
to be in acute mortal danger for example,
when there is a fire on board. The rescuers leave the plane
from Windhoek not out of sight, if the chassis is still on strike
and an accident happens. Because it is still completely unclear why the alarm lights
tackled in the cockpit. <font color = # FF00FFFF> In that case it was likely
<font color = # FF00FFFF> just a false report. <font color = # FF00FFFF> Because he could roll. He is whole
<font color = # FF00FFFF> rolled into position normally. <font color = # FF00FFFF> That the fire department is using him now
accompanied <font color = # FF00FFFF>, <font color = # FF00FFFF> is a completely normal one
<font color = # FF00FFFF> security procedure.

<font color = # FF00FFFF> So also in cases, if about
<font color = # FF00FFFF> a cockpit window has a crack, <font color = # FF00FFFF> we also have a safety landing. <font color = # FF00FFFF> The fire brigade has to deploy
<font color = # FF00FFFF> and also the plane Accompany <font color = # FF00FFFF> to the position,
<font color = # FF00FFFF> until the engines are off. Security landings like this
are part of everyday life at the airport. Two a week is normal.
Everything went well this time. The operation
can continue undisturbed. The headquarters of the Follow-Me drivers
is three kilometers away. Mario Hahn is at his base
arrived. His boss needs the data
from the truck accident. Now we give our accident data
on to the shift manager.

He enters everything. The Follow Me station is located directly
on a runway. * Beat * From the shift manager
Mario Hahn gets his orders. Good day.
– Hello! I bring the accident data.
– Come in! Fortunately, no personal injury.
– Did you send something? Nee? I didn't send anything. I registered everything and am
came up as soon as possible. First the process number.
Zulu Hotel three eight zero. Is it a hotel?
– What, Zulu Hotel? Nah, 211. Okay, don't have the glasses! "80 percent of all accidents
happen on the ground, " says shift manager Marius Gerlich. This often happens in advance, that we have such small accidents
like now. Thank God no personal injury! It is included.
We also have a daily report. We include this here too. Now I'm carrying the data
from the vehicles. Then the thing was done. Every accident is saved. Mario Hahn is on the road again. Wanderlust often grips him.
Egypt was the farthest so far. These are still dreams. Mauritius,
I would like to go there. Why?
– I just imagine that. Of course you get a lot here
with what's marching in and out.

You can already see. Also in the terminal, you can see that
people full of anticipation, as they march to their plane or partially in groups
go off on holiday. That makes you want more, yes. He would prefer to be with his
Girlfriend and the children travel. Across the airport, past
at terminal one to terminal two, to the apron pilots
in the east control tower. Samuel Ditthardt guides today
Morning tugs. The plane must be directly below him

Another is already waiting. <font color = # 00FFFFFF> Now the position is still occupied.
<font color = # 00FFFFFF> We need that. <font color = # 00FFFFFF> The plane has already landed. <font color = # 00FFFFFF> We have that now
<font color = # 00FFFFFF> parked in the back. Would like 250 passengers
get off after seven hours of flight. <font color = # FF00FFFF> The "Ethiopia" that is here now
<font color = # FF00FFFF> stands, go out tonight. <font color = # FF00FFFF> Now Samuel has to
Send <font color = # FF00FFFF> a follow-me <font color = # FF00FFFF> We then push it in exactly the same way, <font color = # FF00FFFF> that the next flyer then directly
<font color = # FF00FFFF> can roll into position.

Pushers, that's what the pilots call
towing aircraft. The machine
is transported to the south. In the evening she will be back
brought back for the passengers. A follow-me driver
blocks the road. No car should go with the planes
collide. At the same time, the new guests roll
on from Muscat in Oman. <font color = # FF00FFFF> If you put it on the radar now
<font color = # FF00FFFF> look, the blue, <font color = # FF00FFFF> these are our aircraft tugs. <font color = # FF00FFFF> These are all other airlines
<font color = # FF00FFFF> who come in here in the morning, <font color = # FF00FFFF> standing here for several hours and
<font color = # FF00FFFF> to be temporarily parked in the south.

<font color = # FF00FFFF> We currently have here
<font color = # FF00FFFF> at the airport <font color = # FF00FFFF> six tows straight
<font color = # FF00FFFF> rolling at the same time. Every parking position, every taxiway
has its own name. Technical language under pilots. The current six tows
sound like this: <font color = # FF00FFFF> The second one is Leos zero-six,
<font color = # FF00FFFF> that of Bravo 22 <font color = # FF00FFFF> after Viktor one six six
<font color = # FF00FFFF> is being towed. <font color = # FF00FFFF> Then we have the Vietnam Airlines, <font color = # FF00FFFF> that from delta one to Juliet 17
<font color = # FF00FFFF> is being towed, <font color = # FF00FFFF> Charly 13, the ANA,
<font color = # FF00FFFF> goes to golf seven. <font color = # FF00FFFF> Six from the yard
<font color = # FF00FFFF> the Leos comes to zero one <font color = # FF00FFFF> after Viktor three one zero in the south.

Only who this international language
mastered, may sit here. <font color = # FF00FFFF> The knowledge is very extensive.
<font color = # FF00FFFF> Samuel can confirm that. <font color = # FF00FFFF> What they did in the first three weeks
need <font color = # FF00FFFF> to learn <font color = # FF00FFFF> these are complete Leitz folders. <font color = # FF00FFFF> How many folders do you have together? <font color = # 00FFFFFF> It didn't fit in one hat. So
<font color = # 00FFFFFF> one and a half, two were determined. Every third
falls through the final exam. A demanding job
but a dream. <font color = # 00FFFFFF> I can't say that it does
<font color = # 00FFFFFF> has always been my goal in life. <font color = # 00FFFFFF> But when I was first
<font color = # 00FFFFFF> heard of this <font color = # 00FFFFFF> I thought that would be it. <font color = # 00FFFFFF> once you've seen
<font color = # 00FFFFFF> how the apron pilots work <font color = # 00FFFFFF> it already grabbed me there.

<font color = # 00FFFFFF> to have the direct view
<font color = # 00FFFFFF> that's great fun. Samuel is still studying sports medicine. If he does all the tests to the apron pilot
he wants to work here, Distribute orders,
also to Follow-Me drivers. <font color = # 00FFFFFF> Mario also gets orders from me. <font color = # 00FFFFFF> I can do that here
Enter <font color = # 00FFFFFF> via the system.

<font color = # 00FFFFFF> Then when I hit the button here
<font color = # 00FFFFFF> go and enter seven nine, <font color = # 00FFFFFF> I can also assign orders to him. Sunrise at the airport. Mario is two kilometers away
in the West, and gets from Samuel
an order. No. OK. Danger at position A40. A bus driver
has informed the apron pilots. He says,
here is a little oil leak. There are a few droplets here. north of the guideline,
I would say, lost a bit of hydraulic oil. Pilots can spill oil
difficult to see from the cockpit. Under no circumstances is this aircraft allowed
drive through there, says Mario Hahn. The liquid
is slippery and aggressive. The tires will be gone
porous and slippery. Of course you don't want that
in the security area. Therefore, this has to be removed. Mario Hahn
will redirect the machine. He informs colleague Samuel
in the control tower. I pick them up at seven and do
they pilot something around the stain.

Around the oil stain
the fire department takes care of it. For the pilot:
Follow Mario! The machine must go to the parking position
V143 on the apron. Wave in the plane, that is part of it to the tasks
of a follow-me driver. The position
is far from the terminal. So that planes on
stop in the right place, pilots need support.

At the terminals
there are electrical panels. They show the pilots how many
Meters they should roll forward. On the apron
take over the follow-me driver. Stop! Fits. Bye! A bus leaves later
the passengers to the terminal. Mario Hahn is driving now
to a special place. That up there, this windbreak fence, there was the famous dance scene
shot, the Kiki dance. Where? Here? Right here, filmed on the emblem,
Frankfurt Airport. Exactly.
Do you want to see me dance? Well, then we want to go here
look. We open it with it. There he is. * Music Kiki dance:
"In my feelings" – Drake * An idea from the marketing department
of the airport.

It was spontaneous.
– What was the reason? I've been asked to do that.
I tried that. It was pretty funny.
It has become a blast. Was it a challenge? That was actually one
Challenge, as a gag video. It hit like a bomb
11,000 clicks a few days later. Then everything was fine. With so much
Clicks are almost famous. As I said, that was spontaneous …
* laughs * … and freestyle. I call it freestyle.

The kiki dance,
a trend from America. People are supposed to be rolling alongside
Cars dance. Half a million
have participated worldwide. Mario was the only one
Follow-Me-dancers. In Terminal One directly below
the departure hall is the lost property office. That is the area
by Salvador Martinez. Everything that passengers land on him
so forget in the airport. Over 20,000 finds are stored here.
New ones are added every day. Strollers, wheelchairs,
a tool box, chainsaws, Child seats, car seats, a blackboard
from the Ethiopian alphabet, an in-house telephone,
Electric fans, plush toys. He has seen a lot: Bags full of drugs
or a suitcase with a body. A man wanted transfer costs
save up. The transportation of the dead loved one
was cheaper than luggage. The man had in the terminal
then forget the suitcase. There was quite a bit of trouble
with the police. It's tough. Yes / Yes.
It is a place where you can experience everything. With us is
a stroller has been handed over for flight LH479
to Toronto yesterday. The stroller
was found at the counter. Questions arise: where are
the owners and where is the child? His job is often detective work.

Child is probably on board
but not strollers yes. Well, better the stroller
than the child. Animals have already been given here
been, but not yet children. We already had dogs
and a parrot. That parents have their child
forgotten in the airport luckily only happens
in Hollywood movies, he says. This American has his charger
leave in a cafe. It was delivered here.
Now he has it again. Salvadore Martinez has been
30 years at the airport. Many stations
he got to know. Starting with luggage service,
ten years. Then eleven years of information
and now seven years in the lost property office. The airport leaves you
not going anymore? How is that? No, not anymore.
I started here. I will stop here too
and retire. Second generation!
The father has already worked here. His father often took him with him. He spent hours as a child
Checked out planes. The 49-year-old gets it
not enough to this day. I still like to watch
when the planes take off. Also the closeness
I live around here.

It just fits. You don't get wanderlust when you
sees travelers here every day? Yes, but you have vacation. The lost property office: a storage place
with stories. His most valuable find
was a Rolex for 80,000 euros. It was never picked up
was auctioned like all lost property,
who no longer find an owner. A case remains unforgettable.
That was a drama. Had a mother
from her late daughter another memento
has always carried this with them.

That was lost
in control. Unfortunately that was
not found and submitted. It was very, very sad.
That was … This is a case
who is also close to you then? It is also close to you, yes. For the lost stroller
could help Salvador Martinez. He now has a plane ticket. Ah, great. stroller
will also be picked up. Class. One way to Toronto.
Free, exceptionally.

Case solved. The next
announces itself by telephone. One kilometer as the crow flies
Apron pilot Samuel Ditthardt is sitting at terminal two
in the east control tower. * Radio message in English * Rush hour, plus strong gusts of wind. They bring the business
confused. A runway
already had to be blocked. Airplanes can only
start against the wind. If it comes from behind
this is too dangerous. <font color = # 00FFFFFF> Because one lane is not
<font color = # 00FFFFFF> can be used due to tailwind <font color = # 00FFFFFF> that's frolicking now
<font color = # 00FFFFFF> at the other runway. <font color = # 00FFFFFF> The planes must accordingly
<font color = # 00FFFFFF> wait for them to get out. The yellow letters and numbers
are planes, who want to the runway.

Traffic jam at the largest German airport. Usually
take off two planes per minute. One runway less
means delays. Thomas Müller asks in the tower. <font color = # FF00FFFF> How much delay do we have right now? (Radio) It's so between
a quarter of an hour and 35 minutes. <font color = # FF00FFFF> Thank you! Samuel and his colleagues
are for security of passengers
responsible on the ground. Which plane has right of way?
Who has to wait The apron pilots decide that. "It's a bit like chess
play, "they say.

You have to think a few moves ahead. * Radio message in English * <font color = # 00FFFFFF> We are also trained
<font color = # 00FFFFFF> as much as possible … <font color = # 00FFFFFF> We had simulator training. <font color = # 00FFFFFF> There was the workload
<font color = # 00FFFFFF> more and more. <font color = # 00FFFFFF> There was training, as much as
<font color = # 00FFFFFF> possible to process. We call <font color = # 00FFFFFF> "peaks"
<font color = # 00FFFFFF> these peak times, <font color = # 00FFFFFF> where a lot of flight display
Go out <font color = # 00FFFFFF> at once. * Radio message in English * <font color = # 00FFFFFF> You have that now
<font color = # 00FFFFFF> not all day.

<font color = # 00FFFFFF> but there are certain times,
<font color = # 00FFFFFF> who are predestined to <font color = # 00FFFFFF> that there is a lot going on
<font color = # 00FFFFFF> and a lot goes out. <font color = # 00FFFFFF> Then this really has to be applied
<font color = # 00FFFFFF> become what we learned. Meet the pilots
100 decisions per hour. They spark per shift
up to 1000 times with pilots. Can actually
all good english? <font color = # 00FFFFFF> Most. Sometimes you have one
<font color = # 00FFFFFF> little bit of trouble understanding them. <font color = # 00FFFFFF> Then you always have a Chenglish
<font color = # 00FFFFFF> in there, so Chinese English.

<font color = # 00FFFFFF> But for the most part, straight
<font color = # 00FFFFFF> at Hansa it's no problem <font color = # 00FFFFFF> for the Germans and the
<font color = # 00FFFFFF> Americans, logically. <font color = # 00FFFFFF> But there are a few specialists.
<font color = # 00FFFFFF> You also have to ask. <font color = # 00FFFFFF> But mostly you know
<font color = # 00FFFFFF> what is meant. * Radio message in English * A kilometer further south-east. Follow me man Mario Hahn
is on a control trip. Plastic is not that nice.
We have to collect that immediately. It was quick. I was faster! engines
could suck in the garbage. This could
the turbines fail. The wind just seems unfavorable
because there is so much traffic jam Sometimes the wind can
come from behind or turn or be too strong. Then they have to
now and then wait. Mario Hahn stays with this wind
rather near the plane. Or there is just too much going on. There could be more rubbish
land here. Rush hour like on the highway. He is close
the apron pilot. Thomas Müller
controls the sky. Because there are pilots
they don't care about the rules.

<font color = # FF00FFFF> wild geese. Wild geese come when they want
and fly the way they want. Thomas Müller informs the tower. <font color = # FF00FFFF> here on our ramp east,
<font color = # FF00FFFF> I don't know if you see it <font color = # FF00FFFF> there is a block of birds,
<font color = # FF00FFFF> I think wild geese. <font color = # FF00FFFF> Ten, fifteen. The tower warns the pilots.
They can delay the start. Do you see that or what? <font color = # FF00FFFF> They were just here
<font color = # FF00FFFF> and flew over here. Bird strike is rather rare. Nevertheless: 200 times a year
it occurs in Frankfurt. Bird against aviators. Back in Terminal One, to the lost property office of Salvador Martinez. A computer is missing. I got a good week ago
lost my iPad here. A week ago?
– Yes. The iPad is in a case
and if so, what color? That has no shell
and is a white iPad. Has his device been delivered? At the security check
he had forgot the 600 euro device,
says the young man.

Sure, of course.
A lot of hustle and bustle on the day of departure. You have to do everything
put in these little boxes. Then something is quickly lost. I have one there, that is
has been found in Terminal Two. I just get that
and then we'll have a look. Little moment. Cell phones, laptops and tablets
are given daily, often forgotten
after security checks, says Salvador Martinez. People are just too nervous
when traveling. That could
be the missing computer. We have to see if it's his. Either he has to log in
or tell us the serial number. We have to see
whether it's his and look,
if we can make him happy. The passenger still has to
prove that this is his device. Looks good?
– Yes. Only one knows the secret number
he should unlock the computer. Excellent! There we have
made a customer happy. He receives 100 emails a day, missing persons
from all over the world. Bye. Have a safe trip home! This case was rather easy.
The next one is already waiting.

Back to Mario Hahn in the west
at apron position 153. LH nine eight nine
from Amsterdam is rolling. 191 parking positions for aviators
does the airport have 68 at both terminals,
123 on the apron. This is where Mario and his colleagues have to go
Wave planes. What are the signs all called? That is the stop sign
and that's the direction of rotation, either left or right
and that means straight ahead. A few years ago he still did
Aircraft picked up at the runway and guided to the parking position,
says Mario Hahn. Those times are over. There was less operation in the past.
There were only a few machines there. There you could
offer full service. Today, with the many machines, be the right from the position
unrolled. The pilot has to find the way
find yourself? It's everywhere
Mean line lighting meanwhile. We only need the lights
nachzurollen. Here you can see
this green centerline, small green fire on the ground. There he rolls along. They stop here before the position
and from there it will be picked up.

For pilots who are here for the first time
land, there is full service. you can
order a follow-me, to get them off the runway
find the parking position. Back to the east control tower,
to Samuel Ditthardt. A runway
is still locked. The gusts of wind are still too strong.
Traffic jam at the airport. 20 airmen can fly at the same time
be on the move. All taxiways added up
are 76 kilometers long. "Sounds a lot," says Samuel,
"is not much." Thousands of cars race here too
still around. Patience is important. For pilots too
the same American airline, that block each other,
in the middle of Hessen. <font color = # 00FFFFFF> I have to wait now
<font color = # 00FFFFFF> because the company <font color = # 00FFFFFF> you can see that quite well,
<font color = # 00FFFFFF> she's pushing right now. <font color = # 00FFFFFF> also an Air Canada,
<font color = # 00FFFFFF> and that's just in the way. <font color = # 00FFFFFF> He has to wait
<font color = # 00FFFFFF> until he's done with the pushback.

<font color = # 00FFFFFF> Then I can see him too. <font color = # FF00FFFF> Then you can get the four out.
<font color = # 00FFFFFF> – Mhm. <font color = # FF00FFFF> Do you have anything else? After two hours
Apron pilots break. Should be longer, no, they are allowed
don't work in one piece. <font color = # 00FFFFFF> There was a lot going on now. <font color = # 00FFFFFF> Then the brain is
<font color = # 00FFFFFF> still working properly. <font color = # 00FFFFFF> You have been concentrating for a long time.
<font color = # 00FFFFFF> Now have breakfast in peace. <font color = # 00FFFFFF> That was neglected this morning. Thomas prefers to spend
and Samuel their breaks in the terminal. * brisk music * Just like Mario. Hello, young man!
– Good Morning! Is there some smoking area?
– Here is complete smoking free. You must go outside, here 15 meters,
here exit. Outside you can smoke. Mario Hahn also guides in the terminal. Here are
very many signs. But many are also misleading. You can always help.
That is fun.

I always do my round,
do my terminal round. Then I'm fine again.
Then I moved. Then I can go back an hour
or two sit. You can have a look
buy a little something. This is a section of the
Change tailoring or cleaning. We’re going to pick up something now
for the woman. Something has changed
oder geflickt worden. Eine Bluse muss ich abholen. Wenige Meter entfernt ist das
Fundbüro von Salvador Martinez. Er hilft beim Suchen. Kunde Nummer
43 ist soeben bei ihm gelandet: der Trainer der Deutschen
Rodel-Nationalmannschaft. Er vermisst Batterien. So, da haben wir
zwei Bohrmaschinen-Akkus. Am Check-in-Schalter wurden
die Akkus aus dem Koffer genommen.

"Große Akkus sind Gefahrgut",
sagt Salvador Martinez. Sein Lager ist voll davon. Da haben wir jetzt
zwei Bohrmaschinen-Akkus. Die hat der Gast in
das aufgegebene Gepäck hineingetan. Verboten, zu gefährlich. So, da haben wir die guten Stücke. Feuerzeuge, Haarspray in großen
Mengen oder elektronische Zigaretten sind auch im Koffer verboten. Nach der Gepäckkontrolle
landen sie im Fundbüro. Da brauch ich eine Unterschrift
und vier Euro Lager. Trainer Robert Eschrich
konnte ohne Akkus sein Werkzeug für die Rodelschlitten
nicht verwenden, ausgerechnet beim Weltcup-Turnier. Annoying. Wir waren jetzt drei Wochen
unterwegs, mit dem Sport in Amerika. We are
die Rennrodel-Nationalmannschaft. Es war ein bisschen blöd, weil ich meine Werkzeuge
nicht bedienen konnte.

Ich bin der Techniker dort.
Das nächste Mal mache ich es anders. Rennrodel-Nationalmannschaft?
Excellent! Die Akkus gehören besser
ins Handgepäck, aber ist auch blöd. Da habe ich ja zehn Akkus
in meinem Handgepäck. Ja, gerade Lithium-Ionen
im Luftverkehr wird nur im Handgepäck erlaubt. Vorschriften hin und her,
der Fall ist gelöst. Danke ebenso, danke sehr! Es sind die Geschichten
hinter den Fundsachen, die Salvador Martinez
an seinem Job liebt. Waren auch schon Promis bei Ihnen? Ja, die kommen auch vorbei.
Die verlieren auch was. * lacht * Vor allem Schlüssel, Autoschlüssel,
mehr möchte er nicht verraten. Euro-Clean. Zurück zu Mario Hahn.
– Schauen wir mal, ob's fertig ist. Er hat Pause. Für seine Freundin
soll er eine Bluse abholen in der Flughafen-Reinigung
und Schneiderei. Noch ein Mario. Mario, Mario. Ex-Arbeitskollege. Nur Barzahlung.
Hier nur Barzahlung! Tag, junger Mann!
– All good? Are you all right?
Haste was ändern lassen? Muss die Hose kürzen lassen.
– How so? Ah, weil sie die nicht
in meiner Größe haben.

Bist du kleiner geworden?
– Leider. * lacht *
Machs gut! Schauen wir mal, ob's fertig
has become. Zettel hab ich dabei. Es ist fertig. Kommen viele Flughafenmitarbeiter
zu Ihnen? Yes. Zu den Stammkunden zählen auch
Piloten und Flugbegleiter. Was kostets?
– Fünf Euro. Wonderful. Ich hab nicht das gleiche Gummi
dagehabt. Deswegen hats gedauert. Ah, okay. No problem. Hauptsache,
das Gummi ist wieder drin. Das Gummi ist wieder drin. So. Bluse ist wieder ganz.
Kriege ich heute Abend was zu essen. * lacht * Thanks a lot! Have a good time!
– Tschau! Tschau! An sieben Tagen in der Woche
hat die Reinigung geöffnet. Marios Pause ist langsam zu Ende.
Zurück aufs Vorfeld. Doch ein Stopp muss noch drin sein. Das ist einer
meiner Lieblingsplätze hier.

Diese Retrotafeln
sind immer faszinierend. Die sind einfach Kult. So long
ich denken kann, hängen die hier. Schön, dass sie noch funktionieren. Und wieder hat er Urlaubsträume. Da sind ein paar schöne dabei. Singapur wäre jetzt ganz nett
oder vielleicht Barbados. Tobago wäre auch nicht schlecht. Irgendwann mal bestimmt.
Weiter gehts. Lufthansa? Hier hoch und dann links
und dann rechts und dann links Richtung Fernbahnhof. Links und rechts? Perfect.
– Exactly. Da hatten wir wieder mal
einen Kandidaten. Der hat Lufthansa gesucht
mit dem Zug. Er ist da oben vom Fernbahnhof …
Jetzt ist er wieder auf Kurs. Wir können weiter. * Music * <font color=#00FFFFFF>Ich wäre so weit.
– Zurück im Kontrollturm. Auch für Samuel Ditthardt und
Thomas Müller ist die Pause vorbei. Samuel übernimmt den Dienst
eines Kollegen. Der hat jetzt Pause. Bei der Null sieben.
<font color=#00FFFFFF>- Merci. Thank you. Kurze Übergabe und schon gehts los. Samuel muss sofort
die Übersicht bekommen, damit er den Piloten sagen kann,
wohin sie rollen sollen.

<font color=#00FFFFFF>Ich habe es lieber, dass viel
<font color=#00FFFFFF>los ist und dass ich zu tun habe, <font color=#00FFFFFF>als dass ich nur dasitze
<font color=#00FFFFFF>und die Zeit rumkriegen muss. <font color=#00FFFFFF>Dann geht auch die Zeit rum. In zwei Stunden
ist seine Frühschicht zu Ende. Mario Hahn ist mittlerweile
ganz im Süden. Hier parken Flugzeuge,
die erst abends wieder starten. Kollegen arbeiten an den Maschinen. Mario kennt fast jeden. Alles eine große Familie
hier am Airport. Meistens Mitarbeiter,
die schon über 20 Jahre hier sind. Der Wind hat keinen Müll auf
die Rollwege gepustet.

Alles sauber. Mario ist zufrieden und entdeckt
seinen Lieblingsflieger. Der hat was. Dieses Grüne steht
dem Dreamliner ungeheuer gut. Sieht sehr edel aus,
die Maschine, finde ich. Das passt zu der futuristisch
gestalteten Nase, zu der flachen, wunderbar! Die gezackten Triebwerke. Das ist schon ein Hingucker,
ein Beauty-Flugzeug. Die da natürlich auch schön
in Lila, Purpur. Genauso schick, nur in dick. Kleiner Limerick.
* lacht * Mehr über Mario Hahn
in der nächsten Folge.

Und über die Geschichte dieses
gestrandeten Passagiers. Ein Fall für den Sozialdienst. Die Menschen, die hier stranden, die
stranden, weil sie kein Geld haben für den Weiterflug und dann haben
sie auch kein Geld für ein Hotel. Die bekommen von uns eine Decke
und schlafen im Terminal. Mittendrin – Flughafen Frankfurt,
nächsten Mittwoch um 21 Uhr. COPYRIGHT UNTERTITEL: hr 2019.

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