• Thu. Feb 25th, 2021

what’s up guys jordan here and today we’regoing through how to start facebook ads nowour last video got over one million views butfacebook have changed a thing or two so todayi’m bringing you right back up to speed the a toz of how to launch your first ever facebook ad butbefore we get into it make sure you’re subscribedwith your notification belt turned on let’s getstarted with this video okay so before we jumponto the mac i want to announce a competitionfor every 100 people that comment on this videoi’m going to be giving someone completely freeaccess to the learnads pro facebook ad trainingcourse and we’re going to announce that every100 comments now to enter you need to commentdown below with your goals for advertising onfacebook so let’s say enter that competitionand let’s jump straight into this trainingokay let’s jump straight into this facebookads training starting off with some numbers nowthere are 1.7 billion daily active users on thefacebook platform and around 80 of the internethave a facebook profile so this is a colossalopportunity for business owners to get themselvesin the hands of their ideal customers and that’sreflected in the ad revenue from facebook therewere 17 billion dollars spent on facebook adsin q1 alone in 2020 and more than 80 millionbusinesses already have a facebook business pageand that’s because the average cost per click onfacebook which is the cost to get somebody tovisit your website is 1.72 cents although thataverage actually sounds pretty high to me based onthe results we get in our marketing agency and soby the end of this video i’m pretty sure your costper click will be a lot less than that now the cpmwhich is the cost to reach 1 000 people so 1 000people in your target audience is around 7.34on facebook which makes facebook one of the mostcost-effective ad platforms in the world rightnow which is probably why 86 of us marketersalready use facebook ads as part of theirmarketing strategy so how does it all work wellhere’s an overview of the facebook advertisingplatform this is the structure of the platformand we’ll break down each of these componentsindividually but at the top of this we have thefacebook business suite which is formerly knownas the facebook business manager and this is wherewe manage our business account we didn’t have adsmanager so this is the host of all of our adaccounts and within ads manager we can havemultiple ad accounts so this is where we actuallymanage our ads for example if you own multiplebusinesses you may have multiple ad accountsbecause you want one ad account for one businessyou don’t want to be managing ads for multiplebusinesses on one ad account equally if you havean advertising agency you’ll want to have multiplead accounts for each of your clients underneath anad account we have an ad campaign and this is thetype of advert we’re actually running we then havean ad set which is our target audience and finallywe have our ad creative okay the advert itselfthe visuals you’ll notice that ad campaign ad setand advert are all grouped up on this diagram andthat’s because they are the three core componentsthat make up a facebook ad let’s jump into that alittle bit further so we have campaigns at thetop which is where we select our objective whatare we trying to achieve from our ads do we wantto drive traffic through to our website or dowe want engagement on a post we select that at acampaign stage we then have our ad sets and thisis where we select our target audience who we areactually trying to reach and then finally we haveour ads themselves the creative or the visualswhat we see on the facebook news feed this couldbe a video this could be an image and of courseyour ad copy as well which is your text for the adnow you won’t always have one campaign with one adset and one ad within that as an advertiser you’llwant to test out multiple variables differentaudiences and different ad creatives as welland this diagram represents that so let’ssay for example we have one campaign andthis is a traffic campaign we’re driving trafficthrough to our website and we are a dog treatcompany and we want to test out two differentaudiences so we have ad set one and ad set twoad set one is targeting an interest dog lovers adset two could be targeting dog owners for exampleand within those two ad sets we have two differentads we’re testing out as well so we have add oneand add two add one could be a video showingsomebody giving their dog this treat and twocould be an image of a dog eating a treat ora very happy looking dog so actually what wehave here with this diagram is one ad campaignwhich is testing out two different ads to twodifferent audiences and the reason we do testingis to make sure that we are getting the highestreturn on ad spend possible just because we thinkthat an audience and an ad is going to work welldoesn’t mean it actually will convert when wepublish that advert and so we have to do a lotof testing to find winning facebook ad campaignsso that’s an overview of a facebook ad and thebusiness suite structure let’s jump straightinto the platform right now so you can see thisin practice now to create a business manager orsuite account go over to business.facebook.comand this is not to be confused with a facebookbusiness page by the way you need a page for yourbusiness already so if you don’t have a facebookpage for your business go and create one first ofall so once you’re on business.facebook.com goon the top right corner and hit create accountand this is where we can enter the details forour business manager so enter your business nameyour name and then your business email addresshit submit you’ll be prompted to enter a url andyou can enter your website url or just paste thelink for your business page on facebook i can’t dothat right now because we already have an accountcreated now once your account is created you’llbe brought straight through to the facebookbusiness suite and that will look just likethis now the first thing we’ll notice is we havea large overview on the business suite home pagewhich allows us to look at all of the data fromour facebook business page we can look at updateswe can look at recent posts we can have a lookat some insights as well so this is really usefulinformation all consolidated in one easy to readplace the first thing we need to do is actuallyset up this business manager properly so go overto the left hand side and go more tools i’ll justzoom in so you can see this just in case and thenwe’re going to go over to business settings andwe’re going to set up our account so we’re readyto launch our first ad now on the left hand sidehere we have our navigation bar and on the rightwe have our actionable area we’re going to startoff with users and people now this is where wecan add other people onto our business managerso for example if we have employees and we wantthem to launch our ads for us or analyze the datawe can hit the blue add button here and we canadd somebody with employee access or full adminaccess as well so if we want them to have fullrights over the account all we simply need todo is enter their email address hit next andwe will send an invite through to their inboxand they’ll be able to accept that and have accessto everything within our business manager we wantto make sure that we are on here as well we thenhave partners now for example if you want to workwith a digital marketing agency and they alreadyhave another business manager account already setup you can add them so invite them to have accessto yours by entering their business id i’ll showyou where you can find this in a moment if youever need to give somebody your business idwe then have pages so the first thing we wantto do is make sure we add our business pageour facebook business page onto our businessmanager settings and so we can hit the blue addbutton and hit add a page and all you simplyneed to do is type in the name of your pageand hit add okay so we can add those pages ontoour business manager okay so now our page is addedto our business manager now just to highlight ifyou’re running ads on someone else’s behalf whenyou click ads you can request access to somebodyelse’s page or you can even go ahead and create abrand new facebook business page if you don’t haveone already created so you can click add new pageand go through all of the questions and this willcreate the page within the facebook business suitenow so let’s just cancel that so now our page isadded we can go ahead and create an ad accountso hit add accounts hit add and again we havethe same options here we can add an ad accountan existing one we can request access to somebodyelse’s account or we can create a new one so we’regoing to create a new one we’re going to namethis and we’re going to select our time zone andour currency let’s make sure that your currency iscorrect because it’s a little bit tedious havingto go back and change it later on hit next this isfor my business although if you’re an agency youwant to do another business or client so butwe’re going to select my business hit create and we’re going to make sure we select ourself andgive ourselves full admin access again though thisis where we can add other people from our businessmanager onto this ad account hit assign hit addpayment info and here we want to add our paymentmethod for this ad account this is the methodthat you’re going to use to pay for the ads thatyou’re running on this account so we can do directdebit we can do paypal we can do online banking orfacebook ad credit if you have a ad credit tokenfor now i’m going to select debit and credit cardand i’m just going to enter some card details sowe can set up this account okay so now paymentdetails are added this ad account will be goodto go but there’s one final thing we need to dolet’s go down to business info on the bottom leftcorner and make sure our business information isbang up to date so the first thing we need to dois assign a primary page to our business managerso we edit that and we select our primary pagewhatever one is the main page that we are usingfor this business manager we then want to editour business details so enter our legal businessname address and tax id for accounting purposesand if we have the option to verify ourbusiness status you should do this as wellit gives us more security and tells facebook weare a legitimate company looking to advertiseon the platform you’ll notice here that yourad account creation limit will probably be oneif this is a brand new account which means thatyou can only create one ad account now facebookdo this for security reasons to stop fraud andprevent that and so what you need to do to liftthis limit if you need multiple ad accounts isstart creating ads on your current ad accountspend money on the account actually pay yourbill and then facebook will lift that limitand allow you to create more ads so you just needto build a bit of trust with the platform firstthe final thing you could do is set up two-factorauthentication for security and verify your emailaddress now you will have received an email fromfacebook when you created your business manageraccount if you didn’t just hit resend verificationemail and that is your business manager completelyset up there are a ton of other optionson business settings but this will cover99 of businesses we do not have time to gothrough all those other things right now let’sjump straight into the actual ads manager and howwe can create our first facebook ad so if we godown the top left corner here and on businesstools and we’re going to go down to ads managerso now we are in the ad account we just createdon the ads manager interface remember we havebusiness suite ad manager then the ad accountwe want to select a different ad account we canhit this drop down and select any others that wehave associated to us we then have our free coreelements to a facebook ad and that’s a campaignan ad set and an ad and if we want to createour first ever ad all we need to do is hit eitherthis create add button in the middle or the greencreate button and it’s going to give us the optionfirst of all to select our campaign objective solet’s zoom in so you can see this so at this stagewe can select what it is we are trying to achievefrom our ad so we have three main objective typesawareness consideration or conversion awarenessis how it sounds is to make people aware ofour product or service for the first timeconsideration is to get some kind of commitmentof interest whether that’s a lead form or justgoing onto our website we then have conversionand that is to get the actual sale to get cashin our bank from our ads let’s highlight a few ofthe most commonly used individual objective typesso we have traffic this is to drive traffic froma to b so from facebook through to your websiteor landing page engagement to get likes commentsor shares vanity metrics app installs exactly howit sounds video views so to get people watchinga promotional video of ours lead generation sowe can create a form on facebook and have ourpotential customers fill in their details so wecan then sell to them later messages to promptfacebook messages and then we have conversionsso conversions is the campaign objective that themajority of you want to use if you want to getsales on your website or want to getyour customers to take a very specificaction on your website and the way we do this isthrough the facebook pixel the facebook pixel isa tracking code that all of you should installon your website that allows you to read into thedata of your customers you can find out whatyour customers are doing on your website andhow they are behaving and most importantlyhow or whether they are converting or notthat allows you to track the exact amount ofmoney they are spending so you can see yourreturn on investment on facebook and get a fullunderstanding of how well your ads are performingin fact before we continue on creating this adlet me show you how to set up a facebook pixelso go over to business tools and go down to eventsmanager and then click connect a data sourceweb get started facebook pixel hitconnect name the pixel so this can bewhatever you want to call it you can then enteryour website url okay and if your website isfound to be built on a platform that integrateswith facebook easily it will take all of the hardwork out for you and it will set up your pixelhit continue we then get the option to eitherinstall manually or use a partner integration ifi show you using a partner integration first ofall because the majority of you will be able todo this if your website is built on any of thesetools then you’ll be able to quickly integratethe facebook pixel but all we’re really doing hereis inserting a small bit of code into the headerof your website a tracking code so let’s say forexample your website is built on kajabi you canhit kajabi and it’ll go through the individualinstructions that you need to follow to actuallyset up the pixel some of these will actuallyautomatically integrate though for example withshopify it’s very easy you just need to puta pixel id code in your shopify store settingsnow if you want to install the pixel yourselfhit install code manually and copy this code andpaste it into the header of your website thenhit continue and you’ll be prompted to createevent codes so you can track individual actionsso for example if you want to track purchases onyour website you can install the purchase eventcode into the thank you page of your website sofacebook knows when somebody has purchased yourproduct now if any of this is confusingyou can’t set up automatic integrationsand you can’t set up the code yourself manuallyyou can click email instructions and send theseinstructions over to a web developer who willmake light of this and be able to set up the pixelvery easily i recommend all businesses to set upa facebook pixel on their website so you can trackdata and your ads will get more effective overtime as facebook learns more and more about youraudience and your customers so let’s go back overto the ads manager and let’s resume creating thatad today so we’re going to hit create and then forthe purpose of this i’m going to create a trafficadvert driving traffic from facebook onto ourwebsite and we’ll follow suit with the dog treattheme so we’ll advertise for a dog treat companywe’re going to name our campaign and we want toname it something we’ll easily remember so we canquick reference later on so this can be dog treattraffic and this could be cold okay cold audiencebecause this is going to be a completely coldaudience that has never heard about our brandbefore hit continue we then get to check throughour campaign settings but as a beginner thereis nothing that we need to change here so we’regoing to hit next so we now walk through to thead set stage where we can select our audience andour targeting the first thing we’re going to do isname our ad set so again something we can rememberso let’s put the um campaign name in there andour audience itself so we’re going to targetdog owners for this now you’ll notice there are aton of different features and options at an ad setlevel way too many features for us to go throughin a youtube video about it being hours long andthe algorithm absolutely hating it but i will begiving each and every one of you the opportunityto learn about every single feature on facebook adcreation at the end of this video completely forfree but in this video we’re only going tohighlight the things that matter to beginnerswhen creating their first ads so we’re going toskip through here and we’re going to go down tobudget because we want to select the budget forthis traffic ad the daily budget i would recommendfor any ad is five dollars or five pounds tostart off with you can always scale up fromthere depending on results i wouldn’t recommendgoing any lower than that because you’re not goingto give the algorithm enough chance to actuallyoptimize your ads and get whatever conversion youwant people to take or whatever action you wantpeople to take on your website or from your ad wecan then schedule a start date and an end date buti’d like to keep this open so we have more controland we want to go down to audience we’re goingto skip custom audiences for now because that’sretargeting and pixel-based audiences and we’regoing to create what’s called a facebook savedaudience we’re going to look into interests anddemographics on the actual platform the firstthing we can do is edit our location so for thiswe can select let’s let’s run an ad in the unitedstates actually so let’s get rid of the unitedkingdom so we’re going to put it in united states there we go and we have the united states selectedokay we can add as many locations as we want toand we’re targeting at the moment people who livein or have been recently been in this locationbut we might just want to target people who justlive in this location if we are only shipping tothe united states for example so we don’t wantto target holiday makers or people who are justtraveling through the us we can also drop apin on this map so if we hit drop pin we candrop a pin directly on a specific property ifwe want to we’re going to go down to age nowand we want to keep this open for dogtreats we can keep this pretty openanyone can have a dog but youcan select your age demographicgender we’re going to select all genders but againyou just hit edit and you can edit any of thesethen we’re going to go down to detailed targetingthis is where it gets really interesting now it’shere we get access to all the data facebook has onits users and to demonstrate this we’ll hit browseand we can select demographics interestsor behaviors i recommend you having a playaround with this you’ll be mind blown at who andwhat you can target with facebook we start offwith demographics we can target people based ontheir educational level their financial incometheir relationship status their work so their jobtitle or even their employer we can target peoplebased on their interest so if you’ve ever put astatus up or you’ve liked fake pages on facebookfacebook will know you are interested in thattopic and you can pretty much target anythingwhen it comes to interest harley davidson cartierrolex dog lovers like hey you can target anythingpretty much so have a search in here andfind out what is relevant to your businesswe didn’t have behaviors so if you’ve gotan anniversary coming up whether you’re anexpat um whether you are using a specific mobiledevice your political views your purchase behavioronline the options really are endless when itcomes to facebook detailed targeting so we wantto target something to do with dogs so let’s putin dog we can see all of the interests here and onthe right hand side we can see how many people areinterested in this specific topic okay so dog foodfor example there are 48 million people interestedin dog food on facebook so let’s select that andon the right hand side we can see specifically howmany people in our chosen demographics so we’veselected the us only so whilst there’s 48 millionpeople interested in dog food on facebook thereare 13 million people who are interested in dogfood in the u.s alone okay we did have estimateddaily results on the right hand side here aswell we can reach between 800 and 2400 peoplefrom this ad on our daily spend and hopefully getbetween 20 and 68 link clicks now this data isn’talways that accurate so take it with a pinch ofsalt now i also only recommend you selecting oneor two interest or demographics when you are usingdetailed targeting per ad set and that’s becauseif you have multiple interests and demographics oneach ad set you’re not gonna know what is actuallygetting you sales or getting new leads and so ifyou only have one or two you have more controlover who you are targeting and you understand whataudiences are actually working for you so onlyhave one or two if there’s five or six intereststhat you want to target on facebook separate theminto their own individual ad sets you can thenfurther narrow down interest as well so detailedtargeting you can say that you want people toalso reach other interests as well so we couldfor example say people must match dog food andthey must also match dog sitting for example okaywe can get rid of that so you have to match eachof the detail targeting criteria that you put into the ad set so that’s all we’re going to dofor now we’re going to target dog food there’s13 million people that we can reach there so avery large audience we don’t want to go down toplacements so we can select automatic placementsor manual placements and all this simply means ifwe click manual placements you’ll be able to seethe context here this is where facebook will showyour advert on the platform so feeds so we couldrun this on instagram on facebook on video feedsstories in stream in article so have a look at allof these and you’ll be able to see all the placesthat facebook can show your ads now for themajority of people facebook news feed is whatwe’ll convert the most okay facebook news feed orinstagram newsfeed as well okay but for beginnersi would recommend you keeping this on automaticplacements because you’re not gonna know whatwill convert best until you actually start runningyour ad so select automatic placements and thenafter a week or so have a look at where your salesare coming from and then select manual placementsand only tick the placements which are convertingthe best for you which are performing the bestso we’re going to hit automatic placement andcontinue from there we want to ignore optimizationand delivery because again that is not forbeginners and i will give you the opportunityto learn more about that later on hit next we aredone on an ad set level and now we get to designthe visuals of our ad the exciting part so let’sname it again let’s do dog treat traffic so we canquick reference and we can name this dog videobecause we are going to create a quick videofor this ad video performs very well on facebookfacebook still prioritizes video on the news feedwant to make sure our facebook page isselected and of course our instagram pageif we are advertising on instagram as wellwe can connect it just by hitting that buttonand we are then going to create an ad or we canuse an existing post on our page or use creativehub creative hub is an inbuilt creative makingtool on facebook so you can essentially createfacebook ads in advance and then come back to themlater on we’re just going to create an ad here andwe’re going to use a single image or video butyou can also use a carousel ad which is multipleimages or videos or a collection which is as itsounds a collection of different size images andvideos and products but we’re going to use singleimage or video and we’re going to scroll down andwe’re going to add media so this is where we canupload our video we don’t have a video created forthis ad yet and so what we’re going to do iswe’re going to go over to in video which is atool that we use to create really great facebookadverts for our clients and for our own businessso if i go over to in video now in video havekindly sponsored this video as they did the lastone so thank you to the team in video is a onlinevideo creation platform with over 4 000 ready-madevideo templates it’s very very easy to use i’mgoing to show you in a moment now if you want tocreate an account go over to invideo.io you cancreate a free trial or i would recommend usingcode platinum25 for 25 off an annual membershipit works out at like 90 which is an absolute stealbelieve me you’ll see why so let’s log in rightnow so as soon as you’re logged in you can accessall of the templates right away we can search forone and we can select our dimension we want tocreate a square video because we want to take upas much room as we can on the facebook news feedand right at the top we can see all of the latesttemplates which is really useful when you want tokeep your content and ads up to date and refreshedwe’re going to search for dog though let’s searchfor dogs let’s see what we can find we’re creatinga dog based ad so let’s search for that and let’ssee what we can find if we hover over any of thesewe can see a preview of what this video looks likeand if we click on any of them forexample let’s go on this one herewe can see it in different sizeswith some music playing therejust turn that down of course we can seein all the different sizes available aswell that automatically will dynamically updatedepending on what dimensions we want let’s go withuh this one here though i like to look at this oneokay so we’ve got a nice pug here with the crownpremium dog foods this is right so use thistemplate and we’re brought through to the editingplatform without having to download anything whichis great now if this is your first time usingnvidia recommend clicking the bottom left cornerand you can reach out to in video support with anyquestions that you’ve got they are available 247 and they always go above and beyond for theircustomers you can also watch any of the livewebinars and masterclasses to learn more aboutthe platform and i would recommend you joiningtheir completely free facebook group with over 20000 other marketers which really is a great groupi’m in there myself and there’s a link in thedescription of this video so go join that groupand you can speak to other people and see whatthey have created on the in video platform but fornow let’s go ahead and create an ad for this uhthis facebook ad now on the left hand side here wehave access to multimedia on the right hand sidewe can edit things on screen and on the bottomwe have our timeline so similar to any othervideo editing tool on the left if we want toaccess multimedia we can go on videos we can go onimages now with a premium account you get accessto over 10 million stock images and videos takenfrom premium stock websites and that literallycosts hundreds and hundreds of pounds to accessthis but you get it for free with a premiumin video account which is kind of ridiculousi’m not really sure how they’ve managed to getthat relationship but let’s say we wanted tochange the picture of this pug here we wantedto change this to something else uh let’s uploadan image i have one i uploaded earlier and truebluebee to style so we’re going to upload thoseand we can then select the doggo and i’m goingto drag him over onto the screen so let’s dragthis doggo over onto that pug and i’m going toreplace that one there okay just get that ridof that one that we just accidentally draggedon now with this dog here he’s got a backgroundokay it’s not great doesn’t look good on thisanimation so what we want to do is hit removebackground on the right hand side and we caneasily remove the background of this image whichis great i wish photoshop had a simple tool to dothis instead of having to cut around with a lassoso we are done and we now want to resizethe dog so let’s make sure that this fitsin well we just simply drag that put itdown to there and we are nice and easy sodoggo is edited we can now change the logo aswell so again i can drag a new logo into herei want to remove the background again we can thengo over to change project colors and we can changeall of the colors we’ve got going on here butactually i probably want a background image behindthis dog so let’s go on images and let’s see ifwe can search for let’s find some kind of a beachbeach doggo at the beach okay somewhere somewheredogs always seem to be with their owners going forwalks so let’s go there let’s make this nice andbig now images may be a little bit blurry to startoff with before we actually render this it’s justto make sure that everything is nice and quickbut when we render you’ll notice these imageswon’t be blurry at all let’s go on to layershere and just make sure this is above that sowe’ve just added that on we need to make surethis is above the dog itself so where’s the dogand we want the dog above us there we go okaywe’re getting somewhere let’s go down just to makesure we might need to play around a little bitjust to make sure that you’ve you’ve got this allright okay that’s looking pretty good okay are wegood yes we’re fine okay i haven’t messed anythingup so i’ve got that image there again that won’tbe blurry when we actually come to renderingthis image let’s then change the background ofthis black because i don’t really like the blackthere now it doesn’t really work very well with umwith the beach so let’s go on white and thenwe need to change all of this text here as wellso we go there black all of our text has nowchanged as well it just moves that a littlebit more centralized so this ad is looking alittle bit more funky okay so what else can we docan we change this yeah let’s go back change theproject colors let’s change this to a nice blue toactually go with the coastal thing okay maybe notlike so okay we’re looking pretty good okay thisobviously you can spend as much time as littletime as you want to on creating these um we’re i’mjust trying to get through this video for you guysso we don’t really have all day to be creating anadvert so let me just turn down that music i’mactually going to change that music in a moment this is looking pretty nice okay so if i want tochange the music here i’m going to go to musicand we have access to a ton of tracks so ifi do chill out let’s see what we can find okay that will do the job okay so addbefore track okay and we now just want tomake this a lot smaller soi’m just going to resize thisdelete this one okay we can trim this one edittrim we want to trim it right down done okay nowwe’re trimmed we have our new music on here whichis perfect now a new feature at in video is addingscenes to our timeline so we can essentially mergemultiple templates together for example if we findthese two templates which are similar to eachother we could add one to the timeline so wecan add a scene here and we can add a transitionso we can show multiple products or if we need alonger advert this is really useful for us now thefinal thing we need to do here is i’m just goingto change the text so if we double click on thati can change the text up here so i’m going to callthis dogbox.com this isn’t actually a website thati own so apologies if you own dog box i’m going tosave that we’ll change this discount to 25 percentmove that up a little bit it’s all drag and dropand to export this we simply just need to hitthe top right export button so now we can see apreview of this render no blurry images becauseit’s now rendered we can click this button anddownload in 1080p hd we can upload this straighton to facebook ready to complete our ad now thereis a link for in video in this description of thisvideo if you want to sign up use code platinum25for 25 of any premium plan it’s a no-brainer foranybody looking to create video content for theirmarketing strategy make sure if you do sign up yougo on to the facebook community as well and join20 000 marketers as well as me who are creatingvideo content every single day so go check outin video let’s go back over to the facebook admanager so now what we need to do is hit add mediaadd video and we are going to upload the video wejust created and we can now preview that on theright hand side on all of the different placementsthat we have selected we now want to finish thisad by selecting our traffic link and also addingour ad copy so the primary text is the text abovethe video so this is our main ad copy and forthis it was saying treat your dog like a kingwe could use the same treat or we could do 25 offdog treats okay and we could add an emoji in therein fact we could have a different attentiongrab we said pamper your pooch they deserve itokay pam here peach there’s a 20 off dog tree it’snice simple ad copy there okay the key is the headthe headline okay the attention grabber we needto grab someone’s attention very very quickly sostop scrolling down their feed we then have thisheadline so we can do the treat your dog like aking and we have the description as well whichis the text underneath the headline so the textunderneath the headline you’ll be able to see thispop up in a moment in the preview so this could be30-day returns policy something along them linesokay just another little bit of text that comes innow for this preview to come up we need to put ourwebsite url so we’re just going to put dogbox.comand it’ll bring up a bar underneath this videohere we go so we can see treat your dog like aking 30 day returns policy learn more we want tochange that call to action button to shop now okaybecause we actually want people to take actionhere or we can do get offer so we can do shop nowor get off a get offer is probably more sensiblefor a 25 off redeemable offer so we’re going to doa call to action button get offer and we haveour website url placed in there that’s where youwant to drive traffic from facebook onto then canscroll down onto tracking and we want to make sureour website events are turned on so we want to setup our pixel we don’t have a pixel setup this isjust a dummy account but you want to make sure thecorrect pixel is selected so you can track yourcustomers correctly and also facebook can optimizebased on the actions your customers are taking onyour website so we’re going to turn that off fornow and we are done we hit publish and that isour first ever ad created now it can take up to24 hours for our first ad to actually go livefacebook will review it through their algorithmsometimes in person and they want to make sureyou’re not breaking any policies then you are goodto go you’re live and you can start generating newrevenue and traffic for your business now veryquickly i’ll show you how you can read the dataof your ads when they’re actually live we go onit doesn’t matter if you’re on a campaign ad setor ad level you can read the data of your ads bylooking at all of these different columns hereand they all mean of course different things sowe have frequency for example which is how manytimes people are seeing your ads the unique linkclicks are how many people are actually clickingonto your website the amount you’ve spent yourquality ranking your cost per result and if youwant to change any of these columns click thecolumn button hit customize columns and you canadd a number of different columns to your facebookbusiness manager so we could add the amount ofclicks the click through rate to the percentageof people that are clicking on our ad the cost per1000 impressions so our cpm and you just hit applyand it will add this to your ads manager there arealso a whole heap of other preset column settingsokay so you can read the data this way and figureout how well your ads are performing based on whatmetrics matter to you the most another thing youcan do is head over to account overview and thisis where you’ll be able to see an overview of howyour ad account is performed you can see theamount spent your reach you can hit these dropdowns and you can see your website purchases yourimpressions your link clicks the age and gendersof the people that are taking the actions you wantto take the hours of the actual times of the daythat people are converting the most and of coursethe countries where they’re from there’s no datain here at the moment but as soon as you startrunning ads you’ll be able to learn very quicklywhat you were doing right and what you were doingwrong and how you can further optimize your adsfor success so that is how you set up yourfirst ever facebook ad let’s go straightback over to the other camera and i’ll tell youhow you can continue learning about facebook adsfor free okay so that is the end of this trainingvideo i hope you have enjoyed it now i want toinvite you to continue learning about facebook adsand expand your knowledge further so you can getserious return on investment for your businesshead over to learn ads dot io and sign up toour completely free facebook had training coursewhere we dive deep into every single detail ofwhat we have touched on today and much much morefrom the foundations to launching building andscaling facebook ads to insanely profitable levelsthis free course gives more away than the majorityof thousand dollar courses out there and that’sbecause it’s my mission to give more away for freethan other people would have you pay for so headover to learn ads dot io sign up to our facebookad training expand your knowledge when itcomes to facebook ads and start profitingon the platform learning from a digitalmarketing agency that has literally generatedmillions in new revenue for companies all over theglobe the affluent agency thank you so much forwatching this video guys i hope you have enjoyedit if this is the first video you have watched ofmine please subscribe with your notificationbell turned on enter the competition as wellby commenting down below with your goals foradvertising on facebook and of course share thisvideo with somebody else who will get value fromit thank you so much i’ll see you all soon cheers

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