• Sun. Mar 7th, 2021

What’s up guys and girls? This is day two training and I hope you recovered well, And today we are about to do cardio. Workout Cardio means keeping your body moving nonstop to burn calories, And I promise you today, no pushup, no burpees, no squat to give your muscles a break but bring up the heart rate to burn fat.

So today,’s cardio is going to be a little bit different.

We’ll be starting at shorter working time, but one condition is you got ta go all out at first, like run in place, go all out with 10 seconds And after that we’ll be slowly lengthening the work time, But as the work time goes Up we’re gon na maintain the pace right And some exercises.

The working time will be different Example.

Jumping jacks require you to work even longer because it’s kind of a forgiving exercise, but we want to get the best out from jumping jacks Ready.

Let’s do it Up.

Next, we’ll be working a little bit longer time for all the exercises, So you can maybe slow down the pace a little bit, but not too slow.

Try to challenge yourself Get ready running in place Next longer working time up to 40 seconds of work for jumping jacks and butt kicker, because they are pretty easy to execute right So 40 seconds for them and 30 seconds for running plank and run in place, which Is up next right now Ready That’s it That’s the workout of the day and today is all cardio No push.

Ups, no squat, no burpees is to give your muscles a little bit of a break, but still keeping the heart rate up to burn fat right.

So you can repeat this workout for another round, But if not one run is good enough, Because for those of you, some of you time is an issue. One round is good enough, So today other than just training.

I also want to talk about nutrition.

What foods you should eat? Well, I’ve been receiving a lot of questions about what is the best diet? There’s, no such thing as the best diet right.

I can’t give you my diet, because if I give you my diet, it’s like like, expecting you to fit into my diet.

Everyone is different right, So if I can only share one way to lose weight to gain muscles from eating right and that is try to get in enough of protein Protein is like anything like meat, poultry, egg, whites, seafood or vegetables like broccoli, tofu, it’s.

All good Keep your protein intake high And vegetables, the more vegetables you put into your body.

Basically, you have this thermic effect of food effect, and it will help you to digest better, also right So protein vegetables and, if can reduce anything sweet and reduce anything.

That is oily, alright, Anything that’s sweet and oily avoid them.

If can, If not reduce them and be consistent That’s, how you get results alright And rest well, I can’t wait to see you tomorrow,’s training.

I hope you still can make it. We are still in an early stage of this 21 Day.

Fitness Challenge So stay strong, make time commit it, and I’ll see you tomorrow day: three Peace, .

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