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Hello to everyone! Welcome to my channel. A few weeks ago in the YouTube community section A few weeks ago in the YouTube community section I asked for your opinion on four topics that I thought would be of interest to you. One of them was chosen as the first video subject by far. I also saw that you want to see videos about them all. So it will be all in the next videos. So it will be all in the next videos. Thank you for contributing your ideas. I am really happy that I will continue to produce important and useful content for you. Thank you for your contribution. If you have ideas for future videos, write them in the comments below. or feel free to share on LinkedIn or any other media where you can find me.

As I said, this week’s topic is the top rated in the poll “Five things I would like to know before starting my marketing careerâ€. If you are still at the beginning of your marketing career, you haven’t started yet, If you want to learn from my past mistakes and avoid them Or if you just want to benefit from my experience, this video is for you. Before I get to the point, a little note. Be with my family for a while and for a while I was in Turkey for the moment to take care of my newborn baby is almost four months. I wanted to be with my family in the first days and months of his life. I needed my family’s support because I have no one else in Toronto except my wife and a few friends.

So I will take care of Ada on my own. I wanted to explain this to you because it can affect my schedule and my video sharing routine Again, I aim to continue uploading videos once a week. But sometimes there are situations that I can’t really control, that I don’t have. When this is the case, it’s the best I can do as much as I can. I hope you show understanding. If the videos have lag I will always try to keep you updated with the YouTube Community section However, I want you to know that I am very happy to see you here.

So let’s start! The first point is something I would say if I knew before starting my career in marketing or in general, expanding the business network as much as possible It might seem very simple and obvious. Still, it’s something most of us aren’t really good at. Personally, I don’t see myself as an introvert. I’m not the most extroverted person you’ve ever seen I am somewhere in between. I really love meeting people But early in my career and I didn’t know how important meeting people was during my college days. Everyone you meet in your life has the potential to be an opportunity, a friend, and a mentor. Always keep this in mind and Try to get to know as many people as possible throughout your life and especially in terms of your career. So where can you meet people? LinkedIn, Twitter, Angel.co, Facebook, You can meet in the online channels you can think of.

You can even meet on Instagram. These platforms are not only for socializing and commenting. Use it to expand your business network. You can also participate in university events, professional events, business network events. On Eventbrite, Meetup or similar event platforms, You can check and participate in events in your location But you can use all these resources to expand your circle and meet people. and be sure to use the platforms. If you’re shy, you’re introverted All this may seem a little difficult, I know. Actually I don’t know anyone personally, I don’t feel overly comfortable in situations where I have to go and introduce myself. Always to myself when I feel ashamed what could be the worst case? What do they say to me or do I feel rejected? Finally, if it’s possible, You can try to get mentoring from people you see as role models, this would be a very, very valuable step for your career.

This wasn’t something I did before I started my career, but a great tip for you. The second thing I said if I knew before I started my career to specialize in a field and make it a profession. This is really important and especially when I moved to Toronto last year, something that I really find useful when looking for a job in a completely new environment. The key to getting a job in a very short time was to specialize in Inbound marketing. The same goes for my wife. He also has expertise in his own field. He was also very lucky during the job search process. We think that this process is easy because we are experts in a particular subject in our field. So, if you are going to pursue a career in marketing You should know that there are many branches, many subjects you can specialize in. This is what I mentioned when I talked about a career in marketing in previous videos. But it is really very, very important to realize that there are so many subjects you can specialize in.

I strongly recommend that you specialize in something and make it your ‘superpower’. Because this is a really critical point when looking for a job. It’s also very important when trying to build your personal brand, which puts us at number three on my list. So what do I mean when I say personal brand? Never forget that you are also a brand and act accordingly. Please note this. Let’s repeat. You are a brand. So act like a brand. We are now living in an age where resume alone is not enough. I say this from my experience. You may think otherwise. But I believe this is really the case in today’s world. The first thing we do today when we hear someone’s name is to Google it. Every time they search for your name on Google, especially if you are going to pursue a career in digital marketing, waiting to find something. This is very important to me.

You may not agree, but again, I say this from my experience. Yes. Baby voice. I have to go. Now that this kid is up, I will have a guest in the second half of the video. I hope you are pleased to see this tiny face. What were we saying? Yes. Personal brand. Work on your personal brand. Start creating an image that will satisfy you and your presence online. This was number three. Let’s move on to number four. Be very proactive, digitally active and inquisitive I’m not sure if there is a need to explain this, But what I mean is be open to continuous learning and experimentation. Follow current industry trends and news. Which brands are doing what in marketing, How do they convey the message they want to give, what platforms and channels do they use, how they use it, how they interact with their audience, be careful about that. It is very important for you to follow them and try to understand them. The last thing I’m going to say about this item is to be visually active and that means. You don’t have to be an influencer to be active on digital channels.

However, if you want to be in the field of digital marketing, I think, knowing all platforms and channels so you can use it whenever you need it for business and you must be able to use it skillfully. Actually, you should start using it for personal purposes. By being in these environments, You practice by trying to understand how they work and their algorithm. Except to have general information about these platforms I think as a digital marketer, you need to use them first. And finally number five Take online courses and learn new skills. Even if your age is young, it is never too early to learn.

You can access all online courses. You can take advantage of them all. You learn new things These lessons can help you decide if those areas are of interest to you. Whether it’s marketing or any topic you want to learn, if you are at the beginning of your career I think online courses are always very, very useful. Even if you are at the beginning of your career or currently studying marketing at school, new skills of online courses, actually I think it is important for gaining new practical skills. What does it mean? For example, you can take lessons on how to use any software, for example, the HubSpot marketing automation platform at the HubSpot Academy Like the course that teaches you how to use it. In these job applications, if your company uses HubSpot as the marketing platform, It can enable you to get ahead of your competitors.

Also, how to use Google AdWords, LinkedIn to build a potential customer base, You can also learn how to produce content for YouTube. All of this information will likely be practical skills compared to what you learned in school. Because I’ve also taken marketing classes in the past, I think they were all more general and theoretical. Online courses are what you can really use throughout your career. It can help you gain practical skills. Finally, I want to add bonus item, again this is not just specific to marketing, something I would say if I knew before starting my career in general. Don’t let that ‘NO’ ruin the day.

At the beginning of our career, more vulnerable, we are sensitive and we are afraid. We are not ready for the challenge as we were in the later years of our career. We are more affected by hearing the word ‘no’ because we are generally less brave and less confident in ourselves. We think that the ‘No’ we heard is a final and definite ‘no’. Let me tell you this is definitely not so. I’m telling based on my experience. I applied for many jobs early in my career and many times I received either no answer at all or ‘no’. lots of ‘no’ No problem. Saying no simply means you can try again later.

You can improve yourself. You can try another way or switch to the second option. Remember that you have the potential and power to turn ‘no’ into ‘yes’. My marketing career, actually as a result Generally before starting my career as it applies to any profession I made a summary of what I said I’d like to know. I hope it has been useful advice for you and you will consider. Ask if you have questions about any item, I will try to answer as best I can. This is the end of today’s video. Thanks for coming and staying until the end. If you’ve watched this far, you’ve made me very happy.

Thanks for watching. See you in the next video. Take care of yourselves..

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