• Fri. Mar 5th, 2021

(upbeat music) – [Narrator] Previously
on Attaway General. – [Nina] First year TVs, you guys will be on pediatrics. – Babysitting, great. – Shouldn't we be doing more than learning how to make coffee? – Next week, try to be a
little more professional. – Good job. – Kit. – Kit, I'm Dr. Henry. – I know you're amazing. I read your book. It was amazing. And that, that was– – [Dr. Henry] Yeah, amazing. – All I've ever wanted is to be a doctor but maybe I'm not good enough. – Look, I know what's going
on between you and Will. You should probably walk away before you get your heartbroken. – All you do is suck up to
the doctors and nurses here and act like an angel.

– I am not his pet. I am his former patient. – Patient? – Yeah, I have the same form
of brain cancer as Molly. I'm Dr. Henry's poster child. – I'm so sorry. I had no idea. – There's a lot you don't know. – I got you flowers. – My favorite doctor. – I know I'm not a doctor. – Not yet. But you're still my favorite. – [Kid] Grandpa! – When you asked me why I cared earlier, it's because I care about you.

– Cut the music. Now! Nina, how could you let this happen? This is absolutely out of bounds. – Doctor, everything is under control. – Holden is having
open-heart surgery tomorrow. And you've got him dancing around. – You're such a snitch! (glass clanks) – Rosie? – [Nurse] She's breathing,
but pulse is thready. BP 60 over 30. – [Dr. Henry] Get a line started. 200 milligrams of epinephrine. – Temperature, 103. – She's dehydrated. We need to get this fever down now. (upbeat music) (ambulance siren blaring) – And then I saw this
light and I heard a voice. And the voice was telling
me follow this path, like it was an angel or something. – You sure it wasn't Dr.

Henry? – Holden! I thought you might've
had a similar experience with your surgery. – Nothing like that. I mean, it went well. I feel great. – And now you're a TV. Just feels like everything
happens for a reason. – Sometimes it does. – My life is like totally over. – Eva, just breathe. Can't be any worse than when you fell from that 2-2-1 pyramid. – You have no idea how much this hurts. – It's probably just sprained. You'll be back in time for nationals. – My foot feels like it's
detached from my body. I need a doctor now. – Yikes. Guess karma does exist. – She's a friend of yours? – Lord, no. We just go to the same school. She's a real piece of work. – Maybe two pieces of work. You know, if her foot really did fall off. (intense dramatic music) (upbeat music) – Welcome back, everyone. I'm sure you all remember Holden and I see that most of you
would have already met Benny.

We have some exciting news. Dr. Henry? – Oh, I'm sorry, everyone. I was just dealing with
some important business. So as some of you know, Mr. Dupont, one of our major benefactors,
passed away last year. However, his family has
established a grant in his name, which is gonna offer
one of our volunteers. – Hi, I'm here. Am I late? – Yes. – Sorry. I ran. I'm Sasha. – Welcome, Sasha.

Nina has told me so much about you. I was just telling the rest of the crew about a new opportunity. Instead of just the scholarship, this year, one of our
volunteers is going to have the opportunity for a summer internship at Manhattan metropolitan. – New York City? – Now I've been given sole
discretion to choose the winner. So, I will be accompanying
all of you on rounds. But let me assure you
this internship is not for the faint of heart. So good luck.

– Want some water? – Thank you. – All right, guys. I am spread thin this year, so you really need to step it up. Rosie, you'll be on the kids' floor. Maeve, you'll help in the ER. – Oh, I'm great with kids. – Perfect. You can start with Rosie. Maeve, you'll be training
Holden and Sasha. Any questions? – Yeah, where's Kit? – Kit isn't coming back this semester. Sasha. Can I have a word? – Hey!
– Hey. – What happened to Kit? – She got suspended after prom. Wait, you didn't know that? – No. I was gonna surprise her. – Well, surprise. – Sorry, Holden. Things happen for a reason.

It's all part of His plan. – His? – I told you how important
this first impression was. – I'm sorry. I couldn't find mom's new pills anywhere. And then I missed the bus. Dr. Henry didn't seem to care. – Because you're my sister, but that's why you have to try extra hard. This is important Sash. This internship could be great for you. – So you've said a million times. – I have a dry shirt in my locker and mom's pills are in the
top shelf to the right. – By the way, who's the cute guy? – You mean Holden? – Holden. What a great name. – Oh God, you have that look on your face. – What look? – That look when you watch
Harry Styles videos on YouTube. – What? I don't! – Yeah, you do and stop. This is a totally bad idea. He's a total flirt. Kit was a front runner for
the scholarship last year until she met him. He had a girlfriend and
everything got messy.

– So does that mean
they're still together or? – This is Elijah. He's getting radiation for osteosarcoma, so he's here all the time. Hey Elijah. This is Benny. He's a new TV. – Take that, you try-hard hipster. – You look so familiar. Have we met? – You may be confusing me
for my evil twin brother. – (gasps) Wait. The jaw-breaking bully is your brother? But you seem so nice. – Grayson's been acting out ever since our parents got divorced. – I get it. Change can be hard. – Yeah, they got divorced
when we were two. – Nice ceilings. – What? – Nothing. I was just noticing the smoke detectors. Looks like there's plenty. – Never noticed. – So open-heart surgery. What's that like? – Word travels pretty
fast around here, huh? – Sorry. Was that too personal? – No, it's cool.

It was a pretty life-changing experience, especially because of this one
volunteer that helped me out. – Can you guys try to keep up? I really don't want to be late for rounds. – Aye aye, Captain. – You don't really look
like Nina's sister. – Same mom, different dad. – Okay. Well, you might get special treatment from Dr. Henry, but it's
not going to work with me. – Noted. – Eva has agreed to let
you observe her case. She came in with a swollen ankle and now we have the MRI result.

Does anyone know why we did
an MRI and not an X-ray? – Swelling can indicate
a damaged ligament, X-rays are for bones, and MRIs are better for
evaluating soft tissue. Sorry. – Don't apologize. You're just like your sister. – Can we just get to it? – When you rolled your ankle, you ruptured your Achilles tendon. That's why you heard that pop. – When can she be back on the mat? – Well, the recovery process
for this type of injury is normally between six to nine months. – My life is over. – I guess you can kiss nationals goodbye. – I'm sorry, Eva. We're gonna want to get
you to surgery right away. – You'll get through it. – That was pretty intense. I feel terrible for her. – Me too. It's crazy when you've had
a conversation like that and suddenly you're on
the other side of it. – Are you already on the other side of it? – What do you mean? – Well, it seemed like
you were so pretty hung up over your surgery.

– Hey! Looks like you guys made
it through your first day. Here's your jackets. – [Holden] Thank you. – Good luck. – And remember no food or water
for 12 hours before surgery. – We'll take good of her. – I can work with this. – Oh my God. How is anyone this photogenic? – Years of practice. But would it have killed
them to make these jackets more of a slim fit? – Oh my God. I know, right? – Okay, be honest.

How does it look? Nina says you have to hold
on to these for years. – You just need one thing. What was that? – OMG. I thought you were trying to kiss me. – I was fixing your collar. – I can't believe I just did that. I should go. That was my first kiss. – Wait, like ever? – Like ever and I didn't even do it right. – Do you like omelets? – Omelets? Why? – Because Junior's makes
the world's best omelets and I was wondering if you
want to split one with me.

And I couldn't let that
be your first kiss. – I think I'm gonna like it here. – [Narrator] Next time on Attaway General. – Jamie. Good to have you back. – Yeah, it's good to be back. – I thought he was on some
soul searching road trip. – [Nina] Yeah, me too. – Do you date a lot? – Not really. You know how teenage boys are. – There's no rule against
us dating, is there. – It's my sister. And she's worried about me..