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That Mthrfkr Died La la la added By Bae, So you all are here Jingle From so many days. No Nibba nibbi was Dancing because everyone was busy in Bang Baang, But Desi music Factory knew that if they don’t get dance just one more day, they will die. I don’t have any personal issues with them, BUT If you would make song everytime on the same topic, I would be angry. Whole world is busy in making Corona vaccine, but NO, They don’t want to come out of their romantic world. If you would see DMF songs, you would notice Their Baby. Babu Shona is not going to end. I am not able to understand How did they get these love stories? Everytime Even that of Minors. I don’t in reallity, But on Docs Riyaz is still younger than his nibbi, Because nibbi’s age is 19 years, but Riyaz is of 17 years from almost 2 5 years Strange This Song,’s name is 1pm. What do you think in this one Pm song their would be anything about 1pm? No, This song shows How, after 1 in night, NIbba nibbis got over excited Baby. I want to talk to you on Call Oh ho ho So plug in your Cheap ear phones and let’s start the video without any Minors. In this 3 min song, AAh aah for 30 min is the representation of calling to nibba by nibbi, But He is sleeping. Bsdk See its 1 in the night. I am quitely calling you Why the Song, then, If you would call anyone after 1, You have to call quitely And Cutiepie. Why this make up at 1 am Oh today is leave unless she goes for scaring children removing makeUp. I didn’t understood much very bad happened to my heart. I have said something between your brains. You sleep after 10 min talk. I haven’t ever id this Babu shona. But If you did tell me one thing: Your heart feels bad bad. If you don’t talk one Day Or These are fooling us, I don’t want to try. Sorry, I don’t understood let’s ignore everything for once, and I want to ask this nibba. No, I want to ask chapri’s. Idol Who sleeps wearing Leather jacket Whole world’s cold is over you, Or this is some new way of fashion. So, after that we see It is still 1am For Nibbi, but nibba went for DID Dance, India, dance, nice, very, very nice – That even without bathing, This is new Technique. If nibbi kisses her phone Nibba knows nibbi is calling to meet. This is called life. Mine is ruined jealous me too, Some momments earlier nibbi was calling, but she slept after kissing Phone, okay And nibbi’s. Family must be waiting that Son in Law would come and leave after taking selfies. I had to ask one thing: with the screen play writter: You was on Weed Right because Nibba takes selfie and leave their family doesn’t notice. This is extra mordern. Then, when Nibbi was watching, her photos see gets to know nibba took selfies. Then we see 17 year nibba, who IDK how got driving liscence coming on bullet, What a story? F, ked the lyrics up. If someone still don’t know what is chocolaty world, then watch this BC. Nibbi is standing with her mom. Giving signs to BF Aunty ji is Blind or extremely mordern, Because in Normal families, while calling Customer care, If a girl,’s voice comes Hello, sir, Then you have to talk quitely Where there is nibba nibbi. There is widow cry when your partner dies Here. His GF is arrived to meet him, but He doesn’t give a fuck about her, Because Game is important. Nibbi gets angry Playing games, not giving me Bhaww attention. She leaves Nibba again arrives at her home to persue her Her family, never notices that a Tik, tokia chapri comes to meet her, But you know they are nibba nibbi, so they agrees soon. Then again, the Starting lyrics. I want to hear your voice And That’s it Song is over. My final question to the song makers is: What was your intention? They would not tell me so You all can tell me in commnets If you liked the video Press, the like button, I have uploaded 70 videos Watch them 1 by one and If you like it, please Subscribe. That is it for today Let’s keep the Aim for 6666 likes Already asked for likes Means 6666 hme to pta hi nhi tha, And If you want to follow me anywhere IG Twitter or Discord, Please Lik in Description, Subtitles by PushYourPawns. I love chess Message me to play with me:

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