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1/10/2021 — Major Seismic increase underway — SEVEN M6.0+ in the past week


Jan 14, 2021

hello hello everybody it is 1 43 p.m central time 
on the 10th of january 2021 it is sunday here in   the united states hope you're doing well first of 
all haven't done an update in like several days   how do i sound for everybody on twitch watching 
live if you're watching on youtube you're watching   a premiere uh recorded event that was live and 
you know what my cat just got up so before we   even do that let's just go and let her out of 
the room because i see this coming a mile away ouchy goo ouch yeego my feline 
friend okay duchess thank you   all right sorry about that guys what a way to 
start an update but you know hey hey we're back to   normal i guess oh man okay so we're here to talk 
about seismic events and again i haven't done an   update in a few days we do sound good everybody 
on twitch says we sound good let's go ahead and   turn on a display capture and we're just going to 
start over here for the new people people who are   new viewers the earthquakes that are raised 
high off the globe are deep down into the earth   the deeper the earthquakes we 
pay attention to those because   usually next to the deep earthquakes and 
spreading out and away from the deep earthquakes   we see shallower larger earthquakes for instance 
we have deep fours and deep fives and the deep   fours and fives the clusters of them raised high 
off the globe are surrounded by shallow sixes   and let me show you the sixes for instance so we 
have a series of 6.0 range earthquakes that have   struck across both sides of the pacific 
in the past several days there might be   normally maybe two or three a week per the usgs 
sometimes we have weeks where we don't have any   in this case we have a week where we have 
several and this is just the past 72 hours   here's the whole week let me get the whole seven 
day time period turned on here there we go so   we have one up here in alaska one over here in 
indonesia several surrounding fiji and tonga let's   see one two three four there one here in argentina 
last night into this morning and technically a 5.9   we'll call that a six as well right in the 
middle of our letter x x marks the spot so   i mean we're talking double the normal amount 
of 6.0 range earthquakes in the past seven days   so getting back down to what's happened in the 
past two days series of deep fours and deep fives   surrounded by shallow sixes going all the way down 
into the kermadec islands north of new zealand   and going as far west like i said all the 
way over here into indonesia two days ago   since last night the new deep fives you can 
still see raised high off the globe here   indicate that something else is getting ready to 
happen bigger than what currently is on the board   so if we're currently at 6.1 6.2 6.3 i 
would think we're going to go the next   step higher and that then takes us into the upper 
6 low 7 level i'll put it at upper 6 right now   but don't be shocked if it comes in just a little 
bit bigger the spots we watch are pretty simple   to figure out we watch between our current sets 
of earthquakes and in this case we have a big   set of sixes and deep fives on one side of the 
west pacific and on the other side a set of d5s   so i will watch between the two and that puts 
us right down in the middle of papua new guinea   right at the tip of the arrow now you can also 
if you were keeping track in the past few days we   talked about just in chat when i was in 
chat room i wasn't really doing live updates   we were talking about watching philippines taiwan 
and guam well just north of the philippines right   here off the coast of taiwan a 4.8 earthquake 
and a 4.7 struck and over on the other side   of the plate boundary over next to guam 
here is the tiny island of guam right here   on the other side same sized earthquake 4.8 
now why does that matter energy travels up   and around both sides of this plate 
boundary let me get that open here   open the plate boundary map there we are so across 
the west pacific we have our red lines that we   pay attention to which are the plate boundaries 
you see how it goes up to taiwan and around guam   but both meet back up on the coast of japan 
that's exactly what's happened with the seismic   activity both sides meets back up right up here in 
japan and we have a deep earthquake below the sea   of japan west of hokkaido now before i get into 
alaska we have to jump from here all the way south   south of australia moving and this is somewhat 
more rare we only see activity like this when   there's major spread of deep earthquakes that are 
taking place this is the indo-australian plate   boundary that goes down around past antarctica 
show it to you this way going around back down   and back over it goes back up all the way 
into india and indo australian okay so around   the outside edge of the indo-australian plate 
we're starting to get a little bit of movement   and not a little bit i mean it's fair amount 
it's all in the mid-range four level but it's   a fair amount spreading out a huge distance 
thousands of miles we can trace this back   here to our deep earthquakes and the deep 
earthquakes are the spot that's pushing up   on the underside of the plate going across china 
two days ago we did have activity fives marked in   pink but since then nothing china russia all 
of it quiet no seismic activity reported by   our agencies i don't know about theirs but our 
agencies are saying nothing but then we get right   here to the border right at the tip of the arrow 
exactly in the middle of the tip of the arrow   same sized earthquake that came 
out of the west pacific 4.5   now we go across iran and again we have nothing 
iran afghanistan pakistan just quiet two days   nothing well day and a half nothing we go back two 
days three days we have a little bit of activity   reported in china like i said and marked in pink 
a five well that five in china from two days ago   that was you just saw marked in pink right there 
is going to be going over the energy is going to   transfer over into iran and over into europe so 
iran should get hit on the plate boundary right in   the middle of this giant open area and it should 
be struck by a five-ish type earthquake and let   me show it to you on the plate boundary here here 
is iran r5 activity back here in china indicating   energy is coming out and across and the same sized 
energy should travel all the way over to europe   but in between the two right in the middle that 
fulcrum point in between the two should be struck   now we get over into europe and we have a new deep 
earthquake down below the terrenian sea of 3.2   is down at 220 kilometers deep anytime we see 
deep activity down below europe we have to warn   the people in italy let me show you why and 
where here's italy here's the plate boundary   we zoom down here on the terrainian sea we 
have a deep earthquake somewhere right here   north of sicily there's several volcanoes 
there including the volcano cold volcano   but a deep earthquake here means there's 
leveraging pressure coming in on the underside   of the plate boundary going across so that 
means everywhere back behind the deep earthquake   and that's the adriatic sea greece central 
europe and central europe adriatic sea and   greece are already moving even back down to the 
aegean sea which is having 4.0 range activity   next to crete again so what do we expect see 
where all the rings overlap if you live in   croatia first of all let's just talk about this 
last night yesterday a new 4.8 earthquake struck   so that somewhat fulfills what we were looking for 
to happen another near five to strike and the spot   though has not shifted out of croatia i mean we're 
talking about a matter of a hundred miles between   these areas so from the area up in croatia down 
to the bosnia border it's like 75 or 100 miles   so if i'm looking in the middle of bosnia and 
it still strikes up across the border in croatia   it's still in the same region i try to get 
it down to 200 mile areas for my forecasting   so we're talking about very minut areas 
and you see where all the rings overlap   they overlap pretty much starting at the croatia 
border and go down right here to montenegro into   albania so a new 4.8 struck last night new 4.3 
and swarm out break down next to creed let's go   back to the red line map here's crete look where 
it is look at the red line look where the red   line goes dead ends up into the swiss alps on the 
inside interior portion is where all our movements   happening for the most part but then we get a 
deep earthquake here down below the plate boundary   putting up pressure on the underside of the plate 
and it goes right over into the blade boundary   and we get new larger activity so with a deep 
earthquake like this down at 220 kilometers deep   i would expect up to one magnitude 
larger earthquake to strike on that   4.2 to 4.3 well guess what happened a 4.2 to 4.3 
happened yesterday but this new 3.2 means a new   4.2 to 4.3 or greater will come in on top of the 
five that's coming in you gotta remember that this   is like a flowing river and we have a five back 
here that's going to be rolling in across iran   we have a deep earthquake here below the plate 
boundary in italy and in between the two is where   the stress is going to be coming together and 
that puts us back here by the end of the 15th   well seven days from now i'm sorry six days from 
now by the end of the 16th that we would have to   watch for a potential combination of the two we 
watch for seven to ten days on deep earthquakes   so there's several things going 
on one there should be a new 5.0   type earthquake that strikes here next to 
bosnia again look how close our borders are   that's still incoming you had a 4.8 yesterday 
that was from the previous push that came in   you have a deep earthquake down below italy and 
you have a new five back over here to the east   those are going to combine and come rolling in 
back down here down into the aegean sea seven   days from now or less and that's going to create 
activity as well up above well in this case it's   going to be up above 5.0 down in the aegean c 
so we have a few forecasts now that are coming   together i would finally expect activity to 
ultimately go out of europe and go back to the   mid-atlantic ridge and it seems to be doing that 
now in the last several hours a 3.1 on our letter   x over the azores and a 3.1 up on our letter x 
at iceland indicating that energy is flowing out   now what happened to the uk that was my strikeout 
this past week holland even got it but uk didn't   or maybe they just didn't report it 
hmm ah brits so no activity in all   of the uk i'm gonna well wait hold on i take that 
back a week ago there was an earthquake up here in   between ireland and scotland but other than that 
there hasn't been much earthquake activity at all   so that would be my strikeout for europe last 
week but holland poland romania croatia twice   all got hit as expected even italy got hit 
last week jumping back across the pacific   indicating that something's coming across a 5.3 
to 5.5 earthquake struck on the fracture zone   and the fracture zone it looks almost like a 
super highway a fracture that connects all the   way back across over to our red arrows now the 
red arrows just give us a direction we watch   for energy to spread when our deep earthquakes 
come hammering in on the underside of the plate   now i imagine the deep earthquakes to be like this 
coming up out of the magma that there's nowhere   for the wave to focus in down into the fluid of 
the magma and it gets focused in at a central   point a singularity and comes spiking in on the 
underside of the plate causing an earthquake quote   unquote down below the plates where there's 
no earth it's instead magma it's happening in   the magma in the asthenosphere down below in the 
magma this is happening coming up out of the magma   but there's no open space between the magma and 
the plate in other words it hammers in and goes   up into the plate but then a spread i think is 
happening which forms what's called a standing   wave so you get several of these several of these 
hammering actions that come in on the underside of   the plate then i think what happens is it spreads 
out and away and when that goes out and away we   get multiple earthquakes dropping off as a equal 
distance spacing just like a standing wave does   and so we get the same sized earthquake 
spreading out two sides of the plate and   that's exactly what's happening we get 
5.5 and at the tail end of 6.1 to 6.2   now you'll notice there is a fracture zone 
a stair-step break in the plate that goes   all the way down to south america and it comes 
back to here and then to the north you'll see   there's a line or maybe you won't but might have 
to look full screen there's a line that goes north   connects up like a stair step all the way up 
into mexico well look at this look at the plate   boundary map again one more time there it is the 
plate boundary goes all the way up into mexico   comes down and goes all the way down to south 
chile it connects across and there's a few breaks   going across over into northern south america 
the red line sticks across the coast of south   america and you'll notice the usgs has nothing 
across the middle pacific but we have two giant   arrows going across the middle of the pacific and 
the reason we have two giant arrows going across   is because when this hammering action spreads 
out first it hammers in with the deep earthquakes   show that to you one more time then 
it spreads out in a standing wave   spreads out in all directions and seeks out the 
weak points in the bleed now let's get to those   weak points the east and west facing fracture 
zones they almost look like rungs on a ladder   and they go all the way up towards alaska and 
come all the way down here right to well just   north of where the earthquake is but there's 
something where this stops where these equal   spaced fracture zones go down to about here and 
then pretty much stop then they start taking a   different direction down towards the south and the 
spacing on these goes from equal spacing down to   having each other and then having the halves 
into quarters having the quarters and the ace   having the ace in the 16th and it goes 
down to a very fine point of fractures   so i want to show you something though about 
these fracture zones if you're a new viewer that   everything east of the middle of the pacific makes 
the fracture zone another way to look at this   these fracture zones go back to something they 
all go back to this line of under sea mounts that   cuts the pacific in half it makes like a giant 
letter c shape going from up at kamchatka russia   back down and across branching off to the hawaiian 
island chain but going further down south from the   hawaiian island chain you can follow it past tamu 
massif the largest volcano on the planet i think   and it goes down and around and makes a 
crescent shape or a letter c shape into south   peru so everywhere east of this under sea mount 
line are the equal distance based fracture zones   there's only one spot where the fracture zones 
come across this line of undersea mount volcanoes   and that's right here at the american samoas 
there's two points right here in here you could   arguably say there's maybe a third right here but 
right here is where the two points come out and go   over into the spot that's rising there's a 
leverage think of lever arms being leveraged in   on the underside of the plate with those deep 
earthquakes and that's where all of our rising   volcanoes are thousands of pacific islands made 
from volcanoes rising up and then we get over here   and everything is fractured out and spreading 
as this is trying to equalize mother nature is   trying to spread that out equally across the mass 
and the under sea mount chain of volcanoes that   starts up here kamchatka goes down branches 
off to hawaii keeps going down keeps going   down starts to bend over to the east and connects 
into peru so what does that have to do with this look at the fracture zone to the south this 
is where the preference begins to the south   so the preference for the fracture 
zones begins to the south here   and the connecting point between the two is this 
jagged line stair step line that goes all the way   up to mexico which is the break in the plate 
the plate boundary so we've got our earthquake   coming across this way meaning it's going to 
go down do here and then carry on and carry on   momentum down to the tip of the south sandwich 
islands again and that's a normal progression   now in between down here and up here we have the 
middle and the middle has come under pressure with   new deep earthquakes in the last several 
days and now a 6.1 striking in argentina   from what i also understand argentina just had 
some kind of tornado or something it was rare   just saw a video on that but 6.1 earthquake here 
and this 6.1 is technically a deep earthquake it's   217 kilometers deep so now wait a second if i just 
showed you the deep earthquakes over in the west   pacific and they're fours and fives and spreading 
out from those deep fours and fives we have sixes   right that's what i said at the start of the 
update but now we have a deep six so that means   we should have shallower larger earthquakes 
spread out from this deep six in south america   going down to south sandwich islands and going 
as far north as the south tip of central america   which i'll show you on the plate boundary again 
going up around this way northern south america   and down around this way down to south sandwich 
islands how big the potential could go up to 7.0   i would lean let's go zoom in really close to 
this to show you where it struck i would lean   towards southern south america as a spot to watch 
for that shallower larger earthquake to develop so   in other words chile argentina but look where the 
earthquake struck the deep earthquake struck right   on our letter d which stands for deep earthquakes 
as a forecast point where we watch for deep   earthquakes to take place now spreading from there 
look there's a set of small arrows that go down   the andes mountains and carry on and go all the 
way down and goes to travel underneath point down   to south sandwich island but you'll also notice 
that this is the split point where our other   small arrows go up the andes mountains around and 
up to the north and over to the east caribbean   so we're going to see a spread virtually 
equally in two directions across south america   dropping off two noteworthy sized 
earthquakes most likely less than 7.0   but two noteworthy sixes for instance and the 
spots to watch are where our rings overlap for   our current sets of earthquakes and our current 
sets of earthquakes in south america puts the   rings all over lapping here on 
the coast of chile north chile   so down to the south but north chile additionally 
up to the north you see where our sets of rings   overlap here in south peru so south central 
peru i mean central peru so central peru and   central chile both at risk for significant 
6.0 range activity larger than 6.1 most likely   third spot to watch central america so it's not 
like we're just watching both sides of the deep   earthquake you have to remember the wave tank 
that the wave spreads out and we get equal-sized   earthquakes spreading out across a whole mass so 
if we get a deep earthquake in the middle and then   two similar larger earthquakes on either 
side slightly then we should see two smaller   earthquakes but still significant size so upper 
fives let's say at the either perimeter going   out to the north and further down to the south 
so let's put it for upper fives to strike down   at the south sandwich islands and upper fives to 
strike up here next to panama costa rica i have to   warn everybody from el salvador all the way down 
to panama though or all the way down to colombia   so it's more than 200 miles an hour morning here 
but i'm looking right in the middle so right there for upper five now i have to talk 
about the eastern caribbean again   the eastern caribbean still on watch at mount 
pele and la suffreer volcano sufri la soufar   are we i can't say it but it's a volcano over 
here in the eastern caribbean and they try to   say it was a coincidence that both volcanoes came 
back to life after decades being quiet like 30 or   40 years both volcanoes quiet and then all of a 
sudden both volcanoes are back and they try to say   that it's just coincidence we know it's not 
coincidence but what's causing it what's   causing the sudden rise in volcanic activity over 
here in the eastern caribbean again pele and la   superior over here on the east side and i'll just 
say it eastern edge of the plate boundary magma   is coming up on the underside coming up through 
the plate boundary reaching up into the feeders   for these volcanoes on the eastern edge but what's 
causing that we go back over here and telica   volcano came back alive this past week or a week 
two weeks ago now and that was a change and that's   over here on the east or western side so on the 
eastern side and the western side two new volcanic   activity events or really three if you want to 
count i would count the volcanoes on the eastern   side at pele and la surfer together as one event 
but still two different areas moving on both sides   where's that coming from well the pressure 
the pressure is coming from over to the west   mexico nazca plate going all the way across back 
over to where our deep earthquakes are happening   now i'd like to go check the volcanic 
ash advisory center but i mean what the hell happened here it doesn't matter what browser 
you open it on guys it's screwed   no more volcanic ash advisory center combinations 
i guess somebody else is gonna have to do it   don't make me do it you make me do it man i've 
already got my plate full i need to get spectros   going i need to get my own volcanic ash advisory 
center i just need my own geophysical survey dsgs   dutch since geological survey that's what we 
need all right now we'll crowdfund it we don't   need no taxpayer funding nope hey y'all we 
don't need no stinking taxpayer dollars all   right united states speaking of taxpayer dollars 
united states hey let's get a sip of the coffee um okay alaska first of all 
let's zoom in and show you   a line of fours all about the same size 
4.6 4.5 4.3 another way to look at it is   a 4.6 and a 4.3 and a 4.5 and a 4.3 both right 
next to each other two of the same size quakes   remember the wave tank again same sized 
earthquakes spreading out across a region in this   case the region let's go back to the usgs map here 
uh there it is that going across the north pacific   we have the red line again the plate boundary same 
size earthquake spreading out across the aleutians   we go back to the start of the week and that's 
when our six hit up here marked in red six point   something 6.1 oh that's something else i'd 
like to point out all the sixes are like six   point ones six point one six point one six 
point one six point one a few six point twos   but that enough right there let you know it's 
the same sized activity spreading out all   the way around the pacific plate from fiji all 
the way to alaska all the way to south america   all in the 6.1 range but getting back to 
alaska it's the same sized activity going   into the aleutians and we have our warning 
which doesn't expire for another two days   or a warning going or actually i need 
to turn down the rings look at that   our warning is going between kodiak 
and all the way up here to anchorage   and really i think it'll come in between the two 
but i have to warn everybody in anchorage just in   case and it should be in the five range hasn't 
hit yet we're going probably up to the last day   on this because i haven't done an update in five 
days so we still have two more days to go in this   but it should hit what else happened oh 
hawaii aloha look at this so a series of twos   and a 3.1 the biggest of the bunch pretty much 
well actually two 3.1 striking at mauna loa and   people are asking me what do you think is going 
on you have a ring of earthquakes around mauna loa   well guys it could be that there's a surge 
going on greater than what kilauea can handle   and kilauea is just a sign of the times on what's 
going on in hawaii and two threes plus a bunch of   twos going around the volcano how could i put 
this do you remember where we were a month ago   if you're a viewer of mine you do if you aren't 
well let me explain a month ago there were a ring   or maybe a triangle of earthquakes around the 
middle east rift zone going all the way around   the island overall there was another triangle 
of volcanoes or a ring of volcanoes a ring of   earthquakes at the volcanoes i mean so mauna kea 
mauna loa kilauea loihi earthquakes all the way   around it well it's doing that again you can see 
that the only thing missing is a few earthquakes   out here in the ocean to connect it all the way 
back around hold on when did that hit hold on that just hit 15 minutes ago oh my god okay 20 
minutes ago something like that   all right hey let's start freaking me 
out when that starts happening i need   i need the twilight zone music please okay 
we're not gonna i get a copyright for that   so the same thing's going on now a ring of 
earthquakes around the middle east rift zone   a few spreading out up to the north but the change 
that i'm seeing here is that now there's a ring of   earthquakes around mauna loa like a micro ring a 
ring of threes and twos so or a ring within a ring so that to me says something is going on over at 
mauna loa seismically speaking and i said last   time before kilauea erupted i was going to trust 
the professionals oh man famous last words god   still go back and listen to that i i 
just want to smack myself for saying it   i'm like well the professionals have their tilt 
meters and their sulfur dioxide meters they'll be   able to detect harmonic tremors or something and 
then what happened boom the next morning the tilt   meters didn't show crap the salt sulfur dioxide 
meters they didn't report to us or whatever   so i'm not gonna trust those i said when that 
happened i would trust the seismic going forward   so what's going on on both sides of 
mauna loa let's get an angle view on this oh wait hold on there we are now we got a good 
angled view on it on both sides of mauna loa   3.1 and 3.1 a ring of earthquakes going down 
around and back up through kilauea the only   thing missing is a set of earthquakes right out 
here to complete the ring fully but we have luihi   mauna loa kilauea mauna kea but the earthquakes 
going around this and now going around this   this is the largest shield volcano the 
largest volcano on the surface of the planet   there's bigger down below sea level but on the 
surface that's the biggest and that is possible   that it could erupt i'm not saying it's going to 
i'm saying it's possible the seismic is starting   to take place around there i would take a lot more 
i think seismic for us to see anything happen but   i think we need to keep an eye on it when one just 
erupted there's past instances of mauna loa coming   alive at the same time or around the same time 
as kilauea it's happened before and mauna loa   last erupted what was it like 1982 was it 82 
or 84.

It's like the 80s the early 80s i think   is when the last time honolulu erupted and there 
was something going on at kilauea at the same time   back then or around the same time like maybe 
a few months before or after but either way   we have a ring within a ring it's something to 
pay attention to don't dismiss it the lava lake   there is still filling by the way so that 
lava lake is not done and there's a pumice   raft floating in the middle 
of it sec seven acres in size   all right continental united states a lot 
of people get annoyed we have to get to the   continents of the united states last every time 
but that's the way the force flows it starts with   our deep earthquakes it spreads out across 
over to the west pacific out over to europe   and ultimately out to the mid-atlantic ridge that 
way first second wave of force flows is straight   across going over to south america path of least 
resistance each way guys ultimately for the united   states the energy has to go up around over and 
come back down in from the northwest usually   so we're the last in the update we're the last in 
the flow and our seismic activity reflects that   we have buffers between the rising zone and where 
our coast is it builds over a long period of time   and breaks into a large 
earthquake now united states   so pacific northwest i guess we could 
just start up here in the pnw washington   oregon idaho northwest california go look at our 
major earthquake activity oh wait there is none   no significant earthquake activity at all 
okay hold on let's turn on our last day's   worth of earthquakes this is just the last 24 
hours and we're going to look at everything   0.0 and greater just to make sure we've got 
everything let me hit refresh just to make sure   wow it's low the number of earthquakes in 
the northwest won i mean it makes my job easy   it really does it just cuts off 15 20 minutes 
of us looking up earthquakes but let's put the   coordinates in we're at 8.8 kilometer depth down 
below ashford washington 14 kilometers so we're   14 kilometers away from ashford 8.8 kilometers 
down on the crust but there's something here we're on the foot or flank of mount rainier and 
mount rainier is a stratovolcano everybody knows   about there's the crater for it you can see it 
from downtown seattle it's not going to erupt at   least not now seismic activity only 0.6 nothing 
but there's something that has started up here   in the northwest that's a change from where 
we were let's say last week let's show you   482 new reported tremors as of yesterday in 
southwest oregon also in southwest washington   just a handful but a predominance let's 
what do you want to think about 470 of them   are down in southwest oregon this is corresponding 
to the southern arm of the juan de fuca fracture   zone you can see the jagged edges of the 
juan de fuca out here in the pacific and   this points in like an arrow to the spot that's 
shifting this is the southern arm of it going   down to the gorda escarpment and the mendocino 
ridge that then bends down into the san andreas   and i can show it to you on the usgs map here a 
little bit better going in off the san andreas   all the way down to southern california 
and here's the juan de fuca fracture zone   so tremors now on land and i want you to think of 
these tremors really small vibrations as the plate   is shifting they're not really earthquakes even 
though they do have magnitudes assigned to them   it's not breaking in the plate the plate is 
vibrating as it's shifting this is down below this   or you could say this is up above 
this and so this pushes in and up into   north america and we go from several thousand feet 
just below sea level here not counting how many   thousands of feet we go down into the crust down 
below there but then we come up and go up into   the plate up above sea level and we're getting 
our earthquake somewhere in between the two   are our tremors in between the two so 
this is vibrating as this is pushing in but there's no earthquake instead we go over here 
into the middle of the tip of the arrow and we   have a series of small earthquakes in idaho again 
now these small earthquakes are all twos right now   i would expect a big increase in the next few days 
again and i say again because technically we did   go up in the amount of activity and the magnitudes 
only went up i think to let's see here hold on only went up to near 4.0 3.9 
sorry i had to go look at that   so 4.0 instead of 5.0 that's within the magnitude 
i would think but that's still low low low low in   the next few days i think we're going to go up 
up up a whole magnitude so we should go up into   the 5.0 range maybe even bigger and we'll figure 
out where in just a moment but first of all let's   look at the activity 24 hours swarm wise because 
there's three distinct spots or maybe even four   where there are swarms taking place 3.2 a lone 
earthquake coming in on the san andreas right   up here to the north next to eureka let's 
show you on the plate boundary map again   here 3.2 remember that because all the way down 
the red line down to the south look what we have   another three point two two three point twos one 
at the north end one at the south end connected   in between those those these don't know which to 
how to say it stacks of earthquakes at volcanoes   the stack here at geysers the stack here over to 
the east at monte cristo hills volcanic buttes and   oh by the way guess how large we went there 3.9 
down to the south this stack of earthquakes here   china lake right next to volcano peak and then 
the 3.2 and stack of earthquakes down in southern   california ah it's all the same sized activity at 
multiple volcanoes i can prove that to you that   you don't have to take my word for it we'll put 
the coordinates in depending on which earthquake   you click on here it'll tell you whether it's 
at cobb anderson or the geysers or geyserville   does it really matter the name tells you 
what's there so if you don't know if you   just pull the coordinate it says cobb you 
might think something just innocent about   it you might think there's nothing there but 
if it says the geysers you might go look it up   and if you go look it up what you're gonna find 
are these drill points drill points that go down   a few hundred to a few thousand feet where they 
inject sewage human sewage like from your house   that sewage goes down into those pipes that 
goes down a few hundred to a few thousand feet   and it gets steamed off by the heat coming up from 
the clear lake volcanic field magma down below   and to top it all off they take that steam collect 
it and take it to the turbines where they use it   to power the area for electric that's where the 
stack of earthquakes is here so 3.2 coming in   going straight down to the volcano itself one 
more time on the usgs map here it's so obvious   3.2 coming in and that volcano 
i just showed you is right here   where all these broken faults come together 
the magama fault going down to the hayward   going through the bay area and that's what the 
earthquakes do let me get a sip of my coffee so the earthquakes go down in the same direction 
following the creeping section of the san andreas   and look 1.6 1.6 in between them 1.7 1.9 and a 
2.5 the bigger earthquakes in between the two 1.6s   like bookends 1.6s and then 
in between two larger books   but the earthquakes go down the creeping 
section and they stop right here at a place   called pinnacles california and let 
me show you what's there at pinnacles going down across the san andreas we 
jump off the san andreas at pinnacles here well first of all let me back it out 
coming down to here and we jump off right about   at this location san benito and if you need me 
to pull the coordinates on this i can i mean   let's do it because there'll always be somebody 
who questions somebody who doesn't believe and   they you know you can tell them i don't want to 
leave anything up for belief i just want to show   you everything and you guys can just understand 
what's going on there's the earthquake epicenter   and here's our branch off 
that goes over to the east   you can see it in the mountains itself and at 
the end we have a bunch of oil and gas wells   and you can see the jacks and the pumps and the 
tanks and the pipeline connecting between them and   they're all across this little valley here oh that 
that actually right there is for cattle so they're   doing cattle there too and then over here we got 
the fracking a little bit of fracking going on okay jumping off the san andreas though that's 
the point that's what i'm getting at here   so the earthquakes go down the san andreas 
and then jump off and go over into the valley   that's where we are right now at the jump off 
point that's where we stop the earthquakes stop   there along the san andreas now along the 
california nevada border we have the clusters   of earthquakes over here at monte cristo hills 
volcanic but it's going up to 4.0 basically   i i believe that's as high as we went hold on yeah 
3.9 and the cluster of earthquakes down on the   california side of the border at long valley super 
volcano it's a caldera and then a ride across   the border on this side right next to the big 
cluster there's a little triangle of earthquakes   that's next to aurora bodhi crater i can show you 
all the locations i'll just pull the earthquake   in the middle at aurora body and then we'll 
go down to the south to the super volcano and   we'll go over to the east to monte cristo monte 
cristo got hit with a 6.5 this past year in 2020   the biggest earthquake there in years 
so here's the earthquake epicenter   and right here aurora boaty crater and 
next to aurora boatie crater mud springs   volcanic butte which is really cool looking 
it's a few hundred feet high off the ground look at that that lava flow and 
it went down and buckled out i   guess it got more viscous as it cooled 
down but you can trace it back to its   spatter cone pretty cool earthquake right 
next to it on the edge of aurora bodhi   that's the earthquake i just pulled right 
in the middle that's marked in blue we can   go due south from there down into this cluster 
and that's right in the middle of the caldera   of the super volcano long valley caldera it's 
right on the south side right down in here cluster   of quakes and if you don't know about long valley 
it has 1 000 cubic kilometers of melt down below   it's lined with other volcanoes like mammoth 
mountain on the western side and then to top it   all off humans drilled into it before they knew 
it was a super volcano for they did those earth   penetrating tomography measurements and they're 
getting steam to turn those turbines there so we   go from here up to the border at aurora aurora 
bode at the border and then over to the east   monte cristo hills volcanic center that's the path 
all the earthquakes take now look at we zoom in   even closer look at the line of quakes across 
monte cristo it's going west to east basically   meeting up with the back end of our arrow and 
right here right here at the back end of the arrow   in between the earthquakes and the arrow let me 
show you this a giant solar generating power plant   it is what it is down to the south we have a 
diagonal line of quakes going through china lake   but they start at a volcanic field and they 
end at a volcanic field the only change here   is now the number of earthquakes is just next to 
nothing for 24 hours how many do we have one two   three four five six seven eight earthquakes 
24 hours eight guys eight nothing same with   up to the north really the super volcano four 
we've had thousands at these volcanoes before   so i'm gonna say it the flow has pretty much 
been cut off something's building right now   and it's building most likely well we'll get into 
that like i said in a minute first i want to run   down the quakes line of earthquakes starting 
at a volcano ending at a volcano let's prove   that to the new viewers kozo junction which is 
really called cozo volcanic field why wouldn't   the usgs just label it as such kosovo volcanic 
field that would tell everybody what's there and   then furthermore if they showed you what's just a 
mile or two south of here right here all of these devil's kitchen geothermal pumping operation 
where they drilled into the volcano again   to get steam to turn the turbines and this is 
the volcanic field these are rising lava domes   these are like the rising 
lava domes over at la superior but they just again are quiet right 
now but they rose the same way   look look at these you know the one in la 
superior right look how big this one is   these are all across kozo guys and they've even 
drilled into a couple of them to get steam here's   the other volcanoes going down across that's 
volcano peak and it's lava flows that's china   lake and like i said we dead end into another set 
of volcanoes to the south all these ones down here   go down to the lava mountains cyril's valley 
is the location it's triangulated from but   let's just put the coordinates in and show 
you go right next to the lava mountains   there we are so lava mountain's volcanic 
field feel free to pause it and read it   if you need to there's not much to read 
pliosene pliocene to pleistocene ancient   but yet the remnants of the old volcanic field are 
all around little fissures and spatter cones i'm   thinking they probably are getting a fair amount 
of precious materials out of the ground out there   okay so we can skip over the whole mojave the 
whole valley man i don't like this i don't like   it i don't like to see small earthquake activity 
when the rest of the planet is all getting hit by   sixes and we're in the middle of a deep earthquake 
event that to me says west coast is building   southern california this is where our other stack 
is so we have our final stack of earthquakes   down in southern california the big stack 
here is at a volcano in southern california   salton sea sultan butes but there's something 
else there in southern california the red line   the thick red line that thick red line 
is the san andreas or in this case it   changes into the imperial fault right here 
but same name or same fault different name   the red line like i said when i started this 
update we have a 3.2 on the north side and all   the way down here we have a 3.2 and swarm on the 
south side like book ends holding in california   in between them our biggest of the bunch 
at the super volcano in monte cristo hills   at the nevada border do you want to see 
the volcano in southern california do i   need to show it to you i guess is the question 
there's going to be some new person who doesn't   understand or believe that there's a volcano 
in southern california even i used to have   people tell me that salton sea wasn't a volcano 
till the smithsonian updated their place mark we would know if there's a volcano in southern 
california said the skeptics and deniers back in   2011.

It's an ancient volcano once i found it it's 
an ancient volcano it'll never show activity then   sulfur smells and sulfur dioxide warning levels 
came out of the volcano they upgraded the warning   level well look where we are now hey we've got 
another set of geothermal turbines and a spot   where they drilled in to get steam and that's 
not just one spot all of these are drill points   and here's the volcano sultan buttes that's where the other swarm is down to the 
south so you're probably curious about the   other line of earthquakes that goes down to the 
mexico border and west of salton sea goes back   up into the la basin doesn't it so what's up 
in the la basin what's down at the california   mexico border where the new earthquake just 
struck at 2026 utc within the past eight minutes   no yeah eight minutes six to eight 
minutes that earthquake just struck   as i'm talking about the location that freaks 
me out that does every time it freaks me out man   that freaks me out makes me think i don't know 
all kinds of stuff so there's something here   most people don't know what they're looking 
at so you see a bunch of farm fields of course   but i'll zoom in right here and you'll see those 
farm fields have been converted into something   those aren't rice paddies every 
one of these is a different   solar panel these are solar panel fields and 
they're replacing the crops with solar farming it's amazing how many there are it really 
is and you can do a street level on these   on some of these i think to 
see i don't know let's go see   might not be they just built them in the 
past year or two past couple of years   yeah here they are grading it out yeah or 
here is part of it you can see it i hope just as far as the eye can see solar 
panels the amount of electricity being   generated on that is just insane but 
that's where our earthquakes go down to   it can't be coincidence so what about back up 
into la now let's go look in central la maywood   california maywood what's in maywood probably 
some nice people let's go take a look there we are all right well what is this 
some kind of manufacturing facility the   huge tanks of some kind there is there 
anything else here nearby ah of course   i have to measure to see how far that is 
but those oil wells nearby are a little bit   suspect is there anything else they may have 
even had old oil pumping that was oh wait wow look at this electrical here well we're 
right next to one of the biggest electrical   locations in la we also have a 
train track here set of train tracks   man boy the number of culprits on this are 
like five-fold it's like having five criminals   five felons that have already been arrested 
for other things and they're all standing   together at some place that's been broken into 
you don't know which one it is there's six miles   six miles away is our oil pumping 
operation we're a matter of   not even a quarter mile away from the power 
station to top it all off we're at several faults   and this is also a spot where we had previous hot 
spots back in the summer let's go up to the north   uh-oh north hollywood oh man we're going 
to hollywood really ah it's hella weird out   there hello weird not hollywood hello weird 
hellywood hellywood helly weird hello weird   at the airport oh hell no oh no no no no no no 
no what else do we have here oh the big power   lines for the whole region it's gonna be providing 
power to the whole area it goes right through look   you can see the clear-cut through the city right 
there well we're at an international airport i   mean the only thing missing here now is some kind 
of radar station being right below this spot hey   what do we have here is we got a little signal 
building oh we do we have a tower of some kind enough of all this shenanigans sometimes you 
find stuff that you're not supposed to find guys   get you in trouble so between the two we're 
going between two suspicious locations in la   and we go down to a volcano down to the south 
the earthquakes connecting between them are equal   spaced clusters but they're not exactly huge 
stacks they're just small clusters of quakes   each one of these spots where there's a cluster 
of quakes is a previous spot where we had a big   fire outbreak and i mean we're going 
right down to the spots where the   fires broke out next to ogunga 
for instance this is on the san jacinto fault i believe i almost said 
elsinore fault but i think it's san jacinto let's put the coordinates in ah we 
got new hot spots here guys hold on oh man what do we got going on out 
here hoop house green houses uh oh   uh oh uh oh out the back country 
with the greenhouses again ah yes you know i support the use 
for medicinal and recreational   i again it's california guys it is what it is 
now we got a hot spot out here and by the way a   troll quote-unquote over on facebook was saying 
that the hot spots aren't real because of the   temperature variation no the temperature variation 
on google is because of some google issue with the   temperature and i mean the size of the look the 
instantaneous fire size and the temperature now   tattooed went out it's also detecting regular too 
my buddy tattoo just uploaded a video a day ago   he went out to another hot spot that appeared 
a few miles from his house and there was smoke   there there was a fire so and it had 64 000 as 
the temperature so it was legit fire there again   it's just something with the google thing the way 
that google is reporting that i don't know what   the deal is it's the plug-in maybe there's 
a plug-in error on the temperature in size   here's another hotspot up here to the north and 
again tattooed went out to go inspect and he found   smoke at a few of these so out in florida that 
is in california we have two hot spots both are   on the fault are there any power lines nearby on 
the north side maybe there are maybe there aren't i don't see any i see a 
road there and a few houses okay now finally the lines of earthquakes overall 
match the red lines that i've been showing you for   the whole update which are the plate boundaries we 
have interior faults that go over to the east and   on my map here we have the arrows that point over 
to the east and let us know which way to expect   the force to flow texas has been hit oklahoma has 
been hit kansas has been hit even georgia next   to pigeon mountain ancient volcano those have 
all been hit with small earthquakes all in the   two range but it's all low that matches perfectly 
with the edge of the craton texas oklahoma kansas   georgia tennessee look at the craton diagram 
guys and compare it to the earthquakes   it's a perfect match and this is just 24 hours 
time this is just one day's earthquakes if i   show you the whole week you'll see it go all 
the way across the craton going down through   texas back up all the way up into maine and new 
brunswick do you want to see that here let me show   it to you last seven day 0.0 and greater feed and 
we're going to look at everything 0.0 and greater and you'll see it hold on there 
oh did i say up to new brunswick   that was technically over seven days ago so it's 
a rough outline here let me get the magnitudes   turned off so you can just see the rings the 
size rings indicate the size of the earthquake   so the bigger the ring the bigger the earthquake 
going up to 3.0 so the biggest these go over in   the united states up to three that's just what 
hit this past week but it's a perfect match again   especially out on the west coast going 
down through idaho down through colorado   down through texas and then a big cluster right 
in the middle all across oklahoma and kansas   that's fracking central then we go over to the new 
madrid seismic zone and we go up the east coast   and again the only thing missing is the 
twos and three that struck up here right in   southeast quebec from seven days ago and then 
that fully completes the edge of the crayton   so it's amazing right and over on the west coast 
look at the ring of earthquakes on the west coast   it matches perfectly with the deformed edge of 
the crayton the purple part going out to the   accretionary belt or a creationary plane 
which is the green part so the green meets   with the purple the purple meets with the rusty 
tannish color and that's where our earthquake   spread those are the seams that make up our 
plate and the seams are where the stresses go   then there's faults that connect between them and 
that's how we get earthquakes spreading across   regions so clearly tension is coming in from 
the west coast look at it and then it spreads   over to the edge of the craton and then it 
diffuses out across the edge of the craton   professionals missed this they actually this 
is very embarrassing for them uh several top   professionals actually said first they said it 
was chance or coincidence that this was happening   then they went so far as to try to say that 
i was faking the earthquakes to make it look   like there was a spread going across the 
plates they actually went that far to deny   it they said i must be a hacker 
who must just be hacking the feeds   to make it look like there's earthquakes going 
across the plates well here we are 10 years later   using multiple seismic agencies now and of 
course you can see it for yourself you can   see it for yourself so how did they miss it well 
apparently they were precluded from ever seeing it   because they said previously that it couldn't 
happen so even if they could have seen it   like look for it and see it they would have 
denied it because they had previously said   it couldn't happen and that's what i ran into 
first they said it was chance or coincidence   then they denied it and said i was faking 
it now here we are years later and they   just try to pretend like it's not happening 
because it basically refutes everything they   ever said they said there's no relation between 
earthquakes across huge distances and there are   it's not that one earthquake causes the other 
earthquake we go back to the start of the update   one more time here hold on let's go back to the 
start of the update the wave tank it's not that   one earthquake is causing the other earthquake any 
more than one wave here is causing the other wave   it's that all the waves are caused 
by a greater inundating force   the compression in the chamber the 
walls pressing in and out if you will   and this tank that's what's causing the waves 
to spread through the tank it's not that one   way it's causing the other this wave isn't 
causing this wave over here to be the same size so it's a fundamental misunderstanding 
i think the professionals had   and now they went out on a limb and tried to 
deny it and make up all kinds of stuff and go off   after me not even going to talk about it but the 
things they said were asinine and here we are   now and somebody somewhere is going to have some 
egg on their face for what they said and did now   there have been a few earthquakes since i started 
my update hold on since starting the update a new   deep 4.7 happened is that right hold on let's just 
make sure maybe that maybe that's not accurate no   that's not accurate since starting my update 
only a series of small earthquakes have struck   nothing significant sign hold on i stand corrected 
hot damn a 4.7 hit over here right in turkey right   next to the aegean c a near five just hit hold 
on 1953 utc yep 40 minutes ago 40 minutes ago there it is so a new earthquake came 
rolling in back on the back side of this   which is coming from over here over to 
the east let's go back a few days hold on   there we are so this is like six days ago 
the red earthquake was our last push the   pink earthquakes just happened there's 
a new middle point now between the 4.7   marked in blue and the 4.5 back all the way over 
here at the tip of the arrow that middle point   perfectly comes in down here in south iran 
so it's all taking place right now guys in   the last hour there you go now now that a 4.7 is 
struck here a new push is technically coming in   let's get all the smaller earthquakes out of 
there and just look at it with the fours and   greater see where all three sets of rings 
overlap now it's a 4.8 up in croatia a 4.7   same size earthquake back down in turkey and then 
a 4.3 on the south side down on the plate boundary   next to creed all three sets of rings overlap 
right here which is now where is that bulgaria at the bulgaria romania bosnia border region 
but i again looking for a 200 mile area   that's right through the whole center of 
right here so really from croatia back down   to where the rings overlap at albania i'm 
still watching but now it's just a perfect   it's like the trifecta of earthquakes right 
there perfectly overlapping one another   okay wow well that's the way it goes sometimes 
we get a little excitement at the end when we   check to see if anything's hit since starting 
the update a lot of times that'll happen i'll   start the update and by the time the update's 
over one of the spots that i was talking about   in the update gets hit filled in perfect with the 
expected earthquake or something very close to it if anything else happens i will jump back on at 
a moment's notice do you guys have an earthquake   plan you know i say it all the time i haven't 
said it much lately actually in the past couple   weeks i don't think i've said it much at all 
which is don't be scared you need to be prepared   and i mean it whether you live in the united 
states or internationally i don't care what   your politics are i don't care what your beliefs 
are i want you to have an earthquake plan because   what good are your beliefs or your politics 
or anything if you don't survive an earthquake   that you could have known was coming the 
arrows are on the map here for a reason   years of observation letting us 
know which way the force flows and now that you know that there's a flow to it 
it's more like a river that you can watch it flow   your way and if you see big deep earthquakes 
hammering off on the underside of the plate   you know to expect the waves to spread out those 
equal-sized waves to spread out through the tank   and as the equal-sized waves spread through the 
tank you get the same sized earthquakes dropped   off along the way now that you understand that 
and that there's a relation between the spread   and the quakes see there's something spreading 
that we can't see a force or a power or a wave   that precedes the earthquakes that saturates 
an area with quote-unquote seismic force or   seismic pressure as we call it so there's 
an inundating force first that spreads out   and fills the plate then the earthquakes 
are dropped equally out across the plate   so it's not one earthquake causing the other it's 
that all the quakes are caused by some other force   that now we're starting to understand probably 
ultra low frequency or very low frequency   could be super low frequency ulf 
elf slf somewhere in that range elf and that's the perfect spacing 
for thousands of miles by the way anyway back to the earthquake plan thing don't 
be scared be prepared you need to know what to   do when an earthquake strikes which means 
take shelter i've said this the whole time   take shelter underneath a table or a desk 
now that's not going to support a collapsing   structure so let's say you're in an earthquake 
you take shelter underneath the table or desk the   earthquake goes on for a minute or two it's a big 
earthquake and then when the earthquakes over you   might not stay underneath the desk or the 
building may not be sufficient for staying in   and it's recommended to have a 
place pre-designated to go outside   usually after the earthquake dies because running 
during an earthquake is going to be pretty hard   but usgs says to have a place outside too that 
if you need to evacuate to that that's where   you should go but first things first drop cover 
and hold on drain the earthquake that's the most   safest thing to do and you can serve as an example 
for everybody else that's around you because if   you go down underneath the desk and drop cover and 
hold on and you beckon other people to do the same   they won't run around and scream earthquake 
which by the way how many videos are we   going to watch were and earthquakes happening 
and people are screaming and running around   right screaming earthquake no less because 
most people know that an earthquake is   happening at that point right everybody feels the 
earthquake they can all see the walls are shaking   the point of running around screaming 
earthquake is kind of pointless because   everybody already knows it's not like you have 
to tell them like there's a fire somewhere   so just remember that service is a good example 
and then finally you need to have an emergency kit   the emergency kit my god if there's anything 
from this past year that you should have learned   which is you need to have an emergency kit and a 
supply of food and everything else that you need   if you did not learn the lesson this past year i 
don't know where the heck you were but you weren't   paying attention apparently but you need to have 
that now the emergency kit is something that you   can grab at a moment's notice that has all the 
basics in it i'm not talking about long-term food   supply carry with you because that's going to be 
way too heavy i'm talking about an emergency kit   that has a change of clothes a set of shoes 
if it's cold outside you're going to want a   blanket or some way to stay warm gloves hats 
socks you're going to want all that into a bag   along with a flashlight battery first aid kit 
sanitation extra set of keys extra information   like your insurance and maybe even an extra copy 
of your birth certificate or id maybe put it all   onto a flash drive so you don't have to fumble 
around with all the paperwork scan that stuff   put it into a waterproof flash drive a few dollars 
put it into your emergency kit you have all your   information right there it's just an idea i'm just 
reminding you you should do it also medications if   you require medication you need to have a little 
extra i mean it's just a no-brainer anyway but put   it into the emergency kit and then the emergency 
kit the backpack bag whatever you're putting in   make sure it's easily accessible don't go pack 
it into a top shelf of a back closet somewhere   where it's going to be hard to get to you want it 
to be able to grab it at a moment's notice and be   able to hit the road or what whatever go to your 
little safe spot outside if you're going outside   you might not be coming back in for a while 
that's why i recommend having seasonal specific   items in your bag what good is all your summer 
gear in the middle of the winter and vice versa the time now is 2 55 pm central 
time on the 10th of january 2021 i hope you guys are doing well try to keep 
your nose up your chin up stay positive   show love to one another man you want to talk 
about being a rebel right now all you got to do is   be a little bit kind and loving be like me right 
now everybody's going to be like what the hell is   wrong with you that guy's what that guy he's too 
happy he's too shipper bowie's oh yeah the buoys   hmm yeah oregon coast here hold on i i meant to 
address it but from what i understand there's some   kind of storm system coming in out there hold on 
hold on let me get the weather turned on out here   and i'll show it to you oh of course it's not sure it's it's too far out 
in the ocean there's a new low pressure system   coming in from the northwest which i think is 
playing into the buoys in event mode out there hold on let me turn on the national data buoy center now oh whoa now that's a change hold on a 
second now because we originally just had one   and on the east coast too wait a second that wait a 
second hold on hold on oh what what the hell is going on 
here never seen such a thing okay this one looks a little bit better at least 
it's not intermittent what's our event mode okay we're talking about not much of an event 
mode it could be a man wow look at that so we   go from 27 40.66 meters basically down to 
27.406 so we lost .06 meters next to nothing like i'm talking nothing why would they even 
i don't get it hold on let's look at this one   okay this one went from 30 to 72.08 
down to 3272.04 it's like the same   huh but it's just like just the most 
minute shift wait a second that is   weird so everywhere from off the coast of 
vancouver island down to off the coast of oregon   down to off the coast of southwest oregon all 
shifted with just like the smallest little shift when did this all happen when is this event mode did they all happen at the same time okay it started at 110 19.

Utc is that about 
right 110 19 utc this is a mystery guys   110 19 utc for the first event ah 
110 18 to 19 for the second event   hundreds of miles apart now and oh starting 1700 
for the first one wait just a second so it's it   goes like this guys it goes first this one then 
this one then this one so first the southernmost   one then the middle one then the northern 
one and it starts at 17 18 19. one hour apart across the whole juan de fuca 
fracture zone in the past day   now i'm curious about the east coast because 
we hardly ever get buoys in event mode up here   off the east coast of the united states 
look at that also intermittent reporting   there's something up with that look at look at 
that have you guys seen these before do this   where it's just off and on every few 
minutes but it's like then dead for the   i again i have never seen that not saying it 
doesn't exist wait is that a double negative okay no data for the time period   but they have an event mode and they 
have it in event mode but no data right this is going up till month day hour yeah something's wrong there i don't understand so i'm clicking on the 
event details and it's got it marked in red   for an event mode you go down to click the event 
details and it says no data for the time period something's up something's up something's up guys can't have 
that can't have that on both coasts in the same   day and not think something's going on now what 
what could that something be yeah i'm not going   to be getting into that the west coast the three 
in a line across the west coast you would think   it was related to the juan de fuca fracture 
zone but all being one hour apart like that almost exactly i mean it's not exactly an hour 
each but and then on the east coast to have   nothing available data wise i'm just wondering 
if there's maybe somebody messing with the buoys   or maybe seismically speaking the united states 
is starting to shift and we're going to get a huge   earthquake i mean what are the options either the 
east coast and the west coast are both shifting   right now the same time period or something else 
is going on i would hope something else something   else could be military something else could 
be data outages causing issues or something   that's what you hope for you hope it's a 
data outage you hope it's something weird but   if it's the plate shifting that's a big deal so 
now i have to watch and see what happens with   the buoys over the next few days thank you for 
bringing that to my attention because i thought   it was just the one i went and looked people 
when it first started i went and looked it was   one and then obviously after that the other one 
two and three went off oh wait a second hold on   we have to go check and see what time the buoy 
happened on the east coast oh wait we can't hold on hold on yeah we can no we can't we can't see what time the date   was it just shows us it doesn't show us the 
event mode it doesn't show us the red line all right i'm going to watch if i find anything 
else i will jump back on and let you guys know   this is turning into a little mystery in its own 
right that's how it goes in geophysics sometime   peace out word up much love you

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