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Дешевое отопление из 10 бутылок по 0,5 литра


Jan 14, 2021

Hello to everyone! I am very happy to see you on my channel "Havran Show"! Winter is starting and I want to find something warm and interesting. Therefore, in this video, you will not find feasibility on an industrial scale. Although, you will definitely find some benefit! Utility is not an objective property of goods, but the subjective attitude of people towards goods. Waste water from the reverse osmosis filter is drained into a 20-liter bucket. A heating cable is placed along the hose to prevent the hose from freezing.

A small loop of the heating cable comes out at the end. So this part of the cable does not allow to freeze 20 liters of water, not only at -5, but also at -25 degrees Celsius! This observation was the main idea of ​​this video! The regulated heating cable is water resistant, as it is designed for more severe operating conditions. It heats up to 60 degrees Celsius, and the current consumption decreases if the cable heats up. That is, in fact, he does not need a thermostat! For DIY, I followed 6 steps. The first step. I bought ten bottles of water. He removed the covers and the holes were burned. The second step. I pulled 5 meters of heating cable through the prepared holes. When I dipped the cable in the liquid, it strongly resisted and was sewn! The third step. Measured and made a holder for my 10 bottles. Inserted bottles. The fourth step. Compensated gas pipes made and inserted. The compensator is a device that allows you to receive and compensate for movements, temperature deformations, vibrations and displacements.

I glued the covers to the back. The end of the cable is insulated. Step five. To make the battery hang straight, I made a rectangle out of the rods. Insert a thermometer into the bottle cap 10. Step Six. I installed a foil reflector on the wall. And shut down the battery. The result is a stunning design! I connected the device to the mains via a wattmeter. Current consumption started at 360 W * hours. After a while, the bottles warmed up well and turned into real parts of the batteries. Consumption has dropped to 90 watts. The idea is a bit ridiculous and crazy, but still …

90 watts is not much, you have to agree. And if you put metal containers? And if you seal well? If you give a more acceptable and projective look? Friends, there is something to think about! Yes, it takes some work, but I'm not afraid of bold and criticized ideas. I hope you do too. Be with me, subscribe to the channel and put "Like". Until next time!.

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