• Sun. Mar 7th, 2021

A person might be happy or sad .. It's the duty of the relatives to ask about it .. I'm not sure of sorrow but relatives do join you when you are happy! 'Dear, your baby boy was born and you did not inform me!' Will he have to ask his uncle to make babies? And if someone says .. ..that the uncle gifts the baby with a gold jewellery! What next? – The uncle who was complaining .. makes his exit without anyone's knowledge! When Dinesh's nephew was born he went to meet his sister. And then? – Her mother-in-law says .. 'The baby was waiting for you to bring a gold jewellery ..' And he's too smart, as he was in Mumbai! He says, 'let him say it ..

I'll give whatever he wants!' He knew that the baby was just 2 days old .. And he won't speak! – Yes .. He has been to Punjab ever since his nephew started speaking! And then there are some relatives whom we are scared to meet! They won't ask about your well-being they ask about your income! 'How much do you earn?' If the person says less, then he will be humiliated! 'You could have become an autorickshaw driver instead!' And if you tell them that you earn well then they come to borrow some money! One gets confused as to what to do! There are some relatives who attend someone's funeral they find some flaws there as well. They do it in a certain way ..

'Grandpa liked' Ragbhog '. Haven't you prepared it? ' Oh, God! That person actually wants to eat it as he has not eaten for years! I'm talking about relatives because a beautiful film is going to be released .. 'Ramprasad Ki Tehrvi ..' It also includes relatives similar to what I just said .. Let's invite the entire cast on the stage. With an applause, please welcome Konkona sen sharma Seema Pahwa, Manoj Pahwa and Ninad Kamat! Hi .. Wow! Hi .. Please, come .. Ms. Seema, Konkona, Mr. Ninad and Mr. Manoj .. welcome to our show. – Thank you .. Thank you. Mr. Manoj and Ms. Seema have come here so many times .. I did not even ask them to sit and they already sat! This is called family! Give them a big round of applause! Who says that 2020 was a bad year? Look at you, Konkona .. You finally got the good news towards the end of the year that you are coming to our show .. It was worth it! You seem to be very serious in most movies ..

You seem to be blushing today! I hope it's not because of me! No, I'm very serious .. When you came with the black saree I felt that I received a Filmfare award! Good one! Well, Ms. Seema .. When Mr. Manoj came here recently Now, you both are coming here for the second time .. Yes. – Mr. Manoj comes here often. I don't think you would've visited your in-laws' so often as much as you come here! You guys show so much love and respect Also, you all make me laugh so much. That makes me feel like coming here again and again. Stop coming here repeatedly. Else, they will also stop respecting you. Just like what you experienced at your wife house. What's with you? You are insulting me in a show. This is too much. Going to one place several times causes loss of reputation. That actually true. Did you hear that? Well, I asked, did you hear that? I did not come here as many times as you came here.

Sir, this is your first visit to our show. Yes, sir. – You would've heard about me several times from many people. How do you feel today as you are seeing me live? Sir, I want to tell you something. I had a chance to become a part of your show. Years back. – Wow! Really. – Yes, I was in a shoot. I was very interested but that never happened Recently Kiku had suggested my name for a role. Just before the break you took in between. Okay. I had got two such opportunities. And today .. – Whenever it came .. Why do you deny all the time? Well .. Everytime I get an opportunity the show goes on a break. That's what I was going to say. Then I thought I should stop wishing for the same and let the Kapil Sharma show run.

So, nowadays I don't try. Sir, you are most welcome. This is your own show. Sir, your show became so successful even without me. What do you feel about that? Wow! Sir, we must bring you to our show. Great sense of humor. – My pleasure, sir. My honor. Did you wear black color shirt to match with Konkona? No, I did not know that she is going to wear black. I've a reason to wear black. I look slim in black. Really? Who said that? What were you both telling me? Mr. Manoj, don't you've any black shirts? Even if I wear black no one calls me slim. Producers and directors are afraid.

They ask, 'Did you lose weight?' 'Please don't do that.' But you look very cute. You're impossible. Ms. Konkona, you already look so slim and fit. What's your reason behind wearing a black sari? Is this your favorite color? Yes, this is my favorite color. And I thought this set is already very colorful. So, I thought I'd wear this color. Well, you've an adorable name. Konkona. Konkona, her name is like a Bengali Sweet. Her name is like a mouthwatering sweet. – Wow! Once you see a beautiful girl you start flirting. I'm helpless. I rarely see women in my show. Even our heroines are assembled. Konkona, do people of different states pronounce your name correctly? And I'm sure that a Punjabi will refer to you as Kankana. They call me in different styles. I used to have South Indian maths teacher. He used to refer to me as Kanakana. So, I got used to it. But how it pronounce it correctly? Like King Kong, Hong Kong. Konkona. Konkona. – It's so easy. It's a unique name – Yes. There are many common names. For example, Kapil.

For example, Archana. We started fighting. She entered the industry recently. Earlier her name was Raju. Raju. Mr. Ninad, you are a very good actor. Also, you are a very good voice over artist too. You are a singer too. Did you had an aim to prove yourself in the industry? Before working as a theater artist I wanted to become a singer. I never got trained. Okay. But I got a role in a theater play where I had to sing a song. And I was really happy. Okay. – And I won an award for that acting role. So, I thought, maybe I can act too. – Wow! Wow! – That's how my journey started. But I would like to say one thing regarding this. There's a song in our movie, where he is playing the role of Ramprasad's son.

Okay. – He has a song which all the four brothers sing together. Okay. You won't believe this, of the four voices one is that of a singer and Ninad sang the other three brother's section. – Wow! Really? Wow! – He sang it alone. Konkana, I noticed that you rarely go out of your house and when you do, you are featured in a movie. I have never seen you on television, in a show. Today, you have come to our show for the first time. Thanks to Ms. Seema. You came here because Ms. Seema asked you to? I thought that you liked me .. I mean .. Of course! I have come here because of your sense of humor. Oh thank you. You said just now to like, later you'll ask to subscribe. But you are a very natural actor, Konkana. I've seen many of your movies. I saw 'Wake up Sid!' and recently I saw 'Dolly Kitty Aur Woh Chamakte Sitare' too. – Really? Thank you.

Your work is really incredible. – Thank you so much. Ms. Seema! Mr. Manoj .. Yes? He is your husband. For the movie 'Ramprasad Ki Tehrvi' did anyone recommend you his name for the role? The struggle at home .. – Well, you see .. I had said this in the previous episode too that I had made him a promise. That he will give me respect and I will give him work. So you can imagine how much respect gives me at home so that I have to give him a role in my film. How is it at the set? When a husband and wife work together there are bound to be some differences. Some? – What? – We had fights. Just once or many times. – Two or three times. Because you see, we are eating at the dining table and the director is saying things like actors are like this and that .. This actor is like .. Really? – And keep on bickering. Instead of reading the script. A few times, I too snapped back saying whenever you act in a movie no one is more mischievous than you. And when we are acting, we are all ..

The most .. She is infamous for this. Whenever she acts as an actor she keeps giggling and having fun until the last moment. And all the actors that were on the set be it Ninad, Vinay Pathak Vineeth and others, she was taking a class of them all. 'They'll come now with a cup of coffee in hand! What is this! ' It will be like this .. – Absolutely not. Is that so! He is trying to be very smart. So, I will reveal a secret of his in front of the public. Yes, please. – Go ahead. You have light the sparks now. Yes. – Now, this episode will be ..

In this episode, just us two will speak. The other two will just clap. All right! Come on! Well, you see .. He put forth a condition .. – Okay. That when he will come for the shoot his trainer too will come with him. Trainer for what? – Gym trainer. That means .. – He will work out. And not just him, that person too. – Common .. The person that's sitting over there, Ninad. Okay. – He found a common trainer. That they both will workout in the morning and then come for the shooting. Good. – I was like, is that so? I did work out, ma'am .. – Since when did this happen? Keep quiet. Let me tell the story first. Let me finish telling this. Both said that they will work out, okay? Okay. After that, for two to three days, they really did work hard and exercised hard and I was thinking that they were serious about this.

They were really working hard. On the fifth day, I saw that trainer coming. He had 'Kachoris' in one hand and 'Samosas' in the other. – In the trainer's hands? He made the trainer to get it for him. You know .. The trainer became fat after our shoot ended. There are great actors in your movie. – Yes. Mr. Manoj is your husband. He must be under your control. But how difficult is it to control so many actors in one project? It was not difficult for me because all were my friends. And they were under my control. – How? Isn't it? Okay. Who talks how much, who is into improvisation .. When a shot was going on I knew that if he is fumbling he is forgetting his dialogue. – Yes. And the pause is dishonesty because I'm an actress and I know it.

So, I would ask whether he has forgotten the dialogue. 'No, what are you saying?' I said, you are forgetting the dialogue. So, everyone was upset me that I get to know when they are trying to cheat. There's a friend of mine on the show. I won't take names. Okay! When he comes and fumbles the director and writers ask why he is fumbling. He says that he is an underdog. 'I look good while fumbling.' Okay. It's okay the day he behaves like an underdog. But he doesn't stop behaving like an underdog the day he plays a rich man too. He's taken the role of an underdog very seriously. Konkona, you look beautiful when you smile. How do you have such a small face? I don't have it. Such a small face? Yes, your face is very sharp.

No, I think you know, when I was young my face was little chubby and now, with age, my face has broken a little bit. So, maybe that's why it's looking like that. But you have very sharp features. I also want to have sharp features so that I can step out wearing a black sari. Black sari? I also want to step out wearing a black suit looking handsome. I'm trying too, Mr. Manoj. I have hired a trainer too. But I don't ask him to get 'Kachoris'. Ninad, I have heard that your wife is an actress and a voice over artist too.

Yes. In fact, she is my senior. Okay. When we were kids they have been singing since a small age. She has been singing singles, ad jingles. We met due to voicing. We met at studios. And that way we got to know each other. We became friends and then .. You met due to voicing. Do you get a chance to speak in front of her now? I'm proud to say that I listen to her and she is the wiser amongst both of us. She takes the decisions at home. And .. – Manoj, learn from him. He's sitting next to you. Manoj is clapping. He's clueless. He's asking why he should learn. She gave Ramprasad's role to Mr. Naseeruddin. Yes. Ninad, please entertain our viewers. I'll mimic few voices. Have you changed voices and played pranks? Yes, I have many friends.

They ask me to record for their answering machines in Mr. Bachchan's voice. – Really? Or Sachin's voice. Record a ringtone for me in Mr. Bachchan's voice. – Yes. 'The person you are calling is very busy.' 'Try again later.' Please do something for the viewers. Greetings, ladies and gentlemen. Oh, wow! – Oh, my God! Wow! – Oh, my God! Superb. We've made a movie with lots of love. It is titled 'Ramprasad Ki Tehrivi'. Wow! Amazing. I request all of you Please go to the theaters and see the film. You'll love the film. – Wonderful! The age factor counts here .. – Very nice! Actually, some people exaggerates and mimics .. But he exactly mimicked. Amazing, sir! Wow! That's why, I usually dub all his advertisement in different languages. Okay. Be it languages ​​of the south .. Marathi, Gujarati .. – Wow! Surprised to hear Mr. Bachchan speak different languages! Please mimic Mr. Sachin's voice. – His voice, please. Well .. We've made a film called .. – Wow! Mind blowing! I suggest that everybody should go and watch it.

At least once. – Superb! Wow! – Wonderful, sir! Thank you, sir. You'll get request as this is a live show. Salman Khan .. Recently, I've started mimic Salman's voice. I've made a film called Superb! – 'Ramprasad Ki Tehrvi'. Wow! Please see this film with everybody. It'll be fun watching it. – Wonderful! Fantastic, Ninad! – Superb! There are many mimicry artistes I've heard but what you're doing is the real feeling. Wonderful! Ninad, any other .. Friends, we've made a film. The name of the film is 'Ramprasad Ki Tehrvi'. See this film with everyone or I'll bash you up, pal. Beautiful! Thank you so much, Mr. Ninad. Superb! – Amazing! Jurassic Park was the first film I'd dubbed. – Wow! English films to Hindi. Which character did you recently .. Thor? I'd done for Thanos. – Thanos! In Avengers Endgame and Infinity War .. The voice of Thanos .. It has depth. Let's hear it.

There is not so much fun in reigning the universe as much as there is fun in devastating. Wow! – Something of that sort. Wonderful! – Cool! Konkona is with us today. And definitely, we can't miss out Ms. Aparna. A big hand for Ms. Aparna. – So sweet! Ms. Aparna .. – Thank you. She's an amazing actor, director and writer .. I think, she received nine National Awards. – Nine .. Maybe .. I don't know. Nine? Wonderful! Even Konkona received two National Awards.

Two or four .. – I think, two. Aren't you sure? She doesn't even remember her mom's awards. Did you like acting? Or is your family in the habit of receiving National Awards? No .. I never wanted to act. You can say that I'm shy and quiet. I never really wanted to do acting. Because of my family .. It happened. She even directed a film. She made such a beautiful film. That's a lovely film. – Thank you. Ms. Aparna had written and directed the film 'Mr. and Mrs. Iyer '. – Yes. When your mom used to make you do homework was she strict with you or as a director, was she strict with you? She was never very strict.

Even at home or otherwise .. She's never very strict. She's very hardworking. She sets an example and we've to follow her. But she tricked me into doing 'Mr. and Mrs. Iyer '. When she first said about the film .. I've to play Mrs. Meenakshi Iyer. Hindi – Speak in Hindi. – Okay .. Then .. Anyway, I sound a like Bengali .. It's okay .. – You can speak in English .. What can we do if you don't know English? You can ..

She's very poor in English. So sweet! – Her English is almost in ICU. She's afraid of English, you know. You tell me. Here, you have an educated person .. Me You please speak .. – So sweet of you to make me feel comfortable .. – I love speaking in English. But .. – But English does not like me so much. Anyway, that time I was supposed to be Mrs. Iyer but I didn't want to do it because I thought that someone who was actually from Tamil Nadu should be casted.

So I told my mother to cast someone else, not me. And then, she tricked me. She told me to go help her go to Madras and do research for her a bit .. I went and found out about Iyers, Iyangars Shaivas and Vaishnavas and the differences between them. I think I got sucked into it. I think that's how it happened That's so clever! I said .. – She's very smart, you know. I'm sure she is ..

– More than she is strict .. I messed up. I asked you to speak in English but not so fastly. So fast .. – You're too fast. I'll pause and watch later. I'll translate her for you. It's all right. I don't think you understood, either. Manoj and Seema, I want to ask you first when you last appeared in an episode people enjoyed your chemistry. They said that you were good together. I said that obviously because they're married. People say that they enjoyed watching you. People have a notion that romance dies in marriage after a few years. We want to break their notions. Okay .. – You and Seema perform on a romantic song. So sweet! Seema, it'll be fun! – Seema'll do it .. – Thank you so much .. He has to say this to an audience! Amazing .. Only you could make me do this .. – You were amazing, sir! You two looked so cute! I swear! God bless you! On 'The Kapil Sharma Show' .. Beautiful, sir! Thank you, ma'am .. Superb! – I was fun, sir. Sir, only you can make this happen. No one could do this till now.

Wow! – Oh! Sorry .. Kapil Sharma, sorry. We came here without your announcement. Because we are in a hurry. We have to go to other places for the promotions. – Yes. So .. Oh dear! – Oh! The whole team is here. Congratulations to all of you for 'Ramprasad Ki Tehrvi'. You know, there's an actor in your film who takes pauses .. Yes. – And you catch him. – Yes. He is that friend of mine. – Oh! Just look at them. They have heard about 'Tehrvi' and they are here to have 'Kheer' and 'Puri' like crows. Then learn from the crows. They are alive because they eat 'Kheer' and 'Puri'. Just think about the dinosaurs. They had such attitude. And now they are no more.

Wow! – That's true .. – Point. It's true. There's a point. – Point. The dinosaurs are no more. But their conversation never ends. – Right. Just look at them. Hello, sir .. Hello, ma'am. – Hello .. – Hello .. My name is Bhuri and he is Chandu. Actually, our song is going to release. Oh! – So we are also here to promote that. Okay. – Be honest. Local trains are not in service. So, their business has also stopped. Sing your song quickly. And listen to me. Take whatever they give you and just get out of here. Don't bother them much. Listen, what do you mean? How can we just start singing? Are we here to show you the act of monkey? We are guests. Arrange sofa for us also. And ask for pammigrant juice. Pammigrant? – Chandu, it's pomegranate. Pomegranate.

– Listen, I drink from Ms. Pammi's place. So I say pammigrant. How can you even think that in our ongoing interview you can do your interview? Why? We can share auto-rickshaw. Then why can't we share an interview? Bhuri, you just leave. – Superb, Chandu! And you come here. What was that? Hey, just listen to me .. – No. Keep the spatula over there .. – Come here. The way you have danced like a serpent .. The chairman of snake union is looking for you outside. You danced so badly. There's nothing surprising. I have an old relation with snakes.

Don't you know Kabir's Doha? – No. – Which one? Snakes are always there on sandalwood tree .. Yes. – … but it never gets poisonous. What? Wow! You said a great thing. Come again. Please explain. When I speak in English you ask for spellings. When I speak in Hindi you ask for explanation. And I'm not learning French because of this. So, he wants to learn French.

The other day, I asked him if he wants French toast. He said that he can't speak French. He just wants the toast. Now tell me. What was all that? Kapil, how can you ask that to your guests? You should say it's a great song. Tell us something more about the video. But it's okay. I will tell anyhow. We have shot the video in the jungles of Ooty. Ms. Seema, you won't believe it.

We shot the whole video in the first take itself. After the first take cameraman broke the camera. He couldn't bear it. I have seen you shooting outside under the sun. – Sir, the camera did not break. Ms. Konkana, records have been broken there. Have you heard the news? First repeat her name. Say it once more. Go ahead. – Ms. Konkona. Not bad. – Perfect. I am a big fan of her.

She said you could manage somehow with the name. Shall I say the full name? – Yes. Ms. Konkona, you must have heard the news. YouTube and Google were both down. There was no other problem. It was our video song. It got so many likes. That's why they were down. Actually, Youtube was regreting for a while for uploading your video. Who makes such kind of songs? – Do you know 'G-Series' and 'Chips' have given us offers? They asked me. Why you never showed this talent before? Ms. Seema, he's really so talented. Do you know, the day he was born .. Here we go. It's confirm that I will born here in the next two minutes. When he was born the doctor told a nurse to inform his family. But nobody agreed. They said .. We don't congratulate for such things.

Ms. Seema, when he was born all doctors went to Himalayas. They said the atonement is only possible there. When the show became a hit they came back. But his nurses are still missing. Wait a second. What's all this? Kapil, we are here and you did not even offer us a seat. Well, we have the floor here. Please sit. Why don't you call the parlor girl? She says she saw the trailer and liked it so much. Call her if you want massage. – Call her. You work there too. – Hey, listen to me. Call the guy too who says .. 'I am a big fan of yours.' Focus on entertainment. What will you reply to Mr. Sony? After this performance he will reply to you. Enough. No issues if that's his reply. Because from the next month we won't be here in India. Come on, tell him about our live concerts. Yes, our first live concert is in CBI. What's CBI? – CBI means Canada, Belgium and Indonesia. Really? – Yes. After that Bhutan and Bangladesh. After that we will go to Nepal accross the sea. But, Nepal is our neighbor country.

But we will come via South Africa. There we will cross the sea, right? So you will learn Geography from me now. What? – I feel so. Really? You said the opposite line. Okay. Did you see? I remember his lines too. He can't do it himself. Kapil, how long will you make us stand? I did not even call you. Just a minute. Let me handle this. Sir, we need a sofa. They brought a stool. Wow, he has ordered a matching stool. No problem. We are very grounded. We will sit on it. – Ms. Konkona, she wants someone to take her interview. But nobody takes her best wishes. So, their interview .. I wonder what they are doing. Well, Kappu Sharma, the thing is we have become self-dependent.

Is that so? – Yes. We have become self-reliant. So, we have brought the questions that we have to ask. Oh! – We are not dependent on you. You have to do that when no one knows who you are and where you are from. You have to tell us. So, ignore him, please. Okay! A big round of applause for Bhuri and Chandu. So, my first question to Ms. Bhuri is .. There is a rumor about you that you do a comedy show. In that, you are a failure. So, you left it and tried to dance. As we saw in the video, you almost failed in that too. So, what are you trying next? What are your plans? I feel that I should try using profanities and beating people. Even if the episodes were fewer, I have tolerated enough! Now, I will ask the questions. So, Mr. Chandu. – Yes. There is a rumor that you requested the government to widen the footpaths in Mumbai because when you change sides, you fall on the road.

Wow! Well done, Bhuri! Great. Tell us, Mr. Chandu. – You're using the rumor as an excuse to reveal the truth. Wow, Bhuri .. I sat on that footpath to collect blankets for your family. – Oh, God! Hey, take your blankets and leave. Otherwise, I will call the police, Chandu. I returned your purse. Why do you want to call them? Listen to me. You become angry unnecessarily. You think that we are scared of you. We are not. Sorry, Kappu! We will meet again! Bye! A big round of applause for all our stars. Come, ma'am. Ms. Seema, Konkana Mr. Ninad and Mr. Manoj, thank you so much for coming. It was great to talk to you all. My best wishes to you all. Ma'am, I want you to tell everyone about the film. The film has released .. – Yes. I would like to tell everyone that our film has released. And I would like you to show more love to our film than it is getting, currently. For years, all of you have shown us love as artists. For the first time, I have tried to do something as a writer and director. I want you all to shower us with love.

Please come, watch that film and enjoy it. Thank you so much. – Thank you, ma'am. – Thanks And all the very best to all of you. – Thank you .. Thank you .. – Thank you so much. Please come, ma'am. Thank you! – Thank you, sir! Ms. Archana, in the wedding season wedding planners manage multiple weddings. Just like that especially because of the New Year we are managing two teams of guests. One is done. Another is yet to come. ArchanaToday we have ordered sandwich. – Sandwich! Don't get excited. It's not the one we eat. This is the one we watch and enjoy. Oh! – Right. I am talking about 'Sandwiched Forever.' It's a web series on SonyLIV. Today we have its beautiful cast here. First of all give a huge round of applause and please welcome Aahana Kumra and Kunaal Roy Kapur. Mr. Kapil, believe it or not this is the reality of our life. Recently we got married. We thought we would be alone on our honeymoon trip.

But there too. It's always a sandwich. We are always together. Wow! That's really great. So, these people have ruined the young couple's life. We don't ruin it. We enhance it. What do you say? – Yes, that's right. Wow! Where did you leave yours? Somebody has to stay home. Every family does that. That's why I left him there. Well, you look so happy. Yes, I often come here.

This has become a home to me. Ms. Archana felt insecure by looking at your laughter. Do you know when you came inside she went to puncture your tire? She was here before. I have heard she has already talked to the producer. I think so. – Yes, so do I. Ms. Archana, please note it. I'm noting it down. I am sure he started all this. It's not me. Actually I got upset. Why is that? – Mr. Kukreti is here. He's the writer and producer of this show. He makes us do romance with fake girls. But for Aahana he brought Kunaal Roy Kapur. He signed a rich guy for her. Wow! Give a huge round of applause for Ms. Divya, Mr. Atul, Mr. Zakir Aahana and Kunaal. I welcome you all. – Thank you. How are you related to them in the show? Are you the groom's father? – Yes. She's the daughter-in-law. I am the father of groom. Okay. He's right. I am the groom. That I can tell.

I am the groom. Who's the husband of Ms. Divya? It's Zakir. Why are you sitting apart? – This is normal. It's all right. You don't want to be sandwiched forever with him. – Please come. Come on! – No, I insist. Well, my wife is not here so I can manage. She's my unlawful wife. – Unlawful wife! That's right. Mr. Kapil, they pushed me away from you. Mr. Atul, people have gone colorless after the lockdown but you have three colors on you. First white then black and then red. I mean .. You are great! Sir, jokes apart. But I am a great fan of all of you.

Mr. Zakir, we have watched you in so many movies. We have met Ms. Divya personally. Don't say you have met since childhood. But do you know the truth? When we watched televison for the first time we watched Ms. Divya's face on it It was her first show. You were really great. Oh my God! – Thank you, honey. I will take that as a compliment. Nowadays we see so many types of sandwich. Multigrain and with potatoes ..

Also, you must have seen the one with multistorey. You can't eat them together in one bite except Ms. Archana. You have problem with my eating habits too. I was asking .. What's special about this sandwich? The specialty about this is .. Nowadays we are in such a stressed out situation. We are living in fear. This is just fun. It's a family comedy. We enjoyed so much while shooting it. Hopefully you will enjoy it too while watching. Wow! It's really interesting. I have watched the promo. Even before you all. Mr. Bharat, this is what happens. Mr. Bharat, tell me something. Was my show not enough for making money? Why didn't you cast me in this show? Because we came to know you are doing a web series. I was about to say that. You are also doing that. Ms. Archana, don't be sad. She's not permanent. Aahana, we have a research team for all the celebrities who come here. They do research for others but for beautiful girls I do the research personally.

I went inside your Instagram account. Recenty you have visited Mahabaleshwar. – Yes. Was it a casual visit or did you take a vow for coming to this show? Mr. Atul, you are so fit. You look amazing. We have seen you in so many movies. You are so fit. Are you really health-conscious? Or, is it for any bold role on OTT platforms? I was just .. Well, that's the truth. You researched my Instagram account. Did you go inside his too? No, I don't do research for men.

Atul was the one who reached the set first, before time. Archana wanted me to ask if it was a genuine effort or you were worried they would run out of breakfast? She knows as she comes in early for that. Yes. – No, infact he does not even leave and sleeps here. Sofa is attached to her and comes along when she gets up. Once her husband came in and she took out her stick She stuck a 8 foot stick to his belly button and asked him to stay away. As she's too attached. Don't give me ideas. – Her husband wanted her to listen. That he came with her lunch. Get lost! Zakir, I have seen you in Sarkar and films.

Okay. You've played such dangerous characters but you seem like some simpleton. Awesome actor. – You're dead … – Natural … I was wondering since it is going to be our first meeting I thought you to be mischievous but you're cute. Thank you. Flirting with Zakir too? – That was a compliment! Not flirting. – Had you studied in NSD, you'd have known. When I hear the name Kunal Roy Kapoor such last names were used for the rich in old films. You must be offered rich boy roles all the time. That's the issue. – They must be scared you'd charge higher. I get type casted. But I am happy to get work. Kunal and, you, Ahana are sandwiched between families. – Yes. Three married couples. Have you felt sandwiched in real life? I mean … – Everyday … I mean, as a couple not you alone. Once Anu Kapoor was on our show. He said, his name was Anil Kapoor. So their paycheques got interchanged. Have ever been invited to an event the asked to get Tablas. Around 10 times. – Oh, my God! – Seriously? It happens even now.

They ask if I am Zakir Hussain and I say yes. They talk about an event and I know as he performs at events I … When Sarkar hadn't released I was doing television and I had received such a call. For what? – Zakir had got some award. – Great! I was playing and I got a call that they want to interview me. I asked why. Then he asked if I am Zakir Hussain and I played Tabla.

I replied that I play a bit. So modest. He plays a little. – So … He pursued further and the I asked why. After a little long I said I am not that Zakir Hussain. Told that I am an actor then must have thought he wasted time. Once … – He got played. I was called to judge an event. A musical event. I got to know that it was for him again. Okay. Then I said I am not Ustad Zakir Hussain then he asked which one am I. Which one? – Sarkar was out by then. I said I worked in Sarkar. Then he said I can come. Kunal, you are playing a role of a game developer .. Yes. – ..in this show! Have you ever heard of that game Which one? You belong to a rich family! I will ask accordingly! It often happens in small cities ..

It used to happen quite often! There weren't much games then .. We try to block our kid's path .. If the kid crosses, he or she wins .. Otherwise you win! There used to be a game like this! We used to play this game as well. I was the pig in this game! That's the only difference. The rest was all the same. We used to play like this! I'll tell you more. Have you played stone-throwing game in cow dung? I'm hearing this for the first time! I'm hearing it for the first time. Did the cow at your place not give cow dung? When there's cow dung on the road four kids would join and aim at it .. My god! Mr. Zakir, everybody has seen your talent in both movies and serials. – Yes. We want to show your hidden talent to our viewers. – Which one? I will show you as well. Please .. Where is it? There's a shoot going on .. Oh my God! Superb! – Well done! This is the best video of our show! Does this habit benefit you or not? Because someday, if you sleep elsewhere and if your wife asks you, you could justify ..

Mr. Ravi Baswani, my friend, as you all know .. Yes .. I learnt from him that whenever you get time, you must sleep. You must save your energy! Not to sit idle .. Whenever I used to get time, I used to sleep .. Mr. Atul, you are from NSD and so is your wife .. Did you go to the college for the translates of degree or wife? My purpose was something and I got something else! The degree got over in a span of few years .. But this is still on .. You are all from the theater background. I would like to ask you all a few questions. from our viewers .. Our audience is right there, with the mask on! He has written all the questions! You can share if anything like this has happened with you! Have you ever forgotten your lines during the play? Three people have raised their hands. What did you do then? The other person would do something! We had forgotten! I had forgotten and didn't know what to do! The prompter stands at the wings .. There used to be one earlier .. But now, it isnt there! While we used to do plays in our village there used to be a prompter and an amazing incident took place.

We were in college and we friends did a play .. And Ganesh, one of our friends he had written the play and directed it too. It was his last play. He has a laundry now. Yes. So .. He has a laundry now! Poor guy! I just realized what he said! Then? So .. It was the first show. We were all newcomers! The girl .. It was a triangular love story. Two boys and a girl .. It was the girl's first show as well .. In our first act that woman forgot dialogues so many times that our writer-director, Ganesh .. He got angry .. That a show he had written, his first show she .. – She ruined it. That she ruined it. He said that during the second act he would sit on the stage with the script. That he would prompt .. – Okay .. We had a sofa in the set. Right in the center, as you have ..

He sat behind it. – He hid .. Yes, he hid there. So .. Can I go there? – Yes .. So, I .. I stood about there .. And she stood here .. And her .. She had go this way .. This was her movement. Yes .. My name was Kishore. The other character in the love triangle was also Ganesh. The writer-director write himself into the script .. – Okay .. He was Ganesh. The dialogue was like .. 'Kishore, if you say a word' 'I'll with Ganesh ..' The dialogue was something like that. It was to be said in anger. She walked from her spot. 'Kishore, if you ..' 'I'm sorry, Ganesh.' 'If you ..' Her feet touched him, so .. 'I'm sorry, Ganesh.' Oh, my God .. – Really you have good stories .. – What would've happened in theater .. We're going to play at a court session here. Okay? The allegation on you that you harass a boy and a girl ..

– Okay .. We have parents of both the parties. You have to face a few allegations they have against you. Okay. May I have your permission to call the court? You may. Order .. I, a great artist welcome the great artists of 'Sandwich' to 'Top Ki Adalat'! Milord we don't consider you even an artist and you call yourself a great artist! Come out of your delusions or you might get removed from Sony. Hey, 'Ande' in Andaman and Nicobar .. I'm a judge, not your relative! If you want to crack jokes, do them with your sister-in-law. You waste of space I'm playing a peon here. If you want to crack jokes, do it at your house! I'm on duty right now. Hey, tiny girl! You're no great personality that you won't listen to your brother-in-law's jokes.

What a joke .. Look, you woman who took two weeks to be born .. Begin to proceedings! Divya. – Yes? – Support me today. – Of course. I'll tell you something. Not even the astrologers have parrots as lousy as this judge that we have. That's right! It's like he has foam on his head and he'll start shaving at any moment. Please help me, you guys. Ahana .. You help me as well. Ahana! And you take a bath every day. You have become a lawyer. Not Daler Mehndi. Let's focus on the proceedings. Let's start. Start. – Good. My Lord! – Yes? Oh! Someone stop this. Here he comes .. – Hey .. What kind of vehicles are given to the police! Look ..

Oh, what a surprise! I just ordered a sandwich and they are here already. Wow! Give a huge round of applause for them. That's' what .. – Mr. Samsher .. They are not that sandwich. His series named 'Sandwich' will be aired soon. Yes. – Is that so? – 'Sandwiched Forever'. Is that so? His series is coming. – Yes. But you have no shame. – What? You see, they made 15 episodes in the series. People are calling them for interviews. Okay. – He worked in many episodes yet no one even calls him for his birthday. But listen to me .. Yes? – The old lady's wig that you took she's crying outside. Did you start to play musical instruments now? Look at them, look at the judge and the attender of Sony.

You too should start showing your tricks now. Why don't you turn this courtroom into a proper zoo? Hold on! Mr. Samsher, I want to ask you a question. Yes? – There are different kinds of animals in a zoo but why is it called a zoo? This is your family matter. I don't know the answer. Okay. – Look at her. I … Oh! Mr. Zakir! I am your big fan.

But I am upset about one thing. Why didn't you bring the 'Tablas'? Mr. Samsher, he is not that Zakir. If he's not that Zakir, he could've brought 'Harmonium'. He's not a musician. Why would he bring 'Harmonium'? He's not a musician, so he won't bring his musical instrument. But why do you always come here with your two drums along? You don't come here to perform in a concert. Order, order! I want two veg sandwich. Order .. Mr. Samsher, I'm not selling sandwiches here. Judge, they are sitting with the sandwich, aren't they? Take it from them and give it to me. I .. Well, Ahana, I sometime make such jokes. So, Ahana .. – Yes? Come to my house sometime. Then go out on a trip to Goa with me sometimes. Persuade your parents, if they don't listen, then tell me.

And sometimes, I say such poetry too. And it's cold these days so bathe in hot water, Ahana. Bathe .. – Bathe! Bathe. – This is very predictable. Shame on you. Just a little. Hey! – Wait a minute, let me do such things I'm a champion in it. I mean, Ahana and I are locked in a room and the key is lost. Oh! Did you hear that? It's so easy for me. Is that so? Really easy? If I hit your left hand with my right hand with force then you won't be able to do the thing which you use your left hand for you'll have to use your right hand. Yuck! Understood? Don't irritate me with left and right. Show mercy and let me complete the story. Ahana, I have a request. Don't take interest in cricket. You'll turn in Ahana Bumra from Ahana Kumra. Judge is laughing too. Did you think that was funny? Such jokes affected the morale of Indian team and they were all out in 36. But that was a fair and square number against Australia. That was funny.

Laugh about it now. Listen to me. Attention in brackets as to where to laugh. I am getting beaten up. Why are you standing here? – What else should I do? Since you're pretty, you must go beg. Heard that? – You have crossed that age. The forwards that you get saying forward to 11 more and you'll see luck. You must try that. I am wearing a wig worth 150 a day rent and no one cares. I am aged and experienced. The microphone is out. Such an amateur, he took off the mic too. Hello… Not an amateur anymore. You could have acted as a wig and earned more.

I asked not to give her this line and she will spoil it. Mr. Shamsher! This is a court of law. Prosecutor, start with the proceedings. You will get crushed by the turban you're wearing. She's so tiny and she is wearing a huge turban. Let's begin. – Let him start. My Lord! – Enough with your proceedings. Finish your business there. Kunal and Ahana want to go ahead with their honeymoon. But their parents are being an obstacle. Even parents have aspirations for their children. But married children have those aspirations. Very naughty … What about those aspirations? Right? – Haven't I ever fulfilled those aspirations for you? I'm not talking about you. You seldom talk about me. I'll leave if you want me to. I won't forget you and I won't let you forget me. Hello … – What … – Heavy truck collision. What is your plea? – That Ahana's parents barge into her home.

That too in pairs. They're sandwiched. We even have witness to prove it. What? – Witness! We would like to call him here. – Witness, arrive here! Hi! How are you? – Very well. Everyone is original, you must talk about duplicity. How come you arrived? Where's the witness? I heard the witness. Not fun at all. I smeared oil on him and left him to dry up. How are you, Sandwiches? Your film is about a family matter, right? Should I watch the series with my in-laws? It was fun. I am a fan. A huge round for Atul. Can I give you an advice, Atul? Yes. – When kids come to see you scold them. Never love them. – Why? If his motherhood wakes up he will be called Mamta Kulkarni.

Zakir, I've been your fan since childhood. – Childhood? Where's Tabla? Almost! He's not the musician, Zakir Hussain. He does not have harmonium too. Why not drums? – Hey! Why will he when he's not a musician? Then why do these people bring? Hi, Kunal, how are you? – Fine. Okay. Tell me if you need anything from Vidhya Balan. Okay. Hold on. Shut up, Lady! Do you know her? No, I'll plead for his brother-in-law. They can handle family matters don't poke your nose. Work is a sensitive issue in families. Tell me if you need anything from Govinda. They're family but some people are not family anymore. I am planning for a patch up. Don't ruin my chances. Hold on. – It won't happen now. Shamsher, I have a complaint too. Place it there, no space here.

My compliant is against the director here. He has invested in the show Sandwich. Bharat, you serve us porridge during weekends. But you have Sandwich all week. That was on a lighter note. Applaud for the artists. He gathered funs for Sandwich through our hard work. It's not easy to make it. Bharat, you could have offered us 150 per day is what I charge. Right! – Ahana's work in the series is commendable but you could have cast me too. I thought I was being cringe Bob. But no! You won! Enough of Sandwich.

Kukreja … Star me and Ahana in Pancake. Star Ahana and me in Burger. You're already a burger. Why do you need Ahana? Cast me and Buri in Moong dal Khichdi. Say Biryani atleast. – But you look like a lentil. Don't flirt with that face, Your Honor. Based on the witnesses and evidences the court's verdict on Sandwich is that it is a must-watch. Ahana, call me home and play Sandwich. Don't forget. – On this dramatic note let's click a nice selfie and end it. Right. – But I'll announce the cleanliness awareness message. Keep smiling, maintain cleanliness. Follow social distancing. Stay away. – Wear your mask. You do wash hands, right?

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