• Thu. Feb 25th, 2021

'The Kapil Sharma Show.' Yo! Ms. Archana, these days, people show off a lot. Okay. – Everyone wants to impress each other. True. – Even our bollywood artists. They keep such a large number of staff with them A manager, a designer a hair stylist, a makeup man a boy, a driver .. – Yes. And then, all of these have two assistants. Really? – Yes. The producer feels worried that one who has kept such a big staff what must be his own payment! Although, many times, actors appoint their relatives. The producer gets a doubt when he notices that the hair stylist and the heroine look similar. Then, the heroine covers up by saying 'So what! We drink the same protein drink. Alike, once, I took Pandey with me by saying that he's my dietician. Really? – I asked for him to be paid too. He! A dietician! – Yes. The production said, 'But he has a belly.' I said, 'Yes. Hence, I have one too. ' Ms. Archana is great. She does not show off. – Yes. She fired ten staff members and got married. What? Now, she makes her husband do all the work! You know what, once, Mr.

Parmeet was asking .. What? – 'Give me an idea.' 'How to jump over a 12 feet high wall and escape?' O 'God! – 'She catches one who is 8 feet high.' He said, 'Once, I was climbing over the wall' 'but she caught me by my side locks and pulled me down.' She was like, 'Come down!' And if she can't catch his side locks she catches his belt. She's like, 'Will you dare to run away again?' Ms. Archana, when the mobile phone was introduced outgoing and incoming services were expensive. People used to show off. They would hold the phones in their hand and walk. Because it wouldn't fit in pockets back then. Yes. – It used to be this big. So people used to walk with pride. – Yes. Such people would end conversations within a minute.

They would think of hanging up at the 57th second and hang up at the 58th second. – Yes. Sometimes, when one would hang up at the 58th second the call would get cut at one minute and one second. Oh. – So people would act smart. They would increase their talking speed with time. 'Yes, mom and dad are fine.' 'Everything is fine at home.' 'Yes, my sister got married last week.' 'I'm not coming back.

It will take time. ' 'We have to fix dad's wedding' 'and get my eyes operated.' 'Yes, I meant the opposite.' 'We have to fix my wedding.' '58! Get lost! ' This would happen earlier. 'Get lost!' – Now, as everyone has a phone people show off their mobile phones. People take their phones and click a photo by standing in front of the mirror. I've posted such photos many times as well. So people click such photos upload it immediately and write 'How is my new mobile?' Yes. – But they forget to notice their grandpa in a towel in the background. They realize it when they get comments on the photo.

Right. – 'You bought a mobile worth one lakh' 'but give your grandpa a' Dhoti 'worth Rs. 40! ' Ladies who wear expensive 'Sarees' even in weddings during winter .. They don't use a shawl. Yes. – They want to show off their 'Sarees'. They keep roaming around the venue. 'Had brother come here?' 'No?' 'Had sister-in-law come here?' The truth is that they don't bring their brother and sister-in-law along in the first place! They keep roaming in this manner. But after 1 to 1.30 o'clock, when there is dew .. Oh! – … they stand near the 'Tandoor'. 'Will it take time to prepare the' Naan '?' The one preparing 'Rotis' on the 'Tandoor' doesn't feel cold. He burns his finger by paying attention to the girls. He places his hand over the 'Tandoor' without a 'Roti'. 'Darn it!' Many women, who get well-dressed and go to parties .. It's good if someone praises them or they themselves, ask people 'How do I look?' 'Actually, I got ready in a hurry.' 'Yes.' Her husband says from behind 'Yes, she got ready in two hours.' Even you get ready quickly.

In around six hours? Six and a half hours. – Right. Some women who wear nice earrings to parties just like you have .. – Yes. If people don't notice them they purposely tangle their hair near the ears. 'My hair has got stuck here.' – Right. 'Look, it isn't getting out.' And when the other person praises her earrings like 'Wow, nice earrings' she fixes her hair by herself. 'Oh, thank you.' Oh, lovely. If a lady tries a new nail paint .. – Yes. … and if you don't notice it. – Yes. She waits for the next couple of minutes. Couple of minutes! Then, she gets started. 'You know what, it's so hot in here.' 'I start feeling suffocated.' 'I feel really suffocated.' 'You know, we are four sisters and one brother.' Woah! 'Then our parents got shifted to a warm place' 'Otherwise, we would be ten siblings in total.' And if her friend is also wearing a diamond ring she says as well that 'We were born at this place' 'and lived right here for life.' 'So we never got shifted.' Show-offs can be recognized from their talks.

If a man loses his wallet he files a report quickly. 'Sir, I've lost my purse. It had Rs. 60 and an ATM card. ' That's it. If a lady loses her purse the policeman spends his day, writing the report! 'You know, I lost my expensive purse.' 'It was worth Rs. 3 lakh. My husband got it from Paris. ' 'It had shades worth one lakh' 'earrings worth two lakh, gold bangles worth Rs.

3 lakh ' 'credit card, debit card' 'license,' Aadhar 'card, mirror, comb' 'perfume, safety pins' lipstick worth Rs. 50000. ' 'I can tell you the shades too.' 'Baby pink, green, pink .. Check it again.' Lovely! – The policeman says, 'Check once' 'whether your husband was also in the purse.' 'So much of stuff can't even fit in a truck.' O 'God. In kitty parties, many women act in a fake way. If one lady flaunts her new dress and if coffee falls on it 'Oh my God! I hope you did not suffer burns! ' 'Sir, don't you even know how to serve coffee!' 'You are so disgusting!' As soon as that lady goes to get changed this one flips and says the opposite. 'She doesn't even know how to drink coffee!' 'She was showing off.' 'She is lying that it's a new dress.' 'She made a dress out of her maxi.' 'New dress? My foot! ' Some people on going to a restaurant at their expense order only 'Dal' and 'Roti'. 'Yellow' Dal ', two' Naan '. That's it. – Yes. But when others are paying the bill they try new things.

'Now I will try something new.' When others are paying the bill! They spend half an hour while checking the menu. 'One ..' 'Turmeric latte.' 'Turmeric latte!' When the waiter brings the order, they are shocked. 'What! Turmeric milk! ' 'Sir, you ordered Turmeric latte.' 'Yes, but also give' 'chicken' Kadhai 'and two' Naan '. Where is that? ' 'Bring that as well.' Once, this Dinesh heard about the dish, avocado toast. Someone else must have ordered it and he heard it. He went with his girlfriend to another hotel. He said, 'I would like to have one avocado toast.' That restaurant was a little hi-tech. They gave him an electronic notepad. 'Here, write your order down.' – Yes. Nobody from his colony knows the spelling of avocado! In fact, the dish hasn't even reached his city yet! So .. So he couldn't write the spelling. He said, 'Forget avocado, bring something else.' 'Keep this. Just bring me a potato cauliflower curry! ' Then, he came back to his true nature.

In order to show off, some people go to Mexican or Italian restaurants. Yes. – Then they don't know what to order. Because Indians are used to staple food. – Yes. So one checks the other table to see his order. If someone orders Mexican roll .. The same! Bring one Mexican roll. When it is served, they don't know how to eat it. After the waiter serves it and leaves they open the 'Roti', take out the vegetable stuffing and eat it with the 'Roti'. Just go to a place whose food you are familiar with. One who is bad at English will never proudly say 'My English is not so good.' Those who are bad at Hindi, especially girls, say 'Guys, my Hindi is not so good.' That's so sad.

– 'Yeah.' 'I'm born and brought up in Kanpur.' 'So, I'm not good at Hindi.' I mean, they give rubbish reasons. But as soon as a businessman says that I will give you Rs. 68 lakh in Hindi they say, '68? We had decided on Rs. 70 lakh! ' Then they know the Hindi word for 68. Some people are so fond of wearing glasses at night that they don't take it off. Even if they stumble on stairs. They climb down two stairs instead of one! Only to save themselves from embarrassment they keep climbing down two stairs at a time as if they always do it. Woah! Many times, when such people go to a theater they don't take off their glasses there too. They end up sitting on someone else's lap. Then the other person shoos him away. 'Ouch! Yes. I'm searching for my seat. ' They still don't find their seat. They still don't remove their glasses.

So, as the other person is looking at him just to show him, even where there is no seat he pretends to sit there and watch the film for a while. As soon as the other person looks elsewhere they go and search for their seat. Superb! There are some people who go to see off others at the airport and click photos outside the airport. 'Flying to Goa.' Then they upload the photo take an auto and come back to Andheri. O 'God! – Why do you do so, Ms. Archana? What should I do! In earlier times just like it used to happen in typical Indian films that the boy and girl go to see each other. The groom's family would go to the bride's family. The bride would come with a veil over her head. She would bring tea and 'Samosas'. Oh, wow. 'Please have some.' – How nice! The bride's mother would show off a lot. 'My daughter made these' Samosas 'by herself.' 'She loves to cook.' The boy's uncle would recognize on eating it.

'These are from Mehengaram's shop.' 'Your daughter has surely not made it.' – Yes. The bride's mother would get angry. 'Then, the groom doesn't work in the railways either.' 'Does a ticket collector sell digestive pills!' 'Even that is fine.' 'Does a TC give foot massages!' 'Come on, get out.' Those who have a good physique show off as well. Even if they yawn, they stretch for 30 to 40 seconds.

Till everyone notices .. – Right. … they keep doing it. – Yes. They look good in that pose. If Pandey yawns and stretches then .. A bare body yawn! Pandey! Oh .. Then .. It's an amazing visual. A bodybuilder looks good while yawning. But when a person like Pandey yawns and stretches people close both, their eyes and nose! Oh! – They don't trust what he will do! Some women are drama queens. If one has got guests at home she talks so lovingly to her kids that the kid looks at his mom in surprise.

'Who is she?' – 'Is she my mother?' 'Bittu, you didn't do the homework. This is very wrong. ' 'Be a good boy.' 'Go and finish your homework.' The kids says, 'I'll do it later.' Okay, baby. But do it later for sure. ' As soon as the guests leave the mother closes the door using one hand and takes out her footwear with the second. 'Come here, you rascal!' 'I had told you ..' 'You kept asking for cold drink in front of the guests.' 'I had told you that we have just one bottle.' 'Your dad understood in one gesture but you didn't!' 'Study properly.' 'Or else, you'll play with pigs, like your father.' Suddenly, her character changes.

– Yes. Some people have a habit that the day they are expecting guests they change every stuff in the house. New curtains the flower pots and so on. They will buy silver crockery. – Yes. On top of that, they show it off by saying 'I believe that one should always have food' 'in silver crockery.' – Yes. 'It keeps the body healthy' 'and keeps the stomach calm and cool.' And when the guest drinks the 'Sherbet' his lip gets stuck to the glass. Then he realises that they just removed the sticker! They had just removed the sticker! Woah! Woah. Thank you. Ms. Archana. – Yes. As usual, I'll check who are guests. – Yes! Thank you, guys. Okay.

Ms. Archana, it's the winter season. Yes. – I miss the winters at North India. Okay. – It's so cold up there! It takes two to three minutes to heat up a quilt. Absolutely. – It depends on person to person. – Yes. When you're sitting with a warm quilt and suddenly, someone else enters your quilt .. Oh! – … and his cold foot touches you .. Oh! – Even the warmest of relations break in a jiffy. Well, many people take big decisions in life. But they take hours to take a small decision. Like .. – That is .. 'Should I take a shower today?' Yes! Often, what happens is, he goes to the washroom he takes half an hour to check the temperature that it's still there.

– Still there .. Then he'll touch with his leg. Then gradually, with the mug .. He starts from leg. He washes his legs. He doesn't take a shower. He washes each part of his body. Then he comes out after his shower. – Yes! Even in that, the first mug of water that we pour on us makes us shiver so much that we end up chanting the names of all Gods! When people travel in winter they are keen on having peanuts. It's great fun. But sometimes, if his luck is bad after having all the peanuts, when he has the last one that is left, it turns out to be the one with sand. – Yes! That spoils his mood as well as taste .. It doesn't come out. He has to keep on spitting .. For the next few minutes, he keeps doing this .. With the first spit, even his hunger comes out. And in winter, we get more angry when someone turns on the fan by mistake while turning on the light. The one who is lying down manages to hurl abuses even when his teeth is chattering.

'Go away, idiot!' A few aged people keep sitting in the sunlight all day in winter. They eat and drink in the sunlight. They keep basking all day. – Right. As the sunlight moves .. Suppose, it is moving there they keep pulling their chair and cot there. – Chair .. They don't get up till it comes to the shoulder level. By evening, they are packed with so much solar energy that they produce fire by rubbing their hands together! I admit that it is winter. But it's also the occasion of New Year. And if there's no music and dance on this occasion the celebration seems incomplete. – Right. So, both of our guests who are going to be amidst us today are amazing artistes! They are very famous singers. And everyone is crazy about their music. So, without any further delay let's invite them onto the stage. Amidst your loud applause, please welcome popular singer, musician, rapper one and only Mr. Badshah! Sir, a hearty welcome to you on our show. – Thank you, sir. Thank you. – And wish you a very happy New Year! Thank you .. – Looking very smart as always! Thank you. You, too.

Thanks, pal. I wanted to hear that from you. I was thinking that I praised you but you did not praise me. Well, you look perfect! You have become fit, too. – Thank you, sir. Badshah, you sang so well .. – Yes .. So, I've brought something for you. This is the first time Ms. Archana is giving a bouquet to someone. Wow! Thank you. Thank you so much. – Wow! Thank you .. – Happy New Year, also .. Thank you! Wow! So sweet of you, Ms. Archana! You brought this for him or was it given to you by someone and you offered it to him? Let me tell you. This bouquet could prove costly for you. Why? – By offering the bouquet, she could even ask for your car. Many years ago, she'd given a rose to a man. – Yes .. She has him as her husband for lifelong. Come on! Sir, you look very handsome. – Thank you. Every time you come, you have fascinating shoes on! Heavy ..

Expensive! Somebody was telling me that you can run fast even with heavy shoes on. I have done a lot of practice. In my college days, it was running that I had practiced. People have no idea where I've come from. Then, how was the party, sir? – Sir .. It was good! Even otherwise, normally, I exit through the backdoor. As I am a celebrity. I don't do it to run away .. Sir, tell me something. Your beard is amazing! – I see! How long does it take to trim it? Around half an hour to one hour. Daily! – Not daily.

I'd to come on your show today. So .. I see! – I have spent a lot of time. Or else, nowadays, no one will know when the mask is on .. Yes, actually! – So, I manage to escape. You know what! There are marks of mask on the face of many! Oh yes! – Yes, actually! Once, someone told Mr. Bachchan on the sets of 'KBC' that the mask has left a mark. He said that it's his beard! Sir, tell me something. I've never asked you about it. You always mention 'Badboy Badshah' on social media.

– Yes. Even in the songs, you mention 'Badboy Badshah'. In what way are you bad .. You are a very nice guy. Well, in my school days I used to be shy. I used to not speak much. So, all the girls used to hang out with the bad boys. Right .. – Who would bunk classes and so on .. So, I named myself .. I mean, we all have the aspiration to be so-and-so. – Yes. I couldn't be one. Just the name remains. But you remain a good boy like you are now. – Exactly! That is better. – Right. – Right. Cute boy! Good boy! Smiling boy! Dancing boy! But the inside information is that he is very respectful to women and a thorough gentleman! Thank you. – We've been told so. – Yes, ma'am. I am. Thank you. Thank you. Well, did I steal your chain? Even I am respectful to you. Publicly, you .. I wonder what all you do to me! Actually, I have affectionate feelings for you. You know that. You can be a little less affectionate towards me. Like how you are towards people of Amritsar.

She can't stop thinking about Mr. Sidhu. Me or you? Who else is from Amritsar? Which relative of yours stays there? You are from Dehradun. I have taken this initiative for the first time. Or else, you keep remembering those memories. Sir, I watched your video in which you had gone to Mr. Sidhu's house. Right. Then what happened? Did you watch the full video? How was it? How .. – Yes, what happened? It was wonderful! I am a grown-up.

I don't look good when I cry. But that lady occupied my seat! Oh, God! Before we move on, let's invite our other guest as well. In order to invite him, there's no need to name him. We just need to sing .. People will understand who we are referring to and who we want to name. Please welcome Prince of Bhangra, Mr. Sukhbir! Wow! – Wow! Superb, Sukhbir! Amazing, sir! A hearty welcome to you. Thank you so much .. – A very happy New Year to you! To you, too! To you, too. – Thank you, sir. To you, too. And to all of you! Thank you so much. – Wow! I have not had the fortune of meeting you. We are meeting for the first time today. Although I remember, in 2007, you had visited Ludhiana. Yes. – On the occasion of New Year. Even that was the occasion of New Year. Before your arrival, even I was giving a performance. But as soon as you arrived, they pushed me so much that I couldn't see you. Then you came on stage or you left after your performance .. I did not get a chance to meet you.

But yes, by God's grace, we are meeting today! Very nice to meet you. – Thank you, sir. Same here .. It's a pleasure! – It's a pleasure. Sir – Yes? 'I count the stars staying up ..' How many years has it been since you've sung this song? It's been 20 years. – It's been 20 years! Even now, there are no weddings .. It could be of any language .. Be it a Gujarati or a Punjabi wedding this song is definitely played! Amazing! – Thank you so much .. Well, Ms. Archana, if you listen carefully to its lyrics, "I stay awake all night" "by counting the stars when I start missing you." It's a sad song. – It's more like a sad song. Right. – But you've made everyone dance for a sad song. Yes, it's really a sad one. In fact, I think that's the most sad Punjabi song. Oh, my God! – And that's the one most of them have danced for. Arriving, in the weddings. – Actually. It tells them what's going to happen, thereafter.

Sir, what's the story behind this? Actually, I made the melody .. I'm a composer. I make the melody, first. Okay. Then, we add some words into it. Okay. So, Mr. Kumar, you may be knowing him. – Yes. He's a very good writer in Mumbai. Yes, Mr. Kumar. – And the melody .. We spoke over the phone for the first time. We hadn't met then. Okay. So, I thought he's a new writer. Let me explain him, gradually. Okay. – So, I went .. I was explaining him at this tempo. He would have thought it's really a slow song. It seems to be a sad number. So, he wrote the lyrics accordingly. I hardly had a day's time. Okay. So, I just sang it. I even told him it's going really well with the melody. So, we recorded and sent it. He didn't answer my call for the next three months. He was like Mr. Sukhbir has spoilt my song. Then, when the song did well, commercially that's when he called me up. Did you answer then? – I .. I always answer everyone's call. – That's wonderful, sir. Sir, we have always seen you in goggles.

Yes. – So, are you scared if you'll fall in love if you look into someone's eyes. Is that so? Is it so? – No, there's no such thing. This has become my image. And I have met you once before but you did not recognize me. When? – When .. – When he was without his goggles. I was without my goggles and I passed by you. Whereas, if you see, people come asking for autographs. People will go like, 'Sir, we have heard your songs.' So, it works to my advantage. So, I can just escape. Whereas, he has to hide and escape. Sir, I heard you are releasing your new song. Yes, there's one .. – Which one is it? The title is 'Nachch Di'. 'Nachch Di' – Yes. So, shall I sing a few lines? – Please, sir. Let's go for it. – Sure? Wow! – Sir, I just noticed this .. – Thank you. Mr. Badshah, he has a nice smile like Mr. Akshay. – Right .. You're also quite fit. – Since last three months I met someone who has completely .. Just like he has restricted you from eating a lot of things.

Yes. – He has done that too me as well. So .. It's really a good thing, sir. – I had put on quite a bit. During such discussions, I feel a bit out of the place. No worries .. – Well, Mr. Badshah. – Yes. I was going to ask you this. – Yes, sir. Your name is anyway Badshah. – Yes, sir. So, at the time of lockdown .. – Yes, sir. You still lived like a king or you became like a servant? Everyone were doing the household chores. Everyone becomes a servant at home. That's .. I mean, there's nothing to hide about it.

That's a good point. – I did the household chores. And .. – Were you at Chandigarh then? Yes, I was and I worked really hard there. I really worked hard. Well .. Some great personalities like you have got fit. – Oh! Sir, I have put on a lot of weight. Sir, but you look really cute. I don't think you should ever .. I mean, don't ever think that ..

– Sir, I .. Well, that's good. That's enough of looking cute. I want to look hot, now. Cute all the time .. I will grow old in the name of cuteness. It's enough for now. I, too want to look hot. Sir, when you used to go to school or college. Yes, sir. – Didn't anyone ask you your name is Badshah, which place you're the king for? Well, sir .. Let me tell you something, honestly. When I met Babbu Maan for the first time .. – Okay. So, someone introduced us. Okay. Saying, he's Mr. Badshah. Which place you're the king of? In the kingdom of music. – But he was really sweet. I got to learn a lot from him.

I just kept this name. As you know I'm a huge fan of Mr. Shahrukh. When I was looking for a stage name for myself the movie, 'Baadshah' was released around same time. I thought it's a nice name and I should keep it. So, when you keep such a nice name your responsibility also becomes high. Then, you definitely work to live up to it, sir. Which you have done, buddy. I applaud you ..

Thank you, sir. – Well done. – I'm so proud of you, sir. Guys, please have a seat. I just forgot. I'm sorry. Please come. A huge round of applaud for Mr. Sukhbir and Mr. Badshah. Thank you. Mr. Badshah, when you came last time I told you, whenever the poster of your song comes out. Okay. You always wear full clothes and stand this way. Standing behind you was Tanishk Bagchi who had been here with you then.

He's a slim guy. I was like, he anyway gets covered. But when we saw your poster for this time, 'Hot Launde' everyone else is standing at the front and you're sitting behind. – Right. – Right. So, is that where you got this idea from? No .. No, sir. Sir, the thing is that I'm working with two new boys in it. Okay. – One among them is 47. What! – 47? – 47. – Okay. You mean, 47 boys? – No .. – It's his name. His name is 47? – The guy's name is 47, sir. May be, that's the size of his waist. – No, buddy. He's quite slim. Okay. – One is 47 and the other one is Bali. Okay. – I'm working with these two new guys. So, I thought let them be the face.

That's why, I kept them at the front, sir. So sweet of you. – Yes .. – Very nice, buddy. Sir, I have heard one more thing about you that initially, you wanted to be the pilot. – Yes. I was quite keen. – So, what happened then? Well, I come from a simple family. We were living in Kenya then. My dad would sing holy hymns at Gurdwara. Okay. I was in a basic kind of job. My dad told me he would support me. He asked me to find out how much it would cost. It would cost around 51,000 Kenyan shillings then. Okay. – We couldn't afford it then. So, I put my dream on hold then. Later, when I moved to London I did learn flying .. – You bought your own aeroplane? What, sir? – Did you buy your own aeroplane later on? No.

He will buy one, first. And then, I'll buy one. So, I have flied 18 hours, so far. Is it? – There's a single engine plane, Cessna. – Wow. In which just two people can sit. Perhaps, you can sit, sometime. You, too can sit, sometime. – I would not want to. Mr. Badshah, I was going through your chat once. With Pandit Ravi Shankar. – Right .. It was really entertaining. The rap you did there was quite entertaining, buddy. So, if you could recite those lines, please. Do you also have to say, please sing this for us? Oh! You know this incident? No .. – At the time of lockdown .. – Okay. So, a lot of artists, together. I, too did it. I just don't understand how this year passed, buddy. – Right. Actually, if this year passed or if it has broken us we just did not realize. Actually, with Pandit Ravi Shankar. Ms. Archana is his follower. – Absolutely. Mr. Badshah was having a chat with him. So, Pandit asked him to recite something. You're a singer. So, he recited his rap. It was really beautiful. The wordings were beautiful. Once he was done he's like, could you please sing this once? in mind ..

– Right. – He had composed a rap. Okay. – It was beautiful. Sir, there was a movie, Shivaay by Mr. Ajay Devgn. Yes. – So, for the title track he wanted some rap. Mr. Mithoon composed the music. The rap went something like this. Mr. Badshah and Mr. Sukhbir, greetings! Greetings! – Greetings! I have come with my family. We are very happy. Say 'hello' to him. – Hello! He is a bit shy. He doesn't talk much. So, his dad will talk today. So, since I am his dad, I will talk. Right? Ms. Archana, you know .. – Yes. It's going to be fun today. – Why? Because we have him to sing and you to laugh .. So this episode is going to be funnier. Baccha, why are you laughing like that? Have you just come out of the lamp? I hardly manage to get out of my door. Forget about getting out of a lamp .. Talk something sensible. All right. Let me do that. So .. I was carrying milk in a bowl yesterday. I bowl slipped from my hand .. What was that? I was sensile then and didn't try to pick it up.

Do you want anything more sensible? But, Mr. Badshah .. I'm sure everyone looks up to you. Why so? – Because his name is 'Badshah' and that means, king. Just saying .. Please answer that, Badshah. Sir, you can give me the answer if you have or just give me some money. Baccha, what are you saying? Badshah knows your nature. You might be giving a bad impression to Mr. Sukhbir. Why would he think bad of me? He is happy because he does not judge people. Right? Yes. Very nice! But I have a complaint with you as well. – What is it? Your song, 'I count stars in your memory ..' – Yes. My brother was almost killed due to this song. How? – He took your song seriously and went out to count the stars. – Is it? As he was counting the stars, he touched a naked electric wire by mistake .. He got a shock and he fell flat on his face. But Aamir Khan gave him another shock. What? – What was it? He said he found this whole incident very electrifying.

You got the joke .. – He is just .. Very nice! – Oh, my! Sir, keep laughing. It's important. I'm telling you this for your safety. When this gets telecasted and makes everyone laugh .. If you don't laugh, it might hamper your reputation. Very good! Give that close-up. Channel, he laughed on my joke. Very good. Mr. Sukhi, you live in Dubai, don't you? – Yes. Even I want to share an 'indecent' related to Dubai. What is that? – Don't you know? Incident? Incident. – I see. – Go ahead. Even I had gone to Dubai. I enter this shopping mall. – Have you been to Dubai? Yes, I have. All right, I believe you. I went to Dubai and entered a shopping mall. The Sheikh tells me, 'sir, buy from my shop' 'I will give you 30 per cent discount'. I told him that I'm Baccha and I'm very famous. And I've come to Dubai for camels. He was very happy after listening to this. He made me sit in his car and took me to desert. Did he let you ride his camels there? No, he thrashed me hard. He said he cannot tolerate me.

So he just did it. But I have something to tell you. You had a song .. 'Genda Phool'. That's what my wife calls me. But that sounds more like a curse word to me. She also calls 'fool' and 'idiot'. And you gifted a big car worth Rs. 6 crore to your parents. Even I wanted gifted the same car to my wife. Then why didn't you give? I just had intentions and not money. If I had my money, my children would've come in a pram but in attitude. That their father is a rich man. – Yes. Why have you brought your babies along today? They forced me to take them along as they came to know that you both are coming today. They are your big fans. Is it? – I'm not joking. Mr. Sukhi, they are so big fans of yours that they have named themselves like one of your songs. He calls himself 'Oh' and the other three call themselves 'ho'.

When I say 'Oh, ho, ho, ho', they come to me. That's what it is. But when three children have the same name it becomes confusing. So I tried to change it. So I changed their names as your fan. I named them as 'Oh', 'Mr', 'DJ' .. What's the name of your fourth baby? His name is 'Play my song'. I will go mad if I give birth to a baby for every word. So I named the fourth one that way. Sir, I always go around with this box of jokes.

They are very funny. – I see. Make sure you don't laugh your lungs out. Control it. So, you know wax .. – Yes. What do you call it when someone stares at wax continuously? What do you call it? – 'Wax-seen'. That sounds like 'vaccine'. Come here. – Don't beat me .. Sir, I will have to go. If I stay out for long their mother doesn't give me food. So, I will have to go now. But I will see you. It was nice meeting you. Thank you. I will take your leave. Thank you, everyone. Amazing! Sir, you perform on so many live concerts. Sometimes the audience treat singers like DJ.

They start demanding songs. How do you handle that? I manage somehow. I was performing in a wedding in Punjab. Everything was going well. In Punjab, you can't stop when you are tired. You will only stop when they are tired. So, it was going well. We have a set limit. I was singing some of my popular bollywood songs .. One of the audience came .. First he was watching .. Then he said .. Hey, come here. I was on the stage. He said, come here.

I want you to sing .. '[ __ ] Suit Te Daag Pe Gaye'. I said, it's time for us to leave now. I mean I said it to my crew. I told them if someone knows the song then please sing it. We made a member sing that song and left quietly. Sometimes it's difficult. People are so creative in such cases. Today you both are here. Let's have a duet. What do you say? – Absolutely. Let's set the stage on fire. – Of course. Let's do something creative. – Sure. Shall we go. – Let's go. Our viewers had these questions. Since you do live concerts and people always want you to be there during their happy occasions. – Yes. Even our musicians had these questions related to weddings. They did not get married yet. I mean, they've not been to weddings much. So, after giving performance in weddings how much time does it take to pack up the speakers? I have done this in Kenya. It used to take half an hour. I don't remember exactly.

We usually have to run after our performance. We get crowded and we've to escape. Badshah has become an expert in running away. I can now compete for gold in the Olympics. When you perform in music ceremony you would also know the wedding is after two days. But how do you feel when they don't invite you for that? Money is what matters to me the most. Agreed. Did you ever have two weddings on the same day and you had to run around the city .. You know what .. Forget about in the same city. We managed to cover two weddings the same night in Chandigarh and Delhi. – What? You agreed for it by mistake. – Yes. But we covered both of them. – How? I can't tell you that. You won't be able to bear it. Even I have covered two weddings the same night in Mumbai and Pune. The wedding in Pune was late so we finished soon and left. But I've covered three weddings on one day in Delhi. Mumbai to Pune is still less distance but Chandigarh to Delhi.

– Yes .. We had to cover weddings in Chandigarh and Delhi. My driver was the hero of that night. That's all I can say. I'm shocked. – He saved our honor. But it happens. You would always have great stories behind live shows. Indeed. You had this song, 'it's hot', in 'Street Dancer 3D'. It was amazing – Thank you. Did you already have that word in lyrics or did you add it after knowing Nora would perform? We already had the word 'hot' in that song. But Nora, of course, took that song to another level. I wrote this song a long back. – I see. I wrote it when I was in hostel. We use to have power cuts there and we would say 'it's hot'.

That's actually true. I loved the words 'hot' and 'sweat'. My song on sweat didn't do that well. But then I wrote the song 'it's hot'. – It worked. It's a very beautiful song. – Thank you, sir. Did you ever wonder this song would one day get your crores? To be honest, I did. That I will produce a great song. – Yes. That's the confidence. – Yes. Amazing! Mr. Sukhbir, even Badshah knows this. Almost all our Punjabi singers have started featuring in movies as lead. This trends is specially in the Punjabi industry.

Did you not think of becoming a hero? You are already fit. – I did get a role. The film's name was very big. – Is it? I played myself as Sukhbir. – I see. But I never got offers later. We will give you a dialogue. Okay. You will get offers after this episode. You will have to say this dialogue Okay. The second one is my favorite. 'Keep standing until you are asking to sit.' 'This is police station and not your father's house.' Now I know why you did not get offers anymore. Badshah, do you want to try it? Go for it. I won't take the name of the police. 'Those who live in the house made of glass ..' 'They don't throw stones on others.' Very good. I hope he got it.

Rumours and stars go hand in hand. – Yes. We have heard this rumor about you, Mr. Sukhbir. There was this big fan of yours in a live show. I don't know if it was a man or a woman. That person pulled you from the stage and you almost fell down. Is that true? Yes, sir. – Where did this happen? We had this show in Ludhiana. – I see. This person was 7-8 feet long. I'm 6 feet long and he was taller than me. Okay. I am singing and he calls me towards him and says that he wants to talk .. – Really? I told him that I'm in the middle of a song .. He got on to the stage and grabbed my hand. – Oh, God! I tried to free myself but he didn't leave me. When I finished singing, I went and spoke with him. He says, 'if you are free, come down for dinner'.

Oh, my God! I told him that he can wait until I finish the show. But he didn't leave my hand. – He was in mood .. At times, they won't even know how to express love. There's a rumor that when you were performing in the pre-wedding event of Isha Ambani .. – Okay. When your manager asked them for the rest of the payment they replied to you with a blessing and since then you don't pay your phone bill. My number is based in Dubai. So I still get my bill. Badshah, this is the rumor about you. To ensure that you save money from bus tickets you used to sing rhymes for conductor and driver and they did not use to take money from you. Is that true? It's true that I did not use to have money at all. But we used to travel a lot .. People whom I knew used to offer me food. Okay. And even I did not use to deny. I used to travel for free.

And back then wherever our bus used to stop for a break they used to pay for my food. There's another rumor about you. Your songs are played in clubs and bars. But you actually make them in toilet. Because that's where your creativity works best .. Is it true that you get good ideas in bathroom? Not just there. I get it in a lot other places. But I get good ideas there too. Yes. Creativity is not bounded by time. That's right .. We would have nothing else to do in bathroom. So we would have a free mind .. We get good ideas when we go to bathroom in the wee hours of the day. – Yes. But then you sleep again and forget it. That's actually right. That's true. It happens. And then I record it on my phone in voice note .. And then I wake up to find out that I don't understand it. So that happens. Ideas might come any time and anywhere. When was the first time you got the idea that you can rap? When I got to know that I can't sing. That's when I did it.

How did you get the idea got taking Sidhu's place? As to how can replace him in a show? Women have sharper brains than men. – I agree. It's been two years since I started believing in it. I agree to that. Hi. – Hi! Hi! Did you get the proof now? – What? They don't play live music here. They play songs in the background. This is the first time you're standing in the last five years. How are you feeling? This is the first time they've shown some hard work. I'm sure they must be tired. Mr. Sukhi, you composed such a good song. Thank you. – All those family members in weddings who always tend to be upset with some or the other thing start dancing with they hear your song.

Thank you. You are badshah, aren't you? – Yes. You should have brought an elephant along. How can he? – I'm asking him to get a toy elephant. I already roam around with the real elephant. Did you say that I am an elephant? Did you say that I am an elephant? – No, I did not. Did you say that I am an elephant? – No .. Do not become King Kong, I'm scared. I am scared. I am scared. No. Stop. No .. He was calling me an elephant. I was joking, pal. – Was that a joke? Was it a joke? So see this. – Okay .. I eat Pizza, you eat only 'Bharta'. I eat Pizza, you eat only 'Bharta'. Am I your sister-in-law, that you fool around with me? You became fat by eating and are jealous of my fitness. You became fat by eating and are jealous of my fitness. I'll tell everyone that you pee in dark. It is my urine and my bathroom. It is my urine and my bathroom. I am scared of dark but I do not pee in pant like you.

What's this? – It's rhythm, come on. What's this .. What is all this? What drama is this? – What drama .. What drama is it .. – Come on, give the beat. Come on, give the beat, buddy .. Will you both stop? I challenge you all to try to stop us. We did it so well. – Yes, indeed .. I am scared. – Why? What if I become badshah when I grow up? I am scared. – What's there to be scared? It is good, right? – No, buying such costly jackets and shoes costly glasses and cars .. It is expensive to become like Badshah.

Moreover, all girls will say 'I love you.' You know that I'm very shy. Yes .. Mr. Badshah. Make me talk to a girl, please.- First grow up. You want to talk to girls! We will have small talks. Give us a chance. Please .. It is okay. Your song, 'Ishq Tera Tarpawe' .. My dad loves that song. And it's his favorite song. As he never fell in love. – Oh. What! Then how come you are there? Do you think that I am a love child? No. No .. – I am risky child. Oh my God. You talk rubbish. Why don't you talk of studies. That's a good one. Let's talk of studies. Okay. Sir, you stay in Dubai, right? – Yes. So there, if a child does not study then teachers makes him a rooster or camel? You both have become naughty.

– I'm not naughty he is, Mr. Kapil. He broke Ms. Pummy's car's windsheild. She stay in our building. – Oh .. When she scolded her, he broke her headlight also. Don't do it, she'll complain to police. Nothing will happen. 'If she'll call police, I'll handle.' I am here for you. Police uncle is my friend. Is it? – Yesterday he gave me Rs. 100 and pampered me. But he is very rude. He gave you money and pampered you. Why? As I saw him with the neighbor madam. Guests are sitting. Play on the backside. Go You tell the elders to work hard and us to play there? What will be of our future, buddy? When will we settle? – You're young.

You'll settle when you grow up. – There's no surety. We've seen many elders settled in someone else's place. We will do that with our efforts. We'll work hard. – We will do it with effort. Why have you come here? Tell him. – You, go on, tell him. Go on. – Mr. Badshah. – Yes? Can I say something? – Yes. I was joking. We had our exams. – Okay .. We failed He failed more than me. Okay. – We have parent's and teacher's meeting. Okay .. – Please come there as our dad. What! – Oh! I request you, come there as our dad. – I .. Whom will you make your mom? If he comes, all teachers will be ready to become moms. Oh God! Nice one. – Yes. Tell him, fatty. – What should I tell him? Say it. – You called me fatty, buddy. Am I fat? – Go and fight outside.

Go out, not here. – Give us visas, we'll go out. I meant, go out from here and then fight. On the road? – Wherever. – People don't let us. We'll fight here. – It's fun over here .. Go, let us work. I want to say something important to Mr. Sukhi. Yes? – I like your song .. 'Sauda Khara ..' – Okay .. Will you sing it? – Of course. You don't need to get up. Sit down. You can sing it while sitting there. It's difficult this way. – Sir, you can stand. Okay. Thank you. – Bye, sir .. Bye. – Bye. He needs to do my homework, we'll go We'll go. Bye .. – Thank you. Bye. Are you working on a song. – Yes, 'Top Takkar.' 'Top takkar'? – Yes. It is a mix of Hindi and Tamil.

Okay. Nice. – So it means the best. – Whoa! – Whoa. Yuvan Shankar Raja, son of Illairaja I collaborated with him.- Whoa. We did it together and my brother, Amit Uchana with whom I did song 'Kamal Hai' .. Jonita Gandhi, me and Rashmika Mandana is featuring in the song. She is a famous actress of the south .. Google recently declared her national crush. – Oh! Really? – Yes. – How could she escape from me? I .. I just said that .. I was about to get her she was a bit busy with shoot but next time, I'll .. – Bring her, I will also see. I want to meet her. He is doing songs in all languages.- Yes. So that song is upcoming .. That's all. – So, let's hear the song. Very nice. – Badshah, thank you for coming. Thank you, Sukhbir. – Thank you. We met for the first time, but it was fun. – Indeed. It's fun to have Badshah but it was awesome meeting you, Thank you so much. – Thank you. All the best for all your future projects.

You all should also keep smiling. Maintain distance while meeting people. Wear masks and keep washing hands. Good night. Bye. Thank you …

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