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Jan 13, 2021

When I was a kid You thought the universe revolved around you, You think you will always be Protected and grazed with interest. Then one day You realize that this is not the truth.

The reason is it was when I was young and lonely Monsters, see you weaker.

You don’t even know they’re getting close.




39, 39, Until it’s too late Here Take it.

My grandfather thinks this city is cursed, That all bad things happen In this city.

It is because of one thing Something sinister Bill.

If you’ll come with me, you’ll also float Georgie. I just saw something The clown.

Yes, I saw him too Fear leap.

It will also float What happens when another Georgian goes missing.

It will also float Or one of us It will also float.

Would we pretend that this doesn’t happen? Like everyone else in this city, You will also float.

You will also float.

If we stick together, You will also float.

You will also float.

We shall win, You will also float, You will also float.

You will also float. You will also float .

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