• Fri. Apr 16th, 2021

in this video I'm gonna show you how to target YouTube video placements in YouTube ads at scale using vid target and this means you're gonna get much more targeted ads and I'll be answering your questions in the comments and check the description for the steps so why should you target specific YouTube videos in your YouTube ad placements well if you are a marketer or a business owner getting YouTube right can be really hard but don't worry you got this unfortunately it's way too easy to overspend on YouTube by running campaigns that are too broad and not targeted enough so you don't get the results you need so if you're a marketer or a business owner and you want to save time and money by just targeting the video placements that you need to target your customers you're gonna want to learn about YouTube video ad placements bid target is a tool that helps you find exactly those targeted videos that will do best for your ads and then you upload lists of these videos to your YouTube ad campaign before you begin you should know that YouTube allows you to target specific videos that you believe are relevant to your campaign this means you can decide to run your ads only on videos that are already talking about the type of service that you provide so it's a highly relevant viewership you can target these videos by doing in-stream ads which is what YouTube calls pre-roll ads so your video will show up right before the video that someone's clicked on and it's a relevant video so it'll be more likely to watch your video you can also run Discovery ads on these videos which means your ad will show up in the suggested area on the right hand side or below on mobile now most advertisers don't take advantage of this option because in the first place when you do this manually it's hard to find enough videos to do this at scale and there are videos being added to YouTube all the time of course so you have to keep track of all those videos as well also some videos allow ads and others don't but this is generally not a fixed status meaning some content owners can't allow ads on videos and then turn them off later also copyright owners can put claims on videos they didn't create which puts ads on them or can take those videos down if it target makes this process simple giving you lists of hundreds of videos that are relevant to the topic you're searching on allowing you to be both highly targeted and do this at scale and video placements in a campaign are often best done in conjunction with channel placements and I'm gonna put a link to how to do channel placements up here here's the steps step 1 click on search for targets or you can click on dashboard then step 2 click on video placements step 3 enter a keyword phrase I'm gonna enter sales training videos step 4 click the search button which is a magnifying glass step 5 look at the results and you're gonna see keyword phrases and relevant keyword phrases and you're gonna look at the search volume and this is searches in Google per month and then there's an area to create a list with that group you can click on the headers to sort by keyword phrase or by search volume step number six next to the phrase you like click the create list button and the number to the right shows how many videos will be in that list you extract the videos from the keyword you save to the target list and you can rename it here if you like and click Save and it's successfully added and you can go to lists if you like and I'm gonna show you how to manage your placement lists in this video right up here now what if you like more than one keyword phrase well your list will be larger so you can click let's say three different categories here and you go to bulk create groups importing video placements to groups here's the name of that group and you click proceed now if you add a lot of videos it will take a little bit longer to process great so now it's successfully added and I can go to that list step nine you can view your list by either clicking go to list or you can click placement lists in the navigation now you might be tempted to create one huge enormous lists and make everything so simple but it might be better to actually do a few different lists so that you can test one key phrase against another key phrase and see which one performs better for you and now check out this next video on how to manage your YouTube ad placement lists on vid target my name is Dan Goldin and I'm challenging you to learn how to save time and money by running more targeted YouTube ads you do that and you'll be golden