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'We play a lot of games as children.' 'But understanding the games grown-ups play' 'is really difficult.' 'Who am I in this game?' 'A queen or a pawn?' 'If only I knew.' 'Also, I killed my wife Jhanvi.' So you're expected this man walked in and confessed to murdering his wife before the camera and left? – Yes, sir. It's all right before you. As I told you, we run a small cable channel in Kanpur. Modern Teleshopping Channel. We'd held auditions for a new presenter yesterday. Alok will tell you the rest. We don't go there day to day. He manages everything. Tell them, Alok. Come on! Tell him what happened yesterday. – Well .. That's exactly how it happened Today we bring to you 'Deal of the Day'! Five saris for just 999! Okay, cut. Very good shot! Well done, Shalini! – Thank you! How many more are left for the audition? – Three more. Let me call them in. – Oh, man! Next? – Yes. – Please come. Hello! – Hi! Hello! – Hello! – Where are you going? What's your age? – What do you mean? We're auditioning for someone from 25 to 30.

– Oh! Don't worry .. – Sir, you can't. – Just start the camera! My performance will impress your bosses. Action. – I, Sanjay Tripathi, bring to you the best offer of this year! Five 'Banarasi' silk saris! And you can get them for just 999 rupees! – Okay, cut. Wow, sir! Very good shot! – Also .. I killed my wife Jhanvi. When I chased after him he was gone. Then I informed boss and he asked me to report it. Do you have Sanjay Tripathi's number? Did you call him? No, sir. We thought we should leave the rest to you.

Okay, get his number noted outside and submit all the recordings of the audition. – Yes, sir. Sir, it's a strange report. Do you think it's genuine? Can't say, Sharma. Maybe it's his publicity stunt. People can do anything for publicity lately. Greetings! I, Divyanka Tripathi Dahiya, welcome you all to this special segment of 'Crime Patrol, Satark'. These are the stories of women who live among us. Jhanvi is one such woman who has dreams for her family and she also works hard to make them come true. I'll show you. Hey! You brat! Coming! Mom! What happened? Found anything? I got an appointment for tomorrow. – Thank God! Or else, I'd decided to go someplace else if our product is not valued in Kanpur.

Our product has great value .. Tell me something. Will you explain well? Give a proper demo. – Sure. – Sure? I've an idea. Let's practice. I'll explain you. It's very easy. I'll act like a client .. Sanjay, I've to go cook now. Listen, Jhanvi .. – Sanjay, don't annoy me. If you're so worried sell it yourself. Jhanvi, come on. How can I go? It's a ladies' product! If I get excited no one will understand it. And who will do my work then? You? Come on. – Sanjay .. Calm down, Jhanvi! Sanjay, even you calm down. Shut up! I've told you many times to address us as' mom 'and' dad. Rascal! Come on quickly .. Dad! Be careful. Why are you so late? How is it late? We're so early. Good luck. – Thank you. Meet me near the park in the evening. I'll come to receive you after dropping him at home. Okay. – Bye, Mom! – Bye! Sir, Sanjay Tripathi's phone still appears switched off.

The number is registered to an address in Kalyan Nagar. I was watching the footage of the audition. I did not find anything significant. Have you found out anything else? We have informed Kalyan Nagar's police station. They said that Sanjay had come to their police station as well. PSI Rakesh of Kalyan Nagar Police Station who is in charge of this case with information details. Call him. Tell me. It was about a month ago. Sanjay had come to our police station. Sir, they kidnapped my wife .. Please save her .. – Calm down .. Please sit down. Please sit down. Please. Tell me. Who kidnapped her? The car went too fast. I did not recognize them. I tried to follow them. Which car was it? It was a blue van. What's your wife's name? Jhanvi Tripathi? Sir, I invented a great product to cut vegetables. Jhanvi went to the office of Rajesh Marketing this morning for its marketing. Did she get kidnapped from there? No, not from there .. There's a park near that office from where I was to pick her up.

We'll begin our inquiry. We'll inform you if we get any information. Just you wait. When I grow up I'm going to get very famous. I'll even appear on TV. Is that so? What will you do on TV? Will you become a reporter or an actor? I'm not decided on what. But I'll definitely do something. I'm going to study hard and become a teacher. And my dad wants to marry me off quickly. Is that so? Find a suitable groom and marry him. Is that so? – I was joking! What's going on? The college is about to end soon, right? I've decided to talk to my mother regarding our wedding. I'm already doing a job anyway. Do you know what your problem is? Your brain works faster than everyone else's. How do you speak so fast! I said that I'm going to talk to my mother about our marriage. I haven't agreed yet, though. I'm my father's only daughter, you know. He wants me to marry an engineer or a doctor. That's what he wants, though ..

That's what he wants, though. What do you want? Tell me. Jhanvi! Where were you! I called you so many times! Why didn't you receive my phone calls! Jhanvi, I'm really sorry. Mom refused our marriage. What? – I've got an alliance proposal from London and also a job offer. You tell me, what can I do? Look your mother gave birth to you. She brought you up. Obey your mother. Mr. Rajesh. Had she come here? Yes, sir, she had come here with some product. But we had to push her out. Please come. Sir, my husband has made this product. It is new in the market. This makes chopping vegetables very easy now. You just have to cut the vegetables into pieces. Put them in here and shut the lid. Now you need to pull this. Look how convenient this is. Why are you wasting time, ma'am? There are many such products in the market. What difference will such a small modification make? You are stealing an idea. Besides if you launch this product in the market you'll be jailed for copyright infringement.

Take a look. It has become so easy. This .. – Ma'am, please. Many people like you approach me. Tell your husband to make something new and original. Sir .. I have a son. We want to send him to a good school. Please look at .. – Ma'am, please leave. That is all I know, sir. Dear, does Sanjay Tripathi stay here? Who are you, dear? – I am his son. Brick Tripathi. – Brick? What name is that? Well, my name is Brij. But when I was a kid, I used to call myself Brick. Where is your dad? – He has come home since yesterday. And he is not reachable on his phone either. Santosh .. Dear, are you alone or is there any relative with you? We are new to this place. We are from Mumbai. We have no relatives here. Sir, there is no one inside. Hey! What's happening? Who are you? I am Ram Kumar, their landlord. I have rented out this house to them. The boy is alone here. Until we trace his parents or call any relative of his from Mumbai he will stay here.

Have they left me? Don't worry, dear. We'll find them soon. Okay? The kid is alone. Take care of him. To the airport. Yadav, first of all, Sanjay filed a complaint and then, he went missing. If we don't find this couple Sanjay and Jhanvi, I wonder who will claim the child's custody. But .. – Sir. Sir, please close this case. I withdraw my complaint. Sorry for wasting your time. – Why? What happened? No .. Nothing at all, sir. Actually Kanpur is not the right city for us. We are leaving this city. Please. I want to withdraw my complaint. Mr. Sanjay until you tell us what happened, we can't do anything. How did you get hurt? Tell us the truth. No need to be scared of anyone. Sir, it is nothing like you think. I was under a misconception. My wife is back home. I suggest you go home and think over it. Come back tomorrow and tell us what to do. Then, there was no news of him for two days. The third day I went to his house and there I learnt that he and his family have left for Mumbai. I enquired in the neighborhood.

None of his neighbors knew anything about Sanjay or Jhanvi. Then I got busy with another murder case. So I closed this case as per the procedure. I think he never went to Mumbai. And if he had, then he has returned by now. You mean Sanjay killed his wife did this drama and left after telling the truth. We can't be certain, Sharma. You see we haven't found the girl's corpse. Besides, why would one make a confession publicly? I have an idea. Circulate Sanjay and Jhanvi's photos in police stations of Kanpur and Mumbai. Get their numbers traced. If at all the numbers from Kanpur are activated in Mumbai we will get some information for sure.

If Sanjay is in Kanpur he has either brought his son along or left him with some relative of his. What has happened .. Everything is ruined. Sir, we have information from Mumbai. From Chembur police station. Jhanvi Tripathi's photo is filed there in the missing reports register. But the report is registered in the name of Mrs. Jhanvi Chaturvedi. Mrs. Jhanvi Chaturvedi? – Yes, sir. A person named Dr. Anuj, Jhanvi's husband filed Jhanvi's missing complaint four years ago.

And Jhanvi's phone was last turned on in Mumbai two days ago! The number is different but the phone's IMEI number is the same. Four years ago? But Sanjay and Jhanvi's son is approximately 10 years old. Mr. Sharma, is the picture of the woman same? – Yes. Amazing! Until now, we were looking for Sanjay Tripathi who filed his wife, Jhanvi's missing complaint, a month ago! And the same Jhanvi was claimed to be killed in a running audition! And now this new twist! The same Jhanvi's another husband in Mumbai filed her missing complaint four years ago! Mr. Sharma, it's not just about who and where Sanjay is! It's also about Jhanvi and her whereabouts! Mr. Anuj .. – Yes, tell me .. Inspector Rajan Trivedi, Kanpur. – Please, come. You had called .. Come .. You were saying that you have some information on my wife .. Your wife or your ex-wife? What do you mean? Jhanvi and I haven't divorced! Mr.

Anuj, we hope that before we give you any information you tell us about it. Because Jhanvi has left Kanpur and returned to Mumbai. Kanpur? I did not know that she was in Kanpur. I don't get it .. We'll tell you everything, Mr. Anuj. But before that, we need some information from you. For how long had had you been married to Jhanvi when she went missing? It had been 12 years. She went missing four years ago, so now it'd be 16 years! When she left, my son was 11 years old and now he's 15 years old. How did you get married? It was an arranged marriage! We were very happy all the years that we were together. What happened then? Listen .. If you want to ask all these questions then I've told the police four years ago! You will get all the information in the file.

Anyway, I need to go! I'm getting late for work! I thought you came here to say something important regarding Jhanvi. It is important, Mr. Anuj. Jhanvi could have been murdered! What if I tell you that Jhanvi had married some other guy and she had a 10 year old son? I will tell you that there is some misunderstanding! It could be some other woman! Didn't you had contact with your wife for the last four years? No .. Have you ever been to Kanpur? Do you know anybody there? No .. Do you know this man? Not at all. Listen .. I'm getting late can I leave? Your son, Vihaan Isn't his name Vihaan? Where is he? We need to talk to him. Jhanvi might have tried to contact him! He has gone out for few days with his friends. Give me his number. And show us a photograph which includes you, your wife and your son, Vihaan .. The photographs of all three .. – I brought the file you had requested! – Sit down.

Sushma .. It just mentions that she was depressed with her daughter's issues and that she left two days ago for some work and never returned. Yes, sir. Does Jhanvi have relatives? Jhanvi's father .. He died after Jhanvi's marriage. Was her phone location traced? It was turned on in Dadar. By the time our team reached the location the phone was switched off! Is it possible that Jhanvi is alive and is in Mumbai? On one hand, abduction of Jhanvi .. On the other, her husband's murder confession .. The body of Jhanvi has not yet been found .. The secret of her two weddings .. Jhanvi's history is a mystery! Do one thing! Check Jhanvi's first husband, Mr. Anuj and Vihaan's call records. And find out if Jhanvi has tried to contact them recently. Could it be possible that Jhanvi's husband, Sanjay, found out that she loves her first husband and wants to go back to him? And Sanjay might have killed her for the same reason! Or maybe she went to her first husband, Mr.

Anuj and he must have done something to her. It is a possibility. And there's also a possibility that the story is different! Anyway .. First, we must contact Vihaan tomorrow. According to Dr. Anuj, Vihaan doesn't know anything. Let's see what Vihaan has to say about his mother! And yes .. Keep looking for Sanjay and Brig. Yes, pleat it. Down .. Yes. Is it fine now? – Yes, this is fine. Okay? Ready! Shalini, shall we do the take? – Yes. Shyam, roll the camera. Enter from your left. Action. You will not find such an amazing offer anywhere! Cut! Very good, Shalini. Alok, what is going on? Hello, sir. How are you? – Are you doing well? Yes, sir. – How are you, Shalini? I'm doing well, sir. How are you? All right. Carry on. Yes, tell me. Please come here.

Hello, sir. – Yes. Sir, is it true that in this studio a man confessed to a murder while auditioning? I can't tell you anything because the police has prohibited me. Secondly, do write this. Our channel is a modern teleshopping channel. Here, you will find different designs. Sir, can we click a photograph? – Yes, of course. Excuse me, all of you. Yes, give us a minute .. Yes, please come .. Yes, meet her. She is our presenter, Shalini.

Yes. Right, Shalini? Yes, sir. I am in Pune with my friend. Has my mother been found? We have not found your mother yet. Tell me if your mother tried to contact you in these four years or recently. No, sir. Okay, do you remember something weird happening because of which your mother left home? Let it be, sir. I don't want to talk about this. Sir, I can't hear you.

There is a network issue. V-Vihaan, please .. Connect to the network. I need to talk to you .. Hello, Vihaan? Hello? Jhanvi, what have you done? You had Vihaan suspended from the school. We have only one son. How will this affect his career and him? What about the thing he did? He is young. He is not even 12 years old. We have to stop him now. Otherwise, he will be spoilt. Moreover, I have stopped all his activities. Internet, TV, everything. Did we know about all this when we were his age? No matter what, we will explain it to him. Without telling me, how did you decide to have him suspended? Didn't I tell you that I would handle this matter? Anuj, I have never opposed anything you said.

But this time, it is different. Vihaan does not understand what he has done. He is only 11 years old, Anuj. Does he have any knowledge about physical relationships? No, right? But still .. That girl came here to do homework with him. She left crying from this house. Her shirt was torn. Do you understand its meaning? What will you handle? All right, Jhanvi. Let bygones be bygones. Where is he now? In his room. So, who is Jhanvi? A mother, a wife or a deceiver? What happened that Jhanvi, a simple girl who had as many hopes as a normal girl had turned into a riddle? Is Jhanvi alive or not? Did Sanjay find out about Jhanvi's marriage and he killed her? Or is the story something else? Is Jhanvi a victim or the player? Did Jhanvi come to Mumbai? And where was Sanjay? And if Jhanvi was in Mumbai why did Sanjay publicly confess about killing her? The police had more questions and fewer answers. Sir, he was caught with Jhanvi's phone. Vihaan, how was your trip? The police had called me. So, what did you say? Nothing.

But for how long are you going to lie? What do you mean? You tell the world and the police that my mother left the house. However, both of us know about what had happened the other night. There is no other way. Keep this money. We have to think about Vihaan. Anyway, after this incident, he is not mentally stable. And yes, Jhanvi. Don't try to return. Otherwise .. You had asked her to leave. And since then, you try to make me feel guilty as if my mother left the house because of me. That's not the case, Vihaan. What the world knows is the truth. You won't say anything to the police. Shall I ask you something? Did my mother ever try to contact you? Okay. Sure. Ma'am, I need a room. Is it available? – Of course. It's Rs. 600 per night. For how many days do you need? I don't know. God, please keep Vihaan safe. Hello. You had given an ad in the newspaper. I found it in Mumbai-Kanpur train.

Really? – I picked it up and installed a new SIM. Okay. Tell me, did you see these two in the train? Sir! Thrash him. – Ma'am! Sir, there was nothing irregular in Dr. Anuj and Vihaan's phone records. We didnt find any record as to where Sanjay and Jhanvi stay in Mumbai. We are unable to trace this family. How is it possible? Sir, there are many people named Sanjay Tripathi in Mumbai. We are enquiring about everyone. Listen. – Yes. I am new to this place. My father and I stay in that house. – I see. What about your mother? She will come here. What is all this! Where is Alok? I've been waiting for two hours! I can't do all this. Just give me a minute. I'll call Alok. Just one minute. – Hand me the mirror. Alok. – 'The number you've dialed' 'is currently unavailable.' I'm not able to reach Alok. He got a little late today.

He must be on the way .. – A little late! It's been two hours! So, what's going on here? I am watching everything from outside. Why is the session running late today? Sir .. Please. Actually, sir, Alok has reached yet. And we have been trying to contact him but are unable to reach him. He has not even called me. Hello. Okay. We'll leave right away. We have to leave for Kanpur. The guy from the channel, Alok ..

His dead body has been found there. It's a murder. Sushma, continue to trace and track Sanjay and Jhanvi. If you find any detail, update us at once. Also, Dr. Anuj and his son, Vihaan keep an eye on them as well. Okay, sir. – Let's go. What is going on in your studio? Speak up! Who are Sanjay Tripathi and Jhanvi Tripathi? First, a man visits your studio and make a confession then, a studio attendant, Alok whom you introduced us gets brutally murdered and you still claim that you know nothing! You don't know Sanjay Tripathi and his wife, Jhanvi Tripathi.

You don't know where they are or if they are alive! We have also heard that you like to befriend many women. Is this the secret behind all this? Sir, what are you saying? It's a rumor. I told you I don't know anything. Hey you, Shyam! So far you have kept your tracks hidden successfully. You have been selling stylish clothes. If your lie gets caught then you won't have an option except selling prison uniform. And you will also do modeling for it. Sir, trust me. I did not do anything. I know nothing. This case is very confusing. Get the details of Alok's murder. The places he'd visit, things he'd do people he'd meet his call records, whereabouts ..

Everything. And I want it now! Sir Jhanvi, I am bored. We get too late at the tuition classes. We come back in the evening. – Listen. What have you thought about him? I won't tell you. – Why? Tell me. I won't tell you. I won't .. – Have Laddus. What's the occasion? – My wedding has been fixed. Okay. – Can I take two? – Take three .. Here you go. Yes .. Please take more. No, one is enough. – Thank you. Thank you .. 'I do not know where to go.' 'I tried all. Dad would've helped me if he was alive. ' 'Would dad have understood as I was raised with such love?' 'Would Amit listen to me?' 'And my son Vihaan!' 'Where should I go?' Yes? – You need to vacate the room today As you have not paid for ten days. Jhanvi! Jhanvi, what happened to you? How did it all happen? It is me! Do you not recognize me? Sanjay! – Sanjay? Yes, it is me! What happened to you? Come with me now. Come! Let us go home and talk. – What are you doing here? You went abroad, right? – I will tell you all.

God has brought us together so I can repent. Come with me. Come. ASI Sushma called from Mumbai. She has a lead on Sanjay Tripathi. She found a man that looks like Sanjay. My dad will kill me. I do not understand but my dad ..- Listen. No one will understand and they will blame us. Let me talk to Sanjay and he will help. Fine. Sir, Sanjay Tripathi was abroad for a long time. He worked in construction in Lebanon. He was caught there for Visa fraud And thus he was deported to India. We have a Mumbai address on his passport. I'm going there with my team. Okay. Keep me informed. Okay, sir. Sir, according to Alok's call record Sanjay and Jhanvi never used to talk on registered number. But they used to talk a lot from another number. Which number? I got to admit, Ms. Poonam .. You were right under our nose but still, we didn't even get a whiff. You proved to be very clever.

Now speak up .. How many murders are there in this story? Why did you do this? – Sir, I did not kill anyone. Sir, Jhanvi and I were only 16 years. Both of us used to study together. And .. Don't worry. I'll handle the situation. Look. I stole that conductor's phone. I'll delete all the photos. Sir, the truth was that, he never deleted the photos. But we couldn't apprehend his demented mind. One fine day, he broke up and left.

Jhanvi got married. We all became busy with our lives. After twelve years .. That is, four years prior to this year .. All of a sudden, Sanjay .. Poonam? Poonam. Didn't you recognize me? Sanjay. Maybe you're in shock seeing my condition. I'm going through rough times. I'd gone abroad but got deported. Nothing is left with me now. But Poonam, you can help me. He really is not my father. Even Jhanvi is not my mother. Sanju made me steal. We meet on the footpaths of Mumbai. I've no kin. And then, I happened to meet Ms. Jhanvi. She showered lot of affection on me. Where is Sanjay now? Where is Jhanvi? Where are they now? Then, I left Mumbai for good and settled here in Kanpur. I thought he'll never be able to find me. But a month back, Jhanvi visited my office to demonstrate a product. No. Let me tell you the correct lines. Daya .. Excuse me. Jhanvi! Poonam .. You? What! You married Sanjay! Yes. What .. Are you serious? Jhanvi, this is the truth. Ma'am, Sanjay will kill me if I disclose further.

Nobody will harm you. That day, Sanjay and Jhanvi had a serious fight. Poonam has told me everything. You're the one who sent those photos to Anuj for which I'd to leave my son and family. Jhanvi, before you got married you had told me that you've shared all your secrets with me. How do you explain this? Yuck! I feel embarrassed to say it. What if this person targets Vihaan in the future? Sanjay, you had left me, right? Why did you do this? What was my mistake? Do you want to know? Your mistake was only that I loved you. My love was unconditional. And when I returned I was in need of money. Your husband got scared and gave me the money and I got you as a bonus as well. Let's go to the police station. – Hey! Let me go. – Let's go. Let me .. – Let's go to the police station. What are you looking at? If you tell someone about this you'll face the same consequences. Come on. Help me. Later, we buried mom in the jungle. After that, he went to the police station. He lied to them saying my mom was kidnapped.

After a couple of days he withdrew the complaint. We vacated that house after that. We stayed in Kanpur for a month. One fine day, he made me board a train all of a sudden. And he gave me my mom's mobile. He asked me to leave the mobile in the train. Later, I came to Mumbai. I came back to my area. Where is Sanjay now? He is in Mumbai. So, you're hiding here! What made him confess? Why did you tell Jhanvi about all this? Do you want to be treated like her? What have you done to her? Sanjay, I don't have much money but .. Did you ask you money? I want a job here.

I can't keep doing this. I want to get in front of the camera. Do whatever it takes and find me a job. Fine, you can come to my office on Sunday. We're having an audition. I'll figure out something for you. Then, I asked Alok for help who was like a brother to me. I had to tell Alok about all my problems.

Then, we both .. Your bosses will be impressed with my performance. Let's get started. Come on! I'm ready. – Fine. Get the camera rolling. Sir, are you ready? – Yes. Action. I'm Sanjay Tripathi and I'm here with the best offer of this year. Five Banaras silk saris! And you can get all these saris for just, Rs. 999. Okay, cut. Well done, sir. It was a very nice shot. Sham, listen. Well, Mr. Malik had called me. So, only both of us are here now. Tell me what have you done to Jhanvi. Where is she? I hope you have not killed her. Well, this is what I expect from a guy like you. Do you want to know the truth? Then, Sanjay proudly told me that he had killed Jhanvi.

First, I showed her picture to her husband and I took money from him. Yes, I killed my wife Jhanvi. Sanjay had no idea that the camera was still on. Then, Alok came to you and lied. He did that for me. You've made two mistakes. You first mistake .. You did not complain about this to the police before 16 years and that's the reason Jhanvi lost her life. And now, because of your uncertainty you so called brother Alok lost his life. The truth is that I still love her. You still love her! What about that kid who stayed with you and trusted you so much? Are you talking about Brick? That kid was born a feet away from a brick factory but he still survived. He'll not die. I have the killed the person who was to be killed. I killed Alok. Poonam is still alive, right? I'll kill her as well. Jhanvi was an educated woman. She was smart but she failed to see through Sanjay. Sanjay, who had betrayed her not once but twice.

One thing is certain. If someone has humiliated you and betrayed you. And after you've broken that bond you should never look back. No matter what happens. Because people don't change so easily. As the trust begins with the truth it should end with a lie. You should never trust anyone blindly. But the problems become complicated if we don't have a person to trust in our lives and talk to him without any hesitation. And share our problems. This is what happened to Jhanvi. Jhanvi had nobody in her life whom she could trust. But when she trusted someone that person turned out to be fake.

Jhanvi paid for her mistake which she made Unknowingly. Jhanvi's past destroyed her present. Forget about helping her 12 year old son she failed to save herself. But, can only Jhanvi be held accountable for her situation? Did she never wanted to share her secrets? A lot of women amongst us end up in similar situations. Why? Because the women in our society live in fear.

A woman to be frank is considered as insolence. Mostly, a woman, in her life finds a husband like Anuj. A person who tried to shut her. But why does a woman always depends upon a man? Why is dependent on a man? A woman is all powerful. A woman is capable. I request all the women that they should realise their power. I want them to be strong. Before you trust a stranger you should trust yourself. So, I, Divyanka Tripathi, bid you good bye. Keep watching .. Crime Patrol Satark. Women against crime. Everyone women should stand for other women. Jai Hind!.

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