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– Today I want to talk
about marketing plan. What can you do in a very
easy and the constructive way? (upbeat music) Hey, Pam Didner here. I'm a B2B marketing consultant, speaker and an author of three books. I struggled with marketing
plan when I started and over a period of time, I learn and develop step-by-step
process that you can follow to develop a solid marketing plan. That's what I want to talk about today. So let's get started. Seven key elements of a marketing plan.

The number one, what do
you want to accomplish as a part of your marketing plan? A two-pager that you need to align and also rally everybody and also, if you are present
this to the management, these are the two-pager will guide them kinda like executive summary,
does that make sense? It's basically something
that you can share with them before you get started
and dive into a detail. And what is the business goal? What is the business objective? Once you have these two
you need to align that to the marketing objective and
also the marketing strategy.

Chances are, they are many
goals, they are many objectives well, if that's the case, you might have a multiple
marketing objectives and a marketing strategy,
that's totally fine. But right here is basically one slide to show your management how the company's goals and objectives align with your marketing
objectives and the strategies. And I want to share with you
a quick example right here, business goal tend to be
revenue, segment share or even a percentage of growth, whatever you want to do
as the business goal, write that down and also
a specific objective. Why does your product or services exist? Why is that high level
overarching a vision that you want to help your customers. So here is one example
of a business objective, empower our customers to
make superior decisions by delivering end-to-end blah
blah blah software solution.

So we are our software solution will empower our customer
to make decision. You can obviously explain specifically what that decisions are in
your objective as you see fit. Then once you have the business
goals, business objectives then you can start writing
your marketing objectives, which is establish your
company as a thought leaders, or you are building the brain awareness and a driving demand, blah, blah, blah. Does that make sense? So starting from goals,
business objective, right on your marketing objectives from there you write down strategies, the strategies are how what
are the specific initiatives or the steps not necessarily
a technical level, the specific initiative
that you want to do to accomplish your objectives. So right here I wrote down five we need to actually have a
thought leadership content and we need to have a
plan to syndicate that. We also need to support launches and we are also going to launch and integrate a marketing
automation and the CRM tool.

So write them down in
terms of what you will do at the high level strategies,
the high-level house. You need to identify the buyer's persona, make sure everybody's on the same page and you are telling your
sales team, your CEO, the VPs and say, these are the people we
will be marketing to. Are you okay with that? And this is my recommendation and then if your company actually market across on multiple
different countries, you need to identify what
are the priority countries and the specific tactics that you will do and how are you going to measure the success of the marketing efforts? Then that's talking about
what are the specific persona that you want to go after? It tend to be title
related, who are the people, who are the decision makers you want to go after to actually reach out to them. And then the targeted countries, if you actually have a
targeted countries identified chances are you have a headquarters when you are in a headquarters
and you have a geography so country you work with, can you also write on
high level tactic or tasks that they need to do? (upbeat music) And then lastly is a KPI.

How are you gonna major your success? Is it number of leads
or the PR impressions or a certain percentage
of your contribution to a sales revenue. So whatever that is, make sure that you make that very clear. This is a very important
part of a marketing plan. You pretty much put everything
upfront and communicate that with your management. So these are what I call two-pagers, put everything pretty much upfront to share that with your management.

(upbeat music) Number two is to whom do you market? Who are your buyers persona? If you're on the B2B side, many companies already
have a buyer's persona. They personified the
buyers and give this person or segment of a customers a specific name. And they actually understand what they do and then how they make the purchase. So you actually created,
say a specific persona, a specific summary, and to share that with your
management and basically say, hey, these are the people
we understand them well and these are the people that
we want to market to them. Talk about their goals, their challenges and help your management understand how the goals and challenges will help you and guide your marketing
plan or your editorial plans or the content that you're gonna create.

How many personas that you should include into your marketing plan? That has a lot to do with your budget. How much budget do you have? Many of us have a finite
budget and the resources. We cannot market to everybody
we can't, we just can't, we don't have that kind of
money to market to everybody. So you need to be very, very specific. And in general, I would say
about two to three personas and that's the most you can do in terms of the marketing
budget that people do have.

But if you want to market more, or your management has a specific requests or focus in terms of what
persona they want to go after, that's a discussion
between you and management. Does that make sense? So the number of the
personas has a lot to do with the budget and the
resources that you have. Hey, you just finished
watching the first two elements of making the best
marketing plan for 2021. So which step do you
think is most helpful? The two-pager or the buyer's persona? So stick around to watch
the part two of the series I will be talking about
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