• Thu. Feb 25th, 2021

I wanted my daughter to have the richest husband in India, But god gave her the Richie Rich husband of India. He owns the biggest port in Asia, He owns Burj Khalifa And he might probably buy the White House of America.

Do you know who you’re? Talking to Who King of Singapore Mahendra Pratap’s, son, Prince Raj Pratap Singh? Are you the Prince Secretary? Yes, sir ATM on the phone ATM, sir Ambani Trump Modi, It’s a conference call.

My body is beautiful.

My love is passionate, Come and take me in your embrace How about one of your bungalows in Mumbai Yeah This fool, doesn,’t know I have no money for rent Sc, w all the bungalows of Juhu Scheme, Sc w, who Juhu I mean, come and see His bungalow in Juhu Scheme, Sweetheart don’t steal my heart.

Sweetheart don’t steal my heart Uncle’s going to stay with me.

He won’t go anywhere.

This bird of a feather wants to flock in with his niece.


Huh, Hey: Hey, Hey, Hey Inspector, he’s, my twin brother, Chuck.

Your complain in the sea: Hey Mona Lisa that’s not fair! That guy came in with a girl before That’s. My daughter Later he came in with another girl.

You jolly young man, she’s, my daughter too Huh, Heaven on the docks man Twins out of the box, man, What a mind blowing girl I’ve impressed.

I swear, I am gon na die.

Have you ever seen them together When the first one leaves the second one arrives When the second one leaves the first one shows up, Then who is he? He’s, just a Coolie, just a Coolie, just a Coolie.

He’s just a Coolie, just a Coolie, just a Coolie.

The world is my home.

The station is my hangout come over.

Whenever you want Raju is my name And people call me Coolie no 1, Any doubt Hey Coolie.

If you felt envious, what to do.

If you were shocked what to do, I’ve seen you before. I am the heartthrob of the youth, The queen of their dreams, What say man, Heaven on the dock, man, Beauty in the frock man Get lost pervert .

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