• Thu. Feb 25th, 2021

Welcome back. So, let me get this straight. You've been banned from
every dungeon in New York City, dragged all over social media,
and to top it all off, -you did an outcall…
-Run! …that somehow resulted
in a police chase you narrowly escaped. Did I miss anything? The stabbing? Did you follow any of that? Let's begin. We're here to work again and to make it right. I'm really pleased
with your progress. Your minion, on the other hand… -He's my best friend.
-…he seems more interested in making you laugh
than in making you money. I'd hate to see anything
or anyone get in the way of that. Do you not wanna do this
with me anymore? I'm taking this seriously.

You don't even wanna be a dom.
You wanna be a comedian. You wanna be a therapist. It's doing the trick for me,
mistress. Don't call me that.
You're my friend. We've been friends
for ten months. -Do you love him?
-I don't know if I can. I'm still working on that for myself. You are special to me, Pete. I wanna come out to my dad. Don't do it just for me. I'm not. I'm doing it for us. Hey, Rolph. Don't… I'm not here. Keep talking. Eat your food. Coolio. Master Carter, I'm done. Don't go. We didn't get to the part
with the cove and the sea lions. I'll never forget your waddle. I never realized how hot he was..